The Naked Chef

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“Don’t make any plans for the 14th,” David said while zapping between TV channels.

Veronica looked up from her newspaper. “Oh, why not?”

“Because it’s Valentine’s Day and I have something special in mind for us.”

Veronica’s interest was peeked. She sat up straight in the big sofa chair and looked at her husband.

“That sounds interesting, what have you been planning?”

David looked over at her with a mischievous grin. “Now, if I told you it wouldn’t be much of a surprise, would it?”

“C’mon,” Veronica pleaded. “Give me some hint!”

Her husband just smiled and went back to zapping the channels. Veronica went back to her newspaper, but her mind began to drift.

“I wonder what he’s planning,” she thought. “Perhaps dinner at some fancy restaurant? Or a weekend away?” She was getting very excited at the thought of a weekend away at some romantic hotel. Couldn’t David at least give some hint?

“And there’s no point in asking me,” David said, as if he reading her thoughts. “My lips are sealed.”

Veronica pouted and made as much sound as possible with the newspaper.

“You’re such a baby,” David said, with a hint of amusement in his voice.


It was Valentine’s Day. The harsh sound of the alarm clock went off.

“Mphf, what time is it?” Veronica groaned sleepily.

“It’s 6:00am.”

“Six? I have a whole hour to go!” Veronica turned around, pulling the cover over her head.

As quiet as possible David got out of bed and into the kitchen. Quickly he made some cheese and ham sandwiches. A few minutes later he walked into the bedroom, carrying a tray.

“Wakey, wakey, babe,” he said and sat down the tray on the nightstand. “Breakfast is served.”

Veronica’s sleepy eyes looked at him behind the unruly auburn locks. “Breakfast?”

“Yes, I’ve made breakfast for us,” David smiled. “Would you like some tea?”

Slowly Veronica sat up in the bed and leaned against the wooden frame. “Wow, breakfast in bed. That’s been a while!”

“I know, that’s why I figured it’d be a good start to the day.” David handed her a rectangular box with a red bow around it. “Here, Happy Valentine’s Day, babe.”

“Awww, darling, you shouldn’t have!” She kissed him gingerly on the mouth. “Can I open it now?”

“I wouldn’t want it any other way,” David smiled.

With eager hands Veronica ripped away the red ribbon and opened the box. Carefully, and with eyes glittering of anticipation, she unwrapped the layers of thin see-through wrapping paper. A couple of layers down she began to see hints of red fabric.

“Oh David!” she exclaimed, holding up the short red kimono robe. “It’s gorgeous!”

David looked pleased with her reaction. “I saw it and couldn’t resist it.”

She gave him a quick but passionate kiss. “It’s so soft, and the colors are beautiful!”

Excited Veronica jumped out of the bed and tried on the robe. A cherry blossom pattern was printed on the red background color, and the silk felt cold against her naked skin.

“You really shouldn’t have…”

“I wanted to, you deserve it.”

Their lips met once again, this time in a more drawn out kiss.

“I can’t give you my gift until later,” Veronica said.

“That’s fine,” David said. “I don’t want anything.”

Veronica leaned her forehead against David’s. “I’m giving you something, but I have to pick it up first.”

“The only thing I want is for you to come home right after work,” David said. “You haven’t made any other plans, have you?”

“No, no other plans. I’ll come right home after work.”


“And speaking of work,” Veronica grabbed one of the sandwiches from the tray. “I need to get ready.” Giving her husband a fleeting kiss, she jumped into the shower.


“Morning Mrs. Cooper.”

“Morning, Danielle.” Veronica gave her assistant a happy smile and walked into her office. Lying on the big mahogany desk she found a single red rose wrapped in cellophane.

“Danielle, can you come in here?”

“Yes, Mrs. Cooper?”

“This rose, when was it delivered?” She pointed at the deep red flower.

“This morning,” Danielle answered. “I believe it’s from Mr. Copper.”

“Aww, he shouldn’t have,” Veronica smiled.

“A good start to Valentine’s Day, isn’t it?” Danielle said. “Are you planning something special for tonight?”

Veronica sank down in the plush leather chair behind her desk. “David has some kind of surprise for me. He told me not to make any other plans.”

“Sounds promising!”

“Mmm, very promising,” Veronica mused. “And I got the most gorgeous silk robe from him this morning.”

“I wish I had a man,” Danielle sighed. “Instead I have to spend Valentine’s Day picking up one in some club…”

Veronica laughed. “You’re not fooling me, Danielle! I know you love to pick up some cute guy on the dance floor.”

