Toyboy and His Women Pt. 02

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(The story so far: Toyboy, who sells innovative dildos, meets Softpetals who links him up with a friend of hers who needs to be satisfied.)

Toyboy dreamed of the upcoming encounter with the woman Softpetals had spoken of. How old would the woman be and how sexy? Well, one wouldn’t take a second look at Softpetals, but he had pleasured her and that was it. As simple as that. So why bother about age and looks, he told himself as he went online to the site where he met women and cosied up to them and eventually sold them dildos and innovative ways to use them.

Softpetals was online and he inquired about the dildos he had sold her.

‘You horny Toyboy, they are working fine and making me happy. Listen, the friend I told you about would love to talk to you. I told her how you can pleasure a woman and that you take a long time to cum. She wants to chat with you here, so add her as friend. She calls herself.


‘That is a mouthful,’ he said.

‘You can have your mouth full of her as well as me. Catch you later, my hubby is around,’ she said and signed off.

‘Hotopenlips’ had some sexy connotations and was 40 but he nonetheless added her immediately. For two days there was no response from her and he spoke to young girls who were full of neurotic energy asking to meet up etc. There were guys who wanted him to pleasure their wives with dildo as they watched and girls who wanted to sell him their panties. And there was a guy who wanted to become pregnant! Could he call that kinky? Was what he was doing kinky? Questions like that ping-ponged around in his mind as he waited for that pussy named ‘Hotopenlips’. She must be one haughty cunt who would not respond soon, as it would devalue her and bring her down to earth with normal mortals. Exalted pussy, he cursed her as he waited. Moody women too took their time in replying or maybe she was plain engaged in some other activities.

It was the third day that Hotopenlips added him as friend and responded with a casual and cold, ‘Hi, Toyboy, would like to talk to you here.’

He suggested that they chat and within a few minutes, they began first by exchanging basic pleasantries and then sexual preferences.

‘I am a tall woman with long legs. How does that fire your imagination?’ she asked.

‘I can imagine your glistening sex triangle hidden and couched between your thick long legs,’ he said cautiously not knowing what reply she expected.

‘Interesting, Go, on,’

‘You are rubbing your thighs together and I can imagine your thighs pressuring casino siteleri your cunt lips. I assume you are clean shaved and not wearing panties and hence your thighs are wet with your juices.’

‘Nice imagination except that I am bushy, very bushy, and am wearing panties and I don’t get wet easily,’ she replied.

So that was her problem. A tight ass and pussy both of which needed to be aroused and lubricated in various ways before they begin to beg for action.

‘Then I can shave you by spreading your long legs. Then you bend in front of me so that I can widen your ass cheeks and open your asshole and close and open it over and over again. Then I smell your rear bud and then your freshly shaved pussy, hmmmm divine.’

‘You are a boy with good ideas. What should I do for you?’ she asked.

‘I bend in front of you and you milk my long dangling cock, slowly with one hand as the other kneads my balls. You pull my cock back and lick the knob and cover it with your lips,’ he said, his erection making its presence felt.

‘Mmmm not bad, go on,’ she said.

‘You pull it back fully and suck me hard, then I turn around….’

‘Wait. That is enough,’ she stopped him, ‘tell me about a fantasy.’

‘Involving you or me?’ he asked irritated at the temerity of the woman in stopping him.

‘Does it matter? Anyway, let it be about me,’ she


‘You are a queen who cannot be satisfied easily and hence you ask soldiers to strip in front of you nude so that you can examine their equipment. You select the longest, thickest and sturdiest ones standing before you. You hold them in your hand one by one and choose them and send them inside a room where they wait for you to finish selecting. When you are finished you enter the room and sit on a throne and ask the men to line up in front of you and one by one you suck them to see if they can last long. Young nude girls also are ready to pleasure you…..’

‘No, wait. Only men, please go on,’ she intervened once again.

‘After you have mouthed all the dicks and found them tasty and hard, you raise your legs and the men kneel before you and lick your royal cunt as you suck another cock. A dick in your mouth and a tongue in your pussy. Soon all of them have eaten you and you have mouthed all of them,’ he paused but there was no response from her.

‘Go on’, she said after a brief moment.

‘You go to the bed and the men follow you and they pleasure your pussy one after the other. You are flooded with semen from various cocks, some men canlı casino taking you repeatedly. How is that?’ he asked.

