The Test Ch. 02

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Lucy and her 18 year old daughter Holly lay in each others arms for a while, not saying a word. They had just finished a part of their “plan” to seduce Bill, Lucy’s ex-brother-in-law. They had decided that he should be the one to take Holly’s virginity, and it worked out quite well, thank you.

There was one thing though. Something happened that they hadn’t planned. Not only did they seduce Bill, they seduced each other. Holly had confessed to her mother that she was attracted to her, but she never really thought anything would happen between the two.

All that changed when Holly was watching Bill pound into her mom’s hungry pussy, her own virgin cunt dripping with need and desire. Without thinking about the implications, she had straddled her mom’s face and pressed her dripping snatch right on to her mouth. Lucy didn’t hesitate either, she snaked her tongue into the virgin hole and feasted on her sweet juices. It would seem that their lives were forever changed at that moment.

After Ron thoroughly fucked the two hot ladies, he left them alone in his bed, in need of a shower. The warm water cascading off of his body felt great, but he was sad to know that the smells and juices that the ladies had left on him were spinning down the drain. “Oh well,” he thought with a grin, “I’ll just have to get another application.” There were at least two more holes that were going to be explored this weekend, he promised that much to himself.

Meanwhile, Lucy gazed down at her no longer virgin daughter, noting the light red tint on her thighs, and a thicker cream that was dripping from her recently deflowered opening. She felt what she could only think of as a motherly, although incestual instinct to soothe her. Lowering her head between her thighs, she gently licked the smooth skin, cleaning off Bills cum and the young ladies juices as well. Holly drew a deep breath at the feel of the tongue bathing her.

The passion of the moment earlier, when they first touched each other, allowed her to delve into the depths of incest, but as she came down from the high, the implications were enormous. Was she really ready to make love with her mother? It seemed that mom was okay with it, and indeed she had thought about it before. The stark reality of what they were about to do struck her at that moment, but it was only fleeting. The smooth tongue bathing her inner thighs soon rekindled her desire, and she gave in to it fully. She indicated her acquiescence by spreading her thighs and raising her hips.

Lucy had some of the same misgivings, tentative at first, until she heard her daughter moan, felt her legs separate, and her ass rising off of the mattress. She brought her face nearer to get her first really close look at Holly’s now mature womanhood. The sparse cover of light blonde hair set off her pink lips, which were starting to darken in color as she became more excited. Hot breath on her labia sent shivers down her back as the tongue lightly explored the darkening folds. “Oh my, yes, this is so hot!” she encouraged, reaching down to spread her lips for Lucy. “I want you to taste me, slide your tongue deep inside of me, I can’t believe how good it feels.”

The horny mother became bolder with the younger ladies encouragement, and she delved deeper into the freshly fucked cavern. The taste of Bill’s sperm was stronger inside of her, he must have shot quite a heavy load in her womb. Lucy had always loved the taste of cum, so the mixture of that and her daughter’s musk was a feast. She began to lave the entire area, raising her daughter’s hips up to access the darker opening, swirling around the crinkled star and teasing the spot between the two.

Like Holly, she wasn’t as bold as Bill, but she did tease that tight sphincter to the younger girl’s delight. Moaning and squirming, she pushed her ass towards her mother’s mouth while reaching up to squeeze her own breasts. The forbidden acts that were being performed on her increased her pleasure, causing her pussy to drip even more copiously. Lucy gladly lapped up the flowing nectar, then used what had dripped down to lube the tight hole, slipping her little finger past the muscle and into her dark canal.

Bill had finished his shower and was tousling his wet hair as he walked into the bedroom. The sight of Holly lying there with her legs spread wide for her mother, and both hands squeezing those gorgeous breasts had his cock stirring once again. He joined the two on his bed, lying behind Lucy and kissing the back of her neck. He got a close look at what she was doing, watching as she slid her pinky in and out of that tight little ass hole.

Having opened the tiny opening up a bit with her little finger, Lucy replaced it with an index finger, lubed with plenty of pussy juice and saliva. Bill decided that he should show Lucy some of the same delights, so he slid down the older woman’s body, spreading her ass cheeks and staring into her own dark star. The crinkled little muscle beckoned to his mouth, and he gladly answered the call, poking canlı bahis his pointed tongue through the tight rosebud. “Oh yes Bill, I love that, lick my ass, it’s so sensitive. Deeper you nasty man, slide it into me.”

