The Search Ch. 01

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“Come on, you must have done something wild before. I want to hear about it.”

I paused. My eyes towards the ceiling as I considered how to answer this question. This conversation started a few hours ago, and it embodied every aspect of what happens when two enamored people get to know each other. But, the sensation of the conversation turned when the topic of sex came up.

I knew she was sexual. This was abundantly clear to me when she invited me to her bedroom at the end of our first date under the pretense that she just wanted to keep talking. Shortly after we got to her room, my head was between her legs. I also knew she passionate. While I had been with a number of women before, none had the same vivacity as her. Her body would melt into mine in an expression of passion that I had never felt before.

I had to think deeply about my past. Do I embellish a real experience just enough to show her that I am compatible with her? Why am I drawing a blank? Is it because I know that whatever I say, she’s going to top me?

“Well … I’ve had several one-night stands.”

“That’s pretty hot.” The way she said it insinuated that she too had several one-night stands. I did not want to know if that was true. When I had my one-night stands, I just wanted to fuck someone. I felt nothing more than a need to fill a desire on those nights. And if I find out that she’s had one-night stands, then I know she’s felt the same needs.

And, what if she’s had more one-night stands than I have? Surely, it has to be effortless for a beautiful woman like her to find someone to fuck. And, if it’s effortless for her, and she shares the same need, then chances are she’s been with a lot of men. What if they pleased her in ways that I cannot? I was intimidated.

On the other hand, I did want to know if it was true. Not only did I want to know if it was true, but I wanted to know just how many one-night stands she has had. Her sensuality that began to captivate me on our first date was intensifying. As I became more captivated by her sensuality, the more I wanted to know what pleases her.

“Have you ever had a one-night stand?”

“Haha, yeah, I’ve had a one-night stand.”

Her airy way of answering my question made it abundantly clear to me that she definitely shares the same desires I have. And it all but confirmed that she has been with a lot of men. But the look in her eyes comforted me. She was not trying to intimidate me at all. Rather, she was revealing herself to me, so we would become closer.

“Is this something that happened often?”

“What? No. Of course not. I bet you have had more one-night stands than I have.”

“Hmmm, I somehow doubt that!”

“Oh stop, ok fine. I’ve had two.”

“So have I,” I said.

“OK, well maybe it was three … or four.”

“Or five … or six … or seven …” She smiled at me and laughed. Then she paused and slightly bit her lip. I again found comfort in the look in her eyes. She was drawing me into her sexuality. I was entranced. I pressed on, “well, how many one-night stands have you had?”

“Why do you want to know?”

“I am wondering just how crazier you are than me?”

“Oh, well I think one-night stands are hot, but that’s definitely NOT the craziest thing I have ever done.”

Wow. What did that mean? I was definitely not expecting her to say something like that. And the way she said it too. Instinctively, I felt uneasy by her statement, but then I saw those eyes. A coy smile came across her lips, seemingly gauging my comfort level. The expression on her face revealed a deep-seated desire. Perhaps she desired me. Perhaps what made her canlı bahis desire me was my willingness to embrace her sensuality. My lips were slightly dry as I noticed that I was nervous over how strong her desire just might be. But I wanted to experience her sensuality.

I had to calm myself before I asked, “then what is the wildest thing you have ever done?”

“Well, do you really want to know?”

“Yeah … I do.”

“Hmm. Well, it’s kind of embarrassing.”


“Because it’s really slutty!”

Now my whole mouth was dry. I was anxious to know what she meant by “really slutty.” I felt vulnerable, but I was incredibly aroused. “I want to know.” I surprised myself with how direct I was.

“OK, I hooked up with two guys at the same time at a party a few years ago.”

My eyes were wide. Trying to seem composed, I asked “what do you mean ‘hooked up’?”

She shrugged and looked away. “You know, we hooked up. I was at a party, and so was a guy I was fucking at that time. He was there with a friend of his, and he was very attractive. We all got pretty drunk, and I ended up in a room with the two of them and I took turns making out with them.”

“… So, you were just taking turns making out with them, and then what?”

“That’s pretty much it.”

