The Scavenger Pt. 02

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I reached into the urn where Shawn had placed Leanna’s panties and pulled them out. I looked at the lacy thong and smiled. He had done as I asked and the first part of the scavenger hunt was over now that I had Leanna’s panties in my possession. I balled them up in my hand and headed up the stairs, hoping that my teenage children hadn’t heard me. I tiptoed up the stairs to where Shawn was stripping down to his boxer briefs to get into bed.

“We’re not really going to bed, are we?” I asked, fondling Leanna’s panties as I waited for Shawn to answer.

“I hope not because my dick is rock solid.”

“Leanna didn’t drain you completely, then?” I wondered.

“I’ve never been this horny in my life. Something about you sending me out to fuck really has me turned on.”

I lifted my hand and opened it, revealing Leanna’s panties. “Were these difficult to get?” I asked him.

“Not at all.”

“You might have to get me some other panties then, of other girls I’ve wanted you to fuck.”

“There are other girls you want me to fuck?” Shawn looked perplexed, and I suppose I didn’t blame him. I had never given him any indication that this was what I wanted. That was because I hadn’t realized what I wanted until recently. I was scared to tell Shawn that I was starting to fantasize about women a lot more lately. I had only been with men for most of my life until we had started swinging.

Lorna Smith was the first woman I ever had sex with. She was in our online swinger group. Shawn and I had used online swinger groups to dip our toes into the swinger lifestyle. Our lifestyle before that had been quite vanilla. I had never envisioned myself fucking another woman. I didn’t have any desire to, and I had never had any sexual feelings for another woman. Lorna was sweet. She was a friendly person who made everyone around her feel special, even me.

Lorna and her husband, Frank, met us at a swinger’s New Year’s Eve party. That was the night we all hooked up, and I lost my girl virginity. I wore a tiny, black dress, and Lorna wore a sparkly, pink one. She was a bit older than me, and I remember thinking that she looked pretty with her sparkling eyeshadow and her hot pink lipstick. Lorna had dark blonde hair and piercing blue eyes that she hid behind thin-framed glasses. She wasn’t skinny, but she did have the type of voluptuous curves that Shawn found alluring. I loved the softness of her body against mine.

“Come on!” she called as she led me out onto the dance floor. She pushed her body against mine, and for the first time, I could feel the softness of her massive tits against my smaller ones. I could smell her perfume as she pulled me closer to her. We were bouncing to the music, and my face was buried in her neck. I don’t know what possessed me to kiss her, but I found my mouth suckling at her neck. I liked the way she tasted, and so I continued until she was moaning.

She pulled my head away from her neck and stared me down. Wordlessly, she leaned in and kissed me. I knew that Shawn was watching this, and I also knew that he was on board with me fucking other women. I had expressed my disinterest and told him it would never happen, but it was happening. Lorna Smith’s tongue was in my mouth. We kissed deeply as our hands roamed over one another’s bodies. I liked the round, plumpness of her ass, and the thickness of her thighs. She moaned into my mouth, and I felt a surge of lust. I wished that I could fuck her, that I was a man, and that I had a dick to fuck her with.

I wasn’t sure what to do with all of the lust that was building up inside of me, but soon Shawn joined us, and I encouraged him to stick his dick into Lorna as I licked her pussy. Lorna’s husband, Frank, was supportive of Lorna having a fun night. He watched mostly, only joining in when she begged him to. I had never licked a pussy before, and there was a comfort in having Shawn’s dick inside her before I licked it. I liked the way Shawn’s thick cock stretched her out. I played with her pussy a bit before I finally lowered my tongue to meet her flesh for the first time. She was already moaning as Shawn moved slowly in and out of her.

I was hungry, licking and sucking on Lorna’s clit, hoping to get my fill. What had once seemed like a fantasy that şirinevler escort would never come true was now happening! I was enjoying the experience. The taste of her pussy juices was something I will always remember. I had no idea that pussy tasted so delicious, and I knew that this was the first of many pussies that I would taste in the future. Shawn couldn’t help it. He blew his load way too fast, but I suppose I forgive him. It wasn’t every day I was licking a pussy that he was fucking. It was a special moment, and I couldn’t believe that we were actually doing it!

“Honey?” I heard Shawn’s voice pulling me back into reality.

“Sorry, I was just thinking about Lorna Smith.”

“Oh, yeah. Good old Lorna. I wonder how she’s doing…” he pondered.

“I’m sure she’s fine,” I gave Shawn a dirty smile. “Does thinking about me licking her pussy while your dick is up inside of her make you hard? Let me see that cock.” I reached for Shawn’s dick, fondling it with both hands with the precision of a wife who loves her husband. I worked his cock with my hands until he was nice and solid. “I want to ride you,” I announced. “Get on the bed.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Shawn obliged, and I liked it when I had control over the situation, and Shawn was doing what I wanted. He was going to serve me well for the rest of his Halloween scavenger hunt. I had a few surprises up my sleeve, one of them being Lorna Smith.