He was more than happy to comply, figuring it was a prelude to feeling her dark depths wrapped around his reawakened cock. He pistoned his tongue in and out of her butt, each drive forcing it deeper into her tunnel; Satisfied that she was wet enough, he slid his middle finger into her darkness, rotating it back and forth as he explored her depths.

She turned around to look at him, and ordered, “alright, you big stud, I’m ready for you, I want to feel that fat hard cock in my virgin ass hole.”

“Oh yeah, Lucy, I was hoping you’d say that. It’s about time for your tight little shitter to feel more than a finger and tongue. But first, I have a little surprise for both of you.”

He produced two strings of anal beads from a box he had under his bed, along with a tube of lube. He squeezed a dollop of the lube in his palm to coat the first one, then handed it to Lucy. “Try these on Holly, she’s gonna love them even more than she loves feeling your finger in her butt.”

Lucy accepted the string of black beads and immediately pressed the first of the seven into Holly’s lubricated ass hole. “Oh my, Mommy, now that feels different!” she exclaimed. “What is that anyway?”

“They’re little balls of pleasure, I think they were invented by the Chinese to help increase the intensity of orgasms,” she answered as she pushed the next one into the tight opening. She smiled lewdly as she reached around to caress Holly’s cunt, sliding a slippery finger between the folds of her sex in search of the younger woman’s wetness. The sight of the five beads hanging from the tight hole excited her, and she was delighted to feel Bill pushing his first bead into her own back door. Now she could feel what her daughter was feeling as she inserted them past the wrinkled muscle.

He went slightly faster than Lucy had, pushing three beads in one after the other, then tugged on the string to put pressure on the inside of her sphincter. Lucy loved this feeling, and tugged on the string in her daughter’s ass as well, trying to give her the same pleasurable feelings that she was experiencing. The results were positive and both women let out low moans of approval.

Bill pushed two more lubed beads into Lucy, and Holly felt more popping into her asshole as well. Each time a couple of beads were introduced into the dark openings, both Lucy and Bill pulled back on the tail, eliciting moans and writhing from both girls. “You’re driving me crazy Mommy, please, push your finger deeper into my pussy!”

“Ummmm, okay baby, how’s this feel?” Lucy answered, pressing her middle finger deep into her freshly opened cunt. “Not sore?”

“No Mamma, it feels good, finger my cunt, flick my clit, oh yeah, feels soooo nice.”

Lucy finished inserting the beads into her daughters ass hole as she felt Bill doing the same for her. The feeling was a strange one, an unfamiliar presence that caused a stirring in her lower body. She wasn’t able to pinpoint the exact location with her senses, even though she knew right where they were. It wasn’t unpleasant though, and she writhed back to the man who had introduced her to anal beads, showing her appreciation. Once again he pulled back on the string, and Lucy could definitely tell where they were then. The slight pressure on the inside of her sphincter muscle sent sensations throughout her body that she hadn’t experienced before today, and she loved it.

Bill kept the outward pressure on the bead string, and switched positions behind that sexy ass, grasping his cock and aiming it at Lucy’s pussy from behind. She moaned and opened for him, almost swooning as his fat seven inch cock spread her swollen lips and penetrated her vagina. Keeping her finger pushed into her daughter’s slobbering pussy, she bucked back to him to get all she could inside of her. “Yeah baby, fuck me hard, that’s what I need, a big hard cock filling my pussy” she coaxed. He reached in front of her to massage her engorged love bud, and marveled at how sexy it was to watch her finger fuck her own daughter at the same time.

Lucy pressed on Holly’s ass hole with the thumb of her right hand while curling her left middle finger deep into the tight pussy, moving up to flick her clit with enticing tongue swirls. She was hoping to give the girl another orgasm, trying to time it with her own that she felt building up. Bill could tell that she was nearing another climax by the way she was humping back on his cock, his large balls slapping against her mound as he spun his finger on her clit. The sounds were of pure sex, wet slopping and moaning, and a low wail that began from deep within Holly’s chest emerged from her throat as her mom’s tongue and fingers brought her near her peak.