“Where were their hands when you were making out?”

“They were touching me.”

“They just put their hands all over you while this happened?”

“Yeah, pretty much,” she said, breathing a little heavier. Clearly, there was more. I could feel my heartbeat quickening. I was visualizing this scene as I looked at her. “Where were your hands when they were taking turns making out with you?”

The look in her eyes was burning. We were both signaling to each other just how turned on we were. I knew she wanted to tell me more, and I wanted to know more. “I was touching them back,” she said.

My heart racing faster, I slowly moved my hand towards her body. Our eyes never leaving each other, I asked “where were you touching them?”

“Up and down their chests,” she said as my hand made contact with her bare leg. “Where else?”

“Mmm … and their cocks.”

My hand moving up her thigh and underneath the small shorts she was wearing, until I had a firm grasp on her hip. “Were they hard?”


I released my grip on her hip. My hand moving over her thigh, I asked “were you wet?”


I leaned in and kissed her. Passionately. I leaned into her until she was on her back. My eyes closed, as I kissed her and felt her passion. I imagined the scene she depicted. Her standing in between these two guys. Kissing one, while the other has his hands all over her body. And then she stops, and turns to the other one, and starts kissing him, while the other’s hands move all over her body. All the while, her hands are rubbing them both. One cock in each hand.

The only thing that drew me out of this trance, was the feeling of heat as I rubbed her thigh. I moved my hands towards the heat, and I felt her wet panties. Was she this wet when she kissed them? I moved my hand inside of her panties and touched her gently. Her wetness immediately soaked my finger. “Tell me more.”

She was moaning. Looking into my eyes, while I rubbed her pussy, she said “I dropped to my knees, and I looked up at the guy I was fucking. I unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down. His hard cock was pushing against his boxers. I reached into his boxers and put my hand around him. I stroked his cock and pulled down his boxers with my other hand. Then I leaned forward and put his cock into my mouth.”

I kissed her again. My finger bahis siteleri eased its way into her. She moved her body, responding to my touch. I could tell she wanted more. Her legs spread wide as I moved to get on top of her. She moaned as I moved my finger in and out of her as I kissed her. I pulled my fingers out of her and moved both of my hands to her hips. Then slowly up her body and around her back. Her tank top began to bunch around her waist as I moved my hands up her body. She pushed me away and took off her top. Her cleavage spilling out of her bra, I reached around her and unhooked her bra so she could take it off. She pushed me back down and we kissed some more.

My intrigue grew and I stopped and sat us up. “I want to know more.” I started kissing her neck. She moaned loudly. I moved down to her breasts and started licking her nipples. My tongue making slow circles around her nipple until I would slightly bite and suck on it at the same time. “Mmm fuck … After I suck my fuck boy for a bit, I turned to his friend. I took off his clothes until his cock was free. And then I put his cock in my mouth, too.”

I leaned her back, so I could begin to move my lips further down her body. I licked her stomach. At the same time, I put my hand inside the tight elastic of the little shorts she was wearing. I pulled down her shorts and panties in one quick motion. I looked her in the eyes, and she gave me a burning look. I moved towards her pussy, and right before my lips met hers, I said “tell me more.”

She moaned loudly, her pussy dripping. My tongue parted her lips, and I moved it all the way from the bottom, over her hole, up to her clit. I put my lips around her clit, and lightly sucked it. And as I did this to her again and again, in between loud, long and deep moans, she responded to me.

“I took turns sucking their cocks … Jerking them both at the same time. I felt like such a whore. And I fucking loved it. Mmm fuck, I really fucking loved it. Ohhhh fuck. Fuck, don’t stop, you’re making me cum!” Her thighs wrapped tightly around my head. Both of her hands on the back of my head, grinding herself against my face. My mouth on her clit, sucking as I licked it. Then she tensed tightly, holding her breath, until she started shaking uncontrollably, screaming “I’m cumming!!”

She let out a loud moan in one, really long breath. Her body intensely shaking as the moan left her body. Grabbing for air, she loosened the grip her thighs had on my head, but not completely. She caught her breath, and I knew she did not want me to stop because her thighs were still around my head. I put my lips back on hers and started licking her again.

