The Neighbor

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On a hot July day, hardly a cloud in the sky with birds chirping in the shade of tree branches, you are sitting on your porch reading a book, with a cool beverage sitting beside you on a table. A white sundress, covered with daisies, fits loosely around your body, straps leaving your shoulders bare. You are barefoot and the dress stops just above your knees. Although hot, there is a light breeze that flows through the dress every so often, providing some relief from the heat, and your porch is covered. You are cooler outside than inside your home, where the air-conditioning provides minimal help although your landlord claims it is working correctly. You read for about 30 minutes and then all of a sudden, you hear a truck pull up to the house next to yours that has a for-sale sign in the yard. The bed of the truck is overflowing with items and you don’t pay much attention as a guy hops out of the truck and starts unloading it. You return to reading and your new neighbor continues to unload.

An hour and a half later, you realize that your new neighbor is still unloading the truck but you have noticed something else. He has removed his shirt and now you start to pay closer attention to him. He is a little over 6 feet tall, by your estimation, and the shirt, it was hiding a lot. You put your book down, put your sunglasses on, and pick up your glass as you stare at him, the sunglasses hiding your eyes.

He has broad shoulders, sloping down from his neck evenly on both sides. You feel like he works out but is not a gym rat. The shoulders connect to some thick, but not overly thick, muscular arms, and you see the veins dilated throughout them, the result of having been moving stuff for almost two hours. You watch as his chest ripples as he picks things up. You start shifting a little bit uncomfortably in your chair and you continue to look at him. Toned stomach muscles that taper down to a V-cut and a narrow waist stare back at you. He squats down to pick up something he has set on the ground and you see a thick, high-riding rear end stretch the back of his shorts and watch each side of his butt move up and down as he walks. You see the bottom of his thigh muscles stick out from the bottom of his shorts as they form a teardrop shape around his knees. His calves are thick, well-defined, and ripple with each step.

You feel a tingle between your legs as you try not to stare at him. Your mind wanders to when you were last satisfied, and you honestly can’t even remember. The sun starts to go down and you notice that his truck is almost empty. Displaying a forwardness that you don’t normally have; you walk down the steps of your porch and over to his driveway. You introduce yourself.

“Hi, I’m Ana, your next door neighbor.”

“Hi,” he replies. “I’m Drew, just started moving in today. Nice to meet you.”

“Would you like to come over a for a drink?” you ask. “You’ve had a hard day.”

“Sure,” Drew says. “I’ll be over in a few minutes. See you then.”

You turn and walk back to your place and open the front screen door. As it slams behind you, you quickly straighten up your living room and then go to the kitchen, getting two glasses down and an ice bucket. You drop a few cubes into each glass when there is a knock on the door.

You walk into the living room and see Drew’s silhouette outlined against the quickly darkening night and you smile and let him in, for the first time being close enough to him to realize how tall and muscular he is. To your surprise, he is still shirtless as you see his chest just inches from your eyes.

Drew follows you to the kitchen, and you ask what he would like to drink.

“Water’s fine. Nice place you have here.”

“Thank you. What brings you to town?” you reply, as you bring him a glass of water and you start sipping your favorite wine.

“I just got a promotion at the software company I work for, and that required a move.” he says.

“What do you do?”

“I’m an elementary school teacher,” you reply.

“Cool,” he says.

You can’t help but stare at his chest. Slightly dark, with light hair, and there are little drops of sweat trickling down, forced by his muscle definition into little rivulets. You watch as they run between his ab muscles and drip off the edge of the “V” and onto your kitchen floor.

He finishes his current swallow of water and realizes you are staring at him and quickly turns a dark shade of red. “I’m so embarrassed. I am standing here sweating in your kitchen. I would have showered before I came over but found out the water is not in my place I yet. I thought it would be. Would I be able to use yours?”

Before you know what is happening, you have said yes and are leading him down the hall. You hand him a towel and show him where the soap is and shut the door to the bathroom and leave him alone to get started. He thanks you profusely as you leave.

