The Rose Byrne Effect

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Big Tits

Dude, if that was my mom I’d be trying
to get in her pants 24/7. I mean, damn!
He had been up all night trying to wrap his head around what he was feeling. His mom was gorgeous–he would have been blind not to see it–but she was still family and thus off-limits. Yet he couldn’t shake what one of his friends had said the day before, noticing while they watched X-Men: First Class just how much she resembled Australian actress Rose Byrne. The others had noticed it too, teasing him even harder when they looked Byrne up and discovered that both women were thirty-two years old, stood five feet six inches tall, and had nearly identical physical characteristics.

What had started as a movie night with his buddies had turned into a slow moving nightmare, the eighteen-year-old without a job and still living at home forced to confront the fact that his mother Rose Lewis was doppelganger to one of the world’s most beautiful women. She even had the same first name, too.

He was just starting to get into the fantasy, staring at a picture of his mother while he jerked himself under the covers. It seemed so wrong to think of her this way, to imagine his penis in her pretty mouth, but it was also so arousing that within moments he found himself on the verge of climax, throwing back his blanket and gasping as a powerful load spurted all over his chest and left his t-shirt white and sticky.

Just his luck, she chose that moment to come barging into his room.

“Mom!” Jake shouted, hurrying into the closet with cock in hand. “Jesus! Knock next time!”

Rose put a hand over her mouth, brown eyes wide and lovely face turning bright red as she stifled a surprised giggle. She turned away while he slipped out of his shirt, a plate of pop tarts in hand. “Oh my god, Jake, I’m so sorry. I didn’t think you were up yet.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

He walked out wearing just his pajama bottoms. He had never hid his muscular body from her before, but now he wished he had, noticing how she looked at him almost approvingly. She meant nothing by it, of course, but after what she had just caught him doing it struck him as a little creepy. He was a man now, considered handsome if a bit lazy by the neighborhood girls–did she really need to stare so hard?

“You know, Jake, if you just applied yourself a little more you could find some pretty young thing to do that for you.”

“Mom! What the hell?”

He disappeared into the bathroom, adjusting his raging erection.

“What are you going, anyway? I thought you didn’t have to be in until noon.”

“Bob took a sick day; I’m working his shift.”

Jake looked at her in the mirror, frowning. Bob was always flirting with her, commenting on her body and the way she bulged her cheek with her tongue when she was nervous. Now he was getting her to do his work for him, too.

“Bob’s an asshole, Mom. You should call in sick yourself.”

“Jake! Watch your mouth!”

She sat the plate down on the bed and came over. “I really have to go now, but I’ll see you for lunch. Okay?”

Pulling him close, she wrapped her slender arms around his strong midsection and lifted up on her toes. She meant to kiss him on the cheek, but Jake waited until the last moment before turning canlı bahis his face and taking it on the mouth. She went wide-eyed at that, swallowing nervously and licking her pouty lips as she slowly drew back.

She didn’t speak again until she was nearly out the door, her amazing ass swaying from side to side with every leggy step. “I love you, Jakey! Bye!”

“I love you, too,” Jake groaned, pulling his cock free the instant she was gone and fiercely stroking it.

“Yes!” Rose Lewis moaned. “Yes, fuck me! Fuck me!”

Behind her, face red and chest sweaty, Bob dug his pudgy fingers into her rounded hips and stared at her ass while he hammered her tight pussy. The bed rocked beneath them, Rose’s small but firm tits swinging wildly with every deep pump. From the smell in the air it was clear they had been at it for some time, the naked brunette covered in nasty-looking love bites that began at her slender neck and ended on the glistening insides of her smooth, creamy thighs.

Reaching over, Bob took her by the hair and yanked her head back. “You a ho!” he grunted. “Oh yeah, you a fucking ho!”

The whitest man in the world, yet he seemed to drive her mad with lust, Rose slamming back to meet him while pulling at the headboard.

“Don’t stop!” she grunted. “Don’t you ever fucking stop!”

“Oh, I won’t, bitch! I swear to Christ I won’t!”

Her eyes rolled back. “Oh god, Bob, I’m coming! Ugh…ugh! You’re making me come!”

Jake opened his eyes and immediately felt nauseous. He could see his mom’s face covered in that prick’s thick cum, could still hear her orgasmic moans while he took her ass and slapped her around like she was a piece of meat. His own dick was mighty hard, but that was only because she looked so fucking good even in his darkest nightmares.

Sitting up in bed, he glanced at the clock and frowned when he saw he had missed dinner. That had never meant much to him before, but now that his mom was officially the hottest woman in the city it was suddenly very important.

He reached down and found his throbbing cock, only to slide out of bed after a few pumps. Maybe she was still awake. If so, he could at least get a hug and maybe another kiss to see him through the night.

He knew something was wrong the instant he stepped into the hallway, his heart pounding as he crept through the dark. Her door was closed–unusual unless she was changing–and he could hear her muffled moans over thumping music. He immediately thought of Bob, of the way the man had stared at her ass right in front of him, his teeth grinding as he contemplated what he would do once he got his hands on him. To fuck his mom was one thing–she was a grown woman, after all, and certainly not required to ask his permission before having sex–but to do it while he was still in the house? Oh, hell no.

Quietly turning the knob, he eased the door open and peeked inside.

His world came to a standstill, his jaw dropping and his cock nearly tearing through his sweatpants. There was no Bob, there wasn’t even another man. It was just her, his mom, and one very lucky vibrator.

