Two Views of One Week

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Thanks for all your previous comments. Again, this story’s characters are all 18+


Part I


I found my love the day I punched Joey Josephson in the mouth. Joey made the unfortunate mistake of coming up to my locker between periods and making fun of my brother who we had buried just last week. He knew he crossed the line and he knew he had it coming. The punch landed on his left jaw and scraped across his face. Joey fell to the ground and put his hand to his lips then drew his hands up to see the blood on them. He gave me this stupid look then walked into the men’s bathroom. I grabbed my calculus book and headed off to my next class before the bell rang, better not get in trouble by being late to class.

I took my seat next to James and Kelly, two of my best friends. We began swapping stories of the past weekend. James was in his usual rant over the horrible parking availability for students, and by the time he got to the part where he stands up and proclaims he will start a hunger strike and a sit-in in the teacher’s lot, the bell rang. Mr. Gordon quieted the class. As the lecture began, I wondered how hard I had hit Joey. He was in my math class as well, but hadn’t shown up yet. I wondered how long it takes to go the bathroom and clean oneself up and then grab books to get to class. There wasn’t that much blood. I knew I hit him hard but to be late twenty minutes now?

Thirty minutes in, Mrs. Jacobs, the Principal’s secretary, interrupted the class and said Principal Lehey needed to speak with me. Mr. Gordon excused me and I walked with Mrs. Jacobs out of the room. I now knew why Joey hadn’t shown up to class. We had a Zero Tolerance policy and I knew I’d surely be expelled. I remained silent in my walk with Mrs. Jacobs, a sweet elderly woman who I’d normally chat with but was now fearing my impending doom.

I walked into Principal Lehey’s office and sat down. Ms. Lehey did not have the appearance one would expect from an authority figure. She was short and very sexy, working her way up the ladder fast as she couldn’t have been older than late 30s. I was not fooled by the soft exterior, though, as from what I’ve heard from other students who’ve had to sit before her, she could’ve been the warden of a maximum-security prison.

As I sat there trying to prepare myself for a punishment of lethal injection, she began to say I would not be punished. I was well liked in the school, had no previous disciplinary problems, high grades, and considering I had just lost my brother, she felt instead I would need counseling. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during ninth period, starting today, I would go to a counselor brought in specially by the school.

I left the principal’s office feeling really good. No death sentence, just therapy. No sweat. I headed off to lunch trying to decide which was the better outcome of the situation, missing ninth period Art three times a week or knowing that Joey will be hurt again tomorrow when he hears I hadn’t been tossed out of school. Perhaps the principal thought as I did, he deserved to be punched just for being named Joey Josephson.

I met up with James and Kelly for pizza and quickly told them my story before James could begin his “Why can’t they serve us real food instead of the food they couldn’t even give away at the homeless shelter” speech. They were very supportive to my situation, but Kelly was worried about the counseling.

“What if they think you really have anger issues and hold you back?” asked Kelly.

“Or institutionalize you?” James added.

“Those strap jackets always looked so comfortable, I might enjoy it,” I responded.

In truth, I was nervous, somewhat interested in what this therapy would be all about. Ninth period I headed off to the room number Ms. Lehey had given me. I knocked on one of the small administration offices that hadn’t been used in a couple of years since a college advisor retired. I walked into the room. As it hadn’t been used, it seemed very dull inside. It looked like it obviously had been quickly turned into a therapy room. There was a couch along the back wall. On the left side of the room was an empty shelving unit and in the middle of the room were a card table and two chairs. The lighting was dull, made worse by the fact that there was only one small window a foot below the ceiling, making it impossible for me to see anything outside.

I took a seat on the couch and looked at my watch. When was this counselor going to get here? As soon as I asked, in walked a gorgeous woman. She was breathing heavily and her brown hair was a mess. She was probably running down the hall to make her appointment on time, probably having been called on with such short notice. With each deep breath, her breasts bounced in a hypnotic motion that was very visible against her white disheveled shirt. I was instantly aroused.

“Are you Jeff?”


“I’m canlı bahis Dr. Collins,” she walked over to me on the couch in her high heels and offered me her hand to shake.