I took a deep sniff of Leanna’s panties as Shawn got settled on the bed. I really hoped he hadn’t seen me do that. I set the panties down before I shed the rest of my clothes and double-checked that the door was locked. Our teenage kids were still home, and we didn’t want them busting in on us while we had our kinky sex.

I climbed onto Shawn’s hard cock, lowering my pussy down, so it slid into me slowly. I let out a sigh of contentment as his dick hit the depths of my pussy. I moved my hips in slow, circular motions, knowing that this was the best way to get Shawn horny and close to cumming without actually letting him cum. I had another mission for him, and I wanted him to be exceptionally horny when he went on it. I was teasing him now.

“You like pussy, don’t you, Shawn?” I asked.

“Yes. I love pussy.”

“Did you like fucking Leanna’s pussy?”

“Yes,” he admitted.

“Your cock smells like her,” I told him. “I want to suck it so I can taste her.”

I hopped off his cock and turned around, so my pussy was in his face as I began to suck his dick. He did taste like Leanna, and I licked and sucked until the taste of her pussy was gone. I wanted him to be “clean” for his next mission, which I was about to send him on. He had no idea how much I needed this or wanted this. I hadn’t told him, and I wasn’t planning on getting into all of the details. I hadn’t told him that I was filming each of his encounters or that the panties he was bringing me were part of a unique project I was working on. I would keep sending him out to fuck other women, and he would keep doing it. He didn’t need to know why.

His mouth was now on my pussy, and he hungrily lapped at my clit until I couldn’t help but cum. I let out a few long moans, but then harnessed the pleasure until I was screaming inwardly instead of outwardly. I didn’t want the kids ruining my fun. I needed to be quiet.

I pulled my mouth from Shawn’s cock, panting to catch my breath. “Wow, that felt good. I think it’s time for me to send you on your next mission,” I explained.

“When will that be? Tomorrow?”

“No, it’s now.”

“What? It’s almost 11 pm!” Shawn protested.

“I know, but this is a perfect time.” I handed him a sealed envelope. “Here, read this. I’m going to go downstairs and hang out with the kids while you handle this.

“Come on, honey. I think you’re taking this a little too far,” Shawn protested.

“I’ll say when it’s too far,” I pushed the envelope toward him until he took it.

“You’re out of control, Rachel,” he said in a perturbed tone. I ignored it. I knew he wouldn’t be upset once he saw who his next target was.

As soon as I left the room, Shawn opened the envelope and began to read:

Dear Shawn,

It’s almost our anniversary! I hope you şişli escort are excited. I am sending you on a Scavenger Hunt for our anniversary this year. Tonight, I have Lorna Smith coming over to give you her perfect pussy. She has been calling me often to ask about when she can see you. She should be texting you soon to come over. I told her to go through the garage door. I’ll keep the kids distracted while you take her to our bedroom and fuck her. While she is here, I want you to get her panties. Place the panties in the purple urn on the mantle after she leaves. If you get the panties, there will be another mission. If not, this will be it. I really hope you make it to the next round! Happy Halloween!



By the time he was done, Lorna had already sent him a text. He went down to meet her, careful not to make any noise as he led her back through the garage and up the back stairs to our bedroom.

“Where is Dad?” Stacy asked me. “I want to show him this unicorn I made in my art class!” She held up a fragile clay unicorn.

“He’s already asleep,” I lied. “He had a long day.”

“Can I be a unicorn for Halloween?” Stacy asked.

“Absolutely. Why don’t you look for a unicorn costume online?” I encouraged her to do something other than ruin my sexy plans for her father.

“If you go as a unicorn, people are going to say you’re horny,” Peter interjected. He had been reading a book, and I hadn’t realized he was listening.

“What was that?” Stacy said, looking up toward the ceiling where a loud thudding noise had taken place.

“I’m not sure,” I said honestly. “You two stay here. Don’t move. I’m going to go investigate.”

“Okay, Mom,” Stacy said.

“Find a cute unicorn costume, and I’ll buy it for you. And you – back to your book,” I told Peter. I left my kids in the living room and headed slowly up the stairs. I couldn’t hear anything now, yet I was hoping that Shawn had his dick in Lorna. I ambled toward our bedroom door and pressed my ear up to the side to see if I could hear anything.

I had cameras set up inside, but I needed my laptop to view the footage. I had accidentally left it inside of the bedroom. Watching the footage as it happened would have been hot. Still, somehow that wasn’t as alluring as actually listening to it happen without them realizing that I was there. I could hear Shawn’s heavy breathing, and I wondered what she was doing to him. My imagination was going wild. I knew that they had wanted to fuck for months, and I had been the one that was getting in their way. Not anymore. I was going to let Shawn fuck all the women that he wanted to. I was enjoying it far too much to let him stop now.

Lorna was moaning. I heard Shawn tell her to shut the fuck up. My pussy was absolutely dripping as I imagined what it must look like with my husband’s cock deep in Lorna’s cunt. I thought about walking in and joining them, but I knew that it would ruin the moment. They didn’t want me. They liked each other, and I wanted them to have what they wanted.

