Waiting Long

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I walk in the waiting room. The tight black dress I have on hugs my thighs and skis the slopes of my ass. It’s nearly midnight and the waiting room is almost empty with the last patients. Three men sit watching an infomercial on the muted big screen. I walk by them smirking as I catch them all looking at my ass, then bend over to retrieve a magazine and sit between two of the men. They return their eyes to the screen and pretend not to notice me. The man who is sitting directly in front of me picks up a TIME magazine and starts “reading” it. I make eye contact with him and spread my legs a little bit exposing my bald pussy. He stares a second longer than returns to his magazine. I turn towards the receptionist desk to see the lady had left as these were the last patients.

The man in front of me is now steadily staring and I see his dick start to stir. I smile and spread my legs a little wider, by this time both of the men next to me are watching and my pussy begins to get wet at the thought of their hands on me. Slowly, my hand makes its way to my pussy and I begin to stroke its lips softly and then I plunge a finger inside. My eyes are closed and I begin working bahçelievler escort it fast in and out making myself wetter and wetter. A hand touches mine and a thick finger plunges inside of me. I shudder and lift my hips off the seat to get his finger deeper and he sticks another one in. The man next to me takes my hand and places it on his dick. His length surprises me and I begin jacking him off. He places his hand on my head and guides me to his salty tip. I lick the precum from the sensitive hole and begin to work my way down with my tongue. I feel hands on my breasts and realize the other man has come to join us. The guy with his dick in my mouth holds my head firmly and begins to ram his length into my throat. I gag and try to extend my neck to further his penetration. I feel the hands leave my breast and begin to knead my ass cheeks pulling up my dress which is riding up my thighs the whole time. He wastes no time plunging a long skinny finger into my asshole. I groan around the dick rammed in my throat.

They lift me and place me on the wooden coffee table. The cock in my mouth withdraws and is replaced with another one. bahçeşehir escort This guy isn’t as long but the width has my mouth stretched as far as it can go and i struggle to keep my teeth lifted around his girth. The other two guys lift my dress and bra exposing my tits. Their mouths begin sucking and exploring them their tongues flicking my nipples their teeth nipping my sensitive skin. I arch my back pushing the dick deeper into my throat lifting my breasts for more attention. Three fingers are plunged into my pussy and I buck against them riding for every ounce of pleasure. The man fucking my face begins to move faster his balls tightening as he comes closer to cumming. Breath comes in short gasps as he rams my throat and spurts his seed into the back of my neck i swallow all of it. he removes his dick from my throat the fingers are taken out of my pussy and a dick replaces them. He grabs my thighs and pushes them up to where my knees are by my head. I scream in pleasure and another dick fills my mouth sliding directly into my throat. He holds my nose and begins fucking my face with short hard thrusts.

“Flip her over I bakırköy anal yapan escort want to get in her ass.” His dick is removed from my throat and the other guy flips me over to where I’m riding him on the table. My face is again stuffed till my nose is in pubic hair. Both men begin stroking at the same pace. I feel so full and stuffed, my body’s lost in sexual pleasure I don’t notice the other guy until he shoves his dick into my virgin ass. I jerk and try to scream but the guy held my head firm against his pubic hair. Halfway in my ass he grabs my hips. “You asked for it baby,” he pants and drives his dick deep inside me. My ass burns and I feel like I’m going to rip because of both the dicks inside me.

The guy fucking my pussy pulls out to the tip and slams in as the guy in my ass pulls out. I buck as they take turns fucking me with long hard thrusts. The guy in my throat matches the strokes of the guy fucking my ass and soon I’m sandwiched between these three filling my every hole. Soon the burn in my ass gives way to pleasure and I begin thrusting my head and hips at the same time matching every thrust thrown at me. I ride each dick as hard as possible. They all begin to quicken their pace and my body begins to shake with the orgasm building inside of me. Soon all three are thrusting into me at the same time and a hand starts to rub my clit. I close my eyes, a hot load shoots down my throat and I cum squirting my juices on the men behind me as they bury their seeds deep inside me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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