The Secrets of Indian Rock Ch. 01

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So there I was at nineteen in the woods with my dick in my hand, my shorts around my ankles leaning on a giant boulder, just moments from orgasm and then she appears out of nowhere and catches me in the act.

I was fucked. I mean, not literally fucked. God knows I wanted nothing more at that moment than to sink my cock into a wet, willing pussy. By fucked I meant disgraced and unemployed. Fortunately, the story has a better conclusion.

But I should explain how I found myself in such a compromising position. I was about halfway into my second week as a counsellor at a scout camp in New Hampshire. As summer jobs went, it was pretty easy. I had been to this camp for a few years as a kid, so it was a perfect fit. It sure beat life in the kitchen making fast food like I did last summer.

And I loved my particular job working in the nature center. It better fit my bookish sensibilities than the rifle range, archery, swimming, or the ropes course. The other two guys who were with me in the nature center were really cool too, fellow nerdy college students who always had something interesting to say.

But there was one problem, I was nineteen and “young, dumb, and full of cum” as my elders and betters would say. At least when I was flipping burgers, I could go out after work and try to hook up, but this camp was hours from any girls I knew. Moreover we were required to stay on the camp 24/7 except for church, and there wasn’t much action to be had at the local RCC, so far as I knew anyway.

There were only two girls anywhere near my age at the camp, Laurie and Trish, both were college students dragged their by their parents, but they were rather aloof, keeping to themselves and the directors core staff, and I never saw them far from the mess hall where they presumably worked during the day.

There was one other thing adding blueness to my balls. All three nature center counsellors shared a single tent and the other two guys hardly ever left the center. There were no private showers either, so I couldn’t even jerk off in there like I would at home.

Despite these constraints, my cock would not be denied, so I had fallen into the habit of taking a hike in the late afternoons before dinner to find some private place to wank in peace. My favorite spot was about a half mile from the nearest campsite in a hidden meadow that I had learned about through the scout’s secret society, the Order of the Arrow. There was a path to it, but you wouldn’t know it was there unless somebody told you about it. The trailhead was hidden by a large tree and a flat rock jutting like a tomb stone out of the ground, and since it was used only once a year, it got little wear. Unless you were standing actually on it, it was obscured by a thick bed of ferns.

The path itself sloped down towards a creek, and once across it, a vast stand of long-needled pines awaited on the other side. There you snake through almost a canyon carved long ago by glaciers until at last there’s a small circular meadow with a big boulder on the other side.

It was called Indian Rock and this thing was colossal, maybe about fifty feet tall, almost spherical, covered with lichens and soft mosses string on the edge of the clearing as if it was a croquet ball left behind by a kaiju. More precisely, it’s what geologists call an erratic. But once safely on the other side of it with the warm sun peeking through the leaves above moved by a soft summer breeze, the feeling became erotic.

Some of the older guys in the lodge said this was the site of an old Indian village. Some said it was a burial ground and that it was haunted. Others said it was a ceremonial site for coming of age rituals.

Nobody had any evidence for any of these theories, so I preferred the latter explanation, and bearing that thought in mind I would drop my shorts, lean back against it, and push my hips forward, letting my erection curl up toward the sun like a blooming flower.

My routine was to call to mind any of a hundred fantasies, thrusting into the sunshine sometimes for ten minutes or more before letting my fingers grasp my shaft, smearing the built up wad of precum over the head and pleasuring myself to a massive climax. I would think about old girlfriends, or maybe my friend’s hot mom. Sometimes I’d draw inspiration from my surroundings imagine being a viking with a maiden, a samurai with a geisha, or an indian brave taking a squaw from behind as I’d fire my wad into the sky or blast it into my palm.

Once I’d drained my balls, I’d wipe the residue onto the moss on the rock, hitch up my shorts and then trek straight down to the dining hall to enjoy a meal güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri unencumbered by my persistent erection.

Sure, it wasn’t as good as actually having a girl, but it was more exciting that whacking off in bed or the shower back home, so I counted my blessings.

