The Mistake Pt. 01

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Author’s note: Big thanks to CharlieB4 for helping me edit.

The Mistake – Part One

The hum of the RV engine, the low tune of the radio and my mother laughing along with my sister. Those had been the only sounds around me for the past three and a half hours. It was dark out, near pitch black. Or well, as dark as it gets in the summer out in the nowhere on an interstate. We had left Albuquerque just little over an hour ago and still had a long way back to LA.

We had decided to drive in shifts to push through the night. It wasn’t strictly necessary but we were all anxious to get back home. Especially Claire, no doubt wanting to see her boyfriend.

I had specifically asked to get the first night shift. There was just something about the silence and nothing but the road to focus on that appealed to me. I dunno, maybe I just felt like I needed a break from my family. After spending the past three weeks so close to each other who could really blame me? Camping was fun and all but three weeks was just a little too long for me.

It was a little disappointing then, when mom hadn’t gone straight to sleep after her shift was over. And neither had my sister. At first they had just been talking quietly back there but after a little while they had become a little more… rambunctious. I knew Claire enjoyed drinking, being around that age and all. And it wasn’t like mom was a non-drinker either. It was just a little surprising that they decided to do it so late. And by the sound of it they weren’t exactly holding back on the booze.

I didn’t mind too much though. They were quiet enough. Dad was sleeping after all. Still, I would have preferred the complete silence to the drunken giggles.

It was almost a relief when they finally grew quiet, blissful silence filling my ears when I turned off the radio too. I had only kept it on to have something other than them to listen to. Now I could enjoy the last one and a half hour of my shift just letting my mind wander.

Or not. Well, dammit.

The curtains separating the driver area and the rest of the RV was pulled back by clumsy fingers, washing the small space with all too much light. I had to squint my eyes for a moment.

“Heeey there Sam,” the voice of my mother slurred. Yep, she was a little tipsy.

“Hey mom,” I said, throwing a glance up at her. Okay so maybe a little more than just tipsy then. The flushed cheeks were definitely an unusual sight on her, even when drinking.

“How’s it going up here?” she asked, leaning against the the back of my seat.

“It’s alright,” I said with a shrug. “Shouldn’t you be in bed though?” I tried not to sound too exasperated about it.

“Yeah was jus’ about to,” she said. “Jus’ wanted to check in.”

“Well everything’s good up here,” I said, hoping that that would be it.

“Tha’s good,” she slurred and leaned over to give me a quick peck on the cheek, managing to hit the top of my ear instead. I could smell the wine on her, clinging to her like an aura of inebriation.

I was convinced that she would go back after that but to my frustration she didn’t. No, instead she got into the co-seat, running a hand through her somewhat messy red hair as she did. Well, at least she closed the curtains. Stifling both an eye roll and a sigh I settled in for what would no doubt be an interesting conversation. After all, drunk people always have so much wisdom to share.

“Claire went to sleep,” she said pretty much out of the blue. “Hope we didn’ bother you.”

“Nah,” I said. “S’all good.”

A moment of silence passed before I threw another glance at her. Her head was turned away, staring out the passenger window. Her skin had a slight sheen to it made even more visible by the dim purple light, no doubt a gift from the alcohol. Although the heat might’ve had something to do with it too. I was pretty hot myself.

“It’s so damn hot in here,” she muttered, giving voice to my thoughts. She flipped the AC on and immediately a cool breeze washed over us. It felt incredible.

“Yeah,” I said, peering down at the battery level display for the entire RV. “Can’t have it running for too long though.” The solar charger had died two days earlier and the engine battery could only generate so much.

“I know. Jus’ a few minutes. Feels like ‘m burning up,” she slurred.

A couple of minutes would be alright. I unbuttoned the top button of my shirt to let the cool air flow in. Another minute of silence passed and then I threw another glance at her. She usually wasn’t so quiet. But then again, she usually didn’t drink herself this drunk either. In fact, I couldn’t even remember the last time she’d had more than one or two glasses in an evening. It was supposed to be vacation though.

