What Was The Score Of The Game?

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I am constantly traveling. The work I do keeps me on the road all the time. Here I was in San Antonio. I was staying at the Omni Hotel, sitting on the corner stool at the lobby bar, having a beer and watching the basketball game. It was a quiet weeknight and there were maybe 15 people in small groups around the bar or scattered amongst the little bar tables. I am talking with the bartender about the Celtics (my home team), when this couple sits down at the corner bar stool next to me. They quickly join in the conversation.

They look like an all-American couple. They are about 30, engaged, and from Colorado. Her name is Lisa. She looks like a cheerleader and he looks like a linebacker. She had a business trip (she’s a consultant for some big firm) and he decided to join her. She is blonde and beautiful, about 5’8″, beautiful face, great body including a nice pair of “C” cup breasts in a tight top. His name is Mike. He is huge, not fat, but very muscular. Easily 6’8″, square jaw, short brown hair, massive neck, large arms and hands.

I shake hands with the two of them and tell them my name is David. As the evening progresses, we watch the game, continue our conversation and of course, continue with the drinks. It turns out they did meet in college where he was on the football team and she did cheer. She is being very flirty. She says I am attractive and look like I work out. I tell her I was a swimmer and played water polo in college and still get in the pool to stay in shape. For 36 years old, I am 165 pounds of lean muscle on a 5’9″ frame.

It’s about 10:00 PM and we are buzzed and having a good time. The flirting seemed more overt now but I chalk it up to the booze. I excuse myself for a quick rest-room break. When I return I notice that we are the only three in the bar and the bartender obviously wants to go home. Mike and Lisa seemed to have noticed it also. When I sit down, Mike asks, “Would I like to come up to their suite and watch the rest of the game.” I looked over at Lisa; she smiles and nods, so I agree.

In the elevator it crossed my mind that something may happen with her, but then chalked it up to wishful thinking on my part. We went up to their suite. It was one of those ‘L” shaped junior suites, sitting room, with television, bedroom, large bathroom. I sat on the big chair, Mike, flipped on the game, grabbed me a beer from the mini bar and plopped down on the sofa. Lisa excused herself and said she was going to change into something more comfortable.

A few minutes later she comes out of the bathroom in a satiny bathrobe and sits down next to Mike. He drapes his huge arm around her. A minute or two later, I glance over and he is rubbing her hard nipple through the silky material. Soon after that, he has his big meaty hand under the bathrobe and is rubbing her breast. She starts nuzzling and kissing his ear. He turns to her and they start making out. The kissing becomes more intense and she then straddles his lap. The bathrobe falls from her shoulders. At this point, I have forgotten the game for my side view affords me a great view of him licking her nipples.

He starts playing with her pussy and it was obvious from the look on her face that he was massaging her clit with those large fingers. I just sit there and watch, my cock making a tent in my pants. She pulls his shirt off as she is bucking and moaning.

Remembering me, Lisa looks over, reaches out her hand and beckons me closer. I stand, take her hand and she draws me next to them. She is still on Mike’s lap as she puts her hand on my crotch and starts rubbing me through my pants. Then she begins to pull my zipper down (I of course help) and she reaches in and pulls out my 7″ cock which has been straining for release. She leans over and licks the tip. Then slowly starts sucking on it deeper and deeper. Mike is smiling. He is inches from my cock and watching intently as her hand and lips slide up and down my shaft. She is staring at Mike out of the corner of her eye, running her free hand through his hair.

She stops sucking me and leans over and gives Mike a deep tongue kiss; then goes back to my cock, licking the shaft and balls, running her tongue around the head. After a minute, she stops and pulls Mike toward her again for another deep kiss. This time when they break I can feel her tugging my cock towards Mike’s mouth and see her pushing his head toward my cock. I see them lock eyes as she feeds him my cock. Mikes lips close around my cock as he starts sucking.

