The Lodger Pt. 01 – Susan

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Big Tits

This is my first attempt at writing erotica. All going well I am planning to continue the series writing the story from the view of all the people in the house. Really interested in hearing your comments. All constructive criticism welcome. If nothing else, I had fun writing it!


“Honey, are you home?” Susan called out as she came through the front door, her suit jacket already half off her shoulders after a busy day at work.

“I’m in the lounge Mum,” replied Kate.

“How’s your day been?” asked Susan as she opened the door to the front door. “Oh, Jack I didn’t realise you were in here.”

“Oh don’t mind me Mrs Johnson,” said Jack as he slowly pushed his erect cock back inside her daughter’s arsehole. “Kate’s had a stressful day at College. I was just helping her unwind.” Kate just moaned in agreement as she felt his hot meat throb inside her rectum.

“Oh that’s nice dear,” said Susan as she watched them both lying naked across the sofa. Their bodies joined at the groin. She couldn’t help but stare watching his erection slowly keep reappearing and disappearing into her daughter’s hole. After a few seconds she shock herself out of it. “I’ll leave you guys to it while I start to sort out some dinner.”

“Thanks Mum” called Kate as she sighed with pleasure as Jack reached round a cupped her perky breasts tweaking her nipple as he steadily thrust his way at her arse.

It was odd, thought Susan. Six months ago it would have shocked her to walk in to find someone making love to one of her daughters – and in the open as well. Any form of nudity in the house would have sent her into a moral panic. But now, it all seemed the most natural thing in the world. Their lives had changed so much in the last year. She could hardly remember what life was like back then. It seemed so dull and colourless in the big house with just her and her three daughters. She divorced from her husband many years back and what with childcare and working many hours in the office, well life just continued, it seemed to happen around her.

It was when Steph, her youngest daughter, suggested that they get a lodger for the spare room to get some more money that everything changed. Slowly at first, then everything seemed to happen at once.

Susan started to prepare some vegetables as she reminisced about when she first met Jack when he arrived at the house to look at the room. He seemed unassuming at first; friendly, relaxed, in his mid to late twenties – he seemed to fit in straight away and she remembered feeling pleased when he said he would take the room.

Her thoughts were broken as she heard a noise behind her. She looked round and saw Jack walking into the kitchen, still naked, his 7 inch erection leading the way; the tip glistening with precum.

“I’m sorry Mrs Johnson” said Jack has he came up behind her gently putting his arms around her waist, his cock pushing against her skirt. “I didn’t want to ignore you. Can I help towards dinner?”

“How many times do I need to tell you,” she sighed. “Call me Susan. It’s not as though you don’t know me well enough!” she smirked as his hands went slowly up her body and started to undo the buttons on her blouse.

“I like calling you Mrs Johnson,” said Jack as he reached inside her blouse and grabbed one of her large bra cladded tits. “It sounds so naughty!” he added and Susan giggled as his fingers searched out one of her erect nipple.

Suddenly, there was the noise of the front canlı bahis door opening and they broke apart as they heard steps coming closer to the kitchen. Steph burst through the kitchen door, throwing her school bag onto the worktop. “Hey Mum,” she said giving her a hug, giving no attention that her blouse was wide open and one of her breasts were spilling out of her bra.

“School okay?” she enquired as she kissed her daughter’s forehead.

“Yeah fine,” Steph said releasing her Mum and making her way to Jack. “Hi Jack,” she said as she reached around his naked frame giving him a big hug before her hands made their way towards his groin. “And hello Little Jack,” she giggled as she gave his cock a couple of playful squeezes.

“Hey,” said Jack putting up a mock affront. “Less of the little. He’s very sensitive you know.”

“I’m sorry,” Steph pouted as she bent over and gave the tip of his cock a gentle kiss. “There. No hard feelings?”

Susan laughed. “You know with Jack he always seems to have one thing feeling hard. It seems to stay hard for ever.”

Just then, Kate wandered into the kitchen.

Kate’s face was flushed red, her naked frame looked so contented as her breasts gently swayed as she breathed deeply in and out. Her shaven pussy lips were engorged and emanated a ‘well fucked look’. One hand gently massaged her arse cheeks. There was a line of cum across nose cheek and into her hair.