But blessed was not how I felt at the moment I got caught. Normally, I keep an ear peeled for approaching footsteps, but on this particular occasion it was a pretty breezy day. The grasses of the meadow were in constant motion with a hot wind, so that’s probably why I didn’t hear her coming, but it was too late for that.

“Oh my God! What’re you doing?” she exclaimed, putting her hand over her mouth as she suddenly appeared from the left side of the great rock.

As soon as I saw her, I doubled over, reaching for my shorts, and then tumbled over into the soft grass. Within seconds I had managed to wrestle my erection back behind my zipper and I looked up at her in terror.

It was Laurie. That was bad news. She was the youngest daughter of the camp’s assistant director, a man who’s two sons finished scouts years ago but stayed on to help run the camp. His wife helped out with the mess hall and I guess they dragged Laurie up to camp with them. Every time I saw her she looked pissed off, so I figured I was in for it.

She looked as shocked as I felt, and maybe angry or afraid, so that added to the terror.

“I’m sorry Laurie, I didn’t know you were there. It won’t happen again,” I pleaded. “Just please don’t tell anyone.”

Her face softened at these words. After an eternity she spoke.

“I thought you were waiting here to ambush me or something,”

“Oh God, no!” I exclaimed, now really nervous. “I didn’t know there was anyone else out here. I just wanted to be alone so I could, uhm.”

“I thought you saw me following down by the creek,” she responded. “You had quite the expression on your face as you turned the corner.”

“No, I didn’t. I mean, I don’t know what I was thinking,” I said searching my memory for a moment where I saw her but I came up empty.

“You looked like a wolf,” she replied, smiling a bit.

“Oh, well. That wasn’t my intention. So why were you following me?” I asked, sensing the tension lowering.

“I was curious when I saw you turn off the trail, I’ve been to this camp for years, but I didn’t know there was a path here.”

“Well, you found it, the secret circle of Indian Rock.” After a moment I felt bold enough to press further. “But why aren’t you down at the mess hall like usual? I’ve never seen you out this far before.”

“I do get out from time to time, usually time my wandering to when the boys are scheduled to be at activities. Mom’s a pain in the ass, and tonight is just chowder and pre-made bread rolls so there was like nothing for me to prep. It was damn hot in there, too, so I decided to walk around and get some air.”

“Ah, okay,” I replied, taking this as a good sign. “So are we cool? You’re not going to tell anyone, right?”

“No, it’s okay. My brothers would take hours in the shower, so I get it. And even if I wanted to turn you in, I don’t even know your name,” she laughed.

I bristled a bit at the slight but quickly recovered. “I’m Will,” I said smiling slightly. I briefly considered offering her my hand, but that would mean letting my cock spring up again.

With the danger seeming to pass, my libido returned to the helm and I looked over Laurie. She was a pale brunette as skinny as a bean pole, and tall, too, maybe 5’9. She wore glasses that slightly magnified her green eyes. She had her longish chestnut hair in a pony tail with a few shorter bangs that she would push away from her eyes every few moments. She was wearing a loose white t-shirt that hinted at a pair of high-riding small breasts and pale blue jean shorts with a pair of red Chuck Taylors.

If she were shorter you might call her mousy, but having been deprived of female companionship for more than a week, she was a goddess in my eyes. Realizing that I must be leering, I tried to avert my eyes from the white bra strap on her shoulder and return them to her face before I got in trouble again.

Seeking a way out, I looked at my watch. “It’s four already, close to dinner. We should probably head back.”

“Yeah. Sure, but…” she replied quietly pausing looking down, considering her words carefully. “But don’t you want to finish?”

My cock stirred violently at the suggestion.

“You mean you leave now and I stay here to, uhm…”

“Yeah, you could do that,” she said. “But that’s not what I was thinking.”

My mind raced güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri over the possibilities and she looked down again while I studied the sunlight flashing crimson, yellow, and green against her hair.

“You mean you want to stay here while I do it?” I whispered after a few moments, pressing my luck.

“Yeah. If you don’t mind. But I just watch, okay?” she answered nervously.