I was taken aback for a moment for here I was, in esenyurt otele gelen escort a hotel room in San Antonio, having my first bi-sexual experience with a gorgeous blond woman who is feeding my cock to her linebacker of a boyfriend. It took about one second to realize how good this felt and how hot this was. After a few minutes, she leaned over and started licking my cock also. The two of them would alternate on my cock head; one would lick my balls as the other sucked my cock. They would also kiss with my cock between their lips. This sent me over the edge and I warned them I was about to cum. She just grabbed my cock and pumped it while they continued licking it. I was building to a huge orgasm and I think she could tell for she drew me in even tighter just as I started spurting. My load was huge and shot after shot landed on their lips and tongues. After my incredible orgasm subsided, I just stood there numb and watched them kiss, sharing my cum. She then stood and kissed me hard. I could taste myself on her lips and in her mouth. Spent, I plopped down on the sofa next to Mike.

“That was intense,” I said. They agreed. It turns out that they have a pretty active sex life. They also like telling each other fantasies while they are having sex. They always joked about really doing it, living out one of these lurid stories and sometimes they do. Well last month, they decided to live out one of their favorites. It involved a threesome with a hot Asian girl. They were in LA and, even though they had never had a threesome before, they ended up picking up their hot Asian waitress from the restaurant they had dinner in. She spent the night with them and Lisa had her first bi-experience. Ever since, Lisa has been making up threesome fantasies with bi characters, not only with bi women but also with bi men. At first, Mike wasn’t sure but the stories were hot, and Lisa got really turned on by the idea of Mike and her sharing a cock. They would use Lisa’s dildo as the other cock. She would suck on it while he fucked her or stick it in her ass so she could be DP’d. After a while, Mike would pretend to suck the “cock” and he would even let Lisa stick a small dildo in his ass. It turns out that when I went to pee down at the lobby bar, they decided that they would try to live out another fantasy with me.

I wasn’t complaining. I told them that that was the most incredible blow job I had ever received. Lisa said, “The night is just getting started.” She was naked, I was pretty much naked, so she came over to Mike to get him naked. She unbuttoned his pants and pulled them off. Mike’s briefs had a huge tent in them. She grabbed the waistband and yanked those down and out springs the biggest cock I have ever seen. It has to be 10 inches and as thick as my wrist. It is huge and standing straight up. The head on the top is the size of a small fist. His nuts are in proportion and the size of plums. “My poor baby,” she says and grabs Mike’s dick and leads him to the bed. She turns him around and sits him down on the edge of the bed. She turns around to face me and slowly lowers herself onto his massive tool. I watch as the huge mushroom head spreads the lips of her shaved pussy. Inch by inch she sinks onto his tool, until she reaches his balls. Slowly again she pushes up as I watch his shaft slide out of its warm confines. It glistens with her juices. Down she goes again, slow and steady. Mike is intently concentrating. He is holding her ass, helping her slide up and down his shaft. Her pussy lips are so stretched; I can see the nub of her clit, standing straight out. My cock is coming back to life. I walk over to the bed to get a closer look. Her clit mesmerizes me. I kneel down right in front of them. I slowly lean over and give her clit a little lick. She jumps.

I start licking more intensely. Her clit is rock hard. My tongue wanders over her stretched pussy lips and I find myself licking his shaft and balls as well. He moans also and I can see his cock pulse. Lisa is moaning even louder and no longer sliding up and down his shaft. He is deep inside her and she is just grinding her pussy on his cock. She is biting her bottom lip concentrating. I continue my licking. She grabs my head and pushes my mouth right on her clit. I lick hard and fast. She lets out a huge groan and her whole body quivers as it convulses with wave after wave of orgasm. I continue licking, she can barely catch her breath, she seems stuck in orgasm, her grinding is more intense and the moans come one after the other.