Danielle couldn’t hide her grin. “Oh yes, it’s like a smorgasbord, just take your pick…”

They both laughed out loud.

“Well, I’ll leave you to it,” Danielle said and left the room, bahis firmaları closing the door behind her.

Veronica stood up and unwrapped the cellophane paper. For a long moment she looked at the rose, a feeling of warmth spreading through her body. She sure was a lucky woman. She swung the chair around towards the phone and dialed a number.


“Darling, I got the rose, it’s beautiful.”

“Glad you liked it.”

“Thanks once again for the robe and rose.”

“You’re welcome.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Veronica hung up the receiver and swiveled the chair around once again – this time towards the big window behind her. For a long time she looked out over the city view that spread before her.


It was almost time for her lunch break. Veronica stood up and stretched her arms in the air. Her back was hurting from slumping over the desk and she was looking forward to a break. On her desk were now five red roses. A new one had arrived every hour since she got to the office. By now she had become awfully chummy with the delivery boy, and the other women in the office kept teasing her. They all admitted to being slightly jealous of the attention David was giving her. To Veronica the roses made her feel like when she had started dating David. It was nice to feel attractive and desired.

They had been married for five years, and although their relationship was overall good, there had of course been slumps. There was one period when David had been working very had and not up for anything romantic. When he finally got out of that period it was her turn. Work had taken up most of her time, and she had been far too tired for sex in the evenings. Before they knew it days and even weeks had gone without any significant sexual contact. It took them a while to get back on track, but it had been worth it. Their relationship had developed and their lovemaking had been deeper.

Lately their sex life had been cozy, but it seemed to be stuck in a rut. She longed for something out of the ordinary. There was no need for threesomes, whips or such things, but she wanted something different. It was the small details that mattered. Perhaps they could do it somewhere else, not just the bed? Maybe they could try out new positions? Anyway, she was determined to make this Valentine’s Day special.

On her break Veronica went into a lingerie store around the corner from her office. A petite Asian shop attendant came towards her.

“Can I help you?” she asked.

“Yes, I’m here to pick up some items,” Veronica said.

“Sure, and your name?”

“Cooper. Veronica Cooper.”

The shop attendant went into the storeroom and came out with a big white box.

“Mrs. Cooper,” she read on the note attached to the box. She opened it and unwrapped a purple corset. “Is this the correct order?”

“Oh yes, that’s the one,” Veronica said. She had seen the corset in the shop window and fallen in love with it. The main color was a dark purple in a satin-like fabric, and there was an Asian inspired black pattern over it. The seams and contours were outlined with delicate black lace.

“It’s beautiful,” Veronica said, holding the corset in front of her while looking in a mirror.

“Would you like to try it on?” the shop attendant asked.

“Yes, that might be a good idea.”

“The changing room is over there,” the attendant pointed.

Veronica walked into the unusually spacious changing room. Inside were three mirrors, some hooks and a small stool. She hung her purse on one of the hooks and her coat on another. While slipping out of her low-heeled shoes, she unbuttoned her blouse.

“How is everything going?” the shop attendant asked from the outside.

“I haven’t put it on yet,” Veronica replied while unhooking her bra.

Suddenly the curtain was pulled opened and the short Asian woman stood in the doorway.

“Do you need any help?”

“Eh, well…” Veronica stammered, a bit surprised at the woman’s intrusion.

The attendant looked at her and gave her a reassuring smile. Veronica’s shoulders began to relax and she smiled at the attendant.

“I guess I could do with some help, these hooks aren’t as easy as they look!”

The attendant gave a soft laugh. “I know, they can be a bit tricky.”

She stepped into the changing room and drew back the curtains. “Now, let’s see if we can make this work.”

“Thanks,” Veronica said. “What’s your name?”


“Nice to meet you Lin,” Veronica smiled.

Lin returned her smile and picked up the corset. “Now, lets see if this fits. Please remove your bra.”

Veronica finished unhooking her white bra and gave it to Lin, who hung it on a hook.

“Please stand under the light,” Lin said.

Obediently Veronica moved closer to the mirrors. She was feeling a bit self-conscious standing in only a skirt before a stranger.

“I’m being silly,” she thought to herself. “This woman’s a professional. I bet she has seen equally many pair of breasts, as a gynecologist has seen pussies. kaçak iddaa She’s probably not fazed by it at all.”

