The Wilderness

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I had been out there for a couple hours in the heat.

The desert is the absolute worst place for your car to die. I took a long drink from a water bottle as I looked at my engine. My battery had just decided to die. Perfect.

I saw a humvee driving toward me. Thank God! I flagged it down, knowing I really didn’t have to. The guy in it hopped out.

“Engine trouble?” He asked. He was cute, with a gorgeous square jaw and beautiful aqua eyes as his defining features.

I nodded. “The battery died. It seems to be for no reason whatsoever.”

He smiled. “That might not be true. Maybe it was so I could help you.” I smiled. “Maybe. Anyway, got some cables?”

He nodded. “Of course.” He stuck his hand out. “I’m Chris, by the way.” I shook it. “Danielle.”

He ran to the back of the humvee and grabbed his jumper cables. He hooked them up to his car, and then mine. I got inside. “Okay, start the car!” he yelled. “Do you have it connected to ground?” He peeked around the car. “I’m a mechanic, of course I have it connected to ground.”

I smiled and turned the key. Nothing. “Damn it!” I slammed the car door shut. He smiled. “We could try something else.”

I sighed. “Like what?” I was bent over the engine, trying to see if anything was disconnected. Well, nothing that I could see. I felt him grab my ass. I shot up. “What the hell?”

He gave canlı bahis me a sheepish grin. “Sorry. But you have a really nice ass.”

I rolled my eyes. “Why thank you.” I knew what this skirt did for my ass and legs, so it wasn’t very surprising.

He pointed at a loose wire. “Maybe that’s your problem.” I leaned in to look at it, and I felt his hand on my ass again. He was shoving his fingers into my pussy.

I turned to look at him. “Oh, god that feels good.” It had been five months since I had last fucked, so my body was inviting this.

He pulled his fingers out and started stroking my pussy. “Fuck.” I shut the hood down so I could comfortably lean over it.

“I don’t think I’ve met any girl who cusses as much as you have in the past ten minutes.” he told me.

I laughed. “Not even Marine girls?” He shook his head. “No, they’re pretty conservative, actually.”

I moaned as his fingers moved across my pussy. “God damn, that feels amazing.”

He chuckled. “When was the last time you had sex? I’m not even doing much.” I counted again. “Five months.”

“Well, no wonder.” He lifted my left leg so my foot rested on the fender. He pushed three fingers back into my pussy. I turned around to look at him. He moved his mouth toward mine as his fingers fucked me. He pushed his tongue into my mouth, exploring it.

I moaned. His fingers bahis siteleri felt so good in my pussy, but I wondered what his cock might be like. He took them out, and I put my arm around his neck, pulling him close so we could kiss again. He pressed his warm lips against mine, pushing his tongue through.

He took off my shirt and folded down my bra and took my breast into his mouth. I moaned and tangled my fingers in his hair. I leaned into his shoulders and he straightened up.

He gently pushed me down so I was laying on the warm hood. It felt nice against my skin. He tongued at my clit, sucking it into his mouth.

“Oh, fuckkk.” I moaned. I pulled my skirt up and moved my legs farther apart. What he was doing felt amazing. He pulled my hips down so I slid closer to him.

He put too fingers back into my pussy fucking me to the pace of the song that was playing from his radio. He pulled at my clit with his lips, and nearly came right then.

He pulled my lips apart, and stabbed my slit with his tongue. “Oh!” My body shuddered, and he held me still as he lapped up my cum.

I slid off of the hood and onto the ground. I patted the hood. “Up you go, cowboy.” He hopped onto the hood. “How did you know I’m from Montana?” he asked as I unfastened his pants. “Your accent. I was born in Wyoming.” He nodded and I pulled his cock out of his pants.

I bahis şirketleri stuffed it into my mouth and swirled my tongue across it as I moved my mouth up and down the shaft of his hard cock.

He groaned as I placed my hand on it, moving it in pace with my mouth. I looked up at him seductively. “Shit, that feels good.” I smiled and swirled my tongue at the head of his cock.

He motioned me to stop, and fiercely moved me so I was holding onto the car. He pushed his cock into my pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh.” was all I could get out. His cock wasn’t long, but damn was it thick! He moved quickly, and held onto my hips, moving them against his cock. “Oh, oh oh. Shit.”

It felt so good to have a cock inside of me again. He grunted and I moaned as he slammed into me repeatedly.

“Wait, stop.” He stopped confused. I turned around and lay down on the car. I motioned him forward, and I put my legs on his shoulders as he put his cock back inside of me.

He slammed into my again, and we both came. He slowed down as he shot cum inside of me. I moaned. “Fuck, Chris.” He pulled his cock out and back into his pants.

I pulled my top back on and my skirt down. “You know what, screw the car. Where were you headed?”

He though. “To the base, and tomorrow I go home on leave.” I smiled. “Well, off to the base we go. I would like to meet this father of yours, because your fucking skills are sure to be from him.”

He chuckled. “Alright, hop in.”


“So, how did you two meet?” Chris’ mom asked.

I blushed furiously. “Uhh, he helped me with car trouble.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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