Tossed Salad and Tropical Juice

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“I’ll see you next weekend then, I can’t wait!”

We were making plans to spend the weekend at the camp on the river and do some quail hunting. You were driving up early Thursday morning, then we would head to the camp for a long weekend. “The camp” Is a very well-appointed cabin overlooking the river, high on a bluff. It’s small but comfy with a fireplace and an awesome view. We were expecting some nice cool weather, perfect for a weekend in the woods.

The work week between was down to a crawl. Thinking of anything other than the weekend wasn’t working very well for me. Wednesday finally came so I went to get provisions for our trip. I loaded the gear in my truck, fueled it up and tried to sleep. Finally drifting off right before the alarm went off, my excitement level was off the chart.

You were arriving around lunch, so I busied myself double checking everything. Since we had become friends, we hadn’t gotten to spend much time with each other. Life was simply in the way. Restless with anticipation, I could only focus on finally getting some time to spend with you in a relaxed atmosphere.

Having only our texting for communication, I had long thought that you might enjoy the kinky side of sex. I can’t say why other than when you are closely connected to your own feelings they are easy to spot in others. It exists in many people, sometimes needing a little suggestion before it can become a known quantity in that particular person’s psyche. I learned of my own particular kinks earlier in life and found that I thrived on pleasing my partner, having few boundaries to confine my thoughts and willingness. We all have desires and fantasies and some of us even live them out. I felt certain that might happen this weekend with you.

I was sitting on the porch relaxing when I heard a car coming up the drive. Sure enough it was you! You were pulling in and I could clearly see a big smile on your face, matching the one on mine! “Well hello, stranger!”


I took in your presence in a flash, stunningly beautiful and a sight for my sore eyes! When we embraced, a surge of voltage ran between us. A friendly kiss quickly turned into a deep, passionate lover’s kiss, lasting long enough that desire turned into reality. Like two eighth graders, experiencing the heat of sexual passion for the first time, we went at each other like two people possessed.

One of the many joys of country living is that spontaneity is alive and well. Pent-up desire from months of teasing each other was about to boil over. I unbuttoned your jeans as you unbuttoned mine. We giggled like kids as we groped each other, tugging and pulling on each other’s clothes, 50’s sex was rearing its head, standing up, outside and partly clothed! I worked your jeans over your hips, down to your knees. You turned around and leaned on the hood of your car. I got my first view of your awesome round ass, as my semi hard erection sprang to attention. I rubbed your cheeks, pulling your black thong to the side revealing the smooth lips of your plump vagina, glistening in the filtered sunlight with some cream already oozing out, I spanked the head of my erect penis on the cheeks of your ass.

“Oooooh, don’t make me wait!” Not wanting any further delay, I pushed the head of my cock against your wet pleasure as you gasped, shivered, and pushed back against my pressure. “Don’t be bashful now!” With you giggling, I pressed your opening harder, the softness of your lips sending tingling sensations up my shaft and into my balls in tiny waves. I watched as your lips closed behind my velvet head as I moved it from your clitoris, ending near your anus.

Starting back toward your clit, I found your opening and pushed ahead in earnest, delighted at the difficulty I was having getting inside your tight delight. I quickly realized that it was going to take considerably more force. Grabbing your ass with my big hands, I held you still and pushed my hard dick slowly and steadily to the bottom of your candy, lightly tapping your cervix. Eliciting small cries and moans from you as I slowly pumped your wet kitty, all the way in and all the way out, savoring your world, stirring it with mine.

“Give me your fat cock, fucker! ” Picking up the pace, I was fucking your hot box like a man with a purpose. Reaching around you, finding your swollen clitoris rigid and wanton, I brushed my fingertips lightly over it. The net effect was tremendous. Your knees almost buckled but I held you against the fender of your car forcing my penis deeper inside which caused you to moan loudly.

“You bastard you! Fuck me and fuck me hard!” Rubbing your clit again brought forth animal sounds and a wave of a hard cum from you. Feeling a stream of your juice running over my fingertips and down your inner thighs, I drove my cock repeatedly in and out of your soft wet hole until I felt your orgasm building again. You gasped loudly when I held my cock inside you squirting stream after stream of my thick cum deep inside you. We stood there, locked together, panting, catching our breath.

