Vacation Getaway Ch. 03

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You said it would be nice to see me again before I returned to the States and I told you that I would discuss it with Papi. We arrived at the hotel and gave each other a passionate kiss good-bye. I asked you if you would thank your friends for the rape that they gave me the night before, laughing as I shut the door and waved goodbye. I made my way to the room and went inside, only to find the room in complete disarray, half-filled glasses of alcohol along with three or four empty booze bottles scattered on the counters and tables. To my surprise, there were also various articles of females clothing spread about in a trail leading towards the bedroom, skimpy clothing at that included a pink lace thong and bra. It was evident what had taken place, it appeared my Papi had had a little companionship himself and that was still perhaps in progress. No sooner did I make that assumption before cries emanated from the bedroom.

“Mmm yes! That’s so good. Right there, that’s my spot. Mmm, don’t stop, you’re making me cum again! Oh yes, mmm.”

I had to make a choice: let myself be known or leave my Papi to his unfinished business and perhaps go for some breakfast and make myself scarce. My imagination was working to as to who and where Papi’s company had come from. Our encounter with you was the reason in fact for their visit to Antigua but Papi’s little thingy was not on the itinerary and I some how felt deceived and even jealous by this. Then again, my adventure and dicking by three other men were not either. Cries of pleasure came from the bedroom and I could not help myself. I at least had to take a peak at what my Papi was up to. Keeping as quiet as possible, I went to the door and carefully opened it just a crack but enough to view what was taking place. There was my Papi with two girls, both of whom could be mistaken for no older than 18 years. One was a petite blonde with small breasts, just like Papi liked them. She was between Papi’s spread legs, totally devouring his cock, sucking it fast and deep with her tiny hand around its base, jerking it up and down. She appeared to have quite a lot of experience in her craft. The other, a black haired girl, was not as petite as the first but not over weight either, her chest much larger than her partner’s. She was sitting on my Papi’s face, her pussy being eaten like he was a starving man from a third world country who had not had a meal in months. She was grinding into his face and moaning.

“I’m cumming again. Here it comes. Oh yes, mmm. Ahh, don’t stop! Here it comes, here it comes! Ah, ah, ah, ooooh, mmm!”

Her pelvis was bucking uncontrollably as her orgasm obviously arrived, and Papi was not letting up or spilling a drop as she came in his mouth and all over his face. Her friend still sucking Papi’s cock, now with her free hand between her wide spread legs, rubbing and fingering her pussy furiously. Her actions were surely brought on from the intensity of her friend’s orgasm. Papi quickly and carefully made sure the pussy on his face was satisfied then abruptly pulled his cock from the mouth of his little blonde. Grabbing her legs, he lifted them to her head and buried his hard cock into her pussy and started fucking her as she moaned nothing that was legible but surely ones of pleasure as he took long full strokes in and out of her pussy. No one in the trio was aware of me and I decided that I was going to sneak in and plant myself in a corner chair so I could continue watching the show unnoticed. I planted myself in a chair so that I could comfortably view my husband and his sluts in action. I cannot say that I wasn’t turned on by this either as I felt my tired pussy begin to wetten between my legs. No sooner had I settled down than Papi was himself was beginning to break, his grunts and groans coming faster and faster as his ass pushed harder and harder into the blonde’s pussy. They were both cumming now in perfect unison as they moaned as one, cumming intensely. He lowered her raised legs and collapsed on her, kissing her breasts and sucking her pert nipples as he panted.

“Hi Papi,” I said as he avcılar elit escort looked over at me, startled.

“How long have you been here?”

“Long enough to watch both of your little girls cum,” I replied before asking where you found them.

“A couple of rooms down,” he said. “They’re here with their high school for a field trip.”

“Oh,” I said, smiling. “I love you Papi”

“I love you too, Mami,” he replied, smiling back.

“Judging by the disarray of the living room, it appears that the party started last night…when you were supposedly in bed for the night,” I say.

“I went to bed but got up to get some ice. That was where I met the girls; everything that followed had just sort of happened,” he explained.

“Oh I see,” I replied.

Papi asked me how my evening went with you, and what we did. I tell him that we went for dinner and had a couple of drinks before going to a club to dance where we also met three of your friends. I say that we drank and danced with them before deciding to all go back to your apartment and have a few more drinks.

“Oh really?” he replied. “And then what happened? Anything eventful?”

“Well, we all got a little drunk and, um yeah, we did get a little carried away.” “Would you mind telling me just how carried away carried is?” you ask.

