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My girlfriend and I were outside lying in the lawn chairs in the shade. We were sitting in the back yard on what was another hot summer’s day, with the heat well above 80 degrees. The cold Heineken that I was drinking was refreshing as the liquid cooled my insides. My girlfriend, Iris, lay next to me in her own lawn chair, drinking a Heineken as well. She was reading, There’s a Killer Lurking at Every Curb, on her NOOK.

She was riveting, her auburn brunette hair swinging past her neck and hanging down from the sides of the chair. She was wearing her sexiest bathing suit, the one she knows I always love to see her in. Her bikini was black, white and gray striped and could hardly contain her buxom breasts without a little spilling out over the edge. She was a c-cup I knew, and they were plush and lavish.

I could tell she was getting hot, but not in a way that I originally thought. I watched her, unable to tear my head away from her beauty, when she suddenly blushed. I think she may have looked up from her book to see me staring, but I quickly realized that she liked the attention. Blood rushed quickly to form a tent in my shorts as I saw a wet spot forming on the front of her bottoms. Suddenly, she stopped reading and looked up at me, saying, “Babe, I can’t take it anymore! You’re making me so wet, I need that hard tool all to myself!”

I pulled my shorts off as she pulled her bikini bottoms off. She also pulled her bikini top to either side of her voluptuous boobs. She opened her legs and rubbed her wet pussy as I knelt down on the chair. She reached over with her juice covered hand and grabbed and squeezed my dick, playing with it a bit. She wasted no time pulling it over to her inviting pussy and I quickly thrust inside. The face she made as pure pleasure swept through our bodies was almost enough to finish me right then and there, but I held on.

Her milky white complexion and the bouncing of her large melons were an absolute yenidoğan escort turn on and made my dick even harder. As we banged away, she took sips of the Heineken, making her ever more sexy and attractive in her awesome pose. I was going in and out of her cunt, ravaging her tight, wet hole. It felt absolutely amazing on my dick, and it wasn’t long before I felt my orgasm begin to rock my body. I pulled out of her and blew my load all over her tummy, and she said, “Travis, I need to taste your cum. Move that huge cock up here and let me lick it!”

I crawled my way up her body and straddled her chest, resting on her soft cushions. She opened her mouth enthusiastically, immediately engulfing the head. She bobbled back and forth on my dick, deep throating my penis. After a little while of her hard sucking, she withdrew and said, “Travis, I want to taste more of my pussy juice on of your dick.” I crawled back down to her steaming cunt and she lifted her legs wider, making the entry easier. I gave a couple thrusts, savoring her tight feel as her walls gripped me. I pulled my dick out and plopped my phallus in her mouth again. She deep throated my cock again, moaning and enjoying the taste of her fluids.

Her lips were the prettiest I have ever seen, wrapped around my dick. The way her tongue played hungrily with the length of my shaft and my bulbous head. I could feel the mushroom of my phallus reaching deep in the back of her throat, and I’m surprised she hadn’t gagged. I lost it, then, and squirted deep into her throat. I drew back and covered her creamy-skin face as she squeezed her breasts, tweaking her erect nipples. She swallowed the load and continued playing with herself as she gave me one of the most awesome blowjobs ever.

Needless to say, she was a good dick sucker.

I put my big meaty cock, covered in slime, on her breasts, rubbing my jizz in between her milky boobs as she squeezed them together, licking yenikent escort the head as I pushed it in between them. All that playing she had been doing was making her hornier and hornier. Eventually, she came, squirting a delicious smelling liquid from her burning cunt onto the grass. After I fucked her boobs, she pushed her breasts together, cupping my load, licking and swallowing it down, saying, “This is the best summer’s day, ever, Travis.”

I knew for a while that Iris was somewhat of an exhibitionist. She loved to fuck outdoors, just on the off chance that someone actually saw. It got her hornier than anything, and today was no exception! At first, when I found out, I thought it was a bit weird, but now I think I love it almost as much as her. The fact that anyone can see us fucking just makes it all the more wild!

Looking down at her cum-covered body and her soaking wet pussy got me hard again in an instant. She looked down at me and cooed, saying, “Ready for another round?”

“Fuck yes,” I said. She got up out of her chair and knelt down on the soft grass, sticking her ass up in the air. I loved the shape of her nice, round butt. It was soft and pale like the rest of her skin. I gently slapped it, making her give a soft squeal of delight. I grabbed both cheeks, kneading them in my hands, and stooped down to give it a big a kiss. This made her giggle, but she moaned and said, “Come on! Take me already!” I didn’t waste a second pulling her ass down on my dick, spearing her pussy in one quick thrust. I continued to fuck her, slowly at first, but I began to gain speed, pushing harder and harder. I made sure she felt this dick deep inside her, pushing as far as possible in her white ass and relaxing my dick in her, feeling my mushroom head pounding her tight walls.

“Are you coming Baby?” she asked in between panting breaths.

“No baby. I’m almost coming. I want to get this pussy slow and view your pretty yenimahalle escort white ass and body,” reaching and rubbing her back, “and I want you to really feel this dick inside you.”

“I feel you, Travis, and this dick feels so good!”

“Say my name again.”


“Say my name and you want this dick.”

“Travis, I want this dick,” she yelled as I continued pumping her pretty ass. “Travis, I want this dick, fuck me, Travis,” she panted and cried out. “Travis, this dick is so good…Are you coming? Squirt in me baby, I need you…I want you. Aw, fuck! This dick is fantastic! That’s it…right there, hit that spot again Travis…that feels so good…aw!”

I love hearing her scream my name! I reached down and began to rub her slender thighs. They were covered in her dripping pussy juice. Iris was coming on my dick, but that didn’t slow her down from getting further and further. No…she needed more…she needed this cock…

“Sit in the chair Baby. My pussy is hot and I need your dick…”

I popped my dick out of her pussy and I got up to sit on the chair. She straddled my hard cock, taking a second to rub her pussy lips across the shaft, coating it in her juices. She eventually, slowly, sat down on my pole, going deep into her. She quickly picked up speed and her boobs started bouncing up and down. She pulled the cheeks of her ass apart as she rode this big meaty dick inside her.

“Travis, I want you to extinguish my burning pussy with your fireman hose cock,” she said, gyrating on the head for a moment. “I want to feel it.” She lowering her pussy on my dick again slowly and leaned upward, combing her long hair. “Make this pussy feel it,” she said once more lowering her pretty tight wet vagina on my dick. All the while, I was massaging her thighs, buttocks, tummy, and breasts.

“Make me feel it Baby,” she leaned down on me putting a nipple in my mouth, holding onto the back of the chair. I now had my arms around her body, moving her pussy slowly up and down on my penis. “Make me feel that cum in me Baby. This pussy is hot and I need you to squirt in me and cool this pussy!”

“Say my name Baby.”


“…Fuck! I’m coming!”

“Yes! It feels so good squirting in me! I love you Travis!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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