The Office Boy Ch. 05

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This is my fifth story in the ‘Glenn – series’, thanks Sexychik69 without who’s help you would not be reading any stories from me.

My name is Glenn and by now you may have read my stories. Hopefully you have read the first part of Sally’s challenge, this is part two.

As Sally came into the office she avoided eye contact with me. My telephone rang I picked it up and before I had chance to say a word I heard Sally’s voice, “So how was your evening?”


“Oh, now that is a shame. Guess I overestimated your abilities Glenn.” She laughed and as I looked up I saw her wink at me. “So did anything interesting happen?”

I winked back, “I think it would be best to discuss that over a bite to eat as its not really a suitable subject for the office Sally, do you agree?” She laughed and agreed. We arranged that at lunchtime we would go to a local pizza restaurant.

As was becoming usual we made our way out of the office separately so that no tongues would wag or that any gossip could make its way to Paul. I got there first and asked for a quiet table for two, as I needed to discuss work with my companion. The plan worked well as this restaurant had been specially chosen, we were able to sit out of the way. When Sally turned up I gave her credit for using this location.

She laughed, “This is where I have come before when I have had an illicit date or rendezvous. You look shocked Glenn.”

“I thought you and Paul were sound.” I replied.

Laughing she explained, “No that was in my younger days, I was even younger than you are now. I could eat here and be confident that we would not be disturbed. By the way don’t get any ideas Glenn.” We both laughed.

After we had ordered the food she asked me to give her the full details of my adventures from the previous night, which I did. Sally listened intently then when I had finished she asked, “So I take it you don’t know her name? You don’t do you. Glenn you are turning into a bit of a dirty tart aren’t you?” I laughed. “So did that exorcise Caroline from your life?”

“I guess it did. It was very enjoyable to just…… well you know fuck with no pressure or attachment.”

“What can I say young man, you learn quickly? Commitment is lovely, but relish your freedom.”

I grinned “But I will be embarrassed to admit güvenilir bahis that to my future wife won’t I?” Sally raised a quizzical eyebrow she obviously didn’t get my meaning. “I mean how can I tell a woman who I ultimately love and want kids with that I screwed a married woman in her husband’s office car park. Oh yes, whilst she got me to pretend to rape her.”

She laughed, “You just told me didn’t you?. Anyway, you wore a rubber so why would you need to ever tell?. What doesn’t matter never gets told, in my book anyway.”

“Such as dining with a male who isn’t your live-in boyfriend?”

“Got it in one Glenn. More wine?” She poured more wine into my glass. “Sounds like you gave her a nice time anyway. Lets move on as you have intrigued me with one of your comments. A wife….and kids…..when’s this planned?”

“No date yet but you know….one day I hope. It will be nice to have a family. What about you?” I asked.

“Oh that’s a good question. I am sure that Paul and I may well marry.” She drank more of her wine. Then started to eat her starter.

“Children?….or is that private?”

“No it’s a fair point. I love Paul but he has been honest and is not keen at the moment on kids. Who knows what the future will bring of course so you never can tell can you.” The look on her face belied what she had said so I decided to move away from the subject.

“Come on there’s plenty of time for that sort of chat when we are back in the office.” I put my hand under her chin lifting her face I smiled and she smiled back. “Paul’s really lucky and if his kids look like you they will be beautiful.” We both laughed. “Anyway, I hate to be rude but you set me a challenge did you not? I think I met it so……spill the beans.”

“Sure, do you want all the gory details? From the look on your face I will take it that you do! Give me five minutes I want to go to the ladies, then I will tell all.”

When she returned and sat at the table I put my hand over hers. “Look, we have had a laugh but you don’t have to tell me about last night.”

Her face fell, “Oh okay.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to hear. Well, it’s more my story was a bit of fun while you are telling me about your relationship. I will get turned on by it and……you know. I understand what you have with Paul. We get on türkçe bahis and if you were single I would be hitting on you all the time, even though you are an older woman.”

