The Physio Ch. 02

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I just can’t stop thinking about it – not HIM, just certain parts of his anatomy! I’m walking around in a constant state of arousal – my panties are so wet all the time that my thighs are chafing. I grab every opportunity to bring out my “rabbit” (the best ever vibrator which has little ears that stimulate the clit while you fuck yourself silly with the cock part of it) and have a serious go at myself. I can’t stop at just one orgasm – I give myself at least 6. I keep going until my pussy is so bruised and sore and overstimulated that I just have to stop. Then I walk around feeling my muscles spasming with every thought, so turned on that I can virtually come in my pants without even touching myself. Whenever I sit, particularly at my desk, I find myself rubbing up against my trousers (jeans are all I want to wear because they are great for this), pushing down against the seat, having little mini-orgasms right there and then. Sliding my hand down my pants to grip my aching pussy, shoving a finger in, rubbing my clit hard to relieve the ache.

My mind is constantly picturing his cock – long and thick and hard, so very very hard. I want it inside me so badly – the vibrator is a poor substitute. And the hands, the thumb… oh! I’ve had a fair amount of experience, some might even say quite a lot. But I’ve never experienced that thumb thing. It was just unbelievable, then the fingers sliding in with the cock. Jeepers, that was amazing. I want more.

But I also know there cannot be another time. He did call and ask, with a laugh, for another appointment. I had to decline, citing professional issues. He did sound disappointed, but he didn’t try again. Just as well, i don’t think I could have refused him twice. Even talking to him made me spasm and get even wetter – in fact, I must confess, that my hand did stray to my panties, rubbing myself even as I said no to him. it took me seconds to come that time, the sound of his voice in my ears, the memory sharp as if it was all happening again.

In the midst of all this, I have discovered that I’m not the only one in my circle that has been unfaithful. I was quite shocked as it all came out. It seems I live in Wisteria Lane with the Desperate Housewives lining up for a bit of cock every weekend. No long term affairs, just hot one night stands, usually with married men so there’s no risk of strings. Wow. I seriously had no idea. They’ve invited me to go out with them tonight. And I think I just might. Not with the intention of fucking a stranger, but just to get out of the house where I’m climbing the walls with frustration to a place where I can watch, and possibly learn or at the very least, just sit and fantasise in peace.

So now here I am – it’s a rather dark, somewhat dingy pub. Pretty packed. A couple of pool tables (which remind me of my physio bed and THAT encounter, making my panties moisten even more), a bar, some tables and lots of dark corners that seem to be quite well bahis firmaları occupied. Couples are making out all over the place. It’s not exactly like an orgy, but it’s as near as dammit! The air is thick with lust, rank with the smell of it – it’s not only a visual feast but a feast of all the senses. I had no idea such places existed. I actually feel innocent, probably for the first time in my life!

It’s not long before my friends are hooking up with some rather tasty men. I note their ring fingers, the gold bands giving a lie to what they are doing, to their vows. I quietly sit at a table in a dark corner, watching. I can’t help but feel turned on by what is going on around me and I squirm and shift uncomfortably in my seat to try and ease the ache between my legs.

And then I see him – he’s standing at the bar with a couple of mates drinking his beer, ignoring all the goings-on around him. They are clearly not there on the pull, but out for a drink and to play some pool. I watch as they walk over to the pool table, my eyes straying to his crotch where I can distinctly see his package outlined by his jeans. Oh god, my pussy is aching, and I find myself rubbing against the chair beneath me. Breathless, I gaze at him, wondering what to do. And as if he can feel the heat of my gaze, he looks up, straight at me. I blush, but his face lights up, his blue eyes sparkle as he gives me an enormous grin. He says something to his mates, hands over his pool cue and makes a beeline for my table.

I feel like a rabbit trapped in the headlights – my heart is pounding and my breath coming in gasps. As he reaches me, he holds out his hand and, mesmerized, I take it and stand. There is no need for words between us – we’re not there to get to know each other, just to satisfy our greed for each other. He glances around then heads for the exit – at the door he turns to me and says: “do you trust me?”, I nod and we turn and leave the pub together. He takes me around the corner to his car, which is parked in the alley behind the pub. He turns and grabs me, pulling me up against him, grinding his hips against me so that I can feel his hardness. Oh! He’s as turned on as me. His lips descend onto mine and all thought stops. I can feel the bonnet of the car pressing into my arse, his hard cock pushing against my stomach and his tongue exploring my mouth. My tongue responds, playing with his, sliding into his mouth, my teeth nibbling lightly on his lip. He groans and tightens his grip on me. Then he lifts me up and deposits me on top of the bonnet. He parts my legs and moves into the space between them. Now, when he grinds his hardness against me, it’s right on my pussy and I gasp and let out a moan. His hands are on my arse, pulling my pussy against him as he dry humps me. I feel like a teenager, my pussy is spasming again and I feel like I”m going to come, just like that.

