The Promotion Party Pt. 01

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“Folks, there are three senior positions to be filled,” Mr. Shahzad, the vice-president of the company announced to the group, “and those who are promoted will create opportunities for many others to rise also!”

There was palpable excitement in the crowd of two dozen gathered in the main lobby of the Mangla guest house. The prospect of promotion raised the sense of excitement among the employees of the company, if not their spouses or partners, given that the chance for elevation had been rare in similar companies as of late. What was more interesting, however, was the process of determining who would rise and who would not.

“Let the fun begin,” he continued, pulling his wife Maliha close and kissing her full on the mouth. For a married man to be kissing his very pretty wife would not be an issue in most places. In Pakistan, however, and in the middle of a group, this was strictly verboten.

“Go on, let’s break some rules, I want to see all of you couples do what Mrs. Shahzad and me are going to demonstrate once again,” he said, forcing his tongue into Maliha’s mouth a second time.

One by one the various couples slowly put their lips together. The married couples were relatively quick to get into the clinch. The three unmarried “pairs” looked about a bit for direction, but ultimately all three of the single girls brought their mouths in contact with those of their ‘dates’ for the evening.

It was going to be a marvellous program, the VP mused, as he put his hand out to grab the nearest other female away from her partner, while placing Maliha in another man’s arms. In a second he was kissing Haniya, one of the single ladies, while his wife had her tongue down the throat of Mehmood, one of the few single guys in the group. Almost on cue the ten other couples exchanged partners. The process went on for four more rounds, and the ice was truly broken in a period of about ten minutes.


Shabnam undressed partially and got under the quilt on the double bed, awaiting her first partner of the night, who she would not be aware of till the card key let him in through the door. In this case it was the rather nondescript Southern Area Manager Habeeb. The VP’s words ran through her mind and reminded her that she was making the sacrifice for a worthwhile cause. She had been a customer sales support person for almost two years and a promotion was desperately needed as the next position offered a salary jump of nearly seventy percent. She wondered what Mr. Shahzad had meant when he had taken her aside after the conference dinner had ended and asked a very pointed question.

“Shabnam, you need to be very truthful with me,” his eyes were dead set serious as he spoke with a low voice, “Are you are a virgin or not?”

Shabnam had turned red instantly, but saw he wanted an answer for some necessary reason and muttered an almost inaudible, “No sir, I am not.” He had, however, not commented on her situation as she anticipated, since people in that country would have expected an unmarried girl to be unsullied, but instead gave her a hug and told her she was welcome to join the event later that evening.

Asked the same question at few moments later, Haniya, also a customer support person, had simply smiled at the VP and whispered, “Do you really think so sir?” while adding, “and I am always available if you ever feel like spending a night or more with me!” The VP had smiled and lightly tapped her butt. While the rest of the guys had a thing for her, he was not smitten by her brazen behaviour. Haniya had sensed that she was never able to turn him on, despite the fact that he rarely had a problem dancing with her at the occasional party or even taking her out for a meal on occasion. She was now also waiting for her first fuck of the night to arrive. Jehangir was having trouble opening the door as the card key kept giving a red signal. After six attempts he knocked and was let in by a buck naked Haniya.


Dawar was licking his chops at the prospect of being with four nice ladies that evening. His wish list included Shabnam, the VP’s wife Maliha, Haniya, and Kulsoom, the youngest member of the team, who the VP openly treated as his own daughter. As the most senior person in the VP’s team, he figured that the general manager opportunity was in his hands. He had really relished the open mouth kiss he had received from the VP’s wife during the ice breaking and now had visions of ripping her clothes off. Furthermore, while he knew that the picks for the evening were not in his control, he had high hopes of getting a much nicer deal that the sacrifice he was making. Dawar’s wife, Yusra, was fat, haggish and clearly the worst looking of the dozen females participating in the night’s events. Compared to her, even the number eight through eleven ladies on the looks ladder were Victoria’s Secret models. He was coming out a winner regardless of the draw but his mental images were of four of the best looking ladies present. He bahis firmaları did not consider the fact that he himself was the least attractive male and that any of the four guys that his wife would be screwing would have much better attributes than he did.


