The Taylor Family Ch. 01

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“I can’t believe you said yes to a date with that clod.”

Seated at her little dressing table, nineteen year old Kristen Taylor tried her best to ignore that jibe. With so much yet to do before she was ready to go, the last thing she wanted to do right now was take the bait her sister was offering. It was a wasted effort as the other girl always found a way to penetrate her defenses, yet she felt that it was important to at least try.

Kristen focused her attention on combing out her long auburn hair, counting each and every smooth stroke from her very best brush and admiring how lustrous her hair looked since she started using that new shampoo. She fretted over what make-up to wear, wanting to highlight her bright green eyes and make her full lips look perfectly kissable while somehow making her nose look a little smaller. She plotted out what clothes she should wear, wanting some jeans that would show off her slender figure, nice legs and tight butt, and a top that would make her small but perky breasts seem at least a little bigger.

She had so much still to do before she was ready for this date that she should have been able to just tune out that teasing voice, but it hampered her efforts considerably that the very same mirror that was allowing her to work on her appearance was also clearly showing her that evil girl as she reclined on the bed right behind her, watching her.

The confident sneer she saw on her eighteen year old sister Ruth’s face though was the death blow to her attempt to ignore the girl as she could never resist trying to wipe that look from her face.

While her big sister might have been classified as a statuesque beauty, Ruth could have rightly been dubbed the tomboy type. She was lean and strong from many hours of running around outside playing this or that sport with her friends and even now was dressed in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt that were comfortable but badly worn thanks to her active lifestyle. She had a girlish sprinkle of freckles across her nose and spilling onto her cheeks and shared her sister’s full lips and warm green eyes, but her hair was noticeably darker and cut short. There was nothing at all girlish about the size of her bosom though and it was a source of constant consternation for Kristen that her little sister should have been gifted with breasts that were twice as big as her own.

Kristen averted her eyes quickly with a little grumble when she saw those big breasts sway under her sister’s shirt, wishing the other girl would wear a bra more often.

Ruth had waited to see what kind of a reaction her insult would get her and was not discouraged in the least when her big sister did not answer her. She knew Kristen even better than she knew herself not merely because they were sisters, but because they had been forced to share the same bedroom all of their lives. Put at it’s simplest, she knew how to press all of her big sister’s buttons for the simple reason that she had installed most of them.

How could she possibly have missed the tension in the other girl’s shoulders, the way her jaw was set, or how she kept sneaking peeks at her in that mirror?

With laughing eyes and an even bigger smirk, she decided it was worth the effort to try again.

“Tommy Halpern is such an idiot! Why on earth would you want to go on a date with someone like that?”

Kristen was unable to resist trying to defend her choice of dates this time, shooting the other girl a look in the mirror which was pointedly ignored. “Why wouldn’t I want to go on a date with him? He’s one of the most popular boys in school!”

Ruth scoffed at that.”So what? It’s only because he keeps winning football games for us.”

“Exactly! He’s the star running back! That boy is directly responsible for our team winning it’s last three games!”

“Great!” Ruth squealed with blatantly false enthusiasm.”He knows how to run and how to catch balls!” She dropped all pretense however to add, “Now if only he knew how to do anything else, maybe he wouldn’t be such a clod.”

Kristen knew full well that she should just ignore the other girl’s teasing, that nothing good would come of this if she let this argument drag on, but was helpless to resist the impulse to stand up for her date this evening. “This from a girl who spends all her time running around and catching balls! Tommy is big and strong . . .”

“And dumb as a brick!”

Kristen slapped her brush down on the dressing table in irritation. “He’s not just some muscle bound jock, either. He’s a gentle giant. I’ve never known anyone so sweet . . .”

“All of which is a point in his favor,” Ruth conceded, “but it doesn’t make him any less dumb.”

“Ruth . . .”

“You know, Charlie has a couple of classes with him. He says that Tommy kept having to ask for help whenever his shoelaces came undone because he couldn’t figure out how to tie them. That’s why he wears those sneakers with the velcro straps these days.”