“Mom, I found a costume!” I heard Stacy scream. I knew I had to get out of there before Shawn figured out that I was listening at the door. I moved away from the door and quickly made my way back downstairs. Stacy was smiling with a bookmarked page containing a unicorn costume.

“Isn’t this cute, Mom?” Stacy asked.

“Yes! It’s a bit sexy for a girl your age, though. Try again.”

“Told you, Mom won’t let you be a slut for Halloween, Stace!” Peter gloated.

“What are you going to be this year, Pete?” I asked.

“I’m thinking of being Steve Jobs. It’s an easy costume.”

“That’s such a nerdy costume, Peter!” Stacy laughed.

“Not all costumes are slutty, Stacy,” Peter shook his head. “I know it’s hard for your brain to comprehend.”

I slowly sneaked out of the living room as my kids argued about slutty versus nerdy costumes for Halloween. I was back at the door to my bedroom, my heart pounding. I could hear Lorna cumming, her moans tortured and sexy. I loved that my husband was the one making her feel that way, even if I couldn’t. Their fucking noises had stopped, and I realized that they were done. I made my way back down the stairs, disappointed suadiye escort that I hadn’t been able to hear more of their tryst. I knew that I would watch the videos later when I was alone, which would be sexy. Still, there was something about listening to it happen in the moment that had my pussy so fucking wet. I knew I was going to have to fuck my husband before I let him fall asleep.

I made sure the kids were distracted as Shawn walked Lorna out. I heard him walk into the sitting room where the purple urn was located. I knew he had gotten her panties even before I checked the urn. He walked into the living room with a big smile on his face.

“Hey Daddy! Do you think this costume is slutty?” Stacy asked before he even had a chance to speak.

“Do you think Steve Jobs is a nerdy costume?” Peter asked.

“I think that is a bit too revealing, Stacy and no Steve Jobs is an easy costume, just a turtleneck, and glasses, really.”

“See, Stacy!” Peter gloated.

“Hey honey, I thought you went to sleep,” I hugged him tightly, sniffing him to see if he smelled like Lorna. I breathed in his scent, and I could smell her on him. My pussy instantly gushed. I was so horny.

“I was, but I had a perfect dream, and so I got up to grab a quick snack and say a proper goodnight. Then it’s right back to bed with me.”

“What are you making, Daddy?” Stacy asked. I watched as Shawn made snacks for himself and the kids. I walked into the sitting room to grab Lorna’s panties from the urn. God, they smelled so delicious. I buried my face in them, rubbing the silky pink panties against my cheeks. I knew that what I was doing wasn’t healthy, but I couldn’t help it. The smell of Lorna’s pussy brought back memories of all the times I had eaten her out. There was something torturous about knowing that my husband had fucked her without me that was driving me crazy.

I was so horny I felt like I would burst if I didn’t get Shawn’s cock inside of me right away. As my husband interacted with our children, I watched him, thinking about what he had just done. His dick was probably still wet from being inside of Lorna. I took her panties upstairs to our room and grabbed my vibrator. I made sure to lock the door so no one could discover my real obsession.

I grabbed my laptop and opened the program I used to film with the tiny cameras I had placed throughout our bedroom. I queued Shawn and Lorna’s earlier performance as I fished my vibrator out of a drawer and turned it on. I was dripping with anticipation by the time I shimmied out of my clothes and put my headphones in. I wanted to hear Lorna’s moans as she fucked my husband. The video came to life, and I watched as Shawn took control of Lorna. I winced as they kissed, a pang of unexpected jealousy cutting at me even as my pussy spasmed out of control. I tried not to scream, but the pleasure was so intense that I lost that battle, screaming loudly as my pussy creamed all over my vibrator.

I pulled the vibrator away just as my orgasm finished and turned it off. I pulled my headphones out, confident that everyone had heard me cum. I rushed to close my laptop and was about to turn off the cameras when I heard Shawn coming up the stairs. On second thought, I left the cameras in place, and I went back to my computer and made sure they were on.

“Honey, open the door!” Shawn called as he tried to get in.

“Hold on!” I called, grabbing my robe and sliding my laptop into an innocent-looking position. It looked like I had simply been in bed reading. I had placed a book on my nightstand to help create the illusion, but Shawn wasn’t buying it.

“I suppose you must be horny,” he gave me a nasty smile.

“How did you guess?”

“Oh, I heard you cum. I thought maybe you needed me.”

“I want to suck Lorna’s pussy juices off of your dick,” I admitted.

“Well, let’s get to it.”

“What about Stacy and Peter?” I asked.

“I Ubered them to the grocery store to get some snacks.” Shawn had thought of everything. I dropped to my knees and pulled his pants open. I quickly pulled down his boxer briefs and grabbed his thick cock. By the time it was in my mouth, I could already taste her. I knew that I had made the right decision as I hungrily ate Shawn’s cock.

“You like the way Lorna tastes, you slut?” he growled down at me. I wasn’t even rubbing my pussy when I experienced the first orgasm of my life in which nothing was even touching my pussy. “That’s right, eat my dick, bitch! Eat your friend’s cum off my fucking dick!”

To be continued…

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