Undercover Ch. 03

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Sandra found herself in a drugged daze lying on a pile of hessian sacks that seemed to rock to a gentle rhythm beneath her. As more of her senses returned to her she realised she was in a goods wagon on a train. Her body seemed slow to respond to her brains instructions as her head turned slowly to take in her surroundings and to assess what was happening to her. She found her left wrist was chained to the wall by means of a 1m long length of chain. There was some water and food left alongside her on the sacks and a bucket wedged next to them. Slowly her brain registered than this set up was meant to make her self sufficient over the rest of the journey. She didn’t know how long the journey took as she dozed atop the hard sacks.

Her head seemed a bit clearer as she awoke to find herself riding in the cab of a large truck positioned between the driver and a huge man sharing the bench seat with her. As she looked out through the dusty windscreen all she could see was large flat grass land for as far as she could see. The grass drifted back and forth in the wind like some huge sea and panic ceased Sandra as she felt that she had been cast adrift in some huge ocean whilst still on land.

The huge man passed her some bottled water, which she thanked him for; but then he put a huge rough hand on her skirt and then slid his hand underneath to feel the cool skin of her thighs. Sandra clamped her thighs hard together and tried to slap the man’s hand away. The two men just laughed as the truck bounced along and the guy overcame Sandra’s weak attempts to fight him off in her drugged state as the guy investigated under her skirt further.

Finally after endless hours the truck pulled over at a road side fuel stop. It was nothing like a western service station, it was just a collection of a couple of hovels, a garage and a couple of battered fuel pumps. Whilst the truck was refilled with fuel & provisions the huge guy and an old woman led Sandra into some makeshift toilets. Here the old woman helped Sandra undress before she washed Sandra down, dried her and redressed her, and handed her back to the huge guy who carried her into a make shift canteen. Here the three of them ate broth and rough hard dry bread. The nourishment felt great to Sandra and her body started to become alive again. After the meal the guys played cards and smoked together, all the time laughing and taking sideward’s glances at Sandra. Sandra couldn’t understand a word but she wasn’t convinced they had her best interests at heart. A couple of hours later she was led back to the truck and it continued down the endless road as the sun set behind them. Sandra knew she was heading east but didn’t know where to or even which country, but as her senses started to return she felt in the pit of her stomach that she was east of Moscow and civilisation.

Dark came quickly after sunset and the truck pulled off the road and switched off its lights and engine. The two men took Sandra into the back of the truck and laid out old blankets on top of the piles of sacks. For the next two hours they used Sandra as a fuck toy. At first she fought, kicked and screamed. They just laughed and pushed her down again and again, until the huge guy grew tired of the game. He lit a fresh cigarette before grabbing Sandra’s ankles and forcing her legs wide apart and taking his pleasure. The driver invaded her mouth with his meat while he wanted for the huge man to finish with her pussy so he could have seconds.

Each day Sandra would be cleaned up and fed along the route and each night she would be degraded and abused atop the sacks in the truck. One night she was taken out and fucked in the long grass under the most amazing star lit sky she had ever seen. She guessed this was their version of a romantic evening as they shared their vodka with her and continued to fuck her in a range of positions.

Some days the guys demanded a blowjob as they drove to pass the long boring hours on the dirt road. After five or six endless days they crossed a border and pulled into a city of about 50-100,000 people. Eventually they pulled up in an alley and two fucking enormous guys came out the back of one of the buildings and took Sandra inside. Here again she was taken away by an old woman and washed. This time there was a proper bathroom and a hot bath. Sandra was left for over an hour to soak and relax. She washed washed her hair several times and began to feel human again. After two hours the old woman returned and led her through into a huge bedroom ataköy türbanlı escort where a satin dress was laid out on the bed along with some top class lingerie and perfume. Sandra spent the next hour doing her hair, her face and dressing. She then lay on the bed and read some of the latest western women’s magazines that were there for her.

A couple of hours later the two huge guys came back in and set up a dinner table for two, candles, some wine & put on some music before leaving. Later they were followed by a waiter who checked the room before leaving. Finally the door opened to reveal a gentleman in fine western clothes but his finely chiselled featured had him down as a Russian, and a wealthy one at that. He introduced himself as Ivaneko and took Sandra’s hand in his to kiss it. He then poured her some wine and the waiter appeared by magic to serve a magnificent dinner. The horrors of the past week faded to the back of Sandra’s mind as life seemed to be returning to normal.

Ivaneko was thoroughly charming, witty, well educated and a gentleman as they shared a 5 star dinner & wines. After coffees they shared a line of coke and danced out on the balcony overlooking the city. Finally Ivaneko slowly stripped off her dress and led her to bed in her lingerie. Ivaneko seemed a tireless lover as he adored, teased and satisfied her body, senses and soul through an endless night of athletic sex and gentle love making. He fucked her from behind as she braced herself against the balcony handrail and they watched the dawn come up as he brought her to yet another fine orgasm and then shot his own wad of spunk into her welcoming wet pussy.