‘I admit you aroused me, my pussy lips twitched and I am fingering myself around my clit and running my finger up and down my vagina. I tried watching porn and got bored. Nothing aroused me and I tried chat. One or two men made me feel hot. But they asked for my photo and wanted to screw me till I fainted. I got put off by such stupid talk. But you are good. Let’s talk some more before we meet,OK?’ she said.

‘Sure. Does fantasy arouse you, or situations which are rare and….’

‘Hmmm I like to be involved in fantasy and I want

something different. Slow, erotic sensations which last longer.’

‘Then you need your pussy licked for a long time, maybe a 69 that goes on for 20-30 minutes?’

‘Ya, the men I had couldn’t do 69 for 2 minutes. The taste of my cunt and my mouth around their erection were too much for them to hold back their cum. One guy came in my mouth in just a second.’

‘Have you done twosomes…’

‘You bet, boy. One in my rear and one in my cunt. I have done everything you can think of. Threesomes and groupies too. But they are tiresome now and I can’t say I enjoyed them.’

‘Have you imagined yourself sitting nude on a cantering horse with a man riding you with a huge erection from rear.’

‘Hmm that sounds erotic. And another man sitting in front of me so that I can stroke his long cock. Then they swap places. Wow, that’s horny! My friend was right about you. You do have a naughty, dirty mind.’

‘Thanks. I am aroused easily and I think erotic thoughts, can’t help it.’

‘Sex begins in the mind and energizes the body. Talking about sex has aroused me. Intelligent conversation and imagination gets me going. I am so glad I found you. Keep that dirty mind switched on and we’ll talk more soon, boy. Bye.’ she said and exited the chat.

Well, that held some promise for him. If she came back again and if he succeeded in arousing her, there could be some money. But why did she not speak of dildos at all? Softpetals would have told Hotopenlips about the dildos, too. That was something he could ask her tomorrow.

* * * * *

Next day the waiting game began as Hotopenlips proved to be elusive. Of course, there were other women he had tagged, but he preferred to work on one woman and after finding out how it turned out, he would focus on others. There were many hot wives calling themselves names their husbands would never associate with them. He skimmed kaçak casino over lots of profiles and noted them for future reference and follow-up.

There was a girl, 24 at least that was what her

profile said, who befriended him but never asked him where he lived or mentioned about meeting up. For all he knew it could be a male who got aroused talking to men disguised as a woman. She called herself Twichingc* spoke of what other men told her, mostly men old enough to be her father narrating lusty acts. He wanted to ask her if she really had a twitching cunt, but refrained from doing so. That can wait when the Hotopenlips episode gets over.

* * * * *

Hotopenlips came online on the second day and opened the chat window with him. It was evening and he had just then taken a shower and was sipping a beer, dressed in boxers. They exchanged the usual pleasantries and straightaway he asked her whether she used dildos to masturbate.

‘No, I use my fingers and that is it. My friend told me about your toys.’

‘Yes, I have some nice dildos and if you are interested…’

‘Let’s talk about them. Tell me, what type of dildos do you have?’

‘I have one that can be fitted in between cushions in a couch and another that can be fixed to the floor and you can sit on them. I have one that can be fixed on the wall and you can enjoy it doggy style.’

‘Sounds interesting.’

‘You can fix it on a wall and lie on the floor facing it, taking it in your pussy and pleasure yourself. You can have two, if you love anal.’

‘Maybe. I imagine it is dark and I am in bed stroking two men with long, thick cocks and make them cum.’

‘Without foreplay and penetration?’

‘Yes, I would love to massage many men and let them massage me and cum and cum without any pounding etc.’

‘That sounds erotic, have you ever tried it?’

‘No. Men want to ride me like a horse and what not.’

‘Well, if you are interested, I can pleasure you and you can return the favor.’

‘Let me think Toyboy, and I will get back to you,’ she said and disappeared into the hollow internet world.

Well, he thought, this was how the holier-than-thou pussy cut you off! She must have masturbated while sex chatting with him and maybe she would run their conversation in her mind and cum again and again. That was one cheap way of getting sex!

* * * * *

The next day when Softpetals came online, he narrated everything that took place between him and Hotopenlips, the dildos and the masturbation and asked her whether her friend was having him on. Softpetals assured him that she took her time to warm up and asked him to be patient.

He had no other choice but to wait for that Hotopenlips to get off her high horse and get back to him.

(To be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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