Or maybe, just maybe, it had something to do with what had happened the day before. I felt bad for her but there was nothing I could do. She didn’t even know that I knew about it. Bringing it up would be… awkward. canlı bahis


The Day Before

The sun was high in the sky, the birds chirped in the trees and the slight breeze felt amazing in my hair. I had my fishing pole slung over my shoulder as I walked, following the trail that would take me back to the camp site. No fish today but it didn’t matter. Sure, it was always more fun with a bite or two but it wasn’t the point. We had plenty of food and fishing for me was just something fun to do.

Claire had chosen to remain at the lake, citing a need to get some sun. I didn’t bother pointing out that with her skin the sun would do nothing but burn her. Much like dad she just wasn’t able to get a tan. It certainly wasn’t for a lack of trying though.

The camp was just as we had left it with the exception of the fire we had used to cook breakfast on. It was extinguished now. The RV had a stove but dad liked the idea of using his hands where he could on these trips. Although to me using matches just felt like trading out one convenience for a less convenient convenience. I never did bother pointing that out though. To each their own.

That was also a change though. Neither of my parents were immediately present, I noted, looking around the camp. That was a little weird but not really. We tried to always keep someone around the RV but it wasn’t a big deal if we didn’t. There was no one out here and the closest town was miles away. They had probably just gone for a walk or something.

I was just about to call out to see if they were near when I heard something. The forest carried plenty of odd sounds but this one didn’t seem to fit in. It was coming from the RV. Maybe they were inside.

Dropping my fishing rod to the ground I began making my way towards the door. Just as my hand touched the handle and I was about to pull I heard another sound, prompting me to freeze. It had been much clearer and sounded very much like a…

“Ugh… yes…”

Yep. Definitely a moan. And I instantly recognized the voice as moms. There was no question about it. They were screwing in the RV.

Well joy. Now what? Did I just go back to the lake and give them some privacy? Or did I have some fun and barge in, feigning ignorance? There were benefits to both.

One would save on huge amounts of awkwardness while the other would no doubt give me quite a view. Although the latter depended very much on how they were conducting the aforementioned screwing. I didn’t exactly fancy getting an eyeful of dad’s pasty ass. On the other hand, though, I definitely wouldn’t mind getting a good eyeful of mom’s not so pasty ass. Or anything else of her, really.

I knew that thinking like that was probably fucked up. I had long since stopped caring about that though. The plain and simple truth was that my mom was Hot, with a capitol H. Growing up my friends had never been stingy about informing me of this fact whenever they’d had a chance. Silently I had agreed with them every time but never out loud, instead vehemently scolding them as much as I could. She was my mom and she had been the center of my fantasies for as long as I could remember.

But that was just it. Fantasies and nothing but. Harmless and private. My own and no one else’s. Socially wrong, I knew, but honestly, who wasn’t a little fucked up in this world?

Didn’t mean I didn’t let my eyes wander whenever I had a chance to. I was pretty subtle about it though and I was pretty sure she had never noticed. This was definitely one of those chances, and a rare one at that. I wasn’t going to pass it up.

But barging in with the hopes of seeing some wank material seemed like a poor idea. I had a better one. A safer one. One that would guarantee some degree of success with very minimal risk of getting caught.

And it was as simple as walking around to the back of the RV. More specifically, to the back window, the one located just above their sleeping area. And to my joy it was indeed open. The joy was quickly replaced with frustration though when I noticed that the the shader to limit the amount of sunlight and keep buglife out was in place. The noise level definitely picked up though.

“Ugh yesss… baby… more,” I heard my mother moan.

Her voice being in a state of high arousal had an immediate effect on my nether region. That coupled with the unmistakable sound of flesh hitting flesh had my fingers practically itching to let my growing discomfort out to breathe.

Taking a gamble I threw a quick glance through the open window. It paid off, to a degree. It was a gamble because thanks to the shader and the sun I would have to be very close to be able to see anything through it, which I was — practically nose touching — but they would be able to see me without even trying.

Outlines of two dark shapes was all the shader allowed me to make out. Thankfully though, the shapes were very obviously not paying attention to anything other than bahis siteleri their current activity. It also became evident that had I gone with my initial plan of barging in I would indeed have been presented with what I had wanted to avoid.