Kulsoom was getting a tongue lashing from the VP for participating. She had submitted her entry while Mr. Shahzad had gone off to take a call and his wife had registered the girl. There had not been any love lost between the VP’s wife and his so-called daughter. Frankly his wife, Maliha wished to see the girl fucked by the four ugliest guys in the group if she had her way.

Mr. Shahzad had pulled Kulsoom into his room just after dinner. She was shocked when he forcefully removed her jeans and T-shirt, and then pulled the bra and panties off leaving her threadbare.

“Do you really want four guys to do anything they want to you tonight,” Mr. Shahzad raged, “you are a virgin and remember that I consider you to be my daughter.”

“But I really do need this promotion,” she squeaked back, standing totally nude and shivering under the onslaught, “if you promote me without my taking part here, it will be seen as favouritism.”

“Fine, you had the temerity to come alone to this group and then Maliha has gone ahead and registered you,” he sounded hurt, “but I am going to fix things.”

He grabbed Kulsoom’s thigh and pulled her close. She wondered if he was going to deflower her before the party, thus taking that honour away from her first fucker from within the group. Instead he stuck a leather contraption, with metal ribbing around her midsection, covering her cunt and going around her thighs, but leaving her ass bared. Furthermore a collar was placed around her neck and this connected via a strip of hard leather that was between her breasts to the leather pants. The pants and collar had some straps with locks on them, which he shut and put the keys in his pocket.

“This is a chastity belt, so nobody can put his penis in the wrong place, but you will be able to perform your bodily functions while seated, “Mr. Shahzad advised while adding, “I’m very unhappy with you for staying here tonight but less worried about what can happen.”

As he looked at Kulsoom trussed up, but with her bared and pert breasts heaving and legs, backside and arms uncovered, he realized that she truly was a very desirable female and that he had overlooked this fact in his protective concern for her. Taking her into his arms, he paternally kissed the top of her head, and then told her to dress up. Five minutes later they were back at the party and it appeared that no one had missed them.

Mr. Shahzad had also asked Shabnam and Haniya, the other two unmarried females, the pointed questions about their virginity to see if they also needed chastity belts. He knew well that in Pakistani culture the purity of a single girl was paramount. Haniya’s being a virgin would have been a surprise, but that eventuality did not occur, since she had the reputation of being the office fuck. With regards to Shabnam, rather than being disappointed he was greatly relieved when he heard she was not a virgin, since she was the one he most wanted to possess that evening. In any case he only had two of the contraptions that had been bought as a lark when he had recently visited the UK and one was now around Kulsoom’s body.


Someone had out of the blue suggested part of the plan to solve the promotions issue at a party, turning a simple matter of business considerations into a fun orgy. Mr. Shahzad had questioned the sensibility of such an event in Pakistan and discussed it with his wife. Maliha had some reservations but wondered what would happen if he broached the subject. Gathering his courage at a party where alcohol had been flowing despite local norms, he had hesitantly brought the idea up. Starting with, “you know what, I’ll promote whoever is the best of you at fucking,” he had led the discussion through a few stages. The first group of men initially had no issue with joining in a fuck fest. The concerns came when they were advised that the event would only be open to married partners or dates for single persons. The final hurdle was crossed with the assurance that everything would be on a need to know basis and conducted in a proper manner. Mr. Shahzad had his doubts that anyone would be interested. Once the first four persons were coopted, the next few were brought in by the initial recruits. He was actually impressed that there were so many persons attending and he wondered what the married guys had done to convince their better halves to attend and fuck other guys. But promotions had been rare in the industry so out of the box, and perhaps out of the dress, methods had to be considered.

