The Professor’s Daughter

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Professor Garrett Spencer hung up the phone and sighed. Leaning back into the worn leather confines of his chair, he rubbed his brow with his index finger as he tried very hard not to frown. If it weren’t enough that he had to look forward to a new year with a new group of sassy students, his ex wife whom he had not seen in years since she lived out of state had just called to advise him that his nearly adult daughter, Jane, had decided to attend HIS university to make use of his discounted tuition plan. And since neither he nor his ex-wife were wealthy by any standards, she was to bunk down with him in his spare bedroom that no one had used since his mother’s last visit nearly two years ago.

It all seemed rather stressful to Garrett. He was a man set in his ways and the abrupt disorder of his daughter whom he hadn’t seen since she was in the single digits made him extremely tired. He hoped she would not be all that hard to put up with and he certainly was not in the position to refuse her a room. Terry, the ex Mrs. Spencer, had provided a home for her all these years so it seemed about time Garrett did his share. It still was giving him a rotten headache.

The semester didn’t start for a few more weeks so it would give him some time to get things settled. He would have to make sure he had plenty of linens and food in the house. What did college students eat and drink? As far as he could tell from what he had observed on campus, only pizza and beer. But then he had never been what you might call on expert on the behavior of the post adolescent human. He was educated and he was a good teacher but he would teach monkeys if it paid the bills.

Still rather annoyed about the entire situation, he moved across the room to pour himself a brandy which he carried with him back to his favorite chair. He picked up the phone again, this time dialing the number of his closest friend and fellow professor at the University, David Porter.

“David, it’s Garrett. ” He said unconvincingly into the receiver.

“Ah, Garrett. What’s up?” David asked him between inhales of his cigarette.

“I’ve just heard from the ex. Our daughter has enrolled in our university and will be bunking down with me during the school year.” Garrett tried not to sigh as he said this but it was impossible not to.

“You have a daughter?” David asked with an incredulous spin on his voice.

“You know I do. I am certain I’ve mentioned her. Her name is Jane.”

“Ah, perhaps. I don’t remember to be sure but it will certainly be interesting for you to reacquaint yourself with her?” He asked hopefully.

“At my age? What would I have in common with a nearly grown woman? Please!” He was exasperated. “I am dreading this, David. Promise you will help me get her settled and entertained.”

“Of course. I’m here for you, pal.” David laughed and then Garrett remembered David’s penchant for younger women.

“She’s hands off, of course.” Garrett reminded his friend.

“Of course,” David laughed as he hung up the phone.

The conversation did not in any way settle the uneasiness rising in Garrett’s stomach. He got up and headed for the bathroom where he took two Tums just for the heck of it. Grumbling under his breath, he headed into the spare bedroom and stripped the bed, taking the linens to the laundry room where he tossed what he could fit into the washer and turned it on. At least feeling he was accomplishing something, he went back into the room and tried, with his masculine eye, to spot anything that might be missing that a teenage girl would need.

Thankfully the room had its own bath. He realized he would need to get a television for it as well and made a mental note to look for one at the department store in the morning. He considered a computer as well but for all he knew she had her own so it seemed rather a waste of money until she arrived. He did go online himself to request a service call from the local phone company to put a new line in for her. The polite internet response was they would be out in two weeks which suited him fine.

Glaring then at the computer screen as if it were his enemy, he suddenly snapped it off and moved to the kitchen, pouring himself a whisky on the rocks which he sipped scowling at the ice. He was not a happy man to begin with but this sudden change in his ordered life was really annoying him to no end. Ah well, there was nothing to be done about it now as he certainly could not afford a dorm room for her let alone an apartment so he would have to put up with her until further arrangements could be made. With that in mind, he headed into the quiet retreat of his bedroom where the whisky was set upon his nightstand as he stripped and crawled into bed, dreading the sunrise.


