The Wedding

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The invitations were sent. The plans were now visible and all was coming together to form the kind of ceremony Leann had always dreamed of. She shared her desire for this special ceremony with her fiancee Wayne over a year ago. They have put forth some effort and planning to achieve their dream wedding.

The big day coming nearer. They picked a minister to perform the ceremony carefully. They chose their best man and maid of honor and then had a meeting with the wedding party to plan their most pleasant wedding experience.

Leann chose Angela to be her maid of honor. Wayne chose Ken to be his best man. There was to be no flower girl or ring bearer, nor any children present for the ceremony, as the invitations read “A Special Wedding” (no children allowed).

The decor for the wedding was to be light and cheery with useful items stocked on the back of each pew. Everyone would enjoy this special wedding.

The time was drawing near. People began to gather in the auditorium. The bride and groom had decided to sleep apart for the previous month in preparation for their special wedding. The maid of honor was helping the bride with her dress and making sure she was ready for her special day.

Meanwhile the groom and best man were putting on the finishing touches to their wedding attire. The music began to play. The groom and best man took their places next to the minister. The entire room was standing as the bride entered the aisle with her train being carried by her maid of honor.

The couple reach each other and embrace momentarily before taking their places on each side of the minister. The minister begins to speak and welcome everyone to this special ceremony for Leann and Wayne. As he is talking the bride and groom are being prepped for their ceremony by their maid of honor and best man.

The best man crawled to the front of the groom and removed the cover that was installed in the front section of his pants. Once removed the grooms enlarged penis was exposed to room and a few gasps could be heard coming from the audience. While this was happening to the groom; the bride was also having her outfit adjusted for the special ceremony. The train was removed and the cover material that was installed on the front of the dress was removed. Once removed the brides glistening puffy pussy lips were revealed to the room.

Then the minister proceeded to explain the process of the special ceremony. He explained “The bride and groom want to share their penetration with you and they want you to all have a part in their first orgasm as a güvenilir bahis married couple. Everyone will be involved. Just look on the back of the seat in front of you and you will find all the necessary essentials to help you make this special ceremony a true joy for this young man and woman.

While the minister has been describing the atmosphere for the ceremony the best man and maid of honor have been busy preparing the bride and groom for penetration. The best man started by massaging the grooms dick and then taking his dick into his mouth and sucking him forcefully several times while pumping his hard cock up and down with his hand.

The groom responding with moaning. The bride was watching every move of this while her own pussy was being eaten very tenderly by her maid of honor. She sucked her clit and licked her until the bride was moaning and trembling with pleasure. The best man and maid of honor stopped what they were doing, turned around, looked at each other and then switched partners.

Now the best man was devouring the brides pussy while the maid of honor was taking all the groom had to offer and swallowing it down her throat. The minister is now watching the bride and groom nearing the edge of explosion when he announces that the time has come.

The best man and maid of honor join each other as they move toward the ministers sides. The groom is now standing facing the bride; his enormous cock is standing at full attention and there is clear juice gently beginning to form at the head of the hard cock. The bride is standing facing her groom and watching him with joy in her heart. Her pussy is throbbing for her new husbands hard cock to fill.

The minister reads the vows, the couple says “I do.” The minister motions for someone to bring the bride the table. A special table had been constructed for their ceremony. They pushed it up to the bride’s back and she lay back. The minister told the audience that they now had to begin their own masturbation on themselves or someone in the room.

The couple watches as everyone has their pants off and their bodies exposed. There are some who have begun to suck and lick each other. Some were beginning to fuck each other. The couple watched as their parents were having sex with different people. Then the minister was moaning and everyone looked to see the maid of honor and the best man fucking the minister while he stood at the front of the church. As he was enjoying getting his dick sucked and his ass fucked at the same time in front of 50 people who were all getting fucked too…he türkçe bahis decided that the penetration could wait no longer and he announced “You may now fuck your bride!”, as he shot a huge wad of cum all of the the maid of honor’s face.