She was probably expecting me to stand, but I was in no position to as my imagination had gotten the best of me as I followed the path her dark pantyhose led from her pumps until they disappeared past her skirt. I reached up from the edge of the couch and offered her my hand. Her touch, her skin was very soft. With me leaning over in this position it wouldn’t have been too hard to brush my cheek against her thigh to see if the rest of her felt just as soft.

“You can call me Brenda, whichever makes you more comfortable,” she added. She pulled over a chair and sat down. “I’m hear to listen, not to judge.”

She then fell silent and looked at me sitting in the couch. Brenda then looked down into her folder, perhaps my permanent records. She then looked up at me. It seemed like she was going to say something but then didn’t. She’s here to listen, is she also allowed to speak? Why was she just sitting there in the chair at the edge of the couch not saying anything? Was I supposed to now lay down on the couch, stare at the wall and start revealing my inner thoughts? The silence was very awkward. The glances between us were only sporadically interrupted as she looked down into her folder and gave funny smirks. What was so funny about my school history?

With so many questions I decided to make the best of the situation. I took advantage of the silence to observe this beautiful person before me. With our silent staring contests, I noticed her gorgeous green eyes. My eyes wandered between her eyes and her lips, that looked so soft and moist, so kissable and yet these lips weren’t being used. She remained silent through the whole session. Finally, the silence was broken by the school bell, signaling the end of the day.

Brenda stood up and said, “Good session. I shall see you again Wednesday.”

I kept my silence, and stood up, the bulge in my pants slightly less visible now and shook her hand for the second time. I held it there longer savoring the touch, then headed off home. Was she crazy? Good session? All I got out of it was that mental picture of those beautiful eyes and soft lips and sexy body that I could use later that night to masturbate to. I couldn’t wait to get home. It was one hell of a strange day. However, I had plans that night to catch a movie with James and Kelly. I went to pick them up at six. I drove over to their houses. Jeff was already waiting at the curb.

“Jeff, how was therapy?” James asked as he got into the passenger side of the car.

“Ill tell you both in a minute. Where the hell is Kelly?”

I gave the car horn another honk waiting for Kelly to finally come out. It was convenient picking them up since they only lived two houses apart. She finally came dashing out of her house and slid into the back seat.

“Hey Kelly, Jeff was just saying that his counselor is committing him to an institution!” James said.

“What!!! Oh no!” Kelly let out, almost close to tears. “You can’t let them.”

James started cracking himself up as I tried to explain to Kelly that he was joking. Who would have thought Kelly would be so concerned?

“So what did happen then?” Kelly asked.

I then explained to them about the silent session and how if all future sessions were like this it would be the littlest slap-on-the-wrist punishment ever. We drove off to catch the latest comedy in the movie theater. I sat in the middle, Kelly on my right and James on my left. The theater got dark and the previews started when I thought to myself that everything was perfect in my world. I had two great friends, I’d be graduating in 4 months going to college with them, and I had even got away with punching some kids lights out today.

As the previews ended and the movie began, Kelly brushed my right arm as it sat on the armrest. James always likes to take two armrests and we usually have to shift to the opposite direction of the one he’s using. I though Kelly just got tired and shifted her weight from her right to left and accidentally brushed my arm. But later in the movie she did it again and left it there.

I had always liked Kelly. I had known her since 1st grade. I somehow always thought that meant I was grandfathered into a ‘friend’ role and it couldn’t go further, even though I had always wanted it to. Somewhere near the end of the movie, neither of our arms were on the armrest, but she had held my hand and moved it into her lap, where the back of my right hand was on her thigh. Thank god the theater was dark or the whole audience would have seen my erection. As the credits rolled and before the house lights went on, however, she put my arm back on the armrest, perhaps not wanting James to know what occurred.

We went back to my car. James and Kelly talked about the movie but I remained silent. A theme of the day bahis siteleri I guess for me as the day had taken too many unexpected turns. When we got in the car, Kelly wanted to know where we were going to eat. James said he couldn’t eat, he had to make it to the library to meet with his history group for a class project. I dropped him off and we said our goodbyes. Kelly then got out of the back seat and took his place in the front. It was only another mile to drop Kelly off but I still had no idea what to say for that short period of time.

