The Strays Ch. 02

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They had confessed their mutual attraction for each other. That was the easy part, being that the family bond had never occurred between them. It felt perfectly natural, just as easy as sliding down a slippery slope. And the feelings that came to light, the growing presence of love and longing may have felt like the beginnings of a whirlwind romance. But a mother did not reject her son, and a son did not reject the opportunity to love the woman he longed for and dreamed about!

So how did they make the leap from acknowledging their love to confessing that their natural attraction was sexual? That was the jackpot question and neither of them knew, but it didn’t matter. All that mattered was what felt right.

Scared, excited and enamoured, mother and son gave in to their love, and their attraction, and there was no feeling like what came of that night; returning to where they began, joined passionately, emotionally and biologically.

By the time Robert was ready to get back home to his adoptive parents, they’d committed that unlawful act of physical love together several times and enjoyed it for what it was; intimacy, closeness, fulfilment!

Neither of them felt guilt, remorse or fear, not as far as they understood those feelings beyond their utmost blatancy. There was no disgust or terror, or recoiling at the prospect of society’s shame. If anything there was nothing but a sad emptiness left behind, and the dread of the return to the mundane grind of everyday monotony and loneliness. Reality was checking in to stay again and their whirlwind act was over; for the meantime.

For Marie – nineteen hard years battled through just to live a normal life and now what was normal? She was in love with a tender young man half her age, mature before his time, athletic and funny. Caution was gone to the wind. It was a dangerous criminal life and yet it was right. No harm!

And oh good god, the sex – Robert was barely into his physical prime and full of fertile spunk, hormones, stamina, endurance…

He was also built to please. Ever since then she dreamed often of doing bad things to him, and for him. Marie also made sure to visit the good doctor to take care of that matter of fertility. After all, was it not a mother’s duty to teach her son about the birds and the bees?


For Robert – life had never been simple or easy, and that was frightening considering that adulthood was still very new to him. What life could be, he wasn’t so sure of and hadn’t been before that weekend. Finding his mother and falling for her had given him the sense of direction that his adoptive parents felt he lacked.

All of a sudden they couldn’t have been happier for him, though they didn’t know everything. They couldn’t know. But where Marie had left such an impression on their boy that he now wanted to learn to drive, to find a well-paid job and to start thinking about his options, they were impressed by the effect she had.

Where did that motivation come from, they wondered? It didn’t matter. What mattered was Dave Hanson handing Robert the keys to his first car and sending him on his way to see his mother for another weekend.

Robert nearly cried at that awesome gesture. Dad just shrugged it off like it was what all fathers did. He was so grateful and proud. Some kids never got much more than a kick in the ass and he had such friends.

Now that he knew Marie’s story, thinking back to the life he might have had if she hadn’t made such a costly sacrifice – a father who would most likely take food from a baby’s mouth, or it’s mothers, just to feed bad habits – Robert was ever grateful even just for the little things. So that car was a life-changing thing, as was the ability to see his mother when he wanted to.

‘I know it doesn’t look like much,’ Dave Hanson said. He shrugged it off and slapped Robert playfully on the back. ‘But there’ll always be hard times and so little will get you so far. If you need a place to sleep, you’ve got your car. If you need easy money, you’ve got your driver’s license. I had a lot of fun roughing it in my younger years though.’

‘Following the band, right?’

‘Back in the day,’ Dave said with a shy grin of nostalgia. ‘Don’t tell that to your mother. It’s not her most favourite story.’

‘I love it, dad, thank you,’ Rob gushed and just about held off embarrassing himself. He wanted to hug the old man. Dave was never that guy. That sort of thing he got from his mum, but Dave never had a bad bone in his body. He was just so absently aloof trying to do for Robert what his own dad hadn’t done for him. Nonetheless he held out his hand for a handshake and showed his love with a strong hand.

‘Just drive safe this weekend,’ the old man added. ‘Insurance will screw you left and right these days. You know that, though.’


Happiness like the soul hadn’t known for so long proved a great motivator to Marie, too, who had taken to slogging it out at the gym across town three or four times a week to do something productive with the extra energy buzzing around inside her.

She canlı bahis started going later at night, not wanting Robert to give up his social life for want of hanging around the internet all night every night. As much as she’d have liked to, absence really did make the heart grow fonder where it was welcome.