The groom took his huge cock in his had and began to rub his bride’s pussy with the head of it. She quivered aloud and moaned in excitement as the whole room watched her husband stroke his cock in and out of her hot wet pussy. He stroked and stroked in her tight little pussy as he watched his family fuck each other in the audience. The bride began to cum and screamed out loud “I’m cummmmmmmminngggggg!” Her dad shot his wad while she was screaming and he watched her writhe with pleasure as he stroked his cock imagining how good it would feel to penetrate his daughter.

The groom was so excited. He now had his wife flat on her back and he was squatting over her and fucking her with his huge cock. This gave a perfect opportunity for someone to enjoy his ass. The minister decided it would be him. He knelt down and pushed his hard cock right into the grooms ass. Both men yelled out in pleasure. The bride began to orgasm again as her pussy was fucked by a man getting fucked by a man.

They all continued to fuck each other as hard as they could. The bride’s father decided he couldn’t stand it anymore and he got up on the stage with his daughter while she was getting fucked so hard by her husband and the minister. He put his face between her legs and started to lick her clit while he watched his new son in law’s dick glide in and out of his little girls pussy. His own cock was enormous. His little girl noticed her daddy’s giant dick and looked at her husband pleadingly. He smiled and motioned for her dad to take his spot.

Her father was over joyed and he moaned loudly as he pushed his hard cock inside his little girls pussy on her wedding day in front of fifty people. He penetrated her pussy as hard and fast as he could. She screamed with pleasure and yelled “Oh yes Daddy! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me harder Daddy! I’m gonna cum!” Then he pounded her pussy until he filled her up with his cum. Then he crawled down between his little girls legs and sucked his cum out of her pussy.

While he was bent down sucking her pussy, his new son in law decided his ass looked so good that he had to enter it and find out for himself if he was right. He stroked his cock a couple times to reach full erection then he inserted his penis inside her dad’s tight asshole. Her dad immediately let out a loud bellow of pleasure and began to güvenilir bahis siteleri buck his hips as his son’s dick was slamming in and out of his ass while his daughter’s pussy was in his mouth and his wife was watching from the audience while she got fucked by the groom’s dad.

Everyone was fucking everyone and cumming all over the whole room. Then when it was time to go they allowed every man in the room to have one penetration into the bride on the way out. She sat legs spread on the end of a table waiting for the men to fill her pussy with all their penises.

The first man was her cousin. He came up to her stroking his dick and then he began to slide it into his cousins pussy. Only one time is what he was thinking but his body was doing more. He had begun to hump her repeatedly and now she was arching her back and moaning as he filled her pussy with his cum. She began to orgasm all over him.

They had to let him finish sliding his wet cock back and forth inside her hot pussy while he looked at her and then kissed her passionately. I have always wanted to fuck you. I love you.

She thanked him for the hard dick and told him to be sure to visit her when he is in town. The next in line were some friends of Wayne’s. They all took their time pushing their cocks inside the bride’s pussy. While they tried to get off as fast as they could. She enjoyed all their dicks and went ahead and let them fuck her for fifteen minutes each. They all came and then kissed goodbye.

Next in line was her daddy again. He wanted some more of his little girls sweet pussy. He knelt down in front of her wet pussy and he ate her out. She moaned. Then he stood up and fucked her body passionately. She loved fucking her daddy and she knew her mom was watching as he filled her pussy with his cum. They kissed and then he was gone.

Next was other men and they lined up and stroked themselves while they waited to slam their cocks inside her. One by one they rammed her with their long hard dicks. Then they stood to the side and came all over each other. They licked each others cum off and then started sucking their dicks together.

Then the grooms father came to fuck me. He said he wanted to know what his boys pussy felt like, then he rammed her with his enormous cock. It felt so good, she asked him not to stop. He said okay baby and then he fucked her until she came all over her father in laws dick. He kept going until he filled her with his load of hot cum.

Then their mothers demanded that they be able to fuck the grooms cock. So he obliged. They opened their pussy’s and took his long hard cock inside them and they screamed in joy and pleasure. Each mom got fucked hard by her son and he filled them each with cum. They then ate each other out and enjoyed the cum a second time too.

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