He reached down and grabbed the string protruding from Lucy’s ass and yanked it out; fast; which sent bahis siteleri her over the edge. So intense was the feeling that she was barely able to do the same for her daughter, but she did, popping the beads from her little brown opening as she shrieked into Holly’s cunt. Both women were writhing uncontrollably from their pleasures, the smell of their respective pussies pouring out juices filled the room with their sexy musk.

“Ohhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, ummmmmmmmmm, they moaned and wailed as they both topped the summit, grinding up to the pleasure giving tongues, fingers, and of course Bill’s fat cock.

Bill wasted no time, pulling his slick dick from Lucy’s sluicing pussy to replace the beads that he had just pulled from her ass hole. Normally he would have taken it easy on this virgin butt, but he somehow knew that she didn’t want him to. He was absolutely correct, she wanted it all, and now. He centered his cock head on her sphincter and pushed into her in one long, slippery stroke. The beads along with all of the other juices lubricated her so well that she was able to take the entire cock easily, his balls slapped against her pussy lips as he immediately began fucking in and out of her tormented ass hole.

“Oh oh oh Bill, fuck my shitter, yes! Cram my ass full of cock! Harder, harder babe, I want more, more!” Indeed she did. At that moment she was almost wishing that he had a twelve inch cock, her need to be filled was so strong. “Fill me, fuck me, I’m your ass slave, I need it all!”

He did his best to accommodate her, grasping her hips for leverage and pounding in and out of her slobbering back door, trying with all of his might to keep from shooting in her rectum too soon. Holly had taken a back seat to the anal action, her mother wasn’t able to stimulate her any more, so she just lay there rubbing her own cunt, her middle finger hidden between her labia. She had to see though, and was fascinated when she moved over to see the butt fucking going on. Lucy’s sphincter was stretched around the fat cock that was invading her, and she was humping and pushing back to the fleshy marauder with more strength than her daughter imagined she had. The sound of Bills balls and the two lovers grunts and moans filled the room with passion as she reached for his dark opening, sending her middle finger deep into his ass to massage his prostate.

That took all of Bills control and dashed in against the wall, or rather, dashed his sperm deep into Lucy’s bowels. Holly massaged his balls as they pulsed his cream into her mother’s ass, and Lucy let out a final wail as she lost all of her strength, almost passing out from sheer pleasure.

The three finally stopped moving, and all that could be heard was the heavy breathing and panting of the exhausted lovers.

They lay there in a pile, and one by one they began to drift off to sleep, naked and uncovered, their bodies covered in a sheen of perspiration, the bed wet with lube and pussy juice and sperm.

Some time during the night, Holly reached over for a blanket and covered them all up before drifting back to a blissful, peaceful slumber. Yet another episode of this wonderfully exciting threesome had come to a close. Her last thoughts before succumbing to her need for sleep were, “What’s next, my back door, or Bills?”


The warm glow of the morning sun awoke Bill, and he found that he was alone in his bed. He could hear the shower in the other room, and wondered if the two nymphs were pleasuring themselves again. He got up to wander into the kitchen, where he saw Lucy busy preparing breakfast. “Hmmmm, I guess not” he mused, spying Holly coming out of the bathroom wearing a terrycloth robe and toweling her hair.

“Good morning, my little deflowered flower” he smiled at her, watching as she blushed a tiny bit when she first caught his eyes.

“And good morning back atcha, my marauding Viking” she recovered. She wondered why she felt the twinge of embarrassment, but it left as quickly as it arrived. Stepping up to him and opening her robe, she drew him in to press against her skin. Just then he noticed that he was completely naked, and appreciated the warm skin against his. They held the embrace for a few seconds, adding a nice good morning kiss to the mix.

“Don’t you two get started without me now children” Lucy scolded with a smirk.

“Aw, Ma!” Holly complained with a big grin on her face. “I think Uncle Bill may need a shower anyway, he’s all sticky for some reason.”

She reached down and gave his semi-hard cock a squeeze, and felt his pubic hair that was matted from the night before. “Go get that thing cleaned up so we can use it again, Daddy” she ordered.

“Good idea, you sexy little lady. But I think I may need a little more time before you two can ravage me again.”

“Speaking of ravaged,” she replied, “my pussy is kinda sore, I guess that’s normal, eh Ma?”

“It’s been a long time for me honey, but it makes sense. My ass hole bahis şirketleri is kinda sore too, I wonder why that is” she said, glancing at a smirking Bill.