“Sure, yeah. That’s fine with me,” I replied tentatively. “But you promise not to tell anyone, right?”

“Same for you, of course,” she responded regaining some confidence. “This is our secret.”

“Cross my heart! Scout’s honor!” I grinned.

“Okay,” she replied smiling.

I stood up and brushed the grass off of me and looked at Laurie as she nervously gnawed on her bottom lip.

I put my hand on my zipper and said, “you’re sure, right?”

“Sure,” she whispered, now looking brazenly at my crotch. Sweet, innocent Laurie didn’t look so innocent any more.

I looked down and noticed how obscenely my olive green shorts were tented by the seething erection underneath. I grasped my botton with one hand and pulled down the zipper with the other.

Conscious of being watched, I decided to make a little show of it. I peeled open my fly and thrust my hips forward letting my white cotton briefs come into site. Dropping my shorts to my ankles, I looked down to see my how my thin briefs framed my snaking penis with the head threatening to peek over the waistband, making a gray circle with hot precum. I took a two fingers and rubbed them up and down the bottom of my shaft, teasing my frenulum.

I looked over at Laurie and she was watching by crotch intently with her arms wrapped around herself. one hand resting below her breast and the other above her hip. It had the effect of tightening the shirt. It was threadbare enough that I could make out the lines of her bra underneath. She must be a perky 34A I imagined and my penis twitched.

I then shoved my thumbs into briefs and slowly drew them down, letting the band catch agains my flexing cock. The strap got caught on the tip, but the shaft would not yield, and I pulled down until the band snapped away, flipping my cock up against my belly with a soft tap.

So there I was in the middle of the woods in the sun wearing a red t-shirt, my shorts at my ankles with my proud erection throbbing in salute Laurie. I’m about 5’11” and pale, but thanks to soccer and cycling I had a pretty conditioned body, so I imagine I wasn’t the least attractive male specimen.

I put my hands on my hips and thrusted my cock up into the warm air. I was so stiff it didn’t even shake no matter how quickly I moved.

I heard Laurie gasp and I saw that her left hand was now cupping her right breast through her shirt, her index finger and thumb grasping at her nipple through her tiny bra.

I watched her for a few moments as my cock swelled with pride, enjoying the attention as I thrust up into the air as I closed my eyes. This went on for a couple of minutes before she started a conversation.

“What’re you thinking about?” I heard her whisper.

“That’s a loaded question” I thought before answering. “Sucking your tiny tits while drilling your pussy,” would’ve been an honest answer, but I didn’t want to scare her off, so my mind raced to find an alternative, so I stalled for time.

“Just the normal stuff, I guess, I just think of a fantasy.”

“Uh huh, like what?” she pressed. “I’ve always been curious about what boys think about when they jerk off.”

I could’ve mentioned a list of ex girlfriends, crushes, and celebrities, but even as aroused as I was, I realized mentioning any of this might make her jealous or self conscious. Then I found the answer, “The brave and the squaw!” I thought.

“I’m imagining that I’m and indian brave. I’m here with a squaw for a special ceremony. She’s in front of me leaning on the rock, bending over for me getting ready to receive me.”

“Uhhhnnnhhh…” As I continued to pump into the sunny air, I heard her exhale, her eyes still locked on my throbbing member, her right hand now toying with the button on her shorts.

“Aren’t you gonna jerk it?” she asked.

“I like the air and sun first, When I get enough precum, i will” I answered noticing a shiny bead had formed on the top of my cock.

“Looks like you got one. Tell what it’s like to push it inside your little squaw,” Laurie said.

I reached down with my right hand, grasping my cock firmly overhand, smearing the clear liquid into my palm, working it into my cock. The sensation was amazing and I gasped, leaning güvenilir bahis şirketleri back onto the mossy stone, closing my eyes.

I caressed my shaft, slowly stroking it up and down alternating over and under hand, pausing only to spit into my hand. The pleasure was more intense than usual.

“Oh God, if feels great. So tight and wet.”

“Then what?” I heard Laurie whisper as I grazed my palm over my cock head.