Your bathroom is attached to your bedroom and you decide to fold some laundry in order to stay near the bathroom. The door to the bathroom has a faulty latch and it has cracked eryaman orospu numaraları open while you were tending to the laundry and you look toward it.

Perhaps buoyed by the second glass of wine you have been working on in the meantime, you again uncharacteristically start walking toward the bathroom. You push the door open a little more and steam billows out from the bathroom and you can barely see anything in it.

Liquid courage prods your forward as you open the door more and step inside. Due to some of the steam escaping in the time the door was open wider, you are able to see Drew’s outline in the shower but still visibility is poor and you shut the door quietly and steam starts obscuring your vision again. Drew doesn’t seem to realize you are in there.

You quietly sit down on a chair in the bathroom, facing the glass shower that Drew occupies. You feel the heat of the steam on your skin and can smell the soap that Drew is using. Somehow you are able to see the soap and water run down Drew’s thick back and off his shelf of a butt. He is completely facing away from you in the shower. For a few minutes, you sit and just watch his arm, shoulder, and back muscles move and contract and relax.

Your legs spread and without thinking you start pulling your dress up so that you can get underneath it. Your eyes intermittently start closing and opening as you start dreaming of Drew and what you two could be doing together. Fingers find themselves under your panties and you are surprised to feel wetness already. You start rubbing your clit in circles like you have been accustomed to as it has been at least a year since anyone else has pleased you. Your mind drifts to the passionate lovemaking that you and your new neighbor are partaking in the naughty place in your mind. Your lips part and let out a barely audible moan as you feel you clit swell beneath your fingers and your nipples harden under the thin material of your dress, poking through the fabric and easily visible if someone were to look.

Then, all of a sudden, a loud noise hits your ears and your eyes fly open, not realizing that they have been closed for close to ten minutes. When your vision comes into focus, you see Drew, standing in front of you.

Completely naked.

Dripping wet.

He looks down and sees where one of your hands is currently residing. He tells you to leave it there and that’s when you notice something.

His penis is rapidly elongating and headed toward the ceiling as blood rushes into it. When it fully hardens, your eyes bulge at the thickness of it and you estimate the length is a little above average.

He opens the door to the bathroom to let the steam escape, and you start to see more clearly as he puts a towel down on the floor, kneels on it, and lifts your right leg and starts kissing your…

Ankle. He repeats on the left ankle and then moves onto your calves, murmuring about how smooth and toned they are. You can barely keep your hand in your panties as his soft lips move on to kiss the back of your knees on both legs. And then he moves to your inner thighs, his soft, wet tongue administering little licks, alternating with kisses, as he moves back and forth between your left and right legs, ascending higher and higher as he does.

It takes him about 20 minutes to cover your legs with kisses and licks but he eventually ends up next to your panties. He smells your wetness and can hear breathing getting heavier. He reaches for your right wrist and pulls your right hand out of your white cotton panties. He looks in your eyes as one by one, he puts your right thumb and the other four fingers in his mouth, swirling his tongue around them, tasting little drops of your juices on them until he has licked them clean.

He then grips the sides of your panties and starts tugging them down. They stick slightly to your lips as he pulls them away and they slide down your legs. He looks deep in your eyes again and then you watch as that pink, wet, soft tongue slides out of his mouth in a flattened state and you both watch and feel it land on your right outer lip. His tongue starts back near the spot between your asshole and pussy and then he gives a very long, very slow, torturous lick from back to front of your right outer lip. His lips then attach themselves to that same lip of yours and gently suck on it, causing more blood to enter the rapidly swelling lip. You place your hands on his head and run your fingers through his light brown hair as he gives the same attention to your left outer lip as you struggle to stay still, squirming in the chair.

With both outer lips equally swollen, you watch as he makes his tongue pointed, spreads your swollen outer lips and then licks both of your inner lips from back to front at the same time, sending shivers down your spine. He then runs his tongue over your clit hood and gently pulls the hood back, revealing your swollen, throbbing, pulsing clit.