Lin unhooked the corset and put it around Veronica’s waist. With deft fingers she began to hook it together. Veronica could feel the tight corset tugging into her skin.

“Take a deep breath,” Lin said.

Veronica obeyed. Quickly Lin hooked another few hooks over her stomach. As Veronica exhaled the corset formed itself after her curves. Lin was diligently working on the hooks, moving up her stomach and towards her breasts. She was sitting on the stool while Veronica was standing.

“She’s cute,” Veronica thought to herself. “I wish I had such straight and glossy hair.”

“Tell me if it feels uncomfortable,” Lin said, looking up at Veronica.

“Thanks, I’m doing fine.”

Lin went back to work. Her long slender finger moved quickly over the fabric and hooks. She was finishing up; there were only a few hooks left.

Veronica watched Lin’s hands hook the last clasps. The corset was cut to push up her breasts, forming a ‘shelf’ of her luscious white globes. A small stir of arousal went through her body at the sight of the shop attendant’s hands so close to her breasts.

“Is this the effect you want, or would you like some more cleavage?” Lin asked.

“I like it, but more cleavage can’t possibly hurt,” Veronica giggled.

At this Lin suddenly touched her breast, shaping it ever so slightly while adjusting the corset. The feel of another woman’s hands on her breast made Veronica’s stomach do a back flip.

“Uhm, I…” Veronica stammered.

“Shh,” Lin hushed her. “Trust me.”

Softly she eased her fingers between the corset wire and Veronica’s full breast. Carefully she began tugging the top of the breast upward, adding to the ‘shelf’.

“So, how does this look?” Lin asked.

Veronica looked at herself in the mirror. Her bust seemed fuller and looking down it seemed as if it might spill out.

“See,” Lin said. “Your husband will love it.”

Veronica had to agree with her – David would love it. The purple color complimented her olive complexions well.

Lin made a few minor adjustments to the corset, pinching it here and there. She was standing very close, so close Veronica could smell the light jasmine scented au de toilette.

“You’ve got wonderful hair,” Lin smiled.

“Thank you.”

“Allow me to let it out for you.” She let out the ponytail and Veronica’s luscious dark locks came tumbling down. Using her fingers, Lin caressingly combed Veronica’s long mane, styling it to frame her heart-shaped face.

With her hands on Veronica’s shoulders she admired the mirror image. “You have beautiful breasts.”

The words were uttered only inches from Veronica’s ear. Was she imagining it, or did she catch a small tremble in Lin’s voice?

“You look ravishing, but something’s missing,” Lin said. “Let me find you something suitable.” She left the changing room, leaving Veronica slightly dazed and confused.

It wasn’t until Lin had left; Veronica realized she had held her breath. For a brief moment she had felt a fleeting sense of arousal. The way the shop attendant had touched her breasts, if just for a short time, had made her stomach flip, and the feeling of her fingers running through her hair; it had been strangely soothing.

Veronica shook her head, as if to chase away the lingering thoughts of the shop attendant. “I’m being silly,” she thought to herself. “It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m only here to buy some nice lingerie. Something my husband will find me attractive in. I’m not here to be seduced by some shop attendant!”

Suddenly Lin’s head popped through the curtain. “I think I’ve found something to your liking.” She entered the changing room again and held up a set of purple lace panties.

“What do you think?” she smiled.

“Oh, they seem…nice,” Veronica, stammered.

“Try them, you’ll like them,” Lin murmured with a twinkle in her eye.

Veronica took the hanger with the panties. “Thanks.”

Lin was standing by the curtain, smiling.

“Ehm, would you mind…”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I’ll leave you to it.” Lin left the changing room and Veronica could change in peace.

She quickly stepped out of her cotton panties, exchanging them for the purple ones. Looking into the mirror she moved back and forth, trying to catch the best angle. The lace panties were cut like hot pants and barely covered her curvaceous bottom.

“Are you done?” came Lin’s voice.

“Yes, I’m done.”

The curtains were pulled aside and the shop attendant’s face lit up at the sight of Veronica in corset and lace panties.

“Oh my, that will certainly be a hit with the hubby,” she grinned.

“You think so?”

“Oh yes! I know I like it…”

Veronica noticed Lin’s eyes on her ass and felt herself blush. “Ok, I’ll take them!”

“Great!” Lin smiled. “Bring them to the cashier and I’ll wrap it all up for you.”

“Thanks,” Veronica’s voice trailed off. As soon as Lin had left she undressed as quickly kaçak bahis as possible and went to pay for her purchase.

“Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day,” Lin said, handing Veronica the receipt.

“Thank you, I will.”


Arriving back at the office, Veronica found another couple of roses had been delivered to her desk. David was really making an effort this year. She couldn’t help wondering what had gotten into him, but she appreciated it more than ever. She was also looking forward to a romantic rendezvous with her husband. The arousal that had come creeping up within her during the corset fitting had ignited a flame, and she couldn’t wait for David to add to it.

The office was about to close down for the day and Veronica was looking forward to getting home. She was starving and curious what David had prepared. Dinner for two at some restaurant, or perhaps a nice home cooked meal?

As she entered the house the smell of oregano, thyme and basil reached her nose drills.

“David, are you there?” she yelled, while taking off her shoes.

There were sounds of pots and pans moving around in the kitchen. She followed the noise.

“David?” Leaning by the doorframe, she peeked into the kitchen. There was David; carefully laying up the food on a big white plate, and dressed in a white apron. Nothing but an apron. Veronica could see his broad shoulders and the muscles on his back flexing while he moved around the kitchen. Her eyes darted down to his ass. Nice, firm and well shaped. She had always loved his ass.

Looking up, David smiled at his wife. “Welcome home, babe. Did you have a good day?”

“Well, yes, it was quite good,” Veronica said. “Honey, are you aware that you’re not wearing anything beside an apron?”

David added the last lime leaf to the garnishing, and turned to face his wife.

“You know how you always watch that cooking show with that British chef, what’s his name?”

“Jamie Oliver.”

“Yeah, that’s him!” While talking, David carried the plates to the dinner table. The table was decorated with a red cloth and their best champagne glasses were set out. In-between a set of two candles was a white vase with a single red rose.

“Oh David, you’ve really prepared everything,” Veronica sighed happily.

“Glad you like it,” David said. “Anyway, you know how you once mentioned you found that chef cute?”


“I thought that for this Valentine’s Day, I’d be your naked chef.”

“Oh my! Does this mean I’ll get both dinner and a special dessert?” Veronica’s eyes twinkled wickedly

“In time, my dear,” her husband laughed. “For now I’d like you to slip into something more… comfortable. That business suit is far too formal.”

Veronica headed for the bedroom. She felt happy and light-headed, the prospect of a home cooked meal, and her very own naked chef, excited her. David always enjoyed making her laugh, and this little scheme was so typically him. Veronica couldn’t help laughing to herself.

She began undressing and put on the lace panties and corset. Taking the shop attendant’s advice, she let her hair hang free. A little dab of lip-gloss, a sprinkle of perfume and her new robe should make her irresistible. With a last glance at herself in the mirror, she blew a kiss at the mirror image and headed out into the dining room.

David was standing by the table, a chair pulled out for her convenience. He grabbed the napkin on the table, snapped it in the air and hung it ceremoniously over his arm while taking a bow.

“Your table is ready, Mrs. Cooper.”

“Well, thank you!” Veronica giggled and sat down. David carefully placed the napkin on her lap.

“Some champagne?”

“Yes, please.”

A loud POP! was heard as David uncorked the bottle. Gallantly he poured the sparkling wine into the crystal glass.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” He sat down opposite her. “I hope you’ll find the meal to your liking.”

“I’m sure I will,” Veronica smiled.

The dinner went by with lots of laughs and catching up. It had been quite some time since they last had the time to sit down and just relax.

“The dinner was delicious,” Veronica said at the end of the meal.

“I certainly hope so, I spent hours preparing it!” David laughed.

“Thanks darling.” Veronica reached over the table and took his hand. “I love you.”

David brought her hand to his lips and kissed it tenderly. “I love you too.”

“Does this mean I’ll be the one doing the dishes?” Veronica joked while clearing the table.

“Just rinse them and put them into the washer, I’ll take care of the rest tomorrow.”

“Wow, a man who cooks and cleans?” Veronica taunted. “What have I done to deserve this?”

David grabbed her by the waist and swung her around in the kitchen. “Wearing that robe and making it look ten times as beautiful makes you deserve it. And much more.”

“Mmm, wonder what I’ll get after you see what I’ve got underneath the robe then…” Veronica teased.

“Oh? You’ve got something special underneath it? Let me have a peek…”

David’s fingers curiously tugged down the front of the silk robe.

“Uh, uh!” Veronica took a step backwards, her ass bumping into the breakfast table. “What do I get for showing you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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