He was lying on top of her in a traditional missionary position, heads positioned just below the window. It unfortunately meant that I wouldn’t be able to see much but I didn’t mind. The shader had already seen to that anyway. It was still hot as fuck to just listen. To mom that was, not so much the frantic grunts coming from dad.

After a minute of listening I came to the conclusion that rubbing one out seemed like a very good idea, if not a twisted and sick one. Wanking to my parents having sex, while not something I was new to, was definitely something I knew wasn’t normal. But again, I had long since come to terms with my inner demons.

Unfortunately before I had a chance to undo the top button of my shorts things… happened.

“Oh fuck… baby… I’m gonna-” That was dad, sounding very much out of breath and near his end.

“No… not yet… Danny… please…” my mother breathed between moans, cutting him off. “Just… just a little more… please… not yet… not again…”

Even before she was finished speaking a pretty sad and pitiful grunt-moan combination from dad signaled his failure to hold back. I saw the shapes stop moving and the top one slump down. His breathing was coming in hard, panting almost.

“Fuck…” he gasped, almost indecipherable thanks to his lack of breath. At the same time mom let out something that could only be described as a strangled sound of frustration coupled with disappointment.

“Shit… sorry,” he mumbled as he pushed himself to a kneeling position. “Just… just gimme a sec.”

What followed was truly a sad couple of moments. He obviously tried to get it going again, judging by the swift, almost frantic, squishy sounds coming from the window. My desire to rub one out quickly declined for every second that passed. I just couldn’t bring myself to even begin. I felt embarrassed, ashamed almost, for dad. And sad more than anything for mom.

After a while I watched his shape get back on top of her. He gave a few half hearted thrusts before sitting back up, followed by even more squishy sounds, near desperate this time around. A second attempt lasted even shorter.

“Just… ugh…” mom grunted. There was understandable frustration in her voice, but I could tell that she tried to hold it back. “It’s okay. Just… just forget it.” I saw her shape roll out from underneath him before moving towards the edge of the bed. “It’s… okay. Again.” The last word was just barely audible and the way dad was panting I was reasonably sure he hadn’t picked it up.

I got a good view of the outline of her amazing shape as she stood up though, illuminated by the light coming from inside the RV. The shader still allowed no details but I didn’t need any. My imagination was more than enough to fill in her perfect curves. A few seconds later the door to the toilet clicked shut after her.

“Fuck…” I heard dad groan into the mattress, defeated and spent, even as his breathing began to slow down. “Fucking fuck.”

That was my cue to slip away. With careful and quiet steps I went over and picked up my fishing rod before making my way back into the forest. I wasn’t going to go back to the lake but neither did I want to be around for what I was sure was going to be an awkward time.

When I got back a couple of hours later both mom and dad were dressed and back to normal. I couldn’t help but feel incredibly awkward and embarrassed though, imagining the thoughts behind the still gorgeous smile on mom’s face.

I wondered how long it had been going on for, or if it had always been like that for her.


I was brought out of my thoughts by a faint snoring sound. Throwing another glance to my right I saw that, yep, mom had fallen asleep in the seat. Her head was leaned to the side, turned towards me in what was probably a really awkward position. A lock of her vivid red hair had fallen in front of her face, gently swaying back and forth in the breeze of the AC, obscuring some of it.

Even like that, with a small glob of drool running from the edge of her mouth, she looked so fucking beautiful. If I ended up meeting someone even half as beautiful as her I would be a lucky man. Dad was a lucky man. I wondered if he knew just how lucky he was. He probably did, or at least I had to tell myself that he did. I wouldn’t have been able to respect him otherwise.

I turned off the AC and noticed how that loose strand of hair stopped swaying. It was regrettable but it had to be done. The battery level was getting dangerously low. She was already asleep though so she wouldn’t notice when it got hot again.