Mike esenyurt rus escort cannot hold back anymore and he lets go with a huge orgasm of his own. I can see his balls contract and feel his cock pulsing as he shoots his hot cum into his fiancée’s pussy. I stop licking, and watch as their mingled juices start to seep from her pussy down his shaft and around his balls. As the orgasms subside, I reach up and remove his slightly softening cock from her pussy. It is heavy and sticky. Her pussy is actually gaping and dripping cum. I lean over and touch her clit with my tongue. She pushes the back of my head and my face is deep in her freshly fucked cunt. I suck up their juices. Then, I also take his deflating cock and try to lick it clean. I stand up and she leans over and kisses me. Swirling her tongue with mine. Then Mike does the same thing. They both want to taste their combined juices.

We all lie back on the bed. Lisa is in the middle. Mike and I are on either side, lightly stroking her body. “What’s next,” I ask. She smiles a wicked smile and tells me that she has much more planned. She looks at me and tells me she wants my cock in her ass while Mike fucks her pussy. Mike is too big to fuck her ass and a dildo just isn’t the same as a real cock.

My cock is ready for it, but Mikes is at half mast. Lisa slides down and starts licking his massive cock. What the hell, I slide down and start helping her. She holds his shaft while I put the head in my mouth. It is so wide. The girth is amazing. I can’t take more than a few inches in my mouth. She pulls his cock out of my mouth and starts sucking on it herself while I like his balls and shaft. The “beast” rises to the occasion.

Mike reaches over to the nightstand drawer and hands Lisa some lube. She starts to lube my cock. She climbs onto Mike and starts lowering herself onto his cock. It is just amazing watching her pussy stretch to accommodate his size. She leans forward and kisses Mike, her ass is in the air. I can see her cute little rosebud sitting right above Mike’s shaft which is halfway inside her. I squirt a little more lube on my cock and then work some on into her asshole.

I get behind her. The tip of my shaft is touching her little rose bud now. I look over and she is staring right into Mike’s eyes. Slowly I push, little by little, the tip of my cock spreads her sphincter. My cock head enters her and I hear her gasp, so I stop for a moment so she can catch her breath. “I’m OK,” she says. I proceed, slowly sliding my entire shaft into her ass. I can feel Mikes cock through the thin membrane. Her ass is so tight. Finally, I hit bottom. She wiggles a bit to accommodate me and to take Mike fully into her pussy. My balls are now resting on his. I am amazed that this girl must have a foot and a half of cock inside her. We stay still for a minute while her body adjusts. I can feel her asshole loosening a bit.

Mike asks her if she is OK. She says she feels amazing. She has never felt so full. She kisses him hard and starts grinding against Mike. I start to fuck her ass. I slide my cock halfway out and slowly sink it backing. I start to pick up speed as Mike and I start to develop a rhythm. Every time we both sink into her she lets out a small moan. She has angled her hips so her clit is rubbing against Mike’s shaft. This gives me a better angle and I start to really fuck her ass hard. She takes a deep breath and I hear her utter, “Oh my god!” She seems to stiffen for a good twenty seconds and I can feel her sphincter rapidly tightening and relaxing around my shaft. She collapses on Mike’s chest and for a second I am not sure she is breathing. We both stop fucking her, worried that we have hurt her. She catches her breath and whispers, “I have just had the most massive orgasm of my life,” and she kisses Mike deeply. My cock is still in her ass and Mike’s is in her pussy. She slides her ass off my still hard cock. Too bad I think, I was so close to cumming.

“Mike,” she says, “There is something else I want to try.”

“Anything honey,” he says.

“First, I want you to get on top of me and shove that amazing cock of yours deep into my pussy,” she says.

“Not a problem,” he replies.

“I also want David to fuck you in the ass while you are fucking me,” she added. Silence. Mike starts to protest but Lisa quiets him down. “You like when I play with your ass and stick my finger or the dildo in it,” she says. Funny, no one asked me but my cock is so close to bursting, I don’t care.

It esenyurt türbanlı escort is a short argument. He nods. They roll over, without dislodging his cock. I grab the lube, put some more on my cock and spread some on his ass. His ass clenches for a moment. I hear her whispering to him. “Relax; it’s going to feel amazing. Stare into my eyes. I want to watch you.”

