Wife Takes Husband’s Ass Ch. 03

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Gina-Marie and I lay in bed, exhausted after a recent sex session. She was panting, her eyes glazed over from the multiple orgasms that racked her body over the past hour. Her breasts were rising and falling with her chest in the evening light as I lay next to her trying to catch my own breath.

“Wow…” she panted. “I’ve never felt you that invigorated before.”

“Well, now that we have really started to open up to each other, I feel comfortable with everything we do, and I guess that fuels my desire.” I replied.

I looked over at her, as she slowly traced her fingers around her cum soaked pussy, lazily playing it the mess that was there. “Ya know…” she started, “we are going to Jamaica next month, and I think that is the perfect opportunity for you to get what you want.”

I knew exactly where she was going with this. Since the last time Luke had been over, and I ended up with cum in my ass, in my mouth and on my face, I had often masturbated to the idea, both with Gina-Marie present as well as without her. She and I have relived the memory of that night many times using the strap on, but nothing comes close to the look of bliss in both of our eyes when I was getting fucked and used.

As she continued, my mind brought back to reality from the memory of Luke so many months ago, she was now tracing her cum-dripping fingers across my semi-erect cock, down past my balls and across my ass. I moaned at the touch, spreading my legs a little wider to give her access. She brought her hand back to her soaked sex, and scooped up two fingers worth of cum. She looked me in the eyes and she placed them against my tight ass, rubbing the cum around my tight hole.

“Maybe this time we can get you several guys at once.” She said, sliding one finger in.

I gasped at the feeling, and the thought of using my own cum as lube. “Yessss…” I hissed back, feeling my cock spring back to life.

She inserted a second finger, as I grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. I knew I wouldn’t last long with her massaging my prostate, and talking about my fantasy.

“I want to see you air tight, between two men, with a cock in your mouth…” she said “gagging on it, choking on the cum as you get pounded in the ass.”

My hand was a blur moving up and down the shaft of my 7″ cock, my balls tightening up, ready to spray more cum. “Yes! I want to eat cum and have it leaking out of my ass… Please…” I begged.

She placed her other hand under the tip of my cock and slipped a third finger inside of me. It was more than I could take.

“FFFUUUUUCKKK! Yeaaahhhh!!” I screamed as my cock shot a heavy stream of cum in to her hand.

When my orgasm subsided, she placed her cum-filled hand above my face, letting the cum drip all over me. I opened my mouth to catch as much as I could.


One month later, we were on our way to Jamaica. On the flight over, Gina-Marie said “You know, Neil, the airplane wouldn’t be a bad place either to have anonymous sex.” We considered beylikdüzü ucuz escort the possibility but couldn’t really work out how that could happen, so we let it drop, but my hard on was already raging.

We arrived at the hotel and were warmly greeted by the staff and shown to our room. The bellhop was a very sexy man with strong hands. After he left, Gina-Marie turned to me and said “I think he was checking out your package.”

I didn’t believe her, but the fantasy was nice. She continued “This vacation, I want all of your fantasies to come true. I want to watch you suck cock, and take it in the ass at the same time. I want to watch as men fuck you, dumping load after load of hot cum in your mouth and in your ass.” She was watching my cock jump in my pants as she said it.

The first night we were there, we went to dinner at a Hibachi-themed restaurant with the large cooktop tables. Gina-Marie wore a low cut blouse, exposing the tops of her beautiful tits. After a few drinks, we started talking with the other couples at the table and met a Jennifer and Darren. Before the dinner was over we were all pretty drunk from the sake, and we headed out to the local night club.

The music was loud, the bar was crowded and we started dancing. Gina-Marie went to the bar for more drinks and Jennifer quickly followed, leaving Darren and I alone. Since I didn’t want to dance with a guy, we both just walked toward to end of the floor, making small talk about the vacation, how long we have been together, etc. I couldn’t help but think about whether or not something would happen with him tonight. The girls came back, drinks in hand for each of us, and we sat down in a rounded booth.

The girls sat on the outside, seating Darren and I next to each other. Halfway through our drinks, Gina-Marie leaned over to me, with her hand firmly on my crotch and loudly whispered “I found out at the bar that they swing.”

I tried not to let my face show my brain’s reaction to that. She continued, stroking me through my pants “and, Jennifer said Darren is bi, and in to you.”

My cock now sprung to life thinking about the possibilities. I could see Darren watching Gina-Marie massage me through my pants right in front of him, and listened to Jennifer whisper in his ear.

Gina-Marie removed her hand from my cock, leaving a large tent in my pants, and I looked at Darren’s face. He nodded to me, and like my hand belonged to someone else, I watched it move to his leg, and then up towards his crotch. Because we were sitting next to each other, I couldn’t easily touch him, but just as my fingers started to feel his balls through his pants, I looked up and watched Jennifer smiling at Gina-Marie.

Jennifer said “Let’s get out of here guys, and go someplace more private.” I heart skipped two beats.

We decided to go back to their room, since they had two queen beds instead of a king bed. Jennifer insisted it would be easier for all of us. I didn’t argue, figuring beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort this was something you knew when you were swingers. On the walk back to their room, Gina-Marie kept looking at me with this devilish smile, like the Cheshire cat.