Kristen scowled, illegal bahis turning around at last to face her tormentor. Her first inclination was to take the obvious shot that at least she had a date when her sister would be left sitting at home all night, but she managed to hold her tongue. While her sister was being incredibly annoying, this was still just playful teasing. The last thing she wanted right before her big date was to see this escalate into a real cat fight.

“Like I care what your weird friend has to say about anything. Tommy Halpern is . . .”

“Is as dumb as a brick!” Though she bristled at the insult to her very best friend in the whole world, Ruth did not take the time to stand up for him. Tonight was all about pestering Kristen after all and she refused to be diverted.

“I’m warning you, Ruth . . .”

From the open door to the bedroom, Mrs. Ann Taylor had been watching unnoticed since almost the beginning of the argument. She had just happened to be passing by when she overheard what they were talking about and decided to stop just in case some motherly intervention was required.

In some dark place deep inside her heart that was probably best not examined too closely, she had to admit that she’d also come to their door in the hopes of being able to get a good, long look at her two beautiful teenaged girls when they were not aware she was there. It felt more than a little disturbing and unnatural to her that she should actually want to spy on her little girls of course, but she enjoyed it far too much for her to want to spend even a moment listening to her better instincts.

Seeing that tensions were rapidly escalating in there though, she knew she had to set aside her own guilty pleasures and do something about it before things got out of hand.

Some teasing and bickering was perfectly normal, especially between siblings and particularly when they were teens, but Ann was well aware that Ruth seemed to take a perverse pleasure in it and had a habit of taking things a little too far. With Kristen now rising to her feet and rounding on her sister with a distinctly menacing look, Ann judged that this was yet another of those times and cleared her throat loudly.

The two teenagers jumped in surprise at the sound, wheeling around to face the door.

The woman they found standing there with a stern expression on her face was the very image of the stereotypical middle-aged housewife. There was just no denying that the passage of time was starting to take it’s toll. The sedentary life of a housewife had packed on a few extra pounds, there were more lines on her face than she ever expected to find, she was finding another new gray hair mixed into her hair everyday, and the force of gravity was making things sag. When she looked into the mirror, she could hardly imagine how she had ever gotten so old.

However, even on her more depressed days she could see that there was still plenty left to remind the onlooker of what a ravishing beauty she had once been. There were still guys who just had to stop and stare at her, not to mention the ones who got so caught up in watching her that they walked headlong into walls.

“Now, Ruthie, you quit bothering your sister and let her get ready for her date.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Thank you, mom.”

When she saw Ruth slump back against the bed’s headboard in defeat and noticed that the light of fiery anger had gone out of Kristen’s eyes, Ann was satisfied that the situation had been defused. Happy that the problem had been so easy to take care of just this once, she gave her children a warm smile and then proceeded on her way.

Ruth held herself still for a moment, listening carefully to the sound of her mother’s retreating footsteps. As soon as she heard what sounded like a foot on a stair step, she sprang up at last and darted across to the door and stuck her head out into the hallway. She was just in time to see the top of her mother’s head disappearing as the woman made her way down the staircase and out of earshot.

With that, she turned back to her sister, that infuriating smirk right back where it belonged on her face.

“Yep, there’s absolutely, positively no question about it,” she announced. “Tommy Halpern is the stupidest boy who ever lived!”

Kristen had just been considering returning to the dressing table when she took this broadside. “Hey,” she cried, infuriated and exasperated. “Didn’t you hear what mom just said?” She was mildly surprised at herself for thinking that the younger girl would have given up so easily. Hadn’t she spent the last eighteen years enduring her company, after all?

Ruth was smiling even bigger now and coming back towards her sister, apparently looking to regain her perch on the bed. “Hey, do you think he’ll try to kiss you? If he does, I’ll bet you anything that you’ll have to point out to him where your lips are. He’s just as likely to try to kiss your elbow or something!”