The VP and his wife though very much in love had enjoyed a relatively open marriage for the past dozen or so years, even consensually swinging on occasion. At the party, she was not worrying about kaçak iddaa her infidelity or that of her husband, given that each of them would bed four different lovers in the next few hours. Rather she fixed her hair and loosened her jacket a bit to reveal more cleavage than was on display during the dinner. She had opted for a leather jacket and black slacks, the jacket not going all the way down to her belt, but allowing a good three inches of her midriff to be bared. Anyone paying close attention could see that she had a very taut belly. While she was the second oldest female in the group, Maliha was easily one of the sexiest. Her husband approvingly took in the look and wondered which of the guys in his team were going to get lucky with her.

While appreciating that her husband loved the outfit, Maliha was smiling inwardly at the obvious discomfort she could see on her his face due to Kulsoom being registered for the evening. The girl had never been held in any esteem by Maliha and rather considered a gold-digger taking advantage of her husband’s generosity. The one thing she did know for certain was that there had never being anything sexual between Kulsoom and Mr. Shahzad. Still her hate for the girl just did not leave her mind.


Dawar wasn’t crushed that any of the four ladies he had been dreaming about had not been his first partner. In fact, he thought the female receiving him was very tasty, but then compared to his own wife just about any female was a super model. Fauzia, Jehangir’s wife, was bent over the sideboard of the bed and he was hard at work trying to fuck her ass. He could not wait to get her out of the pink floral shalwar kameez she had been wearing, tearing the garments in a couple of places. The coupling was not going well as he was a fat pervert and she had a pretty large posterior. The act was made even more difficult by the fact that at its firmest and most erect, Dawar’s cock was no longer than about four inches. But he kept at the task and about an inch and a half did penetrate her rectum, making her clench her cheeks and giving him the nice sensation of a tight fuck.

They had not gone through any sort of ceremony or game of seduction when he walked in. While she was ranked number eleven on the desirability list that the men in the group had compiled, just one position higher than Dawar’s own wife, he found her to be much to his liking. The fact that he was also Jehangir’s direct boss within the organization meant that not playing along could be fatal for her husband’s chances. He had simply walked in, grabbed her and laid a slobbering kiss on her mouth. She had simply acquiesced as he ripped off her clothes and positioned her over the bedside.

She was very disappointed to see the minute appendage on his midsection, but imagined that he could not be much of a bother. She was wrong in that assessment. Having fucked her in the ass, Dawar turned her over and inserted his cock into her without cleaning up or putting on a condom. Throughout the act of fucking her, he kept pinching, biting and slapping various parts of her body bringing tears to her eyes. He had finally come inside her and she had thanked her stars that her period had only ended one day earlier.

As soon as the hour was up, Fauzia rushed into the shower to sanitize herself and was out of the door while Dawar was cleaning up. She was going to have a serious word with her husband about the sensibility in participating in this contest.


Fauzia’s husband was on the other end of receiving a real beating from Haniya. Rather than indulge in any small talk, she had twisted his arm and wrestled him onto the bed.

“You think you are going to fuck me,” she whispered in his ear, “it’s me who is going to do all sorts of things to you!”

He tried to fight but she had him in a serious hold. She worked around his midsection to loosen the belt and pulled down his pants. In a second his butt was totally bare and she roughly inserted two of her fingers into his rectum. Jehangir screamed. But, at the very same instant he felt his cock tense and release a sizable load.

“See you are a bad boy,” Haniya remarked while quickly pulling her fingers out, “you like strange objects up your ass!”

After a quick trip to the washroom to clean her fingers, she was on all fours allowing Jehangir to finger her in any orifice he wanted. He finally settled on fucking her doggie style. Haniya squealed with pleasure as he pushed in and pulled out with a punishing rhythm. Haniya kept yelling at him to slow down every time his climax neared, enabling him to prolong the fucking. Finally he could no longer hold himself and shot into her. As he pulled out, they both realized he had not put a condom on.

“It’s okay loverboy, I am on the pill,” Haniya winked and put him at ease, “I don’t think you would make a great daddy in any case!”


“Hello Naeem, you lucky guy, I am going to give you a very nice treatment,” Maliha chirped kaçak bahis just as the newly married junior manager walked into her room.