“Sorry?” I asked, opening my eyes.

“What’re you doing to you squaw?”

I opened my eyes and saw her right hand was now buried down the front of her shorts. The top button was open revealing the front of tiny, white panties and there was a tiny bow in the middle of the lacy waistband. As I gawked at her taught belly and her wanton expression, I almost forgot the question.

“Ah, uhh… I’m pushing my cock into her. Enjoying her sweet pussy. Mmmm…” I jerked faster watching her finger herself.

“Yeah. No such thing as condoms back then, right. Is she tight and wet?” Laurie asked.

“Wow, that’s kinky,” I thought before answering.

“Oh yeah. So hot.” Laurie now got my imagination going. “It a ritual. Young warriors come to this sacred circle by the big rock to do it. It’s good luck.”

“Uh huh, give it to her hard,” hissed Laurie. “This is a place of fertility,” Laurie added.

“Holy fuck, she’s getting into it,” I thought. And I opened my eyes a crack and saw that her shorts were open and her hand was wildly circling her fingers inside her pussy. I watched as I saw them disappear into her dark nest, listening to the wet slurpy sound as she careened toward orgasm. Her eyes opened and began to dart between my face and me jerking my cock. Hard.

“You bet she is, look how hard you are. The squaw wants his cum bad, doesn’t she?” she continued.


“And you want to cum insider her, too, right?”

That did it. The way she said it the way she looked. Too fucking sexy. Normally I’d go for a half hour or more, but I couldn’t last one more minute. Not like this.

“Oh yeah… Oh fuck!”

“Can you feel her pussy squeezing that cock? Trying to milk it?”

“And I wanna blow it all inside her… Oh god, I’m gonna cum!” I yelled.

“That’s it, give it to her! Pump her pussy! Put a baby in her little cunt!!”


My balls quaked, sending my load surging up like an over-full boiling pot rattling off it’s lid. I decided not to cum into my palm, instead I was going to put on a show for Laurie and shoot it out as far as I could.

My hand was a blur and I groaned uncontrollably, rocking forward onto my toes jamming my hips forward over and over as I fired shot after shot of hot seed across the grass.

I turned just as Laurie’s eyes shut and she let out a guttural grunt as I saw her body collapse onto her hand in ecstasy as she sank to her knees. She seemed to sob for a moment or two before opening her eyes and looking up at me, her face flushed.

I was worried for a moment since I had never seen a girl cum that hard, but I relaxed when I saw her smile and throw her head back, inhaling with an expression of massive relief.

After I caught my breath, I wiped my brow and resumed our conversation. “Wow,” I said. “That was amazing!” my legs were effectively jelly thanks to the shattering climax.

“Yeah,” she agreed. “I really needed that,” she said standing up, quickly buttoning her shorts.

I followed suit and we made our way back across the meadow toward the hidden path. During the walk I learned that she too was a college freshman but she lived at home to save money.

She wanted to stay home during the summer and drive to work, but her parents didn’t trust her in the house by herself for that long. “I mean, for fuck’s sake, I’m not a really party girl,” she complained. “The worst that I’d do is stay up all night reading Lord of the Rings or playing D&D. She’s super over-protective.”

“And she’s a nerd, damn!” I thought to myself before grasping for a joke.

“Well, you have to give her credit, though. It’s not like you could get into any mischief at a camp with hundreds of horny boys around, right?”

“I know, right?” she giggled. “She didn’t really think it through. Anyway, this was really cool, Will. Maybe we could do that again some time?”

“Oh yeah! I try to get out here between 3:30 and 4 when the weather’s good,” I said suddenly stopping. “Now I’ll wait here for a bit. The trail head is just over the ridge here. So go out ahead and I’ll leave later so we’re not seen together.”

“Good thinking,” said Laurie and she blushed for a moment and gave me a kiss on the cheek and went off ahead.

I smiled admiring her tight ass as she walked away, awestruck by what had just happened. I had just jerked off with a hot, geeky girl who seems to have an impregnation kink. And she wants to do it again. Life was good, but it was soon to get better, then lots worse, and then better again.

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