I straightened güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri up and rubbed your cheeks admiring my swollen dick buried inside your vagina. As I massaged your cheeks, I opened them, making a mental note of a future play time, when I would be running my tongue around the tightness of your anus!

Regaining our composure while giggling and laughing you showed me your gear. “You take the first shower and I’ll load your gear in the truck.” You rummaged through one of your bags and pulled out a fresh thong and other essentials. I grabbed you and pulled you close squeezing you against me, kissing you deeply again.

“That’s what got you started before big guy, Let me go now!” Playfully, you pushed back from my grasp, rubbing your thong in my face as you passed by. The fragrance of them went right to my head, confirming that I needed to put my face in your ass soon! I loaded your gear and went to shower myself. As I was heading down the hall, you stepped out of the bath, giving me a very provocative look at your awesome body.

“All clean now!” you purred, showing me your perfect round ass as you did a little spin back inside the bathroom.

“Delicious!” I said as I walked by you, noticing your beautiful little boobs in the mirror, thinking about when I could suck them and taste them to bring you to another hammered orgasm. This time it was the vision of your derriere that I couldn’t get out of my mind though. “Train leaves in 15 minutes, ma’am!” I showered and dressed. Finding you sitting on the porch ready to go, I scooped you up in my arms and carried you out to my truck. “Are you trying to impress me?” you asked

“Yes I am!”

“Good, it’s working!” We loaded up and away we went.

It’s about an hour and a half ride to the cabin so we turned on some music and enjoyed the scenery. Particularly enjoying the scenery of you, all manner of fantasies ran through my head. Your shirt was open to the point I could clearly see your dark pink nipples and areola. The view was creating a stir in my Levi’s which didn’t escape your view. “Tell me more about the process of quail hunting” You laughed, catching me admiring your breasts.

I started talking about what we would be doing and why. How the dogs do what they do and the sheer beauty of that alone. I talked about some instruction of wing shooting and the importance of keeping your methods as simple as possible. We discussed the role that quail play in the environmental health of the habitat and the importance of it.

Before long, we were turning down the dirt road to the cabin. When we arrived, I parked so that you could see the breathtaking view of the river below. The rushing, gurgling sound it makes in the stillness of the woods is hypnotic. “Look around but always be aware you’re in the woods now. Every living creature is here so be mindful of where you step. This is copperhead and diamondback country and they are perfectly camouflaged.”

“Yes sir!” You gave me a funny little salute. I stuck my tongue out at you

“You better let that tongue rest up cause I have a job for it later!”

“Oh you do, do you?”

“Yes I most certainly do!” You flashed me that beautiful smile and shook your ass at me.

” Ahha! mmmm! I’m ready for you!” We got the gear and groceries unloaded and I suggested that we take a golf cart tour of the place and you agreed. We toured the River course as it’s called, enjoying the wildlife and habitat as we rolled along. It was nearing sundown, so we headed back to the cabin for a lovely sunset. We broke out a bowl and had some nice wine on the porch, watching the world go by. As we talked, you stood and leaned on the railing giving me an up-close look of your lovely round bottom in your tight jeans.

The vision from earlier this morning popped into my head and I began to think about giving you the best rimming you’ve ever had. I wanted to be sure that the experience was something that you wouldn’t have ever expected but when you got it, you would thoroughly enjoy it again! I wanted your orgasm to be the kind that made your entire body tingle all over, nearly making you spasm from the recoil of the feeling you got the first time you felt my tongue near your anus. How unsure you were at first but then how I put you over the edge rubbing my nose in your hot pie and licking your ass with my tongue!

The thoughts that ran through my mind about getting your pants down were pornographic. I wanted to experience your ass with my dick as well. I was dreaming about unleashing a torrent of my jism deep inside you while you clamped your sphincter down on my cock like a vise, feeling every one of the number of nerve endings that occur there.

But right now, I wanted to suck your nipples and play with your sweet little boobs! I’m a small breast freak and they have always aroused me, making my dick hard. I find that they are generally more sensitive than larger breasts and that the sex can be considerably hotter. I wanted to lay on the couch with my head in your lap in front of the fire and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri suck your sensitive nipples making you cum if possible. Sucking your tits would greatly relax me.

“Let’s sit in front of the fire.”

“Ok, I’ll be right back!” Excusing yourself to the bedroom, I sensed that you were aware of my desire, so I stoked the fire and laid down on the couch. Fantasizing about what you might be doing, the spell was broken when I heard the door open with you emerging in a short robe. I sat up and watched you walk in front of the fire. I wanted to feel your long legs wrapped around my head while I licked your vagina and sucked your clit or licked your ass for that matter. All in good time. Right now, I needed to have your nipples in my mouth, sucking them with you squirming under me as the pressure built slowly in your vulva, drawing a rush of blood into that region, pushing all sensations to the absolute max.

Covering my face with kisses and running your fingers through my thick hair as I pleasured you intensely, I felt a serious amount of security and safety alternating from one nipple to the other, listening to your breathing and heartbeat, waiting for the heat of passion to envelope us both and for our juices to flow and mix together readily. Taking your nipple in my mouth, I would pull on it lightly with my lips, and lick it with my tongue.

The moaning and squirming that accompanied this indicated to me that if felt very good to you also, causing the pressure of the flow of blood to your clitoris to spike, just moments before you came with a force, shaking the couch, and causing you to moan. “Suck my tits you son-of-a -bitch!” You held my face to your boobs for a few minutes, taking time to recover, enjoying the damp sensation between your legs.

“I get first shower you fucker!” you said laughingly!

You turned to run to the bathroom and I grabbed your robe sash and pulled hard, your robe slipping off your shoulders falling to the floor. I watched your ass bob up and down as you ran, and I could feel my dick hardening already!

We laughed out loud and a few minutes after I heard you turn on the water, I walked into the bathroom and watched the water cascade down your stunning figure. My cock was hard in only a few minutes of watching you. I took off my clothes and stepped into the small shower cubicle with you. It surprised you for a second but when you felt my erection poking you, you relaxed, assumed I was friendly and soaped up my chest. Taking the soap from you, I soaped up your chest, washing your boobs with the same tender loving care they had given me. Holding our soapy bodies together, slipping and sliding on each other, my dick pushing on various parts of your lovely anatomy.

Pulling me down, you whispered in my ear, “I want to pee on you!”

“Please do!” A moment later, you were turning to my thigh and I could feel the splash of your warm pee running down my thigh “aaahhhhh! don’t stop!” I enjoyed the feeling for several minutes with you peeing down my leg until you were finished. Overwhelmed by the sensation, we held each other close waiting for the rush of it to subside. Several minutes later, the hot water began to run out, so you turned off the water and we stepped out to dry off. “Come with me. “

Taking your hand, I lead you back to the fire where we quickly warmed up. Huddling together under a blanket, letting the heat from the fire build on our own heat, we enjoyed a bowl and you had another glass of wine. Dry and warm once again, I was eager to explore your body, not wanting to miss even one square inch of it with my eyes, hands and tongue.

With our forms dancing on the wall in the firelight, I laid out on the couch and invited you to come and enjoy some 69 with me. I was ready for you to suck my cock and rub your smooth pussy on my face, so I could explore you and make love to your clitoris before I went on to devour your tight little ass hole. I could hear you making yummy sounds as you took my penis in your hand, licking the head first with your soft tongue. In a very short time, you had me completely hard, licking my rigid shaft and tickling my balls, scratching them lightly with your nails.

That feeling is so good that the temptation to shoot my load in your mouth was great, but tonight, it had to be resisted. Your round ass suspended over my face, I took it all in. The light from the fire was sufficient for me to see the beauty of your vagina and your tightly wrinkled anus. I slid my tongue lightly down your inner thigh very close to but not quite touching your labia majora. You responded with soft moans, rubbing your pussy on my face with a humping motion. I took your fragrance into my nose to enjoy it, running my tongue around your clit and down your wet lips, teasing you by getting very close to your rim then heading back to taste your delicious juice again.

Teasing you, I pushed my tongue all the way inside you, leaving it there to enjoy your delicious flavor, then flicking your fat clit with the tip of my tongue. I took güvenilir bahis şirketleri a glass candy cane dildo that I had heated in hot water and slid it slowly inside your pussy, watching it disappear. “Oh my!” you cooed “that feels really good!” I worked it into your tight opening until I could feel that you had a grip on it. You made little grunting sounds as you pulled it inside using the muscle control that you had displayed on my cock earlier. “mmmmmm aaaahhhh!” were the sounds out of you as I pushed the curved portion of the cane against your clit.

I felt your fingers take control over the dildo, allowing me to keep my eye on the prize….. your tight little ass! With both hands on your perfect round cheeks, I felt the heat radiating from them as I massaged you. Squeezing them and kneading them, I was enjoying the feeling of playing with the finest ass I have ever seen and listening to you coach me through your desires.

“Squeeze my cheeks tightly you nasty fucker!” Following that in a low, hoarse voice. “Make me give it to you!” I pushed them together and squeezed them very hard and then to your surprise, I popped them open, slowly licking the insides of your cheeks from bottom to top and from top to bottom. Panting now with anticipation, slowly pumping your ass up and down, you’re waiting to feel my tongue touch your cute little pink ass hole! Forcing your cheeks open wide, I ran my tongue lightly over the outer edges of the tiny wrinkles of skin around your anus and you gasped when I touched you. Your breathing was coming faster now and when I licked your hole, it sent a shudder through us both that was incomprehensible.

Rocking back and forth, giving me access to your beautiful hole, I licked you like an all-day sucker. Exploring you now, darting my tongue inside you pushing on your sphincter, asking to come in. “I knew you wanted to lick my ass” you said quietly. “I want you to lick it as much as you want and make me cum while you do it!”

“I fully intend to make you cum.” Pushing my tongue straight into your ass hole, reaming it around and around, when suddenly you squeezed down hard, capturing my tongue! I could feel you working the dildo feverishly on your swollen clitoris, your breathing accelerating rapidly, your round butt bucking up and down with my face buried in the cleft of your ass, my tongue working your round hole, stretching it, pleasuring you no end!

Alternately sucking my cock then stroking it as both our orgasms build to crescendo, I bite lightly on your ass and you are taken over by an orgasm unlike any we have shared so far. Pressing my face even tighter against your sweet ass, I shoot out a long, ropey squirts of cum as you stroke my rod. Feeling your hot cream dripping on my chest I release my tongue from your hole saying, “rub your pussy on my chest” You comply and cover me with your juice, collapsing on me totally drained.

We lay there a while recovering from our adventure filled evening. Rising off me, you stand over me with your hands on your hips, putting one foot on each side of me ” You are a very nasty bastard sir, please remove your toy from my pussy!” Taking a hold on the candy cane, I withdraw it very slowly out of your tight hole as you smile down on me.

I put my tongue on the dildo, “That’s riggghhht fucker, lick my cream off your toy! All of it! I’ll be in the shower when you get done. Don’t take too long though, I want to pee on your leg again!” I watched your ass jiggle as you walk to the bathroom, licking the rest of your delicious cum off the dildo. Getting up, I follow you to the shower.

“May I shower with you ma’am?”

” Why yes, come right on in! ” Soaping each other up, we hold each other tightly. “I want you to pee on my leg too.”

“I’ll be happy to! Think we can time it together?”

“Just let me know when you’re ready” Putting my arms lower around you, I squeeze your ass.

“I’m ready if you are” Moments later, i felt your warm pee so I began to pee on your leg too. We hugged even tighter as our pee ran down our thighs, creating another tingle of voltage between us. We dried each other and headed to the comfort of the bed. “Roy will be here at 8:30 sharp!” You laid on your side and I slipped in the bed spooning you. Wrapped around each other like vines, we were asleep in 5 minutes.

I woke up at my normal time of 5 am, ravenous. Like I hadn’t eaten in two weeks! I made a pot of coffee and sat quietly, thinking about the night before and the coming day. We had a big day planned for you. I was putting a pot of grits on when I heard you stirring. You stuck your head around the corner saying ” two over medium please” perfect, the same way I like my eggs! “Is it frickin’ cold?”

“Naw. only about 38 with a very little wind. High of 55. Layer up and you’ll be fine” I had some bacon in the oven and the grits would be ready when the eggs were done. “I’m starting the eggs”

“I’m almost ready!” We ate well, giggling and making naughty comments about last night’s fun. Finishing our breakfast, we dressed and got ready for the day. “I’m going to show you a safety video while we wait.” You came and sat on the couch and I played a video we use to remind everyone that you must be a safe hunter. A few minutes later Roy showed up. I had hunted with him before and he was very good. I introduced ya’ll and we loaded up to go shoot some skeet.

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