After a few minutes of driving in silence, minus the soft snores from my mother, I found my attention conflicted. bahis şirketleri The road, important as it was to keep an eye on, seemed more and more to take second place, coming in behind my growing desire to observe the sleeping beauty next to me. I suppose it could be allowed though. The road was as straight as a nail for as long as I could see and there hadn’t been a passing car in hours.

I found myself more thankful of the heat than I had been previously. It, of course, had everything to do with the choice of outfit such temperatures demands. The loose tank top that she was wearing certainly didn’t do much to hide anything, especially not the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. Though in my opinion she didn’t need one. Just like the rest of her body her breasts were pretty much perfect. A little bit bigger than average and holding up just as good, if not better than my sister’s, a woman less than half her age. Sure, I was certainly biased, but even the most critical and picky of men had to agree that she looked damn good.

Again, I knew it was wrong to look at my mother this way but again, I didn’t care. My demons could go suck it for all I cared. Not even for a second did I contemplate not letting my eyes wander up and down her body. Just like back at the camp this was an opportunity. And I did not waste opportunities.

What was the harm anyway? My fantasies weren’t hurting anyone. Me trying to figure out if she had anything on underneath that all too short skirt of hers certainly wasn’t. Sure, it would have been a little awkward if she woke up to find me staring at her but I felt the risk was minimal and worth it.

My eyes were again drawn to her chest and the loose tank top. It had been a very long time since I had seen them for more than a brief flash. I remembered it like it was yesterday though. The time when I had found her sleeping on the couch, the blanket having slipped down enough to reveal them for the world — me — to stare at for the longest time. Even to this day I curse my lack of thoughtfulness for not taking a picture.

Well… I could at least partially remedy that now.

With a deft hand I fished my phone from my pocket. It was but a moments work to fire up the camera app. I spent a good ten seconds lining up the shot to make sure it was as perfect as could be. They weren’t bare but with the tank top so loose it was still a great shot.

I didn’t feel the least ashamed as I stared at the picture with a smile. No, no shame, but pride. That’s what I felt and quite a bit of it too. I was proud of having a beautiful woman like her as my mother.

It was a slight shame though, not getting the full shot. Not that I was complaining, no, but it would have been far more satisfying if those globes of hers had not been covered by fabric. Even more frustrating by how close that possibility really was. The top was loose enough that with just a little coaxing it would have been possible to push the shoulder straps over them, slipping them out the sides.

It hit me that she probably wouldn’t even wake up. I could do it, yes, and the risk was small. Though, going from just staring to actively touching… Was that taking it a step away from ‘it causes no harm’? Not really. I mean, she wouldn’t know about it right? No harm then. Still, it was another step, another degree of wickedness that I would have to overcome. Really though, it was a tiny step, minuscule even, and I had been overcoming them for years.

And, again, it was an opportunity. And I did not waste opportunities.

“Mom,” I said, speaking low but not too quiet. I wanted to gauge how fast asleep she was. There was no reaction.

“Hey mom,” I repeated, placing a hand on her shoulder to gently shake her.

Still nothing. She always had been a heavy sleeper. The alcohol probably added its own layer too.

Well. Okay.

A jolt ran through my lower stomach when I began sliding my hand across her skin. I had definitely crossed a line, I knew, but the jolt was one of excitement rather than guilt. Her skin was so soft and I could slip one finger under the tank top strap without any issue whatsoever. The back of that finger felt like it was on fire as I let it slide along the cloth. Lower and lower, only pausing when it rested against the side of her breast.

This was it. So far I had only teetered on the line. Now I was about to step right over it.

And I did. With a great deal of anticipation and excitement. No hesitation.

My finger began to move the fabric, pushing it as I moved my hand towards the center of her chest. More and more lightly bronzed skin was revealed to me. My throat felt dry and my breath hitched when I felt something graze against the back of my finger. An obstacle, a break in the path. Not an unwelcome one.

I pushed on, my finger bending her nipple only slightly as it passed over. And then there it was, visible and free from its cruel incarceration. It was just as perfect as I remembered, even in the dim light. To think I had once been innocent enough to have been allowed to suckle on those precious pink nubs. Oh, if only I’d had the mental capacity to have appreciated what I had back then.

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