“Um, we ended up naked in the hot tub where Kc fucked me in front of his company. Apparently, what they saw made them really horny because when I got out of the shower afterwards and went to the bedroom to get dressed, I found a couple of his friends waiting. And, well, one thing led to another and we fucked. When they were done with me, I thought we were all through, but then I was approached by his third friend who was feeling left out and asked if he could possibly have a few moments with me,” I explained. “I figured it was only fair so I told him yes but then I saw that he had a 12-inch cock. It frightened me but excited me as well. And then we fucked.”

“How was it?” he asked. “How was it being fucked by such a huge cock?”

“Um, well at first, it hurt something awful but then I was overcome by a continuous orgasm. It was indescribable but it wasn’t over then because he and his friend who had an 8-by-51/2-inch cock decided to take me together.

“Wow, it seems you had a lot of fun, huh? Did it stop there?”

“Well, not exactly. When they were done, Kc took me in my ass and I thought I was going to die but soon I was cumming again as he filled my ass with cum. His friends left and we went to sleep. So yes, I guess you could say it was an event filled night to say the least.”

“I guess you must still be a bit tired huh?”

“Actually, I could still use some rest; I’m really kind of sore.”

“Ok. Would you mind if I went next door? Because the girls said that they have a surprise for me and that I’m still up for some fun. Besides, I wouldn’t mind trying to have a story that might even compare to your evening with K.C. and his well hung friends.”

“Sure,” I said. “Go ahead and have a good time. Don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do.”

“Apparently, there is nothing you wouldn’t, or should I say didn’t do,” Papi replied.

“Funny, really funny. You know what I meant.”

“I know, he said. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Papi.”


Papi and his little girls grabbed their clothes then he kissed me before heading back to their room. I couldn’t help but wonder what the surprise was those little girls had planned for my Papi. I took a bath and went to sleep in a bed that reeked of sex for the second time in 24 hours. Meanwhile, Papi was finding out what his surprise was…it was all six of the high school girls, clad only in their panties, waiting in the bed to fuck my Papi. They were surrounded by toys and had an xxx movie playing. Papi stripped naked and jumped in the bed amongst the girls.

“Where should we start?” he asked playfully.

The girls proceeded to dance for me, rubbing and touching avcılar escort themselves, as they kissed each other. This made Papi’s cock immediately stand at attention and he couldn’t help but take it in his hand and pull it up and down as he watched what was unfolding before him. Soon, one of the girls was standing over him, rubbing her wet pussy lips over the head of my cock. Her puffy swollen lips felt so good, all he was able to do was moan. She then took Papi’s cock in her mouth and began sucking it as another placed her cunt to his mouth and begged him to eat it. Others were kissing and fucking each other with various toys as the sound of soft moaning mixed with the humming of vibrators being worked in and out of drenched pussies. They took turns sucking his cock and putting their pussies to his mouth to be eaten, followed by them sitting on his cock and fucking it. It was a free-for-all sex marathon and Papi was in the middle of it.

An hour went by and I woke up, unable to go back to sleep, so I decided to call down for something to eat and have it brought to the room. About 15 minutes went by, and then there was a knock at the door, followed by a voice calling out room service. I answered the door, wearing only red and black see-through panties and a half shirt. Opening the door, I found a young good-looking teenager with a tray of food and asked him to please bring it inside, shutting the door behind him. He couldn’t take his eyes off my panties, which revealed my swollen pussy. I could see by the bulge that filled his slacks that he was more than turned on by what he was seeing.

“Have you just had not had sex in awhile or are you really that excited by the sight of my pussy?” I ask, smiling seductively at him, making him blush and apologize, looking up at my face for the first time, taking his eyes off my pussy.

“It’s just that you’re so hot. The fact that you were in your panties and your pussy is visible is just so tempting. I’ve completely lost control over the erection pounding in my pants.”

“It’s ok. Actually, it’s rather flattering.”

With Papi still gone and not expecting him back anytime soon, I thought it might be fun to entertain this hot young stud so I ask him what he thought of having his way with me and my “hot” pussy, making him stand speechless for a moment.

“Really?” he mumbles.

“Really,” I replied as I take his hand and rub it over my panties to my now wetting pussy.

His eyes open wide and a slight gasp sneaks out of his mouth as I lead him to the bedroom, kissing him as I run my hand over his massive hard-on. Slowly stripping his slacks off to his boxers, I remove his shirt, revealing his toned smooth chest. I sit him in a chair and put some music for a lap dance. I dance and sway in front him, just out of his reach, touching myself through my shirt and panties before removing my shirt and pinching my nipples. I make them hard and erect then place his hands on them for a feel before turning so my back is to him, lowering your panty-clad pussy over his boxers to the tent covering his hard cock. I grind seductively between his legs as he partially closes his eyes and coos at my movements. I back away and remove my soaking panties, dancing back to him and rubbing the wet crotch into his face and nose before tossing them to the floor. I grab his boxers and slid them down and across my own nose, smiling then tossing them next to my own.

