Vacation Takes An Erotic Turn Ch. 03

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The couples had been home from their Hawaiian vacation for a few weeks, but all they could think about was the sex. Sean and Jennifer kept talking about it. Mike and Lisa kept talking about. Jennifer and Lisa talked on the phone about it. And Sean and Mike talked about it for an entire round of golf. They all agreed that they had to get together soon!

Finally, they were able to make plans for a Saturday night. As the day approached, each of them felt a little nervous, but excited!

When the Saturday arrived, they were each amused at how much time their spouses spent getting ready. Jennifer saw Sean carefully shave his balls and rub lotion on them to make them soft. Sean saw Jennifer shave her legs and pussy. Both of them knew that their spouse was doing all of this in preparation for being fucked by their friends. It turned them on to watch each other prepare for a “sex date” with someone else.

Meanwhile, Mike and Lisa were doing the same sorts of things. Lisa had shaved earlier and was rubbing lotion all over her body to make her skin soft. Mike shaved all of his hair off too, his cock and balls were smooth and shiny. She knew that Mike had shaved himself in anticipation of a serious blow job. Mike saw Lisa dabbing fragrance in key locations on her body and knew that she was looking forward to some oral too. Whether it was from Sean or Jennifer, he didn’t know or care. It was just such a turn on watching her get ready to fuck!

When Mike and Lisa arrived at Sean and Jennifer’s house, hugs were exchanged, then Sean led them to the bar for some tequila shots to loosen them up. After a few of these, everyone was feeling fine and raring to go!

It was Lisa’s turn to be the master and she went to work right away. She quickly pulled off her top. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her boobs came bouncing out for all to see. She then took off her pants and panties and knelt on the floor. She told the men avcılar grup yapan escort to stand next to her. She could see the bulges in their pants and knew they were hard.

She unzipped their pants, reached inside and pulled out their cocks. She then started to stroke both of them. She slowly slid her hands along the length of their shafts, lightly touching their balls with each stroke. Their skin was soft and warm in her hands. She told them to take off their pants. Then she wrapped her hands around their dicks and pulled them toward her. She then started to suck their cocks, first one, then the other, as she stroked them.

This went on for a while. Lisa enjoyed the sensation of pleasuring two men, knowing she could make them cum anytime. Finally she pulled them closer and pushed their dicks together so that they were rubbing against each other.

Sean began to say something, but could only say “Uh. . .” before Lisa cut him off. She said, “Don’t say anything! I’m the master! You have to do whatever I say!”

Sean chuckled and looked at Mike, who just shrugged and watched his wife go to work on their cocks. She squeezed them together in her hand and stroked them. It was like giving a handjob to a giant cock!

Sean felt a little weird, but excited. Mike’s dick felt warm and the skin felt soft as it pressed against his cock.

Mike had done this before a long time ago and had always wanted to do it again. Sean’s cock was so big! Mike wondered how his wife felt when Sean was inside of her.

Meanwhile, Lisa kept up her stroking for a time then suddenly took both cocks into her mouth at the same time. She flicked her tongue on their heads, and tasted their juices. She reached up and cupped their balls, squeezing them lightly. Both men moaned.

Jennifer was so turned on by this. She took off her clothes and moved behind the men, rubbing avcılar masöz escort her breasts against their backs. She reached around and stroked their cocks while Lisa sucked them. The mens’ dicks were both in Lisa’s mouth and Jennifer was jacking them off while rubbing her warm tits and hard nipples against the bare skin of their backs. The men could feel each other’s cocks swelling and throbbing and knew they would probably cum soon. The girls felt this too and knew that the boys were close So they stopped abruptly.

Lisa stood and told Sean to lie down on the couch. He did as he was told, and as he lay down, Lisa stared at his cock sticking straight up. It was as big and thick as a giant sausage! She crawled over him and straddled him, her knees on either side. She was so horny! She looked down between her legs and lowered herself until she was just above the throbbing head. Her pussy was so wet that its juice was dripping onto Sean’s cock. She took a deep breath, then lowered herself down onto his huge cock. As it entered her, it felt like it was going to split her in two. She slid down its length and wondered if she could fit it all in. Finally, she managed to ease it all the way inside of her and sat there for a moment. His cock filled every inch of her pussy and felt tremendous. She stayed like that, enjoying the feeling of this huge thing pulsing deep within her. After a minute or so, she leaned forward so that her tits were over his face. Sean opened his mouth and sucked her left nipple gently and deeply.

As this was happening, Mike started to play with her ass. Jennifer was laying next to him, waiting for the show to begin. Mike reached over and slid his finger into Jennifer’s dripping pussy, then pulled it out and slipped it into Lisa’s ass. He did this a few times, using Jennifer’s pussy juice to lube Lisa’s ass. This turned both girls on. Jennifer liked avcılar otele gelen escort the idea that her juices were going inside of Lisa to lubricate her for a fuck. Lisa liked it for the same reason.

After Lisa’s ass was slippery with Jennifer’s juices, Mike placed the head of his cock against her ass and slowly inserted the tip. As he worked the head inside, he stopped and waited for her to adjust to his cock. When he felt her relax, he slid it in slowly until his balls were brushing lightly against her asscheeks. He had had anal sex with her before, but it felt different. Now he could feel Sean’s huge cock deep inside his wife’s pussy.

Lisa had still not moved. She felt her pussy wrapped tightly around Sean’s shaft, and now her husband’s cock was deep inside her ass. Both men’s cocks filled her completely! She felt their warmth and thickness deep inside, and could feel them throbbing with excitement. This was one of her most secret fantasies, to be gang fucked by two big cocks. She loved the idea of servicing two men at once. She was so turned on! She could have stayed this way for hours.

Both men were waiting for her to do what she wanted. She sensed this and began to move backward and forward, slowly sliding their cocks in and out of her. She could feel the length of them and knew just when to change direction before their cocks would slip out. After a few minutes, she really started to get into it and slid them in and out faster and faster. The men sensed that she wanted to be fucked hard and started to thrust deep inside of her, meeting her thrusts.

She felt both of their dicks start to swell and knew they were going to cum. This sent her over the edge and she started to cum too. Her pussy and ass clenched down on their dicks as she came. Both men came at the same time, shooting their loads deep inside of her. Suddenly, Mike grabbed his wife’s hips and shoved her all the way down on Sean’s cock, while he thrust deep into her ass. This made her come again.

They stayed there locked together for a few minutes as their orgasms subsided. Jennifer laid next to them, gently rubbing her hands over their bodies.

After a few minutes, she sighed and said, “Well, I guess we won’t be playing board games when we get together anymore.”

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