The weeks flew by until the day arrived when the Professor was expecting the arrival of his daughter. He could feel the sweat forming under the collar of his shirt but there was nothing to be done about it. She was driving in, her mother and stepfather having escort ataşehir purchased her some late model sedan that was supposedly impossibly safe as a parting gift. It was a rather long distance from home, at least for Jane, and the Professor considered their generosity not to be too much. He had done his best for her, making sure her own phone line was installed as well as having her own 27″ flat screen television complete with digital cable piped in. A desk had been purchased at the local furniture store and the bed had been remade with freshly washed linens. The private bath attached to her room had been furnished with pastel fluffy cotton towels and the scented soaps his ex Terry had advised him Jane preferred. Now there was nothing to do but wait which he did with an impatient grimace upon his face.

Just as he was beginning to worry, he spotted headlights pulling into his gravel driveway and he moved to the door, opening it expectantly. The car that had been described to him was there being turned off, lights and all. The driver’s side door opened and in the gathering twilight he was almost certain an angel exited the car. She was by far the most exquisite woman he had ever seen. He blinked twice to confirm he wasn’t imagining things before he moved forward and offered his hand. “Jane? I’m glad you made it. I’m Professor Spencer, your father.”

She looked up at him and smiled. She was a good 6″ shorter than him and her eyes were the green of a mountain trail, glimmering with the brightness of her smile. Her hair was full and long, just past her shoulders, and the color of summer wheat. She took his hand in both of hers as she spoke in a voice as melodic as a song. “Do you mind if I call you Professor then? I consider Jake to be my dad,” Jake being her stepfather, the spouse of his ex-wife.

“Um, yes, that would be fine.” He didn’t know how he would respond to being called father after all since he had very little experience acting as one. “Can I get your bags?” He asked, his mouth suddenly as dry as a desert.

“That would be great! Let me pop the trunk.” After she did so, she moved around back of the car, the trunk light displaying the contents nicely. She bent over to grab items shoved way in the back and Garrett couldn’t help but notice the sweet firm roundness of her young glorious ass.

“Oh God,” he groaned, feeling his cock growing hard. He mentally slapped himself, trying to remind his cock that she was his flesh and blood.

“Is it too much? I told Mom I didn’t want to overwhelm you with all my stuff but she said it was better to bring everything I might need now rather than having to worry about it later.” She stated, not turning and not noticing her effect on him, thankfully.

“No, it will be fine. Plenty of closet space in your room and storage space in the attic for the suitcases and boxes.” Talking about rather mundane things always cooled down his libido so he started to babble. “I got you a phone line although your mom told me she got you a cell phone. Also a television with cable and we can network your pc to mine for your internet hook up. You have your own bath so you won’t have to worry about sharing one with me. And I’ve tried to stock up on some of the foods your mother told me you enjoyed.”

“You’re the best!” She turned them, handing him two bags as she stood on her tiptoes and brushed her lips across his cheek. He moved the one suitcase in front of his body so she wouldn’t notice that her innocent kiss had again made his cock rise up and salute.

“Follow me then,” he told her as he led this stunning creature who was unbelievably his daughter into the suddenly too small home they were to be sharing for the next FOUR YEARS!!!!


The first few weeks were a bit difficult but once they both got used to the other, things settled into a routine. The Professor could not help but notice that his daughter had grown up to be a lovely, intelligent and charming young woman. Once classes started, she quickly made friends and they often crashed at his house to study over sodas and pizza. He was getting quite used to it and it was actually a refreshing change from the perpetual quiet that had descended on his life in this small college town.

Jane’s friends had gathered for another evening of studying so Garrett figured to take himself off to the bar where he was to meet David for a drink. David had been a great deal of help settling Jane although his overly large smile in her presence did cause Garrett to roll his eyes on more than one occasion. Garrett drove himself to the bar in his own dark car, figuring on one drink and then he would be able to drive just fine. David was already waiting in a booth, a drink in one hand and a cigar in the other.

“Garrett! How’s Jane?” How like David to ask about the nubile female rather than after the health of his closest friend.

“She’s fine, at home with a study group,” Garrett muttered as he slid into his seat, got the attention of the waitress and kadıköy escort ordered himself a drink.