The fine wine, the incredible dinner, the dancing and the endless intimate sex made everything right with the world as he finally pulled the heavy curtains to and led her to bed where she slept for the rest of the day.

Sandra awoke in the late afternoon to find him gone. She freshened herself up and sat on the bed in the lingerie as there wasn’t any other clothes to wear. Half an hour later the two huge guys walked in picked her up and walked her downstairs.

“WHOA, Hold on a minute guys, where are you taking me?” Sandra demanded.

The place seemed like a hotel with a bar on the ground floor.

“Just one fucking minute here, put me down ……. Come on guys tell me what the fuck is going on,” Sandra’s voice changed from demand at the start of the sentence to almost begging by the end of it.

In the bar they held her suspended in front of a little Mongolian man who introduced himself as “Mr Wang” which seemed an odd name for a Mongolian. “You now belong to me ….. I try you out myself first then you start work,” he instructed simply and nodded towards a door.

The huge guys took Sandra into a small room with a bed and a wardrobe of lingerie. Off to the side was a shower and a bathroom which she saw as she was placed on the bed. The two guys left and Mr Wang stood in the doorway.

“Let us see how good you are compared with Chinese girls my little western fuck toy?” Mr Wang stated simply.

“You’ve got as much chance as a running fuck with a rolling donut,” Sandra stated simply.

“A whore with spirit ….. I like that” smiled Mr Wang, “I love to fuck a whore with spirit ….. and then I break that spirit so a whore just fucks. That is all a whore needs to do is fuck while I make money. Men in this town are going to pay good money to fuck a western whore like you. Many haven’t fucked a western whore but have heard tales from their grandfathers of when German women were bought east during the war so the men could fuck them to death.”

Sandra shivered with fear.

“Do you speak German whore?” Wang enquired.

“Fuck off, I am English”, Sandra announced in as plumy an English accent as she could muster.

“Maybe on quiet days we teach you to speak German so men think they are fucking Grandfathers whore’s offspring,” Wang laughed with an ice cold tone to his voice, “Now show me how good you can fuck so I can put you to work.” Wang pulled a leather belt from his trousers, “If you are a lousy fuck I will beat you until you ride like a thoroughbred horse.

“Get fucked Chink,” Sandra spat.

Sandra only saw a brief flash of movement before incredible pain arced through her hand as she realised Wang had used his belt as a whip, so quickly she hadn’t even seen it.

“I love a mare with spirit,” Wang laughed out loud.

Sandra screamed again ataköy ucuz escort as the belt slammed into her other hand.

“Yes, I am good at breaking mares and whores” Wang stated proudly, “I have as long as it takes …… Which will last longest whore? Your spirit or your energy?”

Sandra was petrified. She had felt so safe and secure in Danny’s arms, that seemed a world away now and probably was as she seemed to be in the arsehole of eastern Russia. How had she fucked up such a simple & rewarding life being a wife & mother with her own career in the Police, to now being what appeared to be the only westerner in a whorehouse. Her desire for risk and cock had taken her from a safe marriage to a risky location unknown to her friends & colleagues where she was going to get more cock than she ever desired or thought possible. What had her life come to? Sandra just couldn’t comprehend how she had come to be in this position as Mr Wang removed all his clothes and stood there with a reasonable sized cock (for an Asian she thought) and a hard on that was going to take its pleasure in whatever way its master wanted and that frightened and horrified Sandra.

“Now service me whore, and prove to me that you are worth the investment.”

Sandra took several steps forward and stared into the black cold Asiatic eyes and just saw unlimited darkness, not an ounce of warmth or human kindness. For the first time in her life Sandra knew what it meant to be truly alone and unloved. Tears rang down her cheeks as her knees started to bend and she sank downwards towards the concrete floor.

At the same time half a world away in London Danny was being debriefed and having his six monthly review at the same time. The panel were currently singing his praises and the unlimited information he was bringing out about Pritak’s organisation and the recent corruption arrests that had gone through many police agencies in the UK and Europe based on Sandra’s successful ‘Bedding’ list of the top brass. This had left spaces at the top that each on the panel wanted to fill themselves and Danny had given them the opportunity. They were making promises to Danny to make his few remaining years in the force very rewarding and pleasant. They were particularly impressed that Sandra had gone east of her own accord to find out more about Pritak’s operation in Russia and the emerging market of China. They understood that it would take time for Sandra to build contracts, information and a secure line of communication. They accepted it when Danny told them this might take a year or more before they received payback, but they were convinced when Danny said that they should want until Sandra got in touch in her own timescale to avoid risking her security.

Wang held Sandra across his knees as his belt left deep red welts across her arse. She fought, screamed and cried and Wang’s cock pushed harder against her mound as she rubbed across his lap. Sandra’s screams could be heard in the bar where men were paying huge sums of money to be the next one to fuck the westerner.