Unfortunately illegal bahis siteleri for her, Ruth had misjudged just how far she’d pushed her sister and made the mistake of allowing herself to stray just a step too close to the older girl. She was taken by complete surprise when Kristen suddenly leapt at her without any warning, tackling her so that the pair crashed onto the bed in a wild tangle of arms and legs.

Fortunately for them both, this was not going to be the brawl any reasonable observer might have been expecting after all of that relentless teasing. The two teens had long since learned that there were plenty of downsides to fighting, beginning with bruises and bloody noses and ending with punishments from their parents, and so had long ago come to the conclusion that there had to be a better way to resolve their differences.

No, Kristen’s attack was not the opening move in a vicious cat fight, but was instead the start of a wrestling match. As soon as one of the girls had pinned the other and made her cry uncle, the matter would be considered settled.

The bedroom resounded with the grunts and groans and, yes, occasionally the giggles of two young women who were each bound and determined that they were going to get the upper hand on the other. Ruth was stronger physically, but they had fought countless matches like this one before and so Kristen knew all of her sister’s moves by heart and had come up with effective ways of countering them all. This did not promise to be a quick or easy affair.

Straining and battling against each other with all the determination of prize fighters, they rolled back and forth across the bed, writhing and struggling.

In the end, it was Kristen who came out on top – literally. Ruth found herself sprawled on her back with her big sister not only atop her and holding her down, but actually straddling her. Looking down at the trapped girl beneath her with a big grin, elated over this victory against her tormentor, Kristen demanded her immediate surrender.

Looking up into that triumphant smirk, Ruth made up her mind that she was not going to lose this match, though. Finding that her arms were being held too firmly and realizing that she was never going to be able to get them loose, she started kicking with her legs and twisting her hips in the desperate hope that she would somehow be able to toss her big sister off.

She would find some success, but not in the way either of the girls could ever have expected.

In the process of trying to battle her way free, one of Ruth’s legs somehow rose right up between her older sister’s legs and did not just press firmly into her crotch, but actually rubbed up against that very intimate spot for several long moments. Ruth was so focused on engineering her escape that she did not even notice this very personal contact, but poor Kristen had no trouble at all detecting it.

When her sister’s thigh came up and started grinding itself against her cunt, a jolt of real pleasure shot through Kristen at blinding speed – seeming to just explode in every direction from between her legs. It was unlike anything the young virgin had ever felt before and she could not help but hesitate for an instant as the sensation went rippling through her, overwhelming every last one of her senses. It had been hard enough just to breath as that riot took place in her body, but when the feeling started to subside a soft moan escaped Kristen’s lips, her body trembling.

Ruth may not have known what had caused it, but she certainly noticed when her sister suddenly seemed to get distracted and stopped fighting back against her. This was the moment the girl had been hoping for and, like the experienced wrestler she was, she threw everything she had left at Kristen and managed to force a roll across the bed that finally put her into the dominant position.

Straddling her big sister and pining her down, Ruth was of course tired and out of breath but that could not dim the excitement and happiness she felt at her success. “Gotcha!”

For once in her life, Kristen did not seem inclined to disagree with that, but as she looked up into that grinning face and realized that her sister was in exactly the same position she had been earlier, she had a sudden inspiration. Perhaps her little sister would like to know what it was exactly that had given her the upper hand in this wrestling match?

Matching Ruth’s smirk with one of her own, she suddenly thrust one leg up between the younger girl’s thighs and almost laughed out loud when she saw just how wide her eyes got and heard how loudly she gasped.

Ruth regarded her with an expression of shock and wonder for a long moment and seemed unable to find her voice. It was hard enough to remain upright at that moment and so the girl had to give up on pinning her sister in place and just pay attention to not tumbling over sideways.

“Why did you do that?” Ruth demanded at length, using a soft voice that sounded canlı bahis siteleri shaky and breathless.