And, besides, she was working on her new killer MILF body, wanting to please her man which she sometimes did with a sneaky photo after a stint in the sauna. Naturally shapely and greatly proportioned, she worked mostly on her butt and thighs and also to give her breasts a little more lift. The sexual tension made for great motivation specifically, as she discovered.

It was going on late-Autumn now on this fresh Thursday night and her two-piece black lycra workout setup was moist with perspiration, as was her impressive cleavage, one confident pencil-dick had observed.

Marie pounded the exercise bike’s foot pedals into submission, revelling in the burn of her thighs, waist and glutes as her self-imposed tunnel vision reached out for something to work with. She was thinking about getting hot and sweaty with Robert in no time, and the way the clothes stuck to her skin as the sweat rolled off her back only served to enhance that most graphic daydream.

Her pussy ached, grinding hard against the bike’s leather seat as she recalled that very first time she had taken her son’s hard length and positioned him to join with her. If she wasn’t careful she might have moaned aloud.

She had a naughty suggestion to propose to Robert when he got here. Depending on how his return visit went, and in what direction it went (maybe they would try to act more becoming of family from now on, or maybe they would want to have sex again), she would keep her dirty little daydream in mind and be wet and willing for him that moment.

That idea in turn led her back to the moment she took him in her bed that night, and the words on his lips as they crossed the line.


‘Hey, how you doing tonight,’ her admirer said on his uncertain approach. He was all bleach blonde receding hair and black rim spectacles and clung to a sweat-stained blue towel – hung around his neck – with two skinny arms. ‘I’m Dave…’

Marie stopped dead in her tracks. If anyone here was going to be accused of going nowhere fast she didn’t want to be it. Dave, unfortunately for her, took this as a sign of progress. ‘I, ummm… I was watching you.’

‘Did I look fuckable, Dave?’ Marie asked with only a paper-thin layer of patience. How she didn’t cringe was beyond her own understanding. Maybe he was as creepy as he looked and sounded. Maybe he had no social skills, on the other hand, and preferred to work on his cock than his manners, or his dumbbells.

Dave offered an absurd smile while he stuttered in search of an answer. ‘Ummm… well… I would…’

‘You’d what, Dave?’ Marie prodded, turning off the machine and touching the floor with her trainer-clad feet. ‘You’d what?’

‘I’d have to… Well, I’d have to see more,’ Dave mumbled secretively. That time Marie did cringe, and to nail her point home she turned down the corners of her mouth and shuddered.

‘Well then you should have gone to Specsavers,’ she dismissed, walking away.

‘You look totally fuckable,’ Dave suddenly blurted out from over her shoulder, and Marie’s evening might have been in danger of getting worse, but she didn’t want to imagine how. Her daydream was in tatters now and she had some lonely hyper-sexed geek trying to fail his way into her pants. ‘I would totally “fuckable” you,’ Dave stammered his conclusion hopelessly.

‘But you never will. My man does that better than any other man could,’ Marie said coldly. ‘Maybe you should ask about these things before you try approching women at the gym for a cheap fuck.

‘You were stringing me along?’Dave asked. His eyebrows knitted together in confusion and anger then. How could she? How dare she?

‘No,’ Marie said walking away. ‘You just had me worried that I looked like I was single and desperate enough for an anonymous and – more on point – a disappointing shag. Fuck off, will you?!’


Marie peeled out of her clothes in the changing room and took her phone into the shower with her, snapping a slanted birds-eye shot of her wet body beneath the steamy jet of hot water. Afterwards, when she got home, she deleted it. Taking the chance of sending it to Robert wasn’t worth the danger of getting caught and leaving him to explain why his mother was sending him nudes.

Besides, she was certain he’d be more than delighted to see her in the flesh, to feel how toned and tight she was getting from working out at the Life in bed.

‘Hey honey,’ she texted Robert, ‘if you’re still awake let me know and I’ll give you a quick call before bed.’ Two upper case X’s followed, because little x’s just didn’t cut it before bed. And Robert’s reply came within moments, so she called.

‘Hi mum,’ Robert beamed. ‘What are you up to? I’m just headed to bed.’

‘Hey babe, miss you! I just got back bahis siteleri from the gym and wanted to call about next weekend. You know – any old excuse to act like an excited teenage girl. I’m headed to bed myself now and wishing you were here already.’

‘I know, I can’t wait to see you again,’ he longed. Her heart melted. ‘Hold on a sec,’ he added as a muffled voice spoke from nearby. ‘Okay, goodnight mum,’ Robert whispered. Marie thought nothing of it. She was aware of her own jealousy. It couldn’t hurt her anymore knowing that he was just as much hers if not more.