Wang’s fingers were coated with Sandra’s juices as he pulled them out of her pussy and rubbed the juices into her burning hot welted skin. Finally the beating finished and Wang threw her off his knees onto the bed with surprising agility and strength for his size compared with hers. Sandra turned on her side and suddenly felt Wang stretch up one of her legs vertically and he sat on her other thigh and fed his hard on into Sandra’s stretched open and wet pussy. He wrapped his arms around her stockinged leg that reached up above his head towards the ceiling as he got into a steady fucking motion.

Danny was out on the town with the panel of senior officers and some other police mates. Danny was “THE MAN”, his reputation for success going before him, paving the way for easier final years in the force. But most importantly hew was getting weekend and more time at home with his kids and the new lady in his life. He was learning to trust and love again.

Sandra’s screams, grunts, yells and simple begging resounded throughout the bar all night as Wang seemed unstoppable in the way he fucked her and had her service him back to hardness once again. Around midnight he had some opium to reinvigorate his vigour so to speak and about 2am he gave Sandra a line of coke as she was flagging and the fight seemed to have gone out of her. At the moment Wang was sat on a chair with Sandra sitting on his cock with her back towards him ataköy üniversiteli escort and Wang gripping her ass cheeks hard in each hand as he lifted and dropped the large western woman on his lap.

Finally about 4am Wang was sated and satisfied that she was good enough for his clientele. He pulled out of her for the last time and had Sandra lick his cock clean before he stood up and calmly got dressed. The door opened and a tray of food was brought in and placed next to Sandra.

“You have half an hour to eat, wash, change and be ready for my best customer. He will have paid a considerable sum of money to be next and you need to ensure you give him value for money so he goes away extremely satisfied and tells everyone else about you.

With that Wang left and entered the bar to rousing cheers from the assembled punters. The bar man passed him a list of the deposits paid to be the next in line to fuck the westerner.

Wang drank vodka and worked the crowd bragging how good the new woman was and how she would screw their Asian cocks off like no Chinese or Mongol ever could in their wildest fantasy. As the 30 minutes ticked away the deposits rose. An obscene amount of money was behind the bar, over a year’s worth of bar takings had been placed for the right to fuck the westerner.

Finally the bar man called for quiet and the bar man passed him a piece of paper with a name and a sum of money on it. Even Wang was taken aback not just by the money but by who it was.

Danny’s speech was slurring and he needed some food, but he felt on top of the world. He knew these young bucks shouting him drinks wanted to be on his team, to be in line to share in the glory and the credit when Danny finally decided to bring Pritak’s empire down and slide off into a cosy retirement with his new lady and family. Danny knew he could do that with his honesty & integrity intact. He had never taken a bribe or any of the money floating around in Pritak’s organisation. Danny was just a simple honest Policeman who served the right side of law and order.

‘Yes,’ Danny thought as he was poured into a cab by his new fan club, ‘Both sides of the ledger have been balanced’.

The 80 year old World War Two veteran was helped to his feet by respectful younger men and helped towards THE door. He stepped into the room under his own power and the door was closed behind him.

Sandra looked up as she dried her hair in her satin night gown. She was surprised to see such as old man. She expected him to be mid 40’s to 50’s as that was the age of men with surplus money who could afford to spend it on women other than their wives. Sandra put her towel down and stood up straight in front of the old man out of natural respect for his age; the old man appreciated this and smiled back. Sandra saw the archetypical stereotype – the old man with a single tooth of not much in the way of gums either, but he looked a happy old soul. She really didn’t consider him to be the high rolling ‘John’ that had just bid for her, she considered him to be an old retainer for the hotel, Wang’s father perhaps; but not someone who had just paid to screw her.

The old boy stepped into her space and slowly put his hands on her hips. Sandra wasn’t tall by western standards but she towered over this old man and felt no fear of him. The old man tugged on one hip and pushed on the other wanting Sandra to turn around. With a smile to tolerate the old man she did so and then she felt his gnarled fingers run over her buttocks through the satin.

“You randy old goat,” she laughed as she turned back to face him.

Danny almost fell out of the cab, but two of the young bucks caught him and led him to the hotel entrance. Danny stood on the steps of the hotel and saw a solitary star in the city lit sky. ‘Must be planet for me to see it in the city,’ his pissed brain considered, ‘I wonder if you can see that it Russia?’

The old boy reached up high to slide the thin straps off Sandra’s shoulders and the triangles of satin fell off her enhanced breasts. The 80 year old veteran saw Sandra’s breasts through the eyes of a 20 year old. The same 20 year old that had lost his virginity to a Second World War prisoner whore 60 odd years ago. He reached up with surprising speed and brutally grabbed hold of Sandra’s nipples in incredibly strong fingers and thumbs. And then he hung on.

The resultant scream garnered a rousing cheer from the men in the bar and renewed respect for the old veteran. They hoped they could live up to him when they finally got their turn with the western whore. This ‘people smuggling business’ might not be called that in their part of the world yet but people were going to benefit from it, not least Wang. So where was the harm? as men smiled in Russia and one man fell asleep in his hotel half a world away, a contented smile on his face as well.

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