The Love of My Life

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Chapter 1:

Marc Fleishflesher stepped off of the stuffy airplane into the terminal, and for the first time in four years he was finally home. His mom was away on business this weekend, but his little sis would be there to pick him up she had promised. His father had left his mother when he was only about five. He started to make his way through the terminal looking for his sister.

Felicia had watched as everyone had come off of the plane. She couldn’t wait to see her brother. She had been crushed when he had left for his stint in the Army, and had cried for weeks after he left, wanting him to come back. Her brother had always been the one that had looked after her, mainly because all her mom did was work.

Suddenly, her gaze was drawn to a man as he stepped off of the plane. He was dressed in nice pressed khakis, and a dress shirt. The thing that she noticed the most though, was the muscled frame beneath the clothes. With a start, Felicia realized that the man had walked over and was standing in front of her. It was then that Felicia realized that the man was her brother.

“Oh Marc” she cried, throwing her arms around him. He dropped his bags and crushed her to him in a giant bear hug. As he did so he could feel his sisters chest mash into him and he realized that she had grown up some in the years that he had been gone.

They picked up the few bags that held all that Marc had and they headed for his sisters car. When he at last stood before it, is jaw about dropped to the floor. It was a red convertible 2001 Toyota Celica. His sister had sworn for years that one day she would own one, and now she did. Their dream had always been for each of them to own one and they would race them.

“Sis, this is incredible,” he said, motioning at the car. “Where did you ever get the money for this thing?”

“I worked my ass off for the last few years,” she said.

Marc threw his things in the trunk. As he slammed it down. As the trunk closed he caught a glint of metal as it went sailing through the air towards him. With muscles and reflexes honed by many hours of working out and many self-defense classes, he dropped down and deftly grabbed the object out of the air. He was amazed to find himself holding the car keys to the Celica.

“Sis, are you sure,” he asked?

“Yeah, give it a test run big bro. You’ll love it.”

The next surprise came when he got inside and saw the sound system; it was out of this world. He climbed in and fired up the car for the hour ride back to the house. Felicia reached under the seat and grabbed a wallet of CD’s. As she did so Marc was afforded an excellent view of his sisters cleavage.

Coming back up, she threw a CD into the CD player, and immediately the car was filled with the bumping sound of the hip-hop that she liked so well. As she sat back in her seat she thought she saw a slight bulge in her brothers pants, but then ignored it as a figment of her imagination.

Finally after fighting awful rush hour traffic for over two hours they got back to the house. As Marc pulled into the driveway, the sight that greeted him took his breath away. There, sitting in the driveway was a brand new convertible 2001 Toyota Celica exactly like his sisters, except this one was dark green.

Marc turned to Felicity was a questioning look on his face. “Felicia, what is this,” he asked?

“I thought it would be quite obvious my dear brother, you do remember our dream, don’t you?”

“Of course,” he said, “but how… how can you afford all of this he asked. Felicity placed one soft finger to his lips and said, “not now dear brother, maybe in time, but not right now.”

As Marc looked into his sister’s face, he was struck by the beauty he saw there. All of her childish looks were gone, and had now been replaced with the body of an angel. At 5’9″ she was gorgeous. She had long jet black hair that reached down past her but, and a body kept in perfect toned shape by her four years of varsity swimming and cheerleading, and was in fact preparing to graduate in just a few months. Her most striking feature, however, were her gorgeous emerald green eyes.

His sister cleared her throat, and he realized that he had been staring at her. His face got a slight flush and he turned away with a hurried apology. Her laughter was like the tinkling of bells to his ears as she said, “don’t worry about it bro. I’m really used to it by now. Everyone stares canlı bahis at a cheerleader.”

They gathered his thing and went inside. Felicia turned to him and said, “mom didn’t get anything together for you, but I took the liberty of cleaning up your old room and got it ready for your homecoming.”

“Thanks sis, you’re the best,” Marc said as he gave her a quick hug and ruffed her silky hair.

As Felicia went out into the kitchen, and Marc went up to his old room to unpack. When he was done he turned to the nightstand to put a few things on it and it was then that he noticed the little box and the card behind it. Reaching out for the box he slowly undid the ribbon and opened the box. Sitting inside was the set of keys to his new car. Marc set the keys down on the table and reached for the card. Opening it he found it covered with a long letter in his sister neat, perfect script.

My Dear Brother~ Welcome home. I hope this little present helps you out. I know that you don’t have much, and maybe this will help you a little. I know you have many questions about where all of this money is coming from, but please, I beg you not ask me for the time being. This is in part my way of saying thank-you for all of those times you stood in for mom and dad. From the stormy nights when you held my shaking body, to all of my questions of sex and men, which I never felt that I could go to mom with. This is also my way to fulfill our dreams of racing together. For all of these things I Love You Marc, and thank you.