Kelly broke silence. “I know Joey deserved it, but that wasn’t smart. We’re headed off to college soon, you shouldn’t have jeopardized all that. You could have been suspended or worse. There are people who love you too much to see that happen.”

I was speechless. We pulled up to her place and I put the car in park. We just sat there and I looked into her eyes. The second set of eyes I examined deeply today. Hers seemed to look right through me. Those beautiful blue eyes. I was so touched by her words. I had no idea she had such strong feelings for me. She unlocked the car door and unbuckled her seat belt.

She looked at me and said again, “There are people who love you too much to see that happen.”

She leaned over and kissed me on the lips giving me just a tiny taste of her tongue. Then she opened the car door, got out and walked through the front door. My eyes followed her through the door and then became fixated there as she disappeared. I sat in the car stunned by the kiss, staring at the door. A few moments later I drove home. Taking my evening shower, I stroked my large erection with two pairs of eyes on my mind.

The next day at school, things seemed different. I felt the same carry over confusion and tension between Kelly and myself. How can we move from friends for the past twelve years into a serious relationship? It seemed like Kelly was concerned about James being ‘left out’ and I never got closure on what that kiss last night meant. She didn’t talk about it. Instead all I would get is more confusion. She would touch me during the course of the day in ways that seemed more intimate than usual but never another kiss. What the hell did all of it mean?

On Wednesday for my second session, Brenda wanted to talk about my brother. “Have you cried for him yet?” she said as she moved from the chair and took a seat at the cushion next to me on the couch. “It’s okay to cry, scream, talk…I’m hear to listen.”

She then scooted closer to me until our legs touched and put her arm around me. I had already come to terms about my brother. I loved him very much. He died in Iraq, but I took comfort in the fact that he loved what he did. I cried the day we were informed, but not since. But thinking of him again and of thinking of how Kelly had made me feel so conflicted these days made me cry a little bit.

I put my head on Brenda’s shoulder as the first few tears rolled out. Brenda tightened her embrace, which pushed my head off her shoulder landing on her large breasts that created a nice pillow for me. Once my tears started, they began to flow. I then gave her a hug, needing something to hold on to as the tears really came out now. Brenda started combing her hands through my hair. It was very erotic. I was facing her so she couldn’t see my erection and hopefully my jeans were doing a good job of preventing my dick from pushing into her side, which she would’ve noticed. My arousal made me lose track of my sorrow and my tears stopped.

I pushed my head back slightly. My tears made her blouse transparent and I could see her right nipple. It was very large. The thought that I had made her nipple erect made my erection even larger. Before she could see my huge erection I walked towards the door and thanked her for the shoulder to cry on without turning around. I then rushed to the bathroom. Thankfully the period hadn’t ended yet and I was able to walk through the empty hallway with my erection unnoticed until it subsided in the bathroom.

Soon it began being awkward around James and Kelly. I no longer knew what Kelly thought and didn’t know how to act. I was masturbating a lot more than usual now at nights thinking of just that one kiss from Kelly and all the frustration of the therapy sessions, which don’t seem to involve any therapy. I couldn’t wait for the weekend to come. Only Friday stood in the way.

At our final session of the week, Brenda asked me about my future plans. I told her I was already accepted to college and was headed off there with two of my best friends, James and Kelly. Brenda’s eyebrow seemed to rise when I mentioned Kelly. She asked me how I could be such close friends with a female. After using her as a crying pillow I felt it okay to tell her the truth. She’s a professional right? I told her that it is really hard, a lot of frustration goes with just being friends, especially when I wanted so much more with Kelly.

“And how does Kelly feel, what does bahis şirketleri she want?” Brenda asked.

“I have no idea,” I said, sad to hear myself say it out loud. Kelly was my best friend…how is it that now I can’t seem to find a way to talk to her?

“What if she wanted what you wanted, how would you react?”