“Someone looks happy!” Steph commented.

“And it’s nice to see you to!” said Kate.

“It’s true” commented Susan. “You look absolutely glowing. That anal reaming was obviously just what the doctor ordered.” She went up to her daughter and softly stroked her face, rubbing some of the cum off onto her fingers. “Now why don’t you three jump in the shower while I finish off dinner?” She stuck her fingers in her mouth and her tongue darted around savouring every taste of Jack’s semen. “Right then” she said when she had finished, “that should keep me going for now. Dinner will be in around 45 minutes by which time Natalie should be home from work and we can all eat together. Agreed?”

“Excellent idea Mum,” said Steph as she was already pulling Jack upstairs with Kate following afterwards.

Susan smiled as she heard the shower turn on upstairs. She was blessed to have such a loving family she thought.

She slipped her free breast back into her bra but she didn’t bother doing up her blouse. She slowly started to get the pasta and the other ingredients she needed for dinner. It was difficult to concentrate on the food when she could hear her daughters calling out upstairs.

Suck my tits little sister! Oh Jack, you make me feel so full! Oh Kate, you were right, his cock feels so right in my arse! Jack, you have the most amazing cock!

Around twenty minutes later there was the noise of key in the latch as Natalie arrived home. She smirked as she heard the voices coming from the bathroom. “I hear some people are having a good time already!” she commented knowingly to her mum.

Take my cunt – pound it like I know you can! Fuck my arse next, I need it. Eat me out while Jack fucks me. Yes, yess, YESSS. Come in my pussy, explode inside me – fill me up with your babymakers!

“I hope there is some left for the rest of us!” Natalie said with raised eyebrows as she took off her coat revealing her nurses uniform beneath.

“You know Jack,” said Susan, smiling, “when has he ever let us down before? Now be a bahis siteleri darling and lay the table for me. Dinner’s almost ready.”

A short while later, there were five plates with an impressive pasta creation on the table as Jack, Kate and Steph came downstairs just wearing loose dressing gowns. As Jack walked down the stairs his cock could be glimpsed occasionally, flaccid having been currently satiated.

“Drink anyone?” asked Susan.

“Just water for me,” replied Jack. “A pint if you’d be so kind. You know how I need to keep my fluids up,” he winked.

An outsider would have thought it a strange sight around the table. These five people chatting away about school, work and college as they ate just like a normal family. However unlike a normal family the guy was wearing an open dressing gown, covering nothing; two of the young women were also wearing dressing gowns revealing deep cleavage; the older lady with her blouse wide open showing off her bra and another young woman in her nurses blue scrubs. But for Susan, Natalie, Kate, Steph and Jack this had become an everyday occurrence.

“Well that was delicious,” declared Jack as they finished their meal, and he pushed his chair back from the table. “Are you ready for your desert?”

“Aren’t we always?” asked Steph smiling as all the girls got up from the table. “I had prime spot last time so I think it’s your turn Mum.”

Jack looked around as Steph and Kate shrugged off their dressing gowns; Natalie had pulled off her scrubs over her head was taking off her bra. Susan had removed her blouse and her bra was now hanging off the back of the chair. He would never tire of the sight, he thought, and you could tell they were all their mother daughters. Susan was a very young looking 38 year old and her large breasts still sat proud on her chest with very little sag.

He soon felt his cock stirring to life so he stood up in the middle of the room, carefully disrobing his gown as the girls all looked on hungrily. Steph quickly fell down onto her knees and scooted underneath Jack and started gently sucking on his balls. Natalie & Kate then knelt either side of him and rolled their tongues up and down the shaft of his cock. He was rock hard almost instantaneously and shut his eyes with pleasure when he felt the warm wet feeling of Susan’s mouth as it encased the crown and she started to suck hungrily. The four of them worked together on his cock and testicles, coating them in a fine layer of saliva, bringing him towards an impressive climax.

After about five minutes of group working Jack announced to the group that it was time and the four females quickly got themselves into a line in front of this cock, pushing their faces together with their mouths wide open. “Here cums dessert!” he cried as he tugged on his cock three of four times until streams of