Drew takes his time, slowly licking all of the surfaces of your clit and soft little moans escape ankara escort your lips with more frequency than before. Unlike most men you’ve been with, he knows the structure of the clit and licks on either side of the clit head to cover the whole clit with his tongue licks. You shudder and shake as he covers this territory, and then he makes his tongue pointed once more, and slowly licks the head of your clit with the tip of his tongue in all directions, reading your responses to see which directions you like tonight. When he finds a certain direction or movement you like, he goes back to it frequently. He then takes his right index finger and slides it easily inside you, your juices allowing him to slide effortlessly inside your warmth.

He finds your G-spot and proceeds to tease it with his right index fingertip. The pressure he uses is gentle, like he is trying to brush an eyelash out of your eye. The motion he uses is a “come hither” motion with the fingertip starting at the deepest part of G and moving toward your vaginal opening. You were already wet but as he resumes licking and sucking your clit while fingering, you start dripping on the chair and he gets to taste your juices and you both hear and feel his fingers in your wet pussy.

Once a puddle has formed on the chair you are on, he stops pleasing you orally and picks you up. As he holds you against him and walks, you feel his hardness pressing into you and throbbing against you. He carries you to your bedroom and puts you down momentarily and reaches down and pulls your dress up and off over your head. After he drops your dress on the ground, he is momentarily stunned as he sees your completely naked form in its entirety. As he looks at you and your big brown eyes and beautiful cheekbones and soft lips, you see his body respond as his penis twitches and a few drops of precum escape and fall to your bedroom floor.

Drew picks you up again and lays you gently on the bed, and he climbs on the bed himself and then he starts kissing your…


Then your nose.

Then your cheekbones.

Then your lips, sucking and nibbling on them as he pulls away after each kiss. Occasionally your tongues meet and fight each other.

He then brushes your beautiful naturally curly brown hair off your shoulders and neck, and he starts methodically licking, kissing, and sucking both sides of your neck and earlobes, searching for your favorite spot in this area. He knows when he has found it as your body language changes, your moans grow louder, and shivers go down your spine straight to your pussy. He stays on your favorite spot for a few minutes and drives you absolutely wild as you run your fingertips all over his body, feeling the marbled texture of his muscles. After kissing down both sides of your neck one last time, he kisses down both shoulders and then lays tiny pecks along the length of both collarbones. His lips then find their way down both of your inner upper arms, tickling just a bit before moving on to the crooks of your elbows, inner forearms, and then ultimately your wrists, and then kissing back up.

During this time, the windows of your bedroom have become foggy, with precipitation running down the inside of them. You hear the sounds of his kisses and his voice as he occasionally whispers sweet things in your ears. The room is starting to smell like two people in heat, lust filling the air. Random drops of his precum fall on your bed and your skin and you get intermittent glimpses of his cock, still rigid this whole time.

He then takes your large right breast in his hands and starts kissing it in the upper outer corner and works his way around the breast in circles, covering the whole breast, including the underside, with his lips. The circles get smaller as he moves inward. When he gets to your right areola, he takes it and your right nipple in his mouth and sucks on the areola while flicking the nipple with his tongue. Your right breast is left swollen and achy and your nipple rock hard, throbbing, and pulsing. Your left breast gets similar treatment and then he spreads both breasts apart and kisses between them.

Drew then takes his lips and starts kissing all over your tummy and he licks around the rim of your belly button before starting at the outside of your hip bones and following their path downward and inward towards an area that you are hoping is about to get even more attention.

However he surprises you by rolling you over onto your stomach and chest, and he starts kissing the back of your shoulders and neck, covering some areas that he already had but then moving down to middle back and the back of your hips but leaves the small of your back for last, and when you feel his lips there, little shocks of pleasure radiate to the area between your legs. He then rolls you back over.

He then takes your legs and puts them over his shoulders and then takes your hands and interlaces your fingers with his. The head of his penis rests on your pussy lips, and he shifts his hips back and forth, running elvankent escort the length of his shaft and head over your pussy lips and then pushes the head between your lips.

You take a deep, shuddering breath as you feel his pink, bulbous, swollen cockhead push your lips aside and stretch you. He notices that you are a little uncomfortable after the head slides in and he stops pushing and waits.