For the first time, his cock was visible. It was gorgeous with a curve like a bow. It was about 7 to 8 inches and perhaps 31/2 to 4 inches around, nothing like the men that fucked me the night before. Still, his cock was beautiful in its own way, attached to a young handsome boy, which turned me on even more. Taking his hand and standing him up, I undulate up and down against his body, kneeling for a moment and taking his cock in my mouth. Looking up at him, I suck it slow and deep then fast a couple of times before pulling it out and licking his balls. I stand back up, and swaying my hips, guide him to the bed. Once we avcılar eve gelen escort get to the bed, I lay on my back, opening my legs wide and pulling him in as I guide his head to my pussy.

I was eager to find out if he had any experience in eating pussy and if not, I was looking forward to teaching him. He spread my lips with his fingers and began to lick and suck me, letting me know with his mouth that this was not his first time. He was gently nursing my clit then licking my puffy pussy lips up and down, occasionally dipping his tongue into my hole, making me moan and coo. My god, he was good. He started fucking me with his mouth as good as any ever had, perhaps even better as he was young and eager. He brought me to an outstanding orgasm, making my pelvis uncontrollably buck and rub into his mouth. He ate me perfectly, not stopping for a second.

“God, it’s good. Baby I’m cumming so good,” I moan.

I pull him up, telling him to fuck my pussy. My body felt like it was on fire and I wanted him to cum in me so bad. He took my leg, turned me sideways and lifted it high as he guided his cock into me, plunging deep and hard to its base. Although it was nothing compared to the 12-inch cock I had had the night before, he still filled me, stretching my pussy as his cock buried itself in me. It felt so good when his curve hit my g-spot as he fucked me at fairly fast pace, showing no sign of fatigue or slowing, just smooth, steady fucking. I bite my lip and lose myself in the sensations whirling through me as get fucked so good. He stopped and turned me over on my stomach.

“How would you like to fucked doggie style?”

“I’d love it, baby. Fuck me however you want; I’m yours. My pussy is yours to have any way you want; just keep on fucking me. Please don’t stop fucking me until you can’t fuck me anymore then fill me with your cum.”

“Okay,” he said. “I will. I will keep fucking you. You feel so fucking good inside. My god, you’re driving me crazy! When I cum, I’m going to cum in you so damn hard, harder and better than I’ve ever cum before.”

“Good baby. That’s what I want. I want you to feel good and have the best experience you’ve ever had. You’re fucking me so good. Oh my god, I don’t want it to ever stop!”

After this went on for some time, I was starting to cum again and being quite verbal about letting him know that I was going to cum. I met his every stroke with a backward thrust of my hips, shoving his cock up to its base in my tight pussy. I commanded him to fuck me fast and he obliged, fucking me like a wild animal. He kept picking up his pace, going faster and faster, bringing himself to an orgasm as his hands gripped my hips tight as he sunk balls-deep into me. That took me over the edge and my body burst as we both lose control. I drench his cock in my sweet juices as my pussy clenches violently around his throbbing cock, milking him of his salty seed.

“Oh my god, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” I yelled.

“Me too,” the boy groaned. “I’m going to fill you with my cum. You feel so fucking good! Oh, oh, oh, I’m cumming in your sweet pussy!”

We both exploded and he collapsed on top of me, kissing me and holding my tired body. The sweat slicking our bodies mixed as we gasped for breath like fish out of water. My pussy is still spasming around his softening member as our combined cum pours out of me, down my thighs onto the bed sheets. After what seems like an eternity, he eases his cock out of my cum-filled quim. We both catch our breath then he rolls over, crumpling into the wrinkled sweat soaked sheets as he eyes my sweat-soaked, cum-leaking body.

“You were so good, baby,” he groaned in my ear.

“You were too,” I reply.

I take his limp cock in my mouth, gently licking and sucking it as I clean our mixed juices from it. I had just sucked his cock back to its rock-hard fully erect state when he pulled away from my mouth. For a second I thought he was up for round two but then he stood up and collected his clothes, stumbling around the suite. Apologizing, he says that he must return to work or he would be fired so to enjoy my breakfast and that if there were anything else, do not to hesitate to call. I kissed him and said thank you before sending him on his way. Wrapping the bed sheet around me like a toga I glided into the bathroom and turned on the water. A quick shower was in order then breakfast.

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