Tensing and moaning, she told me “go slower. I want to tell you more. I stopped sucking their cocks, got up and walked towards the bed. That night, I had on this tight cover up that I wore as a dress. My tits spilled out of it. I had on a white lace bra and a matching thong. I got on all fours and just looked back at them. My guy walked towards me, took his shirt off and got behind me. He flipped up my skirt, grabbed his cock with one hand and my hip with his other. He pulled me back until I felt his hard cock press against me. He used his cock to push my thong to the side and he slid right into me. I was drenched, so I made it easy for him. His friend got in front of me and put his cock in my face. And then I got fucked… Harddddd… Mmmm… And while I got fucked hard, I sucked his friend’s cock.”

Her thighs clenched around my head again. Her body convulsing. And then I felt her juices flow and she started screaming, again. Breathing heavily, moaning loudly. I was bahis şirketleri gripping her hips, knowing she loved to be touched there. Her legs let go, and as she caught her breath she told me more.

“I told them to switch, because I wanted the other cock inside of me too. His friend felt so good inside of me. He fucked me differently, and I found myself grinding into him as he buried himself deep inside of me. He was using his cock to grind against my g-spot. And I came so fucking hard. Just like I am doing now!!”

Grinding hard into my face, her juices flooded my mouth. I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to fulfill her desires and make her cum again and again. And while I did, I imagined her on all fours, getting fucked from behind while she had a hard cock in her mouth.

She was moaning incoherently. Guttural sounds that revealed the pure ecstasy she was experiencing. She kept going and going, seemingly fighting against her own body telling her to stop. When her body was nearly limp, she let go of my head and slumped into the bed that was soaked by her juices.

Her eyes caught mine, and I saw carnal desire. My intensity matched hers. I hurriedly took off my pants. My cock throbbed hard as I put it right against her pussy. Before I put my cock inside of her, I asked, “what else happened?”

“They took turns fucking me. They were both getting closer and closer. The friend was inside of me, and I felt his cock start to tense. I knew he was going to cum. I felt him start to pull out of me.”

I felt her legs wrap around my waist and she said, “but I reached back around me and grabbed his ass. I stopped sucking the other cock and turned around and said to him ‘cum inside of me.'” She immediately pulled me into her and held me tightly. With my cock buried inside of her, she ground against me. My cock was pulsing hard and I knew I was going to cum. I started moaning, and I could not hold out any longer. We looked each other deep in the eyes, and I unloaded inside of her. As my cock pumped cum deep inside of her, she started breathing quicker and quicker until her body convulsed one more time.

I came like never before. She let me go and my still hard cock slipped out of her. I looked down, and my cum was flowing out of her. I collapsed next to her. The release was so intense, I felt numb. My whole body tingled. My cock was covered in my cum and her cum. She laid down next to me and kissed my neck. I could feel her breath against my neck as she kissed me.

She cooed in my ear, and said “don’t you want to know the rest?” I couldn’t verbally respond to her, but my cock remained hard. That was all she needed to see, and she licked down my chest. She made her way to my cum covered cock. She put her lips around me and sucked me clean. As she licked my balls and groin, she said “he came inside of me, and held me tight against him until he was done. Then I looked at my guy, and I grabbed his cock. I sucked him and started jerking him hard. He was getting close and I looked at him and told him to ‘cum on my face.’ That put him over the edge, and he absolutely covered my face with his load.”

My cock was throbbing again, and she took me into her mouth. She took me all the way down. She held herself there, making it obvious that she wanted me to cum in her throat. I felt that surge begin to course through my body, and I did not even try to hold it back. My cock started to throb until it was pulsating as it pumped my cum in her throat. As she pulled herself off of my cock, a long strand of cum and saliva hung from her lips. She took it with her fingers and licked them clean. Then she collapsed in the bed and melted into me.

We laid there together, breathing into each other. I felt connected to her. The sensations that coursed through me made me feel high. We stayed connected, our bodies melting together, until we both fell asleep.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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