“I still have trouble believing she is your daughter. Damn, she is hot!” Over the weeks, David had made a point of constantly reminding Garrett about exactly how hot she was. “Those legs, that ass…and those perfect boobs. I don’t know how you can stand being in the same house with her.”

“Because she is my DAUGHTER,” Garrett spit out, taking a swallow of his drink the waitress had quickly delivered. “And is it necessary for you to remind me how hot she is every time we speak?”

“Sorry, old man,” grunted David. An uncomfortable silence drifted over the table for a few moments before he spoke again. “Are you sure I can’t ask her out?”

“You know you can’t. Not just because she is my daughter but she is also a student at the university where you teach. Do you want to get fired?” He was not amused and what made it worse was the fact that he too found his daughter far too attractive for her, or his, own good.

“Yeah, you are right. Of course you are right.” And with that, the topic was changed. The two men went on to discuss the politics of the day and the latest news about the place where they both worked. After a few hours of companionable conversation, they called it a night, neither one even slightly intoxicated since they had had only a drink a piece and shared a large plate of nachos. Then they headed out to the parking lot to retrieve their cars and head home.

When Garrett got to his house, it was dark and rather quiet. He gathered the study group had broken up early. Letting himself in, there was Jane. She was lying down on the couch in an oversized t-shirt, her nose buried in one of her textbooks. She looked up when she heard the door open then shut behind him. “Hello, Professor,” she said quietly, snapping the book shut and putting it down as she sat up. Her legs were bare and they were gorgeous. Young and firm, tan from the summer, he suddenly had a vision of himself lying naked between them. He groaned softly and blinked to clear the thought from his mind.

“Jane. Why aren’t you in bed?” He turned his back towards her so she wouldn’t notice the effect she was having on his body.

“Waiting up for you,” she answered as she stood up and moved behind him. He felt her hands slipping around his waist and her fingers searching for the buckle of his belt.

“What are you doing?” he asked. He was shocked. Perhaps she was drunk or high. He had no idea what would prompt her to decide she needed to undress him.

“Oh, just trying to make you comfortable, Professor.” She said in a voice that was slightly slurred. “Just let me.” She whispered as she moved around to stand in front of him, her small hands quickly undoing his belt and reaching into his pants to pull out his cock.

“No, Jane, this isn’t right,” he wondered if he was dreaming. This had to be a dream. He didn’t remember getting into bed but it had to be a dream.

“Just let me, please,” her voice was so soft, a throaty whisper as she knelt on the floor at his feet and reached up to hold his cock in her hand as she led it slowly to her mouth.

He looked down at her horrified but unable to say anything, do anything, to stop her. “Jane…no,” he managed to give voice to but it was not loud and he did not push her away when his hands finally managed to find her hair. Instead, he pulled her beautiful face closer as she took his cock deep into her mouth. Obviously she had done this before because he was so hard and ready in an instant. The way her tongue caressed him, the way her lips slid over his flesh. She knew exactly what she was doing.

“Oh Jane, oh baby,” he whimpered as she sucked him. His hips began to roll like a ship on the ocean, pitching forward towards her mouth as she swallowed his cock like an expert. Speech escaped him, he could only moan as she worked her magic on him. His hands were gentle as they guided her, he didn’t force her to take him all the way into her throat. She led him take the lead and take what she wanted.

It had been a long time since he had been with a woman and he knew he would not last long. He tried to block the thought from his mind that it was his beautiful daughter sucking his cock and just allow himself the sweet pleasure of her attention. His mind went dark, blank, as he let himself only feel the passion in her actions and the desire in her body as she moved over him in the dark. It was too much, way too much. He came, filling her mouth with his seed.

“Jane! Oh God, Jane! I’m sorry,” he was shocked. He couldn’t believe what he had just done. “I shouldn’t have let that happen. I don’t know what came over me. I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.” Tears were welling in his eyes, he was so ashamed of himself, so ashamed of taking advantage of his young daughter.

She looked up at him, her green eyes sparkling and full of mischief as she licked her lips, tasting him. “Yes it will happen again, dad, I’ll make maltepe escort bayan sure of it.”