Your Loving Sister, Felicia XOXO

Marc brought the letter up to his face as he felt the tears start to flow. Him and Felicia had always been close, playing the part of mother and father for Felicia, and all of the memories, combined with her gift, overloaded his emotions.

Hearing a noise at the doorway he brought his head up and saw Felicia there, watching him. Moving from the door frame she came over next to him and wrapped her arms around her big brother (as far as they would go, he was quite big through the chest now) an held him as he sobbed.

“I don’t now what to say sis,” he said, “this is just too much.”

“Don’t say anything, brother, don’t say anything. Lets just go out for a nice dinner.”

Marc kissed her forehead and took her by the hand as he grabbed his keys and went out to his new car. When he got in he was astonished to discover his car had the same sound set up that hers did and she had even taking the time to fill a wallet with his favorite CD’s. Before he could pick one though, she pulled one out of her coat pocket, that she had made especially for tonight. Since it was such a nice night, Marc dropped the top. Felicia put the CD in.

As he pulled out of the driveway a nice slow song came out of the speakers, and Marc looked at his sister in shock. “I thought you hated music like this,” Marc exclaimed.

“I did,” Felicia explained, “But it was by listening to this music that I was able to stand the long nights while you were gone. Mom was always working and we were not close, not like I am with you. Marc drove them to a small Italian restaurant. Over a soft candlelight dinner they caught up on each other’s lives. Marc didn’t want to talk much about his time in the army, but Felicia did enough talking for the both of them.

Marc learned that she was seeing some guy at school by the name of Ryan, and in fact she was going out on a date with him tomorrow night. Marc tried to pull out the information of where all of her cash came from, but Felicia kept saying that it was too soon and he must wait a little while longer.

After dinner had been consumed they decided to move out onto the dance floor and do a little dancing. As Felicia maneuvered herself as close as possible to her brother’s rock hard body, Marc caught an intoxicating scent, which must have been the perfume that she was wearing.

They danced close together for a few songs and then Marc felt a frightening thing happen to him, his dick started to get hard as he danced. Fright flashed through his mind. What if his sister noticed? If she did she never said anything, because after the end of the dance she suggested they leave and go rent a couple of movies.

By the time they got to the movie place the skies were getting very dark, and so Felicia stayed to put up the top while Marc went in to get the movies. He rented one action flick, a chick flick he thought that Felicia might like, bahis siteleri and lastly a good-looking porno for his private viewing later that night.

When they got home they each went to their respective rooms to change into something more comfortable. Marc quickly pulled on a wife beater and a pair of Army shorts and was putting in the first movie when Felicia came back down.

Marc about died when he saw her. Felicia was wearing a sheer nightshirt, panties, and nothing else. He could clearly see her nipples through the fabric of her shirt.

He fumbled the DVD into the DVD Player and then came back to the couch and sat down. Felicia sat at the other end of the couch and the movie came on. It was the action flick that he had rented. The movie had a hard time retaining his attention though, as he kept sneaking a peak at his sister.

After the movie ended he went to go put in the chick flick that he had rented for Felicia, when a huge crackling bolt of lightning and the boom of thunder could be heard close by. Marc looked over at Felicia and watched as she pulled a blanket close and cuddled in it. Felicia hated storms and this one was shaping up to be a good one.

Marc reclaimed his place on the couch. Felicia put up a gallant effort to be brave, but after one particularly loud boom, Felicia moved over next to Marc and snuggled into his side. Marc put his arms around her and could feel her shake a she lay against him.

Pulling the blanket up around them, they remained that way for most of the movie. As the big erotic scene came up though, Marc began to have problems. Between what was going on in the movie, and the feeling of his beautiful, almost naked sister at his side it was just too much for the poor guy and he felt himself start to get hard again.

When the movie ended, he tried to move and found that Felicia had finally fallen asleep. Not wanting to wake her he gently picked her up and put her to bed, clothes and all. Once she fell asleep during a storm you never wanted her to wake.

Chapter: 2

Going back to his room Marc put the porno in, stripped down and crawled into bed. The scene opened up with a man and a woman fucking doggy-style, when he flipped the woman over and continued to pound into her pussy, while another woman joined them and sat down over the other woman’s face and started to get her cunt lapped. The man pulled out and shot his load all over the first woman’s face and tits.

Meanwhile Marc was furious pumping his meat, and never noticed when the door cracked open slightly and the pair of eyes that gazed at him through the crack in the door. Marc continued to watch the movie and jack off, but after a time, he stopped focusing on the movie and his thoughts turned to his sister laying just one room over from him. With a groan he shot his load into the rag that he always kept under the bed for just such a thing and collected his mess in the rag.