Marie switched to speakerphone and put the phone aside so she could speak while getting undressed. Robert did the same as they made small talk about the day. Then naked and thinking about each other they turned off the lights and climbed into their own beds, a world away and yet still together. Marie picked up her phone and then breathed a comforted sigh as her burning thighs met cool sheets.

‘That feels so good,’ she cooed.

‘I bet you do too,’ her son whispered. She giggled at that, thinking of the geek from the gym and how she had called Robert her man.

‘I can’t wait to hold you in my arms again,’ she wanted to say. And yet she was dying not to say it because she didn’t want to become less than ‘mom.’

‘You won’t have to come pick me up tomorrow evening. I’ll be driving…’

‘Oh, wow, really? You have a car now? When did that happen?’

‘Dad surprised me this afternoon,’ Robert beamed. ‘I’m tanked up and ready to go. I’m setting off at five so I should be there at around 9pm if that’s okay?’

‘That’s cool with me, baby. You just drive safe and if anything happens you let me know as soon as you can, okay?’ Marie surprised herself with that. Still the truly motherly sentiments were few and far between so when they came to her, they flew off the tongue sounding like somebody else’s words.

‘I will, mom. And don’t worry about dinner,’ he noted. ‘I’ll grab something on the way into town. Just do what you want for yourself.’

‘Okay well I’m going to have some wine chilling. Do you want me to chill you some beer?’ she asked dutifully. Now she was worried she sounded too much like a wife instead.

‘A couple would be nice to wind down after the long drive, yes please,’ Robert agreed.

‘Okay, well,’ Marie trailed off with a dreamy smile, ‘I’ll see you tomorrow…’

‘I love you,’ he added hastily. ‘See you in a bit!’

She echoed his final sentiment heartily and hung up. Tomorrow couldn’t come fast enough. Then work couldn’t have gone any slower. And as Robert flew across the country to reunite with his mother, she attacked her first glass of wine like her life depended on it. She was going to need all the Dutch courage she could muster.


Robert stood at the front door waiting for an answer, his stomach in knots. The lights were on but was nobody home? He didn’t have any messages beyond the replies to his own back when he was filling up at the McDonalds car park and that was only twenty minutes ago.

As soon as a single niggle of doubt began to worm his way in, a horrible companion to have when the butterflies were stirring, he heard the rising tone of two women talking as somebody approached and turned the latch on the deadlock.

When the door opened, he was greeted first with the sight of a laughing middle-aged woman, salted peppered brunette with glasses that shrunk her eyes to little grey bloodshot beads. She was in the concluding stages of her conversation with Marie, who gave Robert nothing but an apologetic blushing grin as if to say “she’ll be gone any minute now…”

Barely acknowledging the boy, the woman who turned out to be one of Marie’s neighbours cut off her own tangent turned back to Marie with a sly eye and said, ‘oh here’s hot stuff now,’ and then turning back to him, and as though she had done him some great and noble thing, ‘hi, Robert, I did your mother the favour of loaning my fan since I won’t be needing it until next summer!’

‘Oh okay,’ Robert said with a rushed and not entirely honest expression of gratitude, since he had no idea what she was talking about. ‘That’s nice of you?!’

‘Thanks, Joan, as I said it can get pretty stuffy in such an enclosed space and I didn’t want the windows open and causing a chill.’

‘No problem, I’ll catch you soon, then,’ Joan finished and made her way back home.

‘What was that?’ Robert whispered mischievously as he made his way into his mother’s arms for the first time in months. He kissed her cheek, again closer to her mouth and then they met in a cautiously quick smooch as the door remained open.

‘Hi,’ she smiled. ‘Sorry about that. I ask to borrow a fan for the bedroom and I get a lecture in life for all the crap I’ll never need to know.’

Holding Marie by her waist, her son doted down on her with doughy eyes and laughed secretively. ‘But it’s not even warm anymore,’ to which Marie shrugged. Then she sighed contentedly.

‘Close the door and come practice your hello kisses, young man,’ she said flirtingly. bahis şirketleri


Marie’s subconscious was awash. There was no better way she could rationalise in her giddy, somewhat drunken state, though it would have been important to point out that she was not only “somewhat drunk” with the effects of alcohol. To be loved, to be the centre of the attention of the man she loved now more than anything enhanced her sense of inebriation beyond what a few glasses of wine were capable of.