“You did it to me, first.”

The younger girl was skeptical. “I did not!”

“You most certainly did.”

“Excuse me, but I would never in a million years do anything like . . . that!” As had so very many other young people before her, Ruth chose to punctuate this firm and unequivocal denial by demonstrating exactly what it was that she would never, ever do.

As her sister’s thigh pressed once more against her crotch, Kristen couldn’t stop herself from letting out a hoarse moan, her back arching. As if on their own accord, her hands rose to take hold of Ruth’s hips.

“You most certainly did,” Kristen sighed, “but it was more like this.” She didn’t hesitate for a moment then to thrust her leg up between Ruth’s, not merely giving her a little bump but actually grinding it into her.

Ruth let out a little squeal of pure pleasure, tossing her head and instinctively pushing her butt back in the hopes of getting even more.

With that, however, everything seemed to abruptly stop and a tense silence descended heavily over that bedroom as the two teenaged girls considered what was happening here, gazing long and hard into each other’s eyes in a silent but eloquent conversation. It was a moment of decision for them both, one that could change everything forever, but in truth it was a foregone conclusion.

Had they been thinking things through a little more clearly, both girls might have better noticed what a weird predicament this was, not to mention how close they were to the brink of violating one of society’s most powerful taboos. Unfortunately for them, they were both still riding the adrenaline high generated by their wrestling match and feeling thoroughly stimulated from all of that bumping and grinding. Overheated and fueled by raging, rampant hormones, the girls were soon focused on the quest to see just how good someone could really feel by doing this sort of thing.

The hands on her hips started tugging Ruth down onto the other girl and she came willingly, not merely lowering herself onto her sister but shifting her position just enough so that it would be easier and more comfortable for them to do this. Long legs scissored together, intimate places were properly situated, firm breasts bumped against each other, and the girl’s found that their faces were now only inches apart.

One final significant look passed between the two teens and then it was off to the races.

It was not merely because of their rank inexperience with anything even remotely like this that had the girls beginning slowly and a little awkwardly, but also because they were both well aware of the weirdness of what they were doing together. As they worked themselves against each other though, seeking out just the right speed and angle and amount of force that would make them the happiest, minor details like the identity of who they were rubbing up against quickly became much, much less important.

Without a single thought to the fact that the bedroom’s door was still wide open and that if either of their parents happened to pass they would have a perfect view of what was going on, Kristen and Ruth concentrated on getting the best ride possible out of this and nothing more. Faster and faster they moved, grinding their mounds against each other harder and harder as the pleasure roiling out from between their legs became ever greater and more intense.

As the two girls got lost in the moment and coherent thought became a thing of the past, the two Taylor girls did even more than bump and grind.

For a start, the hands that had been holding onto Ruth’s hips moved of their own accord. One of Kristen’s hands found it’s way to the small of her little sister’s back as if to hold her down, but the other one ended up resting on the other girl’s butt, pressing to get her to thrust against her even harder.

In the meantime, Ruth noticed that something moist was pressing against her overheated skin at her throat, something that was making her skin tingle. Given how distracted she was, it took her a few moments to identify what it was, but gradually realized that it was Kristen kissing her! A more rationally thinking girl might have stopped her from doing that for fear of having to explain to their parents where those marks had come from, but Ruth was focused on the pleasure and excitement now and nothing else.

Gradually, the rapidly building heat and pressure down below became too much to bear anymore and the sisters found themselves right on the brink of orgasm. This only encouraged them to work all the harder, shoving themselves against each other in a desperate race to reach the looming finish line.

Aching and out of breath as a result of the strenuous workout she had just endured, Kristen could not let out that ecstatic shriek that wanted so badly to burst from her lips as a huge climax claimed her, so she had to settle for a hoarse and strangled cry. Exhaustion would overtake her in the aftermath and leave her all but limp, but the delirium of ecstasy would linger for a long time and keep her from wanting to go anywhere or do anything anyway.

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