The Party

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The party had been going on for three hours to far, and I’d been bored out of my mind for two and a half. Boring neighbors circulated everywhere telling boring stories about their boring vacations and boring fish they had caught, and god knows what else. My wife was happily ensconced on a couch with three girlfriends from the building, and would happily stay there all night, leaving me to my own devices. Never mind that I didn’t know any of these people, let alone want to know them. I sipped at my bottle of Magners – at least the booze was good, that was something – and looked around the room for the hundredth of time, searching for someone mildly interesting to converse with.

It seemed like I smelled her scent before I saw her; a mix of sweet attar of roses with something autumnal, maybe pumpkin spice, a sultry mix that reminded me of romping in fields with Rosie Barnes when I was sixteen. Then she stepped into view, and I couldn’t think of anything but her.

She stood maybe five-five, with a sleek frame that was curvy but not too curvy, pert tits that looked like a perfect handful, sexy searching eyes, full ripe red lips, and the longest, curliest dark brown hair I had ever seen. That’s one thing that always gets me and as she moved across the room, tossing her head a little and making that lioness’s mane move and sway as she shook her ripe hips, my cock started to twitch in my pants, stiffening along the leg of my dark green suit. I loosened the black tie around my neck a little more, my head feeling light as I watched this beauty sashay past, that scent filling my nostrils, a smell of summer afternoon sex with all the windows open.

The brunette vision was dressed in a simple black knee-length dress, though on her ‘simple’ hardly seemed the right word. It clung to her curves, accentuating her figure perfectly without being ‘too short’ or ‘too tight’ for polite dinner-party society. A string of white pearls at her elegant throat, black stockings (at least, I hoped they were stockings) and black fuck-me boots completed the cock-stiffening ensemble, and I knew I couldn’t leave without at least knowing her name. I saw her move into a quiet corner, nibbling on a snack with those sweet lips and even white teeth and sipping a glass of wine, and I slowly made my way over to her. She saw me coming, her eyes catching mine before (I thought) running appreciatively over my body, her attention then returning to her drink, a slight trace of a smile on her lips.

“Great party, huh?” I offered, gesturing around and offering what I hoped was my most charming Irish smile.

The smile widened and she said “Actually, I’m bored as hell.”

“Me too.”

That got a laugh – a low, sultry laugh that made her body move in ways that sent more pulses of heat down my ever-longer dick. I held out my hand and she took it warmly in her own smaller, petite hand.

“I’m Griffin. Call me Griff.”

“I’m Jen… Griff.” This time her eyes moved unabashedly over my muscular frame, clad in my dark suit and black shirt, and call it wishful thinking but it seemed to me she liked what she saw. “You live in the building?”

“Just moved in last month. It’s.. nice.”

She laughed that sexy laugh again. “Meaning most of the people here are stiffs. I wholeheartedly agree. What I wouldn’t give for some excitement,” she said meaningfully, her eyes reaching mine again as she took a slow sip of wine, light glinting off the gold ring on her third finger.

“Your, uh… your husband doesn’t give you… excitement?”

Jen stepped a little closer, looking up at me, something dark and playful in her eyes, and I glanced around to see if anyone was noticing this flirty display – they were all, thankfully, engrossed in boring business of their own. She trailed a finger down my tie, almost to my beltbuckle before sliding it back up again. “No, Griff… he doesn’t. What do you think of that?”

I swallowed. Hard. And decided what the hell. “I think he’s crazy. If I had you at home I’d barely let you out of the bedroom, let alone out on your own to a party.”

Jen smiled slowly, the tip of her tongue emerging briefly as she licked her sensuous lips. “Well, aren’t we the gentleman?” she purred, eyes flicking to my left hand. “And what about your wife? Does she.. let you out alone?”

“From time to time,” I smiled, eyes cutting left. “She’s very busy right now.”

Jen followed my gaze to where my wife was holding court in the center of the room, in a crowd of people and laughter. “She’s pretty,” she said, sounding like she meant it. “Pretty lucky, too.” Jen’s eyes met mine again, and we held the gaze long enough for me to guess where this was going. Suddenly I cared about this party even less than before. I had to have this woman. Now.

“I was just about to say the same about your husband, Jen,” I said, my eyes moving to her full tits in the clinging dress, to her shapely hips, elegant legs, sexy boots, and back via her lips to her wide, expressive eyes. canlı bahis “Want to get out of here?”