Robert had put down five cans of beer in the space of an hour and was buzzed. There were still four to be had and she could have kept going if she didn’t ache for him as much as she did. Maybe it was apt or maybe it was inappropriate. Maybe it was both at once but Marie found herself dancing in the kitchen to Danzig’s “Mother” and Robert was in awe of her ability to shake it to the rhythm.

Marie’s hips bucked and swayed playfully as she mouthed the words to one of her favourite songs. Silently he took note, paying attention to the change in her look since the last time they had met.

‘That gym time has paid off!’

‘Good! Do you like what you see?’ Marie asked. ‘Mom still got it?’

‘Mom never lost it,’ he replied admirably. Then she settled into his lap atop his seat at the table, bringing her half-full glass with her and reminding herself, lost in his eyes, why she loved him so much. Because unconditionally he loved her and adored her and could not tear his eyes away!

‘I’m drunk,’ she confessed. It wasn’t news.

‘I like you drunk,’ he admitted drunkenly.

‘Well, I like you anyway,’ she added, one-upping him.

‘Well ditto, but don’t change the subject,’ he said. ‘Yeah I like what I see!’

‘What do you like what you see about your mother?’ Marie asked.

‘You’re hot! You know how to show it off!’ Robert enthused. ‘And I don’t even need a reason but I’m in love with your freckly face…’

Marie heard herself laughing uncontrollably from outside of herself somewhere. The feel-good chemicals were at work. It felt good to be sat in his lap; so good that she wasn’t aware that she was ever so slightly bucking into his crotch, teasing the boy.

‘You smooth son of a bitch,’ she said with abandon. Then, ‘what are you thinking about?’

‘Ask me again when it’s bedtime,’ Robert dismissed. That was all the excuse Marie needed. Getting up from his lap, she turned off the CD player and returned to him with a playful sway of the hips.

‘What are you thinking about?’

Robert took a lengthy inhale of air. Such deep thought seemed to require it, despite the bulge in his crotch speaking for him. ‘But you’re my mom,’ he said, responding not only to the eternal question but to his own internal question. There went that hopeless son of a bitch, gravity, whose only job it seemed was to remove the use of her legs. Well she couldn’t have been happier, sat in his lap again, supporting herself with her hands on his broad shoulders.

‘Do you remember the last time we went down this road?’ she asked.

Robert blushed. He was so beautiful when his cheeks flushed and his eyes diverted from hers. But when he looked back into her eyes, confident and unashamed, she knew that he still felt that way about her, if not more so.

‘You don’t regret it I hope? I look back and just think “wow…”‘

‘Well,’ Robert hesitated.


‘Definitely “wow”,’ Robert agreed and ran his hands affectionately up and down his mother’s denim clad thighs.

‘In a good way,’ Marie hoped, taking his hands in hers to fumble with.

‘What do you think?’ he pleaded. ‘I know they say these things shouldn’t happen but I couldn’t have been happier. Like-

‘”WOW,”‘ they both said in unison.

His hands snaked around her hips and rested on her lower back. The feel of his fingers stroking the top of her bottom sent chills up her spine. She arched her back and reposed. ‘I’m not sorry…’

‘Are you sure?’ he asked jokingly. ‘Or would you…’

‘Would I what?’

‘Would you do it again just to make sure?’

‘Well my baby boy,’ she teased, and he loved that term of endearment, even in this strange dynamic of theirs, ‘as your mother is it not my duty to teach you about the birds and the bees?’

Robert laughed, unsurely. He was harder beneath the stiff fabric of his own jeans knowing what she meant, but he’d have lied to claim all certainty for what she meant in full. It was time for Marie to employ her fantasy; the one she had dreamed up before Dave the Gym Stalker tried it on with her. And she was now twitching and throbbing with anticipation.

Slowly, she leaned into him, her arms crossing around his neck and her breasts mashed warm and soft against his chest. Gently she ran her smooth cheek up against his and whispered in his ear, ‘I’m on birth control now…’

‘Oh really,’ Robert gasped as his heart leapt into his throat. She exhaled a spine-tingling breath into his ear and pulled back just enough to look him in the eyes again before slowly nodding. They were inches apart. Meanwhile his hands found their way to the fullness of her buttocks and with his strong arms he hoisted her up and drew her closer. The desire to kiss was maddening, electric; breathtaking. ‘Was that because of me?’

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