He was ten years younger than the VP’s wife and had only been married for a matter of weeks. Of course, he had noted how sexy Maliha was at many events, but always from a safe distance. Naeem should have displayed a massive smile on his face, given that the very luscious wife of the VP was reclining, partially clothed on the bed, having removed the jacket and slacks, and only wearing black panties and a very unusual stringy bra, each side of which actually showed her entire boob but held it up by four strings going over each orb and linked to an underwire below her bustline. She was more than ready to start, but Naeem instead stood petrified in the corner. She was after all the big boss’s wife and any mistake on his part could easily lead to damning consequences. He muttered a soft hello and, while unable to take his eyes of her bare breasts, quickly took the seat next to the dressing table.

“Young man, I would suggest that you come over to this bed and get ready to be of use,” Maliha ordered and he rushed over in an instant.

Shaking her head she unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. Naeem instinctively grabbed for his belt as she moved to undo his trousers but got an angry stare instead. The pants hit the ground in a moment. In just a jiffy further he stood completely naked in front of her. She smiled and pointed to his cock which was stiffening despite the tension.

Pushing him backwards, she got on her knees and took his cock into her mouth. Naeem had never had a blow job before, having only lost his virginity a month earlier on his wedding night. Maliha sucked with gusto and he was enraptured as he saw his member go all the way into her mouth and come nearly all out before resuming an inward motion again. She stopped suddenly and indicated that he help her disrobe.

His cock throbbing with anticipation Naeem took great care in undressing the lovely lady. It did not take long as she had already divested her leather pants, blouse and jacket and was in just the flimsy lingerie. Even though she was much older than him, he was amazed at how well kept her body was and how firm her breasts felt as she put his hands on them.

Pushing him onto the bed, she began sucking him again. Not long after, Naeem had the best orgasm he had ever experienced in his life, spewing his cum into her mouth, across her face and on her body. He wondered how he would get his wife, Tanya, to perform a similar act at home. She would probably slap him if he even asked.

After Naeem wiped her off with a towel, Maliha lay back on the bed, bent her legs and spread herself wide. Naeem’s cock was back up in an instant. She directed him to take a condom from a container on the nightstand and put it on. Getting on top and pushing in while expecting a fairly wide channel, he was surprised at how tight she was. He then recalled her telling his wife how she exercised for hours daily, which included a set of calisthenics to strengthen her love canal. Where his wife, Tanya, was inexperienced and let him do the work, Naeem was surprised that Maliha pulled and scratched at him, willing him to get deeper inside. After a while, she turned him over and rode him cowgirl style. He was more than happy to join his mouth to hers, when she bent down for a kiss. The tongue she inserted into his mouth surprised him again, but he quickly got the hang of French kissing. He tried to move fast, but she slowed him by indicating that there was still a half hour in the session. He did not last the half hour, but came eight minutes later.

“You naughty boy,” Maliha chided him, while placing his mouth over her pussy and suggesting he suck. He was fascinated at the number of times she came before the alarm went off at 10:30 pm. Maliha lifted him off her midsection, gave him a long kiss and then took him into the shower where they cleaned and exchanged oral fluids for another fifteen minutes.


The group that remained after dinner comprised twenty four persons. It included nine married couples associated with the company including the VP and his wife, three single girls and two single guys from the organization, and a Chinese representative belonging to one of the two major telecom supply groups doing business with the Pakistani entity.

Mr. Shahzad had explained the rules. There were to be four rounds for the night, each for an hour, and with a different partner. After each round half an hour would be allowed for a mandatory shower and clean up. Finally a further half an hour would be given for housekeeping to change the linens in each room, during which the participants would congregate in the main lounge for food and refreshments. The next rule was that no one could force themselves on the partner and all acts had to be consensual. Any deviance would lead to significant consequences. A final coda was that any couple that was married or had come together to the party would not be with each other for the four sessions. Mr. Shahzad had randomly paired the six unmarried persons, Shabnam with Waseem, Haniya with Mahmood and Kulsoom with Joe.

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