Things progressed quickly from there. It nearly became impossible for Garrett to remember a time when Jane was not with him. It had been only the first of many, as Jane had so correctly predicted. And their relationship had progressed over the weeks that followed until it came to be that she no longer slept in her room but had become a squatter within his.

He did not mind. He enjoyed waking in the morning to find her naked body entwined with his. She was beautiful down to her soul and he could not believe that she was his. The fact that she was his daughter had quickly become unimportant as the feelings that grew between them eclipsed that insignificant fact.

There were times he thought he would become lost in his love for her. He would lay awake late at night, allowing his fingers to wander over her sleeping flesh, memorizing it for some future date when he would not have access to her. Her breasts pointed and perfect, her ass rounded and full, her long legs straight and true, he could find no flaw in her whatsoever.

The first time when she had knelt before him and taken her into his mouth had been so obscenely beautiful, he thought nothing could ever be better. But the first time he laid between her legs, his cock buried inside her tightness….well it was something he would never forget. Her response had been so beautiful, so true. She gave of herself so completely, her hands holding onto him as if she was drowning and perhaps she was. Her cries of passion as he pushed her up over that peak were music to his ears, her breathing like the wind blowing through the leafless trees outdoors.

He made love to her every time like it would be the last time. He never really knew what tomorrow would bring. And that brought a touch of poignancy to their relationship that made it all the sweeter.

As mid terms rolled around, so did her 19th birthday. His ex and her new husband were flying in for a long weekend, to help her celebrate. Garrett was dreading it. He worried his lust for Jane would be evident to Terry. He could not, under any circumstances, allow Terry and Jake to stay with him so he had booked them a room at a hotel off campus. When they arrived, he avoided them as much as possible over the course of the weekend. He met them for supper the first night at a restaurant in town where he avoided even looking at Jane whatsoever. The following night was the birthday celebration, just the four of them, in the hotel room. Garrett felt a bit left out, which was understandable since Terry and Jake had raised Jane. So he didn’t think it would be so out of the ordinary if he excused himself early, after the traditional eating of the cake, and headed home.

It was late and he was in bed when Jane finally returned home. She slipped in beside him, her naked body so warm against his. She kissed him awake and he smiled.

“Happy birthday, baby,” he whispered, reaching under his pillow to pull the wrapped jewelry box out and hand it to her.

She giggled, sitting up, and opened the gift quickly like a child. It was a necklace, a fine gold chain with a floating heart pendant. She gasped when she saw it and quickly slipped it around her neck. “Thank you, Garrett, I love it.”

It was the first time she had addressed him by his first name and it struck him. He too sat up, pulling her into his arms. He kissed her passionately, his breath mixing with hers. “I love you, Jane.” The words were spontaneous but honest.

“I love you too, Garrett,” she replied without pausing. It made his heart light and he pulled her down on top of him in the bed.

She rode him that night, his hands on her hips as she rose and fell above him. It was perfect, the circle about them closing protectively. He was in love with her and her with him. Nothing else mattered.

Tears filled his eyes as he watched her, her eyes sparkling, the necklace glittering from the street lights. His hips pressed upwards into her, softly, slowly, as her hands lay upon his chest for support. It was love, soft unbreakable love. He lost himself in her, feeling her body holding him inside. He did not want to leave her, ever. He wanted to make this last forever.

The world had shrunk down to be just the bed in which they lay, making love. Her breasts rising and falling as she rose and fell above him, her cunt holding his cock so tightly inside. She was warm and wet and soft and cozy, like a sleeping bag wrapped around him. It was delicious and so beautiful. His eyes closed, he could not stand it another moment, to watch the beauty above him as she made love to him with such sweet and brutal tenderness.

“Jane. Jane.” It was a cry of pure sweet passion as he came inside her, his back arching, his seed swimming into her, looking so desperately for something to hold onto. Her own body suddenly shivered and fell over his as her own passion rolled in, the tidal wave drowning her suddenly. Every nerve ending in her body seemed to be pinging at the same time as her cunt filled with him and then with her, crashing together in one sweet liquid wave of love, perfect love. They spent the light linked in each others arms, unable to let go and not wanting to.

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