“Oh, god, yes,” Jen said, looking around furtively before taking my hand in hers and silently leading me from the room along a dim corridor and up a small curved flight of stairs. I followed gladly, enjoying her swaying ass and the sound of those stockings (I was still hopeful) swishing together softly as she ascended the stairs. I resisted the strong urge to touch that fine, ripe ass.. for now.

“You know your way around this place pretty well.”

“That tends to happen when you own it, handsome,” Jen said, looking over her shoulder with a mischevious smile. We reached a large white door which she opened, ushering me inside as she swiftly closed and locked it. I was not very surprised to see it was the master bedroom; a huge four-poster bed dominated the room, covered in pristine black silk sheets, candles burning in every corner of the room. I turned to see Jen, leaning back against the door, her eyes burning and chest heaving.

“Now,” she said, her voice low and sexy. “About that.. excitement?”

I made my way slowly over to Jen, closing the distance between us deliberately, watching her breathing quicken and her chest rise and fall faster the closer I got; I could almost feel sparks of electric heat flicker and burn between us as I stopped, standing over her, my eyes on hers, looking deep, searching. Her gaze never faltered, never flickered, as my hand reached out, sliding over her slim waist, her breath exhaling in a long, husky sigh as my fingers caressed her skin through the thin slinky dress, moving down to cup her shapely hip, then back up, outlining her figure, smoothly cupping one full, round breast, squeezing very softly.

Jen was practically purring now, her arms above her head, wrists crossed, offering her ripe lush body to me, her back arched and her head moving back and forth as my nimble strong fingers played with both stiffening nipples through the silky material of her dress, leaning closer, our faces close, our lips almost touching – but not quite. I was going to have this woman begging for everything from me, from the first kiss to the final cumshot.

Jen’s breathing was ragged now as I breathed on the smooth creamy skin of her neck, my hands busy on her tits, her nipples like hard little bullets as I rolled them in my fingers. I breathed in her ear, my tongue barely flickering at her earlobe, then trailing a soft wet path down her neck, down into her cleavage, my hands moving to her ass to knead and caress, kissing between her tits now, Jen’s hands moving down, holding my head, her fingers tangled in my short black hair as I smiled up at her, gripping her dress at the neck and…


Jen screamed out loud as her dress tore down the middle, falling open in tatters, her bare ripe tits revealed to me in their glory as my lips fastened on one perfect nipple, then the other, back and forth, licking, kissing, SUCKING like there was no tomorrow, wet sloppy noises coming from my mouth as I rubbed my dangerously stiff hardon on her thigh.

“Ohhh goddd….” She moaned, her sweet body writhing in my arms, undulating sensuously, her hard nipple popping in and out of my mouth as she moved uncontrollably. “Please… please… kiss me, Griff…”

There it was; that plaintive, pleading, submissive tone that instantly turned my cock to an iron bar and quickened my pulse. I slowly moved up, towering over her again, my fingers steepled on her chin as I pulled her to me, my lips on hers, her mouth opening willingly for me, tongue probing, searching, as our mouths locked, tight, wet and hot, my hands once again searching her amazing body as we kissed like long-lost lovers, deep, sloppy, passionate, hungry, devouring each other, moaning and sighing as I pushed her hard against the door, my body on hers, her stiff nipples burning against my chest.

Jen clung to me fiercely, her mouth and tongue wild, hungry, her fingers in my hair as we lost ourselves in passion, bodies burning for each other. I pulled the remains of her dress from her body, revealing a black thong and thighhigh stockings.

After what seemed like hours of kissing and touching, I broke off, panting. Jen slipped my jacket off my shoulders, letting it fall, and started unbuttoning my shirt as fast as she could, her breath coming in quick, sharp bursts. She moaned softly with every breath, and I could tell she was hot, wet and more than ready for me. She pulled my shirt off, tossing it aside before kissing down my neck, her fingers trailing over my chest and down my stomach, her tongue following, kissing and licking, stopping to suck at my nipples, her eyes smiling up at me. Her breath on my skin was hot and fast, and she ground her pussy against my thigh as she tasted my skin; I could feel the heat and wetness through my pants, could feel her aching need.

I took her hand, holding her wrist and bahis siteleri guiding her fingers to my bulging, pulsing hardon. She groaned louder, rubbing at my massive stiff dick through the material.

“You feel how hard you’ve got me, Jen?” I murmured, smiling softly down at her. She nodded furiously, hair flying. “Oh yes… yes… so hard…” she purred, both hands at my crotch now, rubbing and squeezing.

