Window Shopping

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I had been having a bad day, my boss was being a bitch, and my girlfriend was fighting with me for no good reason. So I asked my best friend to meet me at the coffee shop so I could talk to her about it. My girlfriend would be pissed when she found out I was meeting Denise, but I didn’t care at the moment. As I pulled up to the coffee shop it seemed pretty empty, just a woman sitting in the window.

As I walked up to the front door my eye caught something I never thought I would see; her legs were wide open. She was exposed to the world, I didn’t know if she meant to do it but she clearly wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her clean-shaven pussy smiling at me quickly brightened my day. I walked happily into the coffee shop.

Denise, standing up as I came into view smiled.

“Vic, it’s been too long,” she hugged me.

“I know it! How long has it been?”

“Since you started dating Cindy,” she laughed. “So how is that bitch?”

“She’s crazy, for some reason I’m doing everything wrong. She sits at home all day while I slave over file after file at work all day, come home and she has spent all my money on crap that no one wants. Or she wants me to buy something for her,” I ranted.

“Wow, I told you she was going to go all psycho on you,” Denise smiled, as she ordered a latte from the waitress. My eyes wandered until they found the woman in the window exposing herself to the world. Denise noticed I was watching her, asked what I was staring at.

“When I was walking in…” I trailed off, remembering her wet snatch. “The woman at the window, she isn’t wearing any underwear!” I whispered with excitement.

“What? How do you know that?” Denise asked unbelievingly.

“Her skirt, she has it propped open so everyone who walks by can see. It’s fucking amazing.”

“Now that’s the kind of girl you should be with!” Denise laughed. “Both whores, you’d be perfect for each other.”

“Hey, that hurts! You’ve wanted to fuck me for years,” I argued. “So I can’t be that bad.”

“Meh, it was a moment of weakness. And that moment has long passed!” Denise s smiled casino oyna as the waitress brought us our coffees.

The woman had her hand inside her skirt, I was sure she was masturbating in the window. I wondered how many people had noticed. Sure none had, “how sad,” I thought to myself. If anybody had noticed, they would have been in for an amazing treat.

“How long’s it been since you’ve been laid?” Denise asked me.

“How long’s it been since YOU’VE been laid?” I asked defensively.

“Last night actually, she was amazing. Man, last night…I was out at the bar and this girl was there clearly fighting with her boyfriend. This guy was at the bar just watching the whole fight. I was sure he was going to pounce on the poor girl, I think she wanted it too. As she was fighting she kept her eye on the guy at the bar. He was cute enough, one of those Malibu rich kid types. He probably worked out every day, drove a nice car, and would have been a fun fuck for about ten minutes. Until he came all over her stomach, rolled over and passed out in seconds, leaving her there to clean up his fucking mess.

“Well, as the couple left, this dude just watched her leave. He didn’t get up or anything. So I followed her out. Her boyfriend left in the car without her, peeling out as he left. She was left there crying, clearly fucked up. I walked up to her consoling her. She told me she had always thought her boyfriend was going to be the one, until she came home and found him cheating on her. He actually asked if he could have a threesome with the two women! Can you believe that shit?”

“Ha, no…what a dumb ass,” I laughed, thinking how it didn’t sound like too bad of an idea. Ask this girl in the window home with me, maybe my girlfriend would shut the fuck up when she saw me fucking her brains out.

“Well, I invited her home. Told her I had free alcohol there. She quickly jumped in my car, crying all the way home. We drank two full bottles of tequila as the night went on she became more and more slutty. I actually convinced her to get back at her boyfriend… with me!”

“No canlı casino fucking way!” I exclaimed. “How the fuck do you get so lucky, I wish I had gotten laid any time recently.”

“Aren’t you the one with the girlfriend? Shouldn’t you be getting laid right now?” Denise joked. “Anyway, so as we finished the first bottle this girl told me she had never kissed a girl before. So I quickly gave her that experience, her lips tasted like the cherry lip-gloss she had on. I told her where else she should apply the lip-gloss, but she was WAY too shy for that shit.

“I dared her to stick an ice cube in her pussy, you wouldn’t believe how quickly she stripped out of every thread of cloth she had on her body. Oh man, she was fucking perfect. Just begging to be fucked!”

My cock throbbed against my pant leg, just imagining Denise and this other chick; wishing I had been there, rather than sleeping on the couch.

“She did it too, but after she did she screamed that it was too cold. I told her I knew a way to warm her up and to melt it at the same time. So I brought her to my living room, put her down on the couch and started licking the ice cube out. Her clit popped up quickly, begging for attention. She tasted so fucking good, moaning as I lapped at her.

“She played with her nipples as I sucked her clit HARD. She moaned and cried so loud, I was afraid I was going to have noise complaints. But before long she couldn’t take it anymore, she begged me to fuck her. She kept calling me Kevin, I guess she was so fucked up she thought I WAS her boyfriend. I brought her to my room and took out my double-dildo. Man, she looked like a fucking angel perched on top of me, her pussy pushed open by that blue dildo you got me for Christmas.”

“I told you you’d fucking use that!” I exclaimed, a little louder than intended, as everyone in the coffee shop turned to look at us; even the woman in the window.

“Shut up, I know. And it was fucking perfect! She came so quickly with it deep in her. After I made her lick me, she said I tasted so much better than anything she had ever tasted before. kaçak casino I think she was lying about never being with a woman before, because she sucked the shit outta my clit. I was squirming and moaning when she stuck her finger up my asshole. Imagine my fucking surprise, I’m just about to cum and she sticks her finger in my ass!”

“How’d that go for you?” Asked laughing at the thought.

“Fuck, I came so hard. I wish I could actually bring myself to doing anal, I’m just too prudish about that I guess. That won’t ever change!” She laughed, looking over at the woman at the window. “So what did you want to talk about?”

“I’m just fed up with life, ya know? I’m just sick of this shit,” I exclaimed, taking a drink of my coffee.

“Well maybe it’s time you found a new fuck buddy, go talk to the woman in the window,” she pointed to the beauty. “If you don’t you know I’m gonna take her home and fuck the shit outta her.”

“Fine, I’ll do it!” I was determined.

“Will you?” Denise knew me too well, I was way to shy to even step up to the woman.

“How ’bout this, if you go over there and it doesn’t work out, I’ll let you be the first and only to fuck me in the asshole. If it DOES work out, I get to tell your bitch of a girlfriend. But if you don’t do it, you get to walk outside and whack off in front of her.”

“I’m on my way,” I stood up again. Starting to walk over to the woman.

Halfway there I realized I couldn’t do it. Walking out to my car, I sat in front of the window, staring as she rubbed her wet clit. I pulled my cock out, struggling to pull it free of my tight jeans. I started stroking myself, watching her cunt intently. She rubbed faster and harder, I wondered if she saw what I was doing. Her wetness was dripping down onto the chair as she rubbed. She buried her finger deep in her pussy, gasping as she did, nearly knocking the cup on her table over. Suddenly, she began to shudder, her legs seized up. She came so hard she almost fell out of her chair. Soon after, I shot my load so hard it splashed my front window.

Laughing to myself, I sat back. Realizing what a show we just put on together. I started my car and pulled out, looking back just in time to watch Denise walk out hand in hand with the girl. Damn, I can’t wait to hear about how that night went!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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