2199 Pt. 02: Ken, Evie and Jace

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The following is part of an elaborate story series that will explore a vast number of themes in kink. The themes explored in each chapter are highlighted beforehand so you can make your own decision if you would like to continue reading. All characters depicted are fictional and over 18 years of age.

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Themes in this Chapter: Threesome (MMF), Bisexual/Bicurious Sex

** Recap from Pt. 1

In the year 2199, the world has evolved. Man has invented advanced robotics, medicine and computerized systems to automate nearly every form of industry that was once employed by manual labor. Tasks that once took thousands of people working in concert, now only take a few skilled programmers, orchestrating an ensemble of robots to meticulously carry on their duties without respite. All of the world’s problems have been solved, so to speak. This leaves the rest of mankind, with all the time on their hands, to focus on just one thing – the purest of human acts; the giving and receiving of pleasure.

Entertainment remains the only sector still largely dominated by human workers. And sex, is the biggest industry of them all. The most distinguished professionals of this industry are known as special courtesans; exceptionally skilled escorts trained in every manner of sexual gratification ever conceived. To become a special courtesan, one must be born with extraordinary natural talent and be willing to put themselves through years of grueling training. As such, special courtesans are revered as the most distinguished individuals of society, known to enjoy boundless wealth and lavish lifestyles.

One of the most prestigious courting schools in the galaxy is the Bernulhi Academy. As such it is also one of the most selective. To gain admittance, candidates are expected to complete and send in a portfolio describing each of their physical and mental attributes in great detail. The portfolio must be accompanied by an audition tape specially made for the application; a 30-minute video where the candidate must masturbate in front of the camera. During the audition the candidate is not allowed to interact with any other human partner, but aside from that is permitted to use any material, toy or lubricant to pleasure themselves. They are also allowed to be nude, partially clothed or even fully clothed during the act. Orgasm is also not necessary, but self-gratification must be evident in order to achieve a high score i.e. faking it may not grant you very good marks.

Of the millions of applications that come flying in each year, the vast majority of them will get disqualified due to violation of rules for the audition. Of those that remain, the audition tapes are vetted carefully and scored, and only a handful of candidates are selected and invited to the institute for an in-person physical test.

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“You mentioned in your profile that you have a certain proficiency at oral sex,” Regina inquired, as she led Ken to his testing area.

“Yes, ma’am. I think there is nothing more satisfying than giving pleasure!” Ken answered. He always felt that his brown-skin and Indian background was somewhat of a disadvantage. He was naturally quite hairy which also made him sweat quite a bit – this made him feel insecure at times. He had an average build and worked out semi-regularly.

“Good. canlı bahis şirketleri The mouth is indeed a very sensual organ. Its role must not be overlooked in courtship,” Regina replied. “Over here,” she beckoned him over to the room where his examination would take place.

The entire floor of the room was covered in a soft yoga mat, so Ken had to get barefoot before entering. There was a short curvy woman with bright blue hair waiting in the room, still fully dressed. She was what one might call chubby but still incredibly sexy with large round breasts. Ken was excited. If this was what was in store for him for the test, he couldn’t wait.

“Meet your partner, Evelyn. Now excuse me for a moment,” with that Regina disappeared one of the corridors behind them.

“Hi, I’m Ken, nice to meet you,” Ken introduced himself.

“Evie,” the woman smiled gleefully staring at him.

Regina reappeared moments later behind them but she was not alone. “Meet your other partner, Jace,” said Regina.

The man standing next to Regina was stark-naked. Ken stared at him in awe. He had very pale skin but the most beautiful he had ever seen in a man. It looked as smooth as any woman’s. There was not a trace of hair on his body, clearly he had been meticulously waxed. He bore mesmerizing tribal tattoos from his neck down to his stomach, including a large diamond-shaped eye just above the crotch. Rings of metal clung from his nipples and he appeared to be wearing a cock-ring that held his pink cock ajar and pointed straight at Ken. Ken wondered how long he had been wearing that and if it was uncomfortable.

“The three of you are gathered here today for a very special reason,” Regina spoke as she circled around the three of them, who were now engaged with checking each other out.

“You see, Ken here has never had sex with another man. Jace has never had sex with another woman. And Evie has never had sex with two men at the same time,” Regina said deviously.

Ken felt like he had a lump in his throat as he came to realize where this was going.

“Today, your task will be to help each other achieve a first.”

The three of them stared at each other petrified for another moment, each too afraid to break the ice. He wondered how much of Jace’s erection was due to him. But when he thought of the two of them ganging up on little Evie, it felt incredibly hot and he felt his own erection coming up.

“Courtesans of the Bernulhi Acadamy are expected to be able to pleasure anyone, regardless of gender. Above all else, the three of you are students. Equals. As such you must learn to share all of yourselves with each other,” Regina explained. “A group act of lovemaking among equals must always be initiated with a greeting. You may kiss each other.”

Jace approached Evie first, to Ken’s surprise. He held her face and then kissed her tenderly for several seconds. Then he stood back motioning over to Ken.

Ken followed suit. He put one hand on her neck and held her gaze for a few seconds. Then he moved his lips forward and touched hers and they kissed passionately, lips first, then with their entire tongues. Evelyn didn’t seem to hesitate and moved his hand over to her waist. Ken obliged quite willingly and the two maintained their embrace, lustily exploring each other’s bodies. Then he felt a warm hand run up his back under his t-shirt, sending shivers across his body. He finally released his kiss to turn canlı kaçak iddaa around and notice that it was Jace’s hand touching him.

Evelyn and Jace snickered at each other. Before Ken could realize what was going on, they were hastily taking off his t-shirt. Ken felt an evident lack of control as his two incredibly sexy partners began to overpower and double-team him. Jace landed several wet kisses along his bare back, starting from his waist all the way up to his neck. Evie slipped one hand down his jeans, found her way to his crotch and cupped his fully erect penis.

