Tropical Temptations Ch. 03

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Before we came on this holiday, we had agreed a number of things. Firstly, and fundamentally, that this would be an out -of- life experience. We meant by this that nothing that happened here would be taken away with us afterwards, except our memories, and possibly ideas for future breaks. But no further contact with anyone we met here, no matter what the temptation. The corollary of this was that nothing was out of bounds while we were here. We agreed that we would actively seek new experiences; together where we could, but alone if that was appropriate. Jealousy therefore could have no place, and we agreed that we were both confident enough in ourselves and each other to enjoy ourselves, each other, and each other’s pleasure. Oh yes, and we both agreed to write about our experiences: both for the record, our own view of things; and as material for future games, at home and elsewhere.

We had chosen this place because of its isolated position, two hours by speed boat from the nearest airport, quiet luxury, and with a reputation for relaxed libidinous behavior. At any one time there were between 10 and 20 couples, all aiming for a similar experience to what we were seeking: a guilt free period of unrestricted sexual adventure.

We arrived yesterday, our two hour boat journey coinciding with the end of the day. The sky and the sea changed colours as the sun sank below the western horizon behind us, the island rising as a dark silhouette against the purple sky. We landed, and were pampered to our ‘hut’, rather luxurious, with idyllic views from the verandah, but very secluded, and private. The services were discreet, and our hut had all needed for drinks and snacks. Room service meals are available on demand, and there is a central bar and restaurant area for being sociable.

We showered, and made love quickly and desperately under the warm and refreshing stream of water. It had been a long flight, and while l had brought her to orgasm with my fingers early in the flight, the pleasure of the warm sun, the boat ride, the anticipation of our break, the warm welcome on arrival, the overall hedonism of the place, and our hut, all contributed to a state of high sexual güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri arousal for both of us. She came hard, one leg wrapped around mine as I held her tightly against me under the flow of water. She rubbed herself against me, and wriggled and whimpered as I held myself deep inside her. I did not come, saving myself for a longer and less desperate session later. We both have very strong sex drives, but her capacity for pleasure and for orgasms never ceases to amaze and excite me.

After our shower, she covered herself in a beach wrap, knotted above her full breasts, I put on a sarong, and we sat on the verandah and drank chilled champagne, watching the moon shadows of the trees, as the moon rose behind us. Then we went for an almost naked walk along the beach, watching the three-quarter moon rising above the island. We met no-one, and the gentle breeze through the palms, the sounds of the sea, the moonlight, the champagne and our own state of wellbeing, aroused us once more.

We stood at the edge of the gentle surf, our feet and the bottom of our wraps getting wet. We kissed and stroked each other, our passion building. She reached down into my sarong, and grasped my hardness firmly. With her other hand she pulled her wrap apart, and guided me to her moist centre, and began to rub me against her stiff clit. We continued to kiss, while my left hand held her buttocks as she thrust rhythmically against my hard cock. With my other hand l squeezed and tugged at her erect nipple. Soon her open mouth was not concentrating on kissing and she moaned as she rubbed me harder against her clit and moved more rapidly against me, pressing our bodies together with her hand on my bum… She came, moaning into my mouth before collapsing against me.

“Let’s go into the shade of the trees,” I suggested when she had recovered a little.

“I want you inside me now.” She whispered.

Without waiting for my response, she wrapped one leg around mine, as she had in the shower, and slid me deep into her pussy. We both gasped with the pleasure of it, heightened, in my case at least, by the knowledge that we were in very public view. I moved güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri slowly inside her but she held my buttocks with both hands, and rode my cock in a rapid and focused rhythm, murmuring between her moans and whimpers,

“I love your cock inside me, I love your cock inside me…” over and over again.

Soon, though, she was quiet, her breathing ragged, as she reached the point of no return … And sped to a big and noisy climax before collapsing against me again.

I let her recover a little, and then said,

“Turn around; I want to fuck you from behind.”

“Oh yes,” she murmured, easing herself off my still very hard cock.

She turned around, bent over in the surf, and raised her wrap to expose her wonderful arse and swollen glistening pussy. She twisted her head around to watch me, and said,

“Fuck me hard.”

I wasted no time in obliging. I slid deep into her, and, holding her hips tightly, began to pump into her. She gasped and moaned, and reached down to pleasure her clit with her finger as l fucked her. Again, I was very aware that we were standing in the open, at the edge of the sea, in full view of anyone who happened to look our way. This only added to my excitement, and l pumped harder and faster, soon knowing that I was beyond stopping, and aware, through my own pleasure, that she, too, was on the short strokes. Soon I felt my orgasm coming and I gasped to her,

“I’m coming,”

“Oh, yes, come in me,” she moaned, rubbing herself more rapidly.

With a final set of deep thrusts, I spilled my come inside her, and this took her over the top and she too came.

She stood up, sliding me out of her. She turned around, held my face in both her hands, and kissed me long and passionately.

“I love you,” she said when she pulled away. “Lets walk some more.”

And walk we did. A little further along the beach, I suggested a dip, and, leaving our wraps on the beach, we waded naked into the gentle surf. We sank into the warm water, and sat and kissed, and fondled each other, and agreed that, so far, this place was living up to our expectations. As we sat, warm waves washing güvenilir bahis şirketleri around us, we began to talk of adventures we might have over the coming days.

We both had ‘wish-lists’ of what we hoped would be possible. She had a desire for me and another man, a fantasy we had played with many times… Could it really happen here? I would be happy to join in with that, but I also wished for my lover with another woman as well, which also excited her… And we hoped that a foursome might be possible too. We acknowledged that none of the above might be possible but that individual adventures might be possible for each of us, concentrating on physical pleasure. We examined some possibilities in some detail which got us both excited. We moved closer together, and, still sitting in the water, we maneuvered ourselves and our limbs, so that I could slide inside her again. I told her a story about her having an encounter a strange, attractive man, as I watched… She soon came. I joined her with her fantasy man, and she soon came again. We sat in the warm sea, holding each other close and giggling with love and contentment.

“Lets go back now, we should retain some strength for the next few days.” I suggested.

She agreed, and we walked out of the sea, and stood naked in the warm night air for a few moments before picking up our wraps, and covering ourselves. A wrap over her wet body had a wet tee shirt effect: highlighting her wonderful full breasts, which stirred me yet again. We walked back, hand in hand along the beach, greeting a couple who were beginning their own walk along the beach. We considered, in jest, following them to see what they would get up to. We also considered how we, and they, might have reacted had they wandered along the beach earlier, and giggled over several scenarios. We walked past the central bar area where several people were gathered, but felt somewhat under dressed, and beyond social intercourse, and sated with our other intercourses.

Back in our room, the journey, and our exertions of the evening, caught up with both of us. A leisurely shared bath, under the stars: she lying back against me, me cradling her, put her quickly to sleep. I watched her sleep until the water became uncomfortable, and I too needed to sleep. I woke her, and she sleepily wrapped a towel around herself, and got herself ready for bed. I did the same, and we were soon wrapped together in bed, and, unusually, she was asleep before me. But not by long.

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