As his thoughts slowly returned to normal he was overcome but a tremendous sense of guilt over what he had just done. My God, I’m fantasizing over my sister he thought to himself. What’s wrong with me? Am I some kind of freak? While in the middle of his soul searching he never heard the door close and Felicia creep back to her room.

Felicia crept back to her room and climbed back into bed, although she couldn’t get back to sleep. The storm had ended and Felicia had woken up while Marc was doing his business. She couldn’t get the picture out of her mind of his face in the throws of passion and the sight of his cum shooting into the rag he held.

Reaching down to the waist of her panties she pushed them aside and slowly worked her finger into her pussy. Finding it already sopping wet with her girl juices, she plunged her finger in and began to bring herself off. She worked her finger around the hood protecting her clit and as she rubbed, her clit began to come out. Lightly pinching it between her thumb and forefinger she felt her juices run even more.

Beginning to moan now she buried her face in her pillow to keep from being heard by her brother next door. She could hear the squishing sound her pussy was making now as she plunged her fingers into her cunt. Suddenly she felt her orgasm rising up from the pit of her stomach. With a tremendous cry she came and thrashed on her bed as her pussy gushed out what felt like a gallon of her girl cream.

Still, she didn’t feel quite satisfied so bahis şirketleri going over to her vanity she picked up a brush with a giant handle on it and began to insert it into her dripping slit. Slowly at first, she then picked up her tempo until she was furiously working the brush in and out of her. Again she felt her orgasm approach, but she kept going right on through it and when her first one ending she crested again and went into another orgasm and that was the last thing she remembered as she passed out with the handle of the hairbrush still poking out of her sticky cunt.

Chapter: 3

As the sun streamed into his window Mark awoke and he remembered last night. Masturbating to the image of his sister and the porno, and the feeling of guilt washed over him again. He decided to go for a jog to clear his mind. He quickly dressed in sweats and a T-shirt and ran out the door into the warm morning air.

Marc took himself on a path that he used to run while he was in high school. One that was about five miles and one that he knew would give him time to think before getting back.

He couldn’t figure out what was making him feel like this. She was his sister for Christ sake. What was wrong with him? Coming out of his thoughts he realized he was already home. Opening the door he went inside and prepared to take a shower.

The sound of the opening door woke Felicia with a start and she moved around a little until she felt the brush still lodged in her pussy. Gingerly removing it a river of trapped pussy juice ran out. Flushing with embarrassment she cleaned up her mess and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

Felicia had a towel wrapped around her and was warming up the water when Marc burst in on her. He just sort of stood there dumfounded for a minute and took in the scene before him. After he came back to his senses he ran out of the bathroom and back to his room.

Felicia took her shower and then and then knocked on Marc’s door telling him that he could have the shower now. Mumbling a quick thanks he ran into the bathroom to take his shower. When he came out he could smell breakfast cooking downstairs. He hurried and got dressed and went down to the kitchen as he realized that he was ravishingly hungry. Felicia set a plate of eggs, toast, and bacon strips before him and a smaller plate for herself and then sat down to eat.

The table was quiet as both ate their meals. Pushing her plate away Felicity leaned across the table and took my hand in hers and told me she knew what had happened was an accident and that she understood.

The rest of the day passed quickly as we did chores around the house, getting ready for mom to come home the next night. Before I knew it Felicia was getting ready to go out on her date with Ryan. Promptly at seven Felicia came down the steps all fixed up for a night out on the town. After they left I went upstairs and took another shower and then I hit the town in my new Celica. The ladies just weren’t hitting tonight so Marc headed home a little early.

As he was driving along back to his house, he suddenly caught sight of a lovely young woman running along the side of the road, trying to flag down a car. Marc pulled over to the side and got out, preparing to see what was wrong.

Nothing in his life could have prepared him for the sight that met his eyes. With a start he realized the girl coming at him was Felicia. She had most of her clothes ripped to shreds and in many places they were barely still hanging on her. In other places he could see huge purple bruises forming on her ivory skin.

Clutching the sobbing girl to him she buried her face in her big brothers chest as she felt his strong arms circle protectively around her. Felicia was still in hysteria, and Marc felt tears coursing down his cheeks and into Felicia’s hair, when Ryan made the mistake of coming out of the trees by the side of the road after her.

Marc gently sat her on the hood of his Celica and then turned on the fucking bastard who had hurt his sister. Marc was still in the habit of wearing his huge army boots and so when he let loose with his first kick he heard the arm bone shatter as Ryan tried to put up a pitiful block. The next kick caught Ryan in the chest and Marc could feel several ribs give way.

Marc picked Ryan up by the shirtfront and hissed out between clenched teeth, “if you ever, ever come near my sister again I’ll kill you.” Marc dropped Ryan back to the ground and walked away.

Helping Felicia into the passenger seat, he noticed that she was going into shock. He ran around to the other side, got in and took off for home.

To be Continued…

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