“Well, maybe we’re going to give him first hand knowledge on that subject, eh Mom?” Lucy suggested. “You know what they say, “Turn around is fair play.””

“Uh Holly, you don’t think that I….” Bill began, but Holly interrupted him with “I certainly do, Daddy!”

“Well, we’ll see about that” he replied as he walked toward his shower. “And there’s also the matter of your tight little asshole, young lady!”

“Don’t I know it” came her immediate reply as she went to the kitchen to help her mom with breakfast. She did the same thing with Lucy as she had done with Bill, opening both of their robes and pressing their bare skin together, sharing a good morning kiss. Somehow it seemed as natural as could be as their tongues reintroduced themselves to each other. “I see you’re still okay with last night darling, I’m glad. I had a few misgivings, wondering how you would feel when you woke up this morning.” Lucy commented with relief.

“No misgivings Ma, unless it’s regret that we didn’t start doing it sooner!” she smiled, breaking the embrace to step back and gaze at her mother’s body. She was in her late thirties, but still very toned and fit. Holly hoped that she would look that good when she reached her age. For that matter, Bill was pretty fit too. Not a body builder by any means, but still trim.

Holly was physically a typical 18 year old ‘nymph’. She still had some filling out to do, but for the most part was done. She had been on the cheerleading squad in high school, which kept her in great shape. She would now need to start some other kind of activity, and the first thing that she thought of was sex. “You can burn a lot of calories off while fucking” she thought with a wry smile.

Meanwhile, Bill was washing off once again, feeling the same tinge of remorse at having to lose the scent of the two ladies, but confident that he would get more soon. He really did need to recover for a while, and planned on taking the girls out on the town, maybe make the two hour drive to the beach for some sun and shopping. He half wondered what Holly meant by “turn around,” but he really did have a good idea. “I guess she’s right,” he thought, “if I’m gonna fuck her ass, I may have to take what I’m dishing out.”

He forgot about that for the moment, toweling off as he reached for his bathrobe and headed to the kitchen for a much needed repast. Lucy had done them up well, a spread of bacon and eggs along with American fried potatoes was laid out on the kitchen table.

“Eat up son, you’re gonna need your strength” she offered.

He gladly sat down without comment, just started heaping his plate with food, slurping down some coffee and digging in to the breakfast.

“Very good'” he complimented between bites and sips. He hadn’t realized how hungry he was, but when he got started eating he felt like he couldn’t get filled up.

“Ummmm, our stud muffin is hungry, eh Sister?” Lucy commented to Holly, who had sat to the table as well and begun eating.

“I’m hungry too Ma, thanks for waking up and getting breakfast started so early. Oh, I like that, you calling me sister. I can’t believe how close I feel to you.”

“Me too.” Lucy beamed.


The threesome finished breakfast then prepared to hit the road for the day. Their first stop was at Holly’s new campus, where she could try to find the dorm that she would be staying in, as well as learn her way around the facilities. They found what they needed, determining that everything was satisfactory and then headed for the beach, about a two hour drive. Bill took the wheel while Lucy sat in the front seat of his pickup, leaving the whole back seat to Holly.

Bill knew a good rural road to the beach, and opted for that rather than the busy interstate. This highway had very little traffic, and Holly wasted little time in taking advantage of it. She knew her driver could see her in the rear view mirror, and wanted to tease him for a while. The deep tinted windows of the pickup made it all the more safe, and she boldly lifted off her tank top to reveal her stand up titties. Bill adjusted his mirror for a better view, figuring his side mirrors would suffice on this back road.

“Holly, you’re such a tease” her mom chided, glancing down at Bill’s crotch to see the bulge begin in his shorts. “You’re going to cause an accident.”

“Na, Ma… errr Sis, he can handle it. Or maybe you should handle it for him” she grinned.

“Good idea Sis” Lucy agreed, running her hand up his baggy shorts. She was able to get inside of his boxers beneath the shorts to feel up his ‘package’ and delighted in the warmth there, as well as the swelling that the two ladies were causing in his member.

Holly was squeezing her breasts together, rubbing the nipples while flicking her tongue out to moisten them. She had to stretch her neck down to reach, but Bill loved the sexiness of her little tease. Seeing his reaction along with her mom’s action between his legs was getting Holly damp in her nether region as well. This was going to be a fun drive.

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