“Ooh, what a big man you are, under there!” Evie whispered, twirling his cock with each of her fingers. Mesmerized, Ken leaned in for another kiss, but Evie stopped her.

“Now now, you haven’t properly greeted Jace yet have you?” she responded.

Slowly Ken turned around with Evie’s hand still down his pants. She caressed his nipples and played with his cock from behind. Trapped in her clutches, Ken stood waiting as Jace began to tease him, blowing several soft kisses along his torso and nipples and finally making his way up to his lips. Ken closed his eyes to help get himself through this and they kissed. For the first time, Ken felt the tongue of another man entangled with his him. His lips felt rougher than Evie’s had felt, but the way he danced his warm wet tongue around his mouth, all the while as Evie played with his cock; Ken felt like he was going to cum just from the sensation.

When they finally released the kiss, Jace did not seem too eager to waste time and dropped to his knees and began unzipping Ken’s pants. Judging from his reaction Ken assumed he must have done alright, for his first kiss with another man. He did not have long to think about it, because soon his pants dropped to the floor, and his recently shaved cock and balls were exposed.

Ken’s dark brown cock stood extremely sensitive, leaking a drops of pre-cum. Jace stroked it gently once and then felt his balls. Meanwhile Evie remained behind him and started kissing his backside climbing down lower and lower. Jace ran his slimy tongue over the length of his cock, while Evie licked the outskirts of his asshole, teasing him for what was clearly about to come. Unable to muster any further resistance, Ken finally felt his body giving in to the sensations that surrounded him. He held Jace’s face and guided him to his cock, who took almost the entirety of it immediately. His face bobbed up and down on his cock vigorously and Ken felt the corners of his mouth touch the most sensitive skin in his own body, sending waves of pleasure across every nerve. Then he felt a new wet organ penetrate his asshole, making his entire body twitch in response. He had to clutch his hands tightly into a fist to avoid cumming.

Ken felt himself being devoured by the two sets of tongues exploring his manhood from each side. Ken instinctively reached one hand around his back to hold Evie’s face in support firmly against his asshole as she delivered whirlpools of delight all across his backside. If it was even possible, he felt his cock grow even taller as Jace struggled to keep up with the revolutions emanating from his ass. It wouldn’t be much longer now.

“Stop,” Gina voice reappeared reminding everyone she was apparently still in the room.

Jace pulled away first as a strand of his saliva mixed with precum fell on the floor. Evie followed shortly afterwards, moving away from his canlı kaçak bahis asshole. Ken stood awkwardly, having experienced the most frustrating interruption he could have possibly experienced. His cock twitched leaking more precum from the sudden lack of sensation and he felt a strong temptation to use his hands to finish the job, but managed to stop himself.

“Time to trade places. Ken, you have claimed to be particularly adept at giving oral sex. It is time to prove it. You will find that pleasuring a man is not so different from pleasuring a woman. Nevertheless, Evie, you may begin first and show him how it’s done.”

Evie, still kneeling, moved over to Jace now and seemed to admire his body for a second. She her nails gracefully across his chest, feeling his tattoos. His cock was just as erect as Ken’s had been, but was bright pink and visibly throbbed red. But his eyes were still locked at Ken.

“Ken, come here,” Evie motioned to his other partner. Ken obliged coming up to kneel right beside her. “Give me your hand.” She took both their hands as one and guided them over Jace’s genitals. Ken could feel him throbbing under the palm of his hand now and found it frightening. He felt the cock ring that held both his cock and balls tightly in place.

Evie moved forward and licked the length of Jace’s tight shaft. “Now. Your turn,” she said teasingly.

Ken hesitated at first. Evie seemed to pick up the hint quite readily and used her hand to firmly grasped the back of Ken’s head by his hair and began guiding him towards his objective. Finally Ken extended his tongue and licked the awaiting cock once, then again and again. It tasted of salt and musk.

“Now, the tip,” Evie mentioned. Ken made his way up and started to circle his rim of his cock. As he felt Jace shiver under his motions he realized he himself was enjoying this! That familiar feeling of control washed over him – this was why he had always loved giving pleasure.

Almost like a baby with a new toy, Ken awkwardly tried a variety of kissing, licking and swirling motions with the cock, quite unsure of the best way bring it pleasure. His host certainly did not seem to mind his experimentation. Evie preoccupied herself with playing with his balls, packing them in their entirety in her mouth and spitting them back out. Watching her expert technique was making Ken hot. He had never seen another man being pleasured from so up close. Then she found the expression on his face and realized he might need a little more help.

“Try to take all of it in your mouth at once,” Evie advised.

Ken assumed by this she meant the cock as she continued sloppily playing with the base, and occasionally, the asshole.

Ken took as much of the cock as he could inside of his mouth and stopped as soon as he felt like it was about to hit the back of his throat. Then he used his tongue to swirl around the throbbing organ, then retracted his mouth and inserted the cock once again. After a couple of repetitions Jace’s hands took over, grasping Ken’s hair as Evie had done previously, and he started thrusting Ken’s face down on his cock repeatedly.

Jace’s moans intensified as Ken realized that during this Evie had moved behind Jace and had begun the same technique on his asshole that she had used on Ken. Jace’s pale body was glistening with sweat now.

“That’s enough. Good,” Regina interrupted once again, reminding them that the trio were not alone. “Remember, you are here to be each other’s firsts. That means neither of you can cum just yet.”

Ken and Evie both leaned back into a resting position on the floor.

“Evelyn’s turn,” Regina commanded with a sly smile.

** to be continued in Pt. 3

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