His lips are travelling down my neck, sending goose bumps travelling kaçak iddaa over my body, making my nipples harden into twin peaks, pressing against the lace of my bra almost painfully. His mouth moves further down, tracing a trail down between my breasts, my buttons popping open one by one has his hands precede his tongue. He pulls my shirt open and lifts his head to look down at my breasts. What I see in his eyes makes me gasp out loud and thrust myself hard against his cock. His head descends and he mouths my one nipple through the lace. Oh! the roughness of the lace, the smooth wetness of his tongue. My hips are moving in a rhythm as old as time, totally unconsciously. The fingers of his other hand tease my other nipple through the lace, then disappears. Then I feel my bra magically loosening under his busy hands, push the straps from my shoulders and gently remove the bra. Again, he looks down at my tits, and I feel like the sexiest woman alive as his appreciation shows in his gleaming eyes and wicked grin. His big hands cup a titty each, and bring them together so that he can lick and suck and nip at them both at the same time.

I am almost mindless with pleasure, writhing on the bonnet, grinding my clit against him. I need more, and I need it now.

My hand slides down his chest, and further down to where his giant cock is pushing and straining against his zipper. I slide my hand over him and am rewarded with him letting loose a groan against my nipples. I can’t wait any longer, I fumble with his zipper, manage to get it open and yank down his pants and his boxers (yes, THOSE boxers). His cock springs free – as long and thick and hard as I remembered. It was not my imagination blowing things out of proportion at all. I close my hand around him and he flinches and moans. Oh god, I think I’m going to come, touching him is making me spasm and clench like mad. His lips have left my nipples bereft but he pulls me to him, my little buttons pressing against the fabric covering his hard chest. He rips his shirt open and pulls my nipples against his skin. Oh my god. His mouth covers mine again and his cock presses up against my wet wet panties as his hand slides down my back, down my outer thigh then back up the inner thigh, lifting my skirt as it skims up and up. Then he steps back and looks down at what his hands have revealed, I am exposed in all my glory, feeling grateful that I’d bothered to put on my laciest, tiniest little panties even though I was not planning on anyone seeing them!

He runs his fingers lightly over my mound, down to the lips, dabbing a finger into the wetness soaking through my panties. Then he puts his finger to his mouth, all the while holding my gaze and tastes my juices. It’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen and I gasp out loud. My hand is still holding his cock, and I can feel it jumping, the moisture running out of the tip. My thumb rubs over the smooth hot head, spreading the drops of pre-cum it kaçak bahis finds there around the sensitive tip of his head. He groans again, his hand possessively cupping my pussy then his fingers are sneaking around the side of my panties, lifting the elastic and sliding slowly right into me. My fingers clench around him and we both moan out loud. Its more than we can take. He lifts up my arse from the bonnet and in one smooth move rips off my dripping panties. Then he grabs his cock in one hand pulls me up against him with the other and shoves his cock into my hot wet aching pussy. I arch backwards, teeth clamped hard on my lip so that a trickle of blood escapes. He pulls me close as his cock slides in, and in, and in. My lips are stretching so wide, my muscles spasming around his hard hard big cock. And then he’s all the way in, our groins pressed up against each other, so close that our pubes are tangling. And we pause, savouring the feeling that we’d both wanted so much. Then I rock against him, rubbing my clit up against his pubic bone and he pulls back, almost all the way out, then slams it into me. Oh god, I moan, harder fuck me hard please, fill me up. And he does, hard and fast,slamming into me, pressing me against the hard metal, in and out. Of its own accord, my hand moves down to my clit and my fingers press against it and with that I come, and come, and come. My whole body is shaking, I want to scream out loud, but manage to keep my teeth firmly on my bottom lip. I moan and writhe, spasming deep inside around him, shuddering and when I open my eyes, i can see from his face that he’s fighting hard against his own imminent orgasm. My hips gradually stop writhing and his grimace reduces though not the pounding of his cock, in and out my wet, spasming pussy.

Then he suddenly stops, pulls out and flips me over so that I’m lying face down with my arse up. And in one smooth move he lifts up my hips and slides his hard wet cock between my lips and right into me. it’s all I can do to keep from screaming out loud. He’s slamming into me now, holding my hips pulling me hard into him as he pumps against me, into me. And just like that I’m coming again, involuntarily crying out as my muscles clench around him and I can feel him starting to come, his hips jerking into me, fingers digging into my hips, groaning deeply, gruffly.

We collapse onto the bonnet and he pulls himself out of me, gently turns me towards him and holds me close and kisses me. Just as well he’s holding me as my legs are shuddering so badly that I don’t think they could support me. We rest for a moment against each other, catching our breath. Then we start to tidy ourselves up – clothes, underwear, hair… glancing around I think how lucky we are that we were not witnessed as I don’t think we would have noticed at all.

A drink, he asks. I nod shakily and we return to the bar – popping into the Ladies quickly so i can tidy myself up properly, wipe up the wet and cum seeping out of me, wash my hands and fix my face.

I see the hectic pink colouring on my face and am grateful that my girlfriends are all otherwise occupied otherwise they would surely know what I’d been up to!

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