“You want to see it, babygirl?”

Jen slipped to her knees now, her tits rubbing down my thighs, licking her lips in antitipation. “Oh Griff… yes.. so bad… please?” Her eyes were urgent, wide and willing. I nodded indulgently. Jen wasted no time unbuckling my pants and sliding them down, pulling my boxers with them, my stiff, thick, 8 ½ inch cock springing free in that pretty face, almost slapping her cheek. Jen’s reaction was instant, a smile split that beautiful mouth and she grasped my dick in both hands, sliding her fingers all over it and cooing in delight.

“Oh god, it’s so big, baby… can I taste?”

I nodded again, smiling indulgently at this sexkitten kneeling before me begging to suck my aching cock, and Jen immediately went to town, licking over every inch of my swollen rod like it was her favorite popsicle, trailing kisses over its length, playing with my hot, heavy balls, flickering her tongue in serpentine patterns – all the time her gaze locked onto mine, heavy with lust, bolts of pure electricity shooting between us. I leaned against the door for support with one hand, my other in her long thick hair as she licked, kissed, moaned, tasted, lapped and savored every hard inch of cock before her.

“You can suck it, babygirl,” I moaned, voice low and heavy. “Suck that big cock into your sweet mouth for Griff.”

Jen grinned like a kitten who’d got the cream (no pun intended) and locked her fingers around the base of my dick, pulling the foreskin back so the hot, round purple head was exposed, throbbing and oozing precum. She poised over it, licking her lips s..l..o..w..l..y, smiling that smile I loved, before she opened her mouth, sliding down my pole expertly, swallowing every long, hungry inch into her willing throat, her hands moving to my ass and squeezing as she moaned and slurped around my iron-hard cock, starting to bob up and down, sucking, slurping, tongue flickering out to taste my balls; I’d never had head this good, and I savored every second, my hand locked on the back of her head as I started to guide her up and down, starting to fuck her sweet face with my monster cock.

She moaned louder, slurped wetter and smiled wider around my meat, her eyes entreating me to slam my cock into that amazing mouth, and I obliged, POUNDING into her face with my raging prick, shoving every inch inside her throat as she relaxed-tightened-relaxed, cheeks working, hollowing as she sucked me like there was no tomorrow.

I couldn’t tell how long this went on for; I no longer cared that we were in her bedroom while a party went on downstairs; I no longer cared about anything except taking this sexy woman and making her my sex toy, for as long and as hard as I wanted. I pulled her to her feet, a trail of sloppy spittle connecting her mouth to my hot cockhead. Jen moaned, panted, relaxed in my arms, licking her lips and smiling again.

“My turn to taste you,” I said simply.

Kicking off my clothes, I stood naked before Jen, who was down to her thighhighs and boots. She leaned down and made to unzip one boot, but I stopped her with a light touch on her arm. Her eyes swivelled up to meet mine, a question on her face.

“Leave them on.”

Jen smiled her kitten smile again and stood before me, as naked as I wanted her, her body clothed in a light sheen of sweat, her skin flickering in the sensuous candlelight. Our eyes drank each other in from head to toe, and we were filled with the longing and satisfaction of the pleasure that lay before us.

Bending down slightly, I slid an arm behind Jen’s legs and one behind her shoulder and easily scooped her up in my arms, lifting her as she giggled and slid her arms around my neck, kicking her legs playfully. She rained soft kisses on my neck and chest as I carried my conquest to the kingsize bed, stopping before it and tossing her roughly down on the soft clean sheets. Jen lay there, hair spread like a halo around her head, smiling up at me, her eyes alight again with pure lust.

“That’s right, Daddy,” she said, nodding, running her hands over her tits, her smooth stomach, her creamy inner thighs, “treat me rough… I’m yours… I so need you to take me.. use me.. make me yours….”

I crawled onto the bed, spreading Jen’s legs roughly, my body between her long legs as I licked and kissed my way up the soft leather of her boots and the lace of her stockings, her breath coming harder and hotter with every touch of my mouth on her; my hands were on her thighs, holding her legs apart nice and wide as I breathed on her sweet soft skin, causing shudders bahis şirketleri and goosebumps to cascade across her delicious flesh.

Jen propped herself up on some pillows, smiling down at me sweetly, her hands moving over her body, playing with her tits, tangling in my hair, clenching in the sheets, moving and writhing under me as my mouth grew closer… closer… closer to the moist, inviting heat of her sweet wet pussy.