I place the tip of my cock on his ass hole and begin to push. It is unyielding so I push harder. My shaft is bending but finally his asshole yields. Again, I slowly slide my cock into him. After a minute or two I balls deep in Mike’s ass. She is kissing him and looking right in his eyes. We pause for a moment until his ass loosens up. During the wait, I just contemplate the situation. Here I am with my cock deep in the ass of a huge linebacker while he fucks his fiancée.

I stay still. Mike slowly starts to fuck Lisa, which causes his ass to slide up and down my shaft. After a minute or two, I actively start to fuck his hole. He is picking up the speed, so I pick up speed. She is holding the side of his head, keeping her eyes locked on his. I am just trying to hold in and keep my cock in his ass at this point. I can tell Mike is getting close. Good thing, because so am I. Lisa tells us she is cumming. Mike drives his cock into her and screams, “Me too.” I feel his sphincter start to milk my cock as he fills her pussy with cum. This sends me over the edge and I blow a huge load deep in his ass. I roll off Mike. He rolls off Lisa.

“Holy shit,” he says. “I don’t think I have ever cum so much. It felt like gallons came out of me.” He looks at me and says, “It hurt like hell at first.” He turns and looked at Lisa and continued, “But after a few minutes, I kind of enjoyed it, and then, the orgasm was incredibly intense.”

“I told you so,” she said. Mike leans over and kisses her and touches her pussy, which is gooey with his cum. He takes his cum coated finger and smears it on her lips and then kisses her. He then starts kissing down her body until he is between her legs. He buries his tongue in the gooey mess and licks her hard. She grabs his head and grinds her clit on his mouth and has another small orgasm. He raises his head. His cheeks and chin are covered with cum and juices.

Time for a shower he suggest. The three of us go into the shower stall. It’s is a little tight in there with Mike. We wash and caress each other. Lisa kneels down and makes sure our cocks and asses are clean. First with soap, then with her tongue. Mike jumps when she touches his hole which he says is a little sore. Our cocks are getting hard again.

We dry off and head back to the bed. Lisa wants me to fuck her. She has Mike lie on the bed and then she gets on him in a sixty-nine. She starts stroking and sucking his cock and lowers her pussy to his waiting mouth. I get on the bed and kneel behind Lisa. My knees are on either side of Mike’s head. I look down at that exquisite ass and lock eyes with Mike for a moment, and then I slide my shaft into her well fucked pussy. It is still sloppy inside her pussy and my cock is soon covered with her juices and the juices from their previous fucking. My balls are dragging in Mike’s face, as he intently licks Lisa’s clit, though every once in a while I feel the tip of his tongue on my shaft and balls.

She takes her mouth off Mike’s dick and tells me she is getting close. She raises her ass a little and I fuck her hard. She starts cumming and I also tell her I am getting close to cumming.

“Closer,” I yell, as I fuck her hard. “I am almost there. Yes! Yes!”

Just as I am beginning to cum, Mike pulls my cock out of Lisa and slides it into his mouth. I shoot jet after jet of hot semen into his mouth as Mike continues sucking and milking my cock.

“Sorry dude, I couldn’t resist. It was so hot watching you plow Lisa’s pussy and seeing her juices all over your cock. I just had to taste it,” he says after my orgasm subsides.

Lisa gets off Mike. He stands at the edge of the bed, his massive cock bobbing up and down, aching for release. So Lisa crawled over and started sucking on it. I crawled over too and started licking his shaft and balls. She is holding his shaft and would put it in my mouth for me to suck every once in a while. He was definitely getting close. Lisa shoves his cock in my mouth, and I pump it while I suck it hard. I could feel the mushroom head get swell and then he let loose with three massive jets of cum. I tried to swallow it all but it started leaking out of my mouth. Lisa takes his cock out of my mouth and kisses me, swirling her tongue around my mouth and licking the cum off my lips.

I gave Mike’s cock one more swirl and got up off the bed. We were all exhausted. I thanked them for a great evening. I put on my clothes, smiled and let myself out of the room.

As I was walking down the hall I wondered who won the basketball game.

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