“Oi there’s no need for that!” She laughed.

“Anyway, I have been honest with you in that I think a lot of you and don’t want this to balls up us being mates or anything. So that’s why I am giving you this out.”

She looked at me, “Well thanks for the offer but I would love to tease you so here goes. Don’t stop me but feel free to ask me anything you want as we won’t be playing this game again, understand.”

“As I explained we were out last night having dinner, Paul was upset as I was late and to make matters worse hadn’t worn a skirt. You see one of the things he enjoys is to get me to go to the loos, remove my knickers, and go commando. Then during the course of the evening he likes me to flash or for him to finger me. So last night he felt I was depriving him. I advised him not to worry and that he would have plenty of fun.”

She sipped her wine then continued. “He was a bit sullen so I went to the toilet. While in there I put on my bright red lipstick, I went into the cubicle and removed my bra. Well Glenn if you thought you liked my white top before it leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination when I am naked under it I can tell you. To finish it off I had taken an ice cube from my coke, which I had run around my nipples so that they were rigid. His eyes nearly popped out when I returned.” The thought of this had my cock starting to strain in my shorts but I tried desperately not to let on. “Anyway as we finished the meal I leant across under the table and felt his solid erection. I playfully rubbed him and suggested we get home to sort that out.”

“As we made our way to the car he was asking if I would blow him in the car park or could we play outdoors, I said that he would prefer to go home and have me I was sure. The drive home was absolutely full of tension. When he was driving I took him out of his flies and gave him a slow sensual handjob but only on the understanding he was not to cum.”

“He held out?” I asked.

“Yes, he did very well. When we got indoors I told him to wait in the front room. I heard him put a porno video as he was really horny by this time. From the sound I could tell it güvenilir bahis siteleri was one of his favourites where two girls get it on. I went to the bedroom and undressed. I then put on a white lacy bra, suspender belt, a g-string, white stockings and my white five inch heels.”

“Jesus, you must look an absolute giant in those.”

“Yeah, I am five foot ten anyway, so obviously it puts me over six feet tall. So I am taller than Paul who’s only five eleven and a half. I walked into the front room standing between him and the television screen. He told me I looked stunning so I asked him how much he appreciated me, I had moved the emphasis from his pleasure to mine but he appeared transfixed.”

Sally licked her lips obviously savouring the memory “I quickly removed the g-string and draped it across his face. I lifted my right leg and cocked it over his left shoulder so that my pussy was right in his face. I just said ‘Lick me now Paul, make me cum’ and to my delight he obliged. My hands feel down onto his head while I felt his tongue snake its way around my clit and outer lips.” My hand fell to my lap and felt the outline of my rigid cock, I was getting so turned on.

“Are you okay Glenn?” She laughed, “Are you getting uncomfortable? Shall I stop?” I shook my head. “Well as you will guess I was really enjoying this but was less than comfortable so I got him to lay across the sofa. I then knelt over his face and we began to give each other mutual oral sex, his dick was so hard, I was getting so close to cumming. I felt his hands reach round the front of my bra and he roughly tugged the material down and my tits popped out and were grabbed by his rough hands.”

My mind was racing and I couldn’t help myself as my eyes fell to Sally’s chest. She laughed pretending to cover them, “I am sorry.” I said.

“Its alright, you’re getting very flushed. I find it very, very, complimentary that I’m having this effect on you. So anyway his mauling of my breasts sent me sliding over the edge and as I started to climax I lowered my mouth over his cock. He loves it when my orgasm rips through me that I suck him. As I came I moaned even with my mouth full with him. I sucked hard knowing that he would be unable to hold on then he flooded my mouth with his cum.”

Calmly she drank the last of her wine, then I felt her bare foot against my erection. “Well I don’t need to ask if you enjoyed that do I! We best get back to the office. Will you be thinking of my story tonight and wanking?”

I laughed, “That’s a distinct possibility.”

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