Catching his breath, Jake quickly dropped out of sight and crawled to the foot of the bed. The room was even darker bahis siteleri than the hallway, lit only by the bathroom light, plus she was wearing a sleeping mask. Headphones blocked out any noise he might make, the sound turned up so loud that he could make out the terrible lyrics of Katy Perry. Yet for all that he wasn’t about to take a chance, crawling slowly to the closet and leaving it open just enough to watch her work.

And work she did, the naked brunette licking her lips and groaning while she pounded her gorgeous muff with the oversized black dick. It vibrated heavily, nearly slipping out of her cum-soaked fingers at every chance; and as Jake watched it slide in and out of her creamy opening he felt a jealousy that nearly made him sick, the sex toy going somewhere he never would.

“Oh Bob!” she suddenly gasped, her voice loud. “Oh god, Bob!”

Jake’s stomach churned upon hearing her call for someone else, but that didn’t stop him from freeing his prick and stroking it with both hands. Something about that asshole’s name got his gray cells churning, however, but it wasn’t until the smell of burning weed reached him over the scent of her hot pussy that it finally clicked. Of course she was thinking of Bob; he must have given her the stuff to begin with.

Jake shook his head. He wasn’t exactly straight-laced, but he had expected more from his mom. She had done drugs in the past–one of the reasons she had let a stranger put it to her at a New Kids On The Block concert–but for as long as he could remember she had been clean. She was relapsing pretty hard now, though after watching her knead her perky tits and work her adorable vagina he found his anger quickly bleeding away.

Everyone made mistakes. Hers just happened to be really, really sexy.

Pushing the door open just a little further, Jake stepped out and quietly stroked himself in time with her frantic pumps. Her pussy slurped with every jab, his mom curling her toes and rubbing her bare feet back and forth over her silk sheets. God she was pretty, almost breaking his heart with every adorable whimper and heated moan.

Jake moved closer, the baked look on her face telling him she was out of it, the woman singing softly to herself when she wasn’t moaning or calling out that asshole’s name. He knelt down on the bed, careful to distribute his weight evenly, and leaned over on one hand, jacking off while he took a close-up look at her pink pussy and inhaled her musky scent. It was strange: based on her clothes and demeanor he had expected her to be one of those types that went Brazilian, but instead he found a nest of dark pubic hair, the silken curls trimmed just enough to accommodate a drawer full of tiny thong panties and almost obscene bikini bottoms.

“Mom,” he groaned, sliding over to sit beside her. “Why are you doing this to me now?”

Holding his breath, he leaned across her perky chest and grazed her nipple. She moaned at his touch but continued to fuck herself in a broken rhythm. A smile tugged at her sultry mouth, lipstick smeared in one corner, and when she didn’t react he threw caution to the wind and cupped her breast.

“Ugh, Bob!”

Jake rolled his eyes, thumbing her small brown nub while running his free hand bahis şirketleri over her shoulders and chest. She was as soft as he had imagined in his dreams, putting girls his own age to shame with her smooth, unblemished flesh.

He leaned in and smelled her hair, fragrant traces of shampoo making his eyes flutter. He resisted the urge to french her, making due instead with nuzzling her slender neck before kissing her sweet skin. She moaned gently, turning her head away to expose even more of her tender throat while she dug the vibrator deeper.

Emboldened and not caring about the ramifications, Jake began kissing his way down her body, lapping at her sharp nipples like a virgin and spitting in her navel. She had the flattest belly he had ever seen, almost like a model’s, and he spent more than a few moments caressing her impressive midsection.

He knew better than to mess with pussy, at least not until he knew a little more about her body, and so contented himself with pressing his thumb to her engorged clitoris and stimulating it while she fucked herself. That was exactly what she needed right now, arching her back and thrashing her head from side to side while they worked together as a family to bring her off.

“Oh Bob, oh Bob!”

Jake tried not to listen, laying his head on her stomach and inhaling her hot scent while he used as many fingers as possible to abuse her juicy nub. She was leaking all over the place, leaving a large puddle on her fancy sheets, and he could only imagine how embarrassed she would be in the morning when she saw the mess she had made.

Minutes passed, the weed giving her a strong libido, but Jake kept at it. He was rewarded finally, when his mother screamed and went rigid, curling her toes very hard before going limp. She cooed softly, jerking bodily while she gushed around the vibrator still humming away in her vagina.

That was too much for Jake, and after making sure she was still out of it, he got up on his knees and resumed his jerking, beating off to her pretty face while the smell of her post-orgasmic sex made him swoon.

He came in her hair, waiting until the last moment before deciding that on her face or in her mouth would be too obvious. There was quite a bit, the eroticism of what was happening providing a thick load that plastered her silken brown locks to her forehead and left her looking like a pornstar.

Jake looked down at what he had done, at what she had done to herself, and began to tremble. He had just masturbated with his own mother, had touched her pussy and sucked on her tits! What the fuck was wrong with him?

He climbed off the bed, taking one last look at his beloved mom before hurrying out of the room. He shut the door behind him, leaving Rose alone on the bed. The brunette licked her lips and reached up to play with her breasts, the vibrator slipping out of her pussy and rolling onto the floor. She giggled loudly, completely out of her mind while shaking her head to the beat of her terrible music.

A moment later, the door opened. Jake walked back inside, coming to the bed and standing over her.

He remained just long enough to lift his smart phone and snap several pictures of her naked body, making sure he got a nice close-up of her cum-splattered hair. Finished, he turned and walked out one last time, leaving the domestic goddess writhing in her sexual mess and dreaming of a man not even worthy to lick the gum from her shoe.


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