“Id react by giving her a kiss and if that’s what she wanted too, then that would be the beginning of us. An ‘us’ that would last forever.” I thought about that. I meant it. I love Kelly. If I knew she felt the same way I’d never let that go.

“Show me how you would kiss her” she said, not so much a suggestion as a command.

I immediately went hard again. Those hard nipples of hers were still a clear image in my head. I walked over to her and our lips met. Soft kisses and then soon my tongue probed deeper to explore her mouth. I closed my eyes as we kissed and forgot about Brenda’s breasts and thought back to those wonderful blue eyes. My hands drifted down to play with her tits and soon her nipples were as erect as I had seen them the other day.

I felt her hands trail a path down my back then reach around to unzip my pants. My dick sprung out. Brenda started pumping my dick. I felt my hands had done enough with her tits and decided to give them a taste. I opened up my eyes to move my head down to nibble at her tits. When I did, I saw those green eyes and realized the person tugging away at my cock was not the one I wanted. I had a look of panic in my eyes. I had gotten carried away with my kiss with ‘Kelly’.

Dr. Collins saw my look and told me it was okay. “I think Kelly would really like a kiss like that, just don’t be afraid to show her how you truly feel about her.”

She tossed me a tissue and then left the room. Our session was over. I looked at the tissue and my fat cock and realized it would be faster to finish the job than to wait for my erection to go away by itself. I thought about that kiss and thought about Brenda’s tits being Kelly’s tits and how it would be nice to have Kelly tugging away at my cock. I shot my load in the tissue, tossed it in the trash, zipped up and headed off to collect all my stuff for the weekend.

I made a quick diversion to Kelly’s locker. I told her we needed to talk.

“I know Jeff, we will later I promise, but I have an appointment. I’ll call you tomorrow okay,” she said as she gave me another kiss on the cheek that I didn’t know how to interpret.

What appointment? The three of us always head out Fridays, why would she schedule an appointment on a Friday all of a sudden? Well it didn’t matter, tomorrow when we talked, I’d tell her how I feel. Let there be no more of these confusing kissing moments.

The next morning I was up early. There was a volleyball game at the school that James, Kelly and I had made plans to go see. Who knows if that was going to still happen. I got a call around ten from Kelly. She told me she was already at school and to swing by.

“I’ll pick up James then, and we’ll be there in a bit,” I said.

“No, I told James yesterday I couldn’t make it and you were doubtful, so he made plans with his history group. It’ll be a good opportunity for the two of us to talk,” she responded.

“I’ll be there shortly then,” I finished.

I hurried over to school. Thank goodness there was actually some student parking spaces open on a Saturday. James would have been happy. I hurried into the gym to look for Kelly. She spotted me first and tapped me on the shoulder.

“Hi” I said.

“Hi” was the only response.

Then she grabbed my hand, in the same way she did at the movie theater. She led me out of the gym and into main school hall, which was usually closed, down to the basement floor.

“Where are we headed?” I asked but didn’t really care. Her holding my hand now had the same effect on me that it did in the theater.

“We need privacy if we’re going to talk.”

She led us into the office that I had been using for my counseling sessions. How had she picked this room of all rooms? Why was the door open? She led me into the room and to the couch. She sat me down and went to close the door. She decided to keep it open half an inch to let some air in, the sad lonely window in the room wasn’t providing much ventilation. She sat next to me on the couch and stared at my eyes again. God those blue eyes. I wanted to kiss her instantly. But instead I needed to tell her. “Kelly, I think its time…”

I couldn’t finish as instead Kelly leaned in and thrust her tongue inside my mouth. It was an intense first kiss. I gently grabbed her face with one hand to move her closer to me and ran my other hand through her lovely, curly, blonde hair. My tongue seemed to explore every inch of her mouth, but I didn’t want to stop until my tongue had everything memorized. Then Kelly leaned back and looked at me with a deep stare again and said “Jeff, I never thought of you as a friend, I’ve always thought of you as my soul mate, the love of my life, my lover. I think we both feel this way, so lets stop pretending we’re just friends.”

Where had that confidence and straightforwardness come from? Who knows if I would have said it that well?

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