Once we got to the door, Jennifer turned around and said “Listen up boys. Tonight, us girls are in charge. What we say goes, is that clear?” I nodded, as if in a daze.

Darren smiled wickedly saying “Of course, my queen.”

We went inside and Darren fixed us another drink from the minibar while Gina-Marie plugged in her iPhone to the stereo for music. Jennifer made a call from the other room of their suite, I assumed to room service or for a wake-up call.

Jennifer came back in the room and pulled her husband up to dance with her.

Gina-Marie watched as I stood up and began to dance too, now standing directly behind Darren. He pushed his hips back towards me grinding his ass on me, and within seconds I had my hands on his hips. Jennifer sat down on the bed next to Gina-Marie, sipping her drink watching Darren and I dirty dance for a while. Then Darren dropped to a squat in front of me while still moving to the music and began to unbutton my pants. My heart was pounding now from the anticipation.

Darren pulled out my cock, and started to lick it when I heard Gina-Marie say “Turn around boys, we can’t see from this angle.” We turned ninety degrees so that the girls could watch as Darren tried to get as much of my cock in his mouth as possible.

I pulled off my shirt, and then we both got undressed. I sat on the edge of the bed, as Darren, now naked walked over to me. He had a great build, like a swimmer. He was muscular and thin, and smooth all over, with a shaved cock and balls. He was standing right in front of me now, and I glanced over at my wife. She was rubbing her pussy through her pants and mouthed to me “Do it”.

That was all of the encouragement I needed. I plunged my mouth over Darren’s cock, tasting the pre-cum. His hands went to the back of my head, pulling me deeper down, choking me. He was moaning loudly saying “Oh yeah, suck that cock! Your mouth is so fucking hot and sweet!”

I was now dribbling saliva all over his cock and balls like a true slut from a porno film. I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I didn’t hear the knock at the door.

Jennifer walked over to the door and when she opened it, I pulled off of Darren, expecting room service, and being embarrassed at being caught. Instead, in walked two guys. One I recognized from the restaurant, and the other was the bell hop!

Jennifer saw I stopped and said “These guys are here to use you, Neil. You will service them however they want, am I clear?” I nodded and looked at Gina-Marie. She was still smiling at me.

Jennifer introduced them as Christopher and Julius. Julius said “Don’t stop on our account” as he began to undress.

I went back to sucking beyoğlu escort Darren again. Julius walked over to stand next to Darren and I knew what to do. I knelt down in front of him, and began sucking his flaccid cock to get it hard, at the same time stroking Darren using my saliva as lube.

Christopher walked over and now I was surrounded by cocks, taking turns on each one. I felt like a cock slut.

Christopher pulled my hair, guiding me to stand and then pulled me over on the bed, so I was on my hands and knees. I began sucking their cock, while behind me, I felt a lubed finger slide in my asshole.

I heard Gina-Marie say to Jennifer “God this is so fucking hot. I love watching him take it from another man.”

I felt a cock press against my ass. I looked back to see Julius’ hands on my ass cheeks holding me open so Darren could slide his cock in to me. I felt him enter me, and I had to control my breathing from the pain of how big it was. Within about 30 seconds though, I was bucking my ass backwards on Darren’s cock, with Christopher fucking my throat.

I was rock hard myself, and dripping pre-cum on the bed, but couldn’t lift my own hand, as I needed to steady myself from the pounding I was getting from Darren.

“Honey, shoot your cum all over his asshole for me!” Jennifer said. It was all of the encouragement he needed.

“Aaarrggghhh” I heard him scream, his thrusts becoming more frantic as he pounded my hole. I was moaning and squealing in to Christopher’s cock, buried in my throat.

He suddenly pulled out, leaving me gaping, and I felt his hot cum shoot all over my ass and inside of me.

As if on cue, Christopher pulled out of my mouth and began to spray a heavy load of hot cum all over my face. I opened my mouth to catch as much as I could.

Now catching my breath, I saw Jennifer on her knees in front of Julius, stroking his cock, and Gina-Marie was just watching it all. She had her pants off and was sliding several fingers in and out of her wet pussy, with a euphoric look on her face.

Julius then walked over to me, rolled me on to my back, pulled my legs up and entered my ass. He wasn’t as big as Darren, thankfully, because my ass was sore, but the cum already in my ass was slick and hot.

Gina-Marie walked over to me and straddled my face as I was getting fucked. She leaned forward so that we were in a 69 position and she began to suck my raging hard on. The sensation was too much for me. I screamed in to her pussy as I had the most powerful orgasm I have ever had. I pumped what must have been a cup of cum in to her mouth.

Julius then began to scream “Yeaaah… Fuckk!! AhhhhhHHhhh!!’ and he thrust as deep as he could inside of me, pumping my bowels with fresh, hot semen.

As he withdrew his cock, dripping with two loads of cum, Gina-Marie scooted back so that her face was right above mine, and she kissed me. When she opened her mouth, all of my cum washed across my tongue and straight down the back of my throat.

I was spent. I had cum on my face, two loads in my ass and the taste of cum in my mouth.

I was going to get up and get cleaned up when Gina-Marie said “No sir, you stay like that. Now we are going to walk back to our room, you with cum all over you, leaking out of you, and you will fuck me proper.”

That night was the best night of sex we have ever had.

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