Your pussy spasms, stretches, and relaxes, while you feel even more wetness as your body self-lubricates even more. Drew looks deep in your eyes and waits until your eyes tell him it’s okay to keep going.

He then gently presses forward and you feel your vaginal walls stretch around him. He is rock hard and you feel the blood pulsing within him. Drew leans forward, bending at the waist while still slowly entering you. He puts his lips next to your left ear and starts whispering in your ear.

As he slides deeper inside of you, he distracts you from the almost painful stretching around his thick shaft but telling you how he saw you the moment he pulled into his new driveway. He wondered if he would ever get to see you up close but was too shy to approach. He keeps talking about how he loved the dress you were wearing and while he liked what wasn’t covered by the dress, he also wondered what was underneath it. Your vagina relaxes a little as he tells you how he could stare into your beautiful eyes for hours and how he can’t believe he got to kiss your lips and how soft they were.

He recalls seeing your breasts bouncing underneath your dress when you initially approached him and how he was glad he was standing behind his truck at the time as seeing you just walking started getting him excited. He temporarily lets go of your hands and reaches down and gently caresses your breasts that overflow his hands, kneading them, massaging them, making them ache and swell even more than they already are.

He stops talking as you feel the last inch of him slide fully inside you. You let out a loud moan as the thick base stretches you wider than you have ever been stretched at the same time his heavy, warm balls rest come to rest on your pussy lips as you feel the heat from them.

You watch as he starts pulling out. The muscles in his arms and chest and abs and hips flex and relax and he pulls all of the way out, pausing when his cockhead hits your G and with some subtle movements of his hips, rubs the head against your G, making your fingers and toes curl.

After pulling all of the way out, he waits a few seconds for you to swell tighter. During that time, he runs his fingertips up and down your thighs and gives you a big smile and then starts pushing in again. He is slow and gentle, similar to when he first entered. He stretches you out again as he puts all of himself inside you. This pattern repeats although his speed varies and this whole time, you’re on a cloud, body feeing lighter than air.

Five to ten minutes of this causes your toes to curl downward again and you gradually lose feeling in your legs. You slowly start to lose feeling in your legs as they go numb. As you watch him thrust and flex, what blood is left in your head slowly drains out. As a result, you get dizzy and lightheaded, while your ears start ringing.

The temperature of your bedroom has increased significantly as sweat starts pouring down your bodies. Your juices start dripping down his shaft and out onto his balls and is pooling underneath you two.

Drew watches your toned stomach muscles flex as you cannot stay still as he reaches down to rub your clit in circles, clockwise and counterclockwise while continuing his thrusting. Your breathing, which had started to become irregular, is now erratic. He smiles and enjoys watching your breasts jiggle everywhere as you squirm, trying to hold still.

Most of your body has now become a little numb, and as you feel him pulse and throb deep inside you and hear him moving in and out of your wetness, your eyes start glazing over a bit and rolling back into your head.

And then a feeling starts, at the top of your head. You can’t completely explain it and it is the most calm, relaxing feeling but with an undercurrent of tension that just gradually builds as that feeling flows over your face, neck, breasts, stomach, arms, and legs. When the feeling hits between your legs, your pussy clamps down as hard as it can on his thick shaft.

Your body then proceeds to shiver, quiver, shake, bend, shudder, and contort as a multiwave orgasm rolls through you. Each wave feels like a lightning bolt from head to toe as your tension lessens with each episode. Drew pins you down as you cannot possibly stay still as he watches you writhe in ecstasy.

You almost black out as your whole body just can’t stop cumming. The pool of juices beneath us quickly becomes a puddle.

Finally, almost 10 minutes later, your vision comes back into focus and you see him, still with his legs over your shoulders, still thrusting but now you feel his balls tightening up against your lips. Your pussy goes into overdrive, milking his penis and then you feel his balls twitch against you. You feel his cum rising within his shaft, and your pussy keeps milking him. After what seems like 30 minutes but in reality was only a few, his cumhole opens up, and he starts moaning as

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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