I breathed in deep, licking my lips. “Are you ready for me, sweet thing?” I whispered, my mouth so close to her pussy I could almost, but not quite, taste it.

“Oh… griff.. yesss…..” she moaned, part-pain, part-ecstasy. “Please… just fucking eat my pussy… I so need you to take me… make me your slut, your whore.. I’ll do anything, baby… just DO it…. “

I wasted no time, attacking her warm, sweet cunt with my lips and tongue, PLUNGING my hot tongue deep inside and clamping my lips to hers, flickering, licking and lapping inside that hot, tight, sticky-sweet hole. I moaned loud as I feasted on her juices, sweet and spicy as spun sugar; my hands slid up to caress and play with those round ripe tits as my eyes stayed on Jen’s and my mouth went crazy on her heavenly pussy.

“Ohhh god oh jesus fuckfuckfuck FUCK yessss YES GRIFF…” Jen was bucking wildly under me now, her body undulating and writhing on the bed, the headboard vibrating against the wall as her body gave itself over to me. “EAT that pussy, stud… oh god I fucking need it SO BAD…” I relentlessly tongued her cunt, pushing deeper, wriggling faster, flickering wilder, exploring every fold and crevice of that delicious hole, playing with Jen’s body as my mouth brought her closer and closer to orgasm; I could see it in her eyes, feel it in the frantic spasms of her limbs, her hips. I pushed deeper, occasionally pulling out to kiss, lick and suck her hot, throbbing little clit, flickering my tongue over it as she had done with my aching cock head. I PUSHED in hot and deep once more, burying my tongue inside Jen like a hot wet little cock, undulating and wriggling, her nipples between my fingers as I pulled and rolled, holding her hips down with my body, her legs flung wide, her cries and moans filling the room, the candlelight flickering faster around us as the room spun and moved. Jen’s cries became screams of pure joy:



I rode out the waves of Jen’s orgasm, licking and slurping and lapping down the sweet juices of her wonderful pussy, trying to still her wild spasms and feasting on her hole, the juices dripping down my chin onto the crisp sheets. Finally I broke off for air, panting and smiling, licking my lips and grinning up at my sexkitten.

Jen beckoned to me with a finger, her chest heaving with exertion, her eyes wide. “Come here, stud,” she moaned. “Let me clean you up…”

I slid up that heavenly body and Jen held my face in her hands, her tongue moving all over my lips and chin, sucking and lapping all her sweet sticky juices off my face, cleaning me like a cat, not missing an inch, her eyes scanning me, her hands soft and gentle on my face as we kissed, licked and touched, her heart slowing, her body subsiding under me as I settled my weight on her, my hard cock nestled between her thighs. Jen sighed, sliding underneath me, making my dick rub on her sweet flesh.

“You haven’t had enough yet, have you, babygirl?”

A shake of the head, biting her lip playfully.

“You want me to fuck you, don’t you?”

A fervent nod, her smile lighting up her face.

“How do you want it, baby?”

Jen touched my face again. “However you want to give it to me Griff.. I’m yours tonight. Do what you want to me… make me yours….”

I leant down, whispered in her ear: “Right answer.”

Suddenly, I lifted myself off Jen’s body, grabbing her, my hands rough, manhandling her, moving her onto hands and knees; she threw her hands out, holding the headboard to support her weight, her sweet tits hanging pertly down and her ass in the air.

“Oh god yes, use me, Griff,” Jen panted. “give me that big fucking cock in my pussy hard and deep, pleeease….”

I knelt behind her, running my fingers over her fine, ripe ass, as my dick idly rubbed her inner thighs – I was driving her crazy and I knew it, and I knew she loved it. Jen tossed her head, her long thick mane of hair flying, and I grabbed hold of it, winding it around my fingers like a true mane, the head of my cock poised at her open, waiting pussy mouth. There was no sound in the dim room except our breathing.

“Tell me what you want.”

“Oh god… please, Griff, don’t tease me…”

A yank on her hair, her head pulled back; Jen gasped in shock, but a smile flickered across her lips.

“Tell me.. what you want.”

“I want you to fuck me.” Her voice was low, a petulant schoolgirl being told off.

“I can’t hear you, babygirl.”

“I want you to FUCK me!” Her head turned and her blazing eyes were on me, full of life and lust. “FUCK my pussy, SPLIT me open, make me take every INCH, baby, make me your whore, your slut, your babygirl!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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