To Cure What Ails Him

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I heard him arrive home from work a bit earlier than I had expected. From my spot in the kitchen stirring short ribs and cutting pasta, I heard the door slam and his heavy footsteps proceeding straight to the bedroom. The groan of the water heater told me he had started the shower, his lack of acknowledgement confirming my fears that he had another rough day at work. I knew from habit that I had ten minutes at most.

Springing into action, I ran to the bedroom as the shower door closed behind him. Changing quickly, I donned thigh highs and my pearl thong boy shorts, a lacy bra and a delicate black choker to accent my neck. Five inch heels and my hair pinned up, just as I heard the water shut off.

Stepping into the steam-filled bathroom, I held open an oversized towel to welcome him. He seemed both surprised and comforted by my presence. He stepped into the embrace of the towel and I held him close. No words needed. I slowly dried his body from head to toe, gently wiping away the stress of the day. My Sir canlı bahis şirketleri needs me now, and I will happily oblige his every need.

Taking his hand, I lead him to the bedroom, candles lit and his favorite music playing softly in the background. “Lay down, Sir. Let me care for you tonight.” A glimmer of mischief in his tired eyes as he lay face down on the soft, clean sheets. A handful of warm oil and my task is underway.

Beginning with his feet, squeezing his sore heels gently I rub the oil to soothe his aching arches. His calves and thighs next, gentle but persistent in my travels. His gluteal muscles tense as I circle them softly, his ass arching toward my insistent hands. Not to be distracted, I continue to the small of his back. My thumbs pressing deeply, releasing his tension and hearing him sigh contentedly. Higher still to his shoulders and the nape of his beautiful neck. Methodically erasing the day with each gentle touch. His scalp is last…I walk to the foot of the bed where his canlı kaçak iddaa head lay on a pillow. My pearl thong before his face as I lightly scratch his scalp and run my fingers over his forehead. His hands snake to my hips and he holds me captive. But I’m not done.

I lean forward over his body, my hands guiding my path. To the softness of his ass where I slip a finger between his cheeks to explore his most private places. I hear him sigh and groan softly. “May I, Sir?” His fingers dig into my hips and I take that as a sign of his acquiescence. He turns onto his back, his cock thick and hard before me now, my pussy straddling his mouth as he adjusts to accommodate my stance.

I lick him slowly, deliberately. From the base of his cock, to the throbbing tip already glistening with his excitement. My finger probes him slowly and carefully- there’s a spot inside him that I know will drive him wild if he’ll just let me find it. His legs spread wider and I know he welcomes what’s to come. I lick my finger canlı kaçak bahis and gently enter him, feeling him tense and arch toward me. Slipping slowly in and out, learning his body based on his reactions, I continue my journey. And I hear him gasp- it seems I’ve finally found it. Still sucking his ever-thickening cock, I feel it throb and convulse between my lips. Honing in on the sweet spot, I rub harder and faster- circling it with the tip on my finger. I feel him clench and tighten, his hands digging into my thighs as he is driven to distraction by the rush of pleasure I provide.

He cums in waves, filling my mouth as I gulp and swallow to accommodate the hot wetness that threatens to drown me. Not breaking my rhythm, I continue to suck and stroke him from the inside until he is spent, gasping and growling between my legs. I withdraw myself as he whimpers slightly at the sensation, his body still sensitive and alert. Stepping back, I look at his beautiful, handsome face– he is the epitome of primal and masculine. His smile stretches from ear to ear and he lays sated and exhausted. I lean down to kiss his soft, full lips and he grasps my face in his hands. “Thank you, my Good Girl.”

“But Sir…I’m not done with you yet…”

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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