You’re Spoiled

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Big Cock

“You’re spoiled.”

I looked up from my phone to see my boyfriend of a few months, he was in his uniform from work and just looked amazing.

“No, I’m not,” I snapped going back to my phone.

He grabbed my phone out of my hand, “You didn’t text me multiple times on how bad you want chocolate milk?”

“Yeah, but I didn’t ask you. I was just stating a need.” “No. You knew that if you kept bringing it up that I would bring you some,” He lectured but honestly he could be talking about maple syrup and I would be giving him all my undivided attention. He just looked so good.

“Soooo, you brought me some?” I asked.

“No, I’m not feeding into your only child syndrome,” He was starting to sound like a dick.

“I have a brother.”

“Yeah, but your parents spoiled you rotten so you just want everything handed to you,” He sat down next to me and started to untie his boots.

“You’re an asshole,” I muttered, “And you make your mom do your laundry.”

“No, I do my laundry at my moms because I live with her. YOU drop your laundry off at your moms and pick it up a day later like it’s a service,” He kicked off his boots and stood up.

I sat there in silence and watched him walk away. His ass looked good in his pants, he always looks good in his policeman outfit. He did piss me off though. Who the fuck did he think he was? I am not spoiled, I have my own apartment that I can barely afford. Sometimes I can’t afford it and then my parents help me out.

He might have a point.

It doesn’t matter though, he doesn’t need to act like it is that big of a deal. He likes it, I’m sure of it.

“What are you doing?” I stood up and started my way back to my room. He acts like it’s house and takes full advantage of it. I normally don’t mind but he pissed me off, “Just making a mess in my room.”

I muttered the last part to myself.

“What did you say?” He said in a stern voice, “Your room.”

“Yeah, I mean,” My voice was smaller and quiet, “It is my room.”

We met at the doorway, he akyurt escort only had his pants on and wow. He put his arm on the frame above my head, “You’re acting like a little brat.”

I narrowed my eyes at him, “You’re acting like a total ass.”

It was a flash and I was up in the air and then being thrown onto my bed, I couldn’t believe that he was able to pick me up and throw me like that.

Before I could speak, he drug me by legs to the edge of the bed. He stood between my legs and just looked down at me. Like he was waiting for my reaction. I slowly sat up and placed my hand on his chest. I just wanted to feel him and his warmth. We both just stared at each other, neither one of us moved for a few moments. I wanted to see where this was going and if I had finally broke him of his shell. And I was still mad at him for his previous comments.

He grabbed my hand that was on his chest and I snatched it back. He pushed me back so hard the bed shook. He picked my legs up and grabbed at my shorts, hinting that I needed to lift a little so he could take them off. I thought about refusing but I could only imagine the mess that would cause, so I obliged.

He tugged them off and I felt so exposed in that moment. He just continued to stare down at me and I attempted to wrap my legs around him.


I raised an eyebrow, he’s never told me to stop. Normally we get right to it and he hasn’t complained yet or told me to stop.

He dropped to his knees and was eye level with my pussy. He used both hand to push my thighs open and gave it one long lick. Then he stopped. I wanted to push myself closer to his face, I wanted to fuck his face and I wanted it as soon as possible.

He took another long lick but took his time when he got to my clit. He put more pressure on it and kept his hand on my thigh so they stayed open. He started another long lick but put his tongue inside of my this time. I could feel his tongue make a come hither motion inside of me and I moaned. When ayaş escort I did, he paused, I got so nervous that he was gonna stop but when he took his tongue out of me and put his mouth on my clit I sighed. He sucked on it so hard I raised my ass off of the bed.

He pulled his mouth off of it making a pop sound. He knows it is my favorite thing to feel my clit being sucked and released. He did it one more time and I wanted to wrap my legs around his head but I couldn’t move with his hands keeping my thighs open.

He started to flick his tongue on my clit and I tried to match my hips with each flick. He let go of one of my thighs and I put that leg on his shoulder. He brought his hand back to move my leg back to where it was. He waited a few moments before he moved his hand away again and I didn’t move my legs at all.

He used his now free hand to put a finger inside of me and I knew that I was close. He added another finger and began to fuck me harder with them and lick my clit faster. He wrapped his lips around my clit and began to suck and I started to moan louder. He kept sucking on my clit and I could feel myself getting ready to cum. He let go of my clit and began to lick it again. I started to grind my pussy on his face and fingers harder and faster.

When I started to cum I put my hand in his hair and pulled it slightly. I knew it would make him go harder and he didn’t stop. I rode his face until my thighs started to shake and I let go of his hair and tried to push his head away. He took his fingers out of me but started to suck on my clit again. “Please,” I whispered, “I can’t.”

I tried to close my legs but all that did was keep his head there tighter. He didn’t stop, he kept licking my sensitive clit and I tried to stop him but my body gave in and started grinding his face. He then stopped and pulled his face away.

I looked down to see what he was doing now but he was just looking up at me. Neither one of us spoke. I just sat up and at the same time he stood and I ankara escort began to undo his belt. He started to chuckle when he noticed my hands were shaking. I barely had his pants unzipped when I yanked them down taking his briefs with them. He pushed me back down on the bed hard and wasted no time putting his cock in me. Just the head though and he pulled it out. He used his dick to rub my clit and rub it up and down my pussy.

“Say it,” He said putting his cock right at the opening of me.

“What?” I was so confused on what he wanted.

“Say that you’re spoiled.”


He pushed a little more inside of me, “Say it.”


He pushed a little but then he stopped, “Say it.”

“Or what?”

He put his hand around my neck, “Do you want it?”

“Yes,” I whispered. I loved when he would choke me and he knew it.

“Say it.”

I looked up at him and he repeated his question, “Do you want it?”

I felt his hand tighten around my neck and I thought about pushing myself more into him but I knew he wouldn’t let that happen.

“I’m spoiled.”

He pulled completely out of me and then slammed into me. He continued to thrust into me and I raised my hips to meet his. He fucked me hard for a few moments before he pulled out and turned me onto my stomach. I pushed my ass up into the air and spread my legs so he could get better access.

He started to fuck me from behind and I started moaning. It’s my favorite. “Fuck,” I said and gripped the sheets, “Don’t stop.”

He started to fuck me harder and grabbed onto my asscheeks to keep the rhythm. He was going so fast that I could feel my asscheeks shake after every thrust. He smacked my left cheek hard a few times before putting his hand back onto my ass. When he did I pushed back harder, I wanted to feel all of him.

“I’m gonna cum,” He said.

“Keep going,” I began to rub my clit, “Keep fucking going.”

He kept thrusting in me but more wild now. I could feel the bed shaking but I didn’t care if it broke. I was rubbing my clit hard and fast. I began to cum and moaned louder than I have ever before.

I felt him cum in me and he stopped. He was in me and filled me with his cum. He didn’t pull out for a few moments,he laid down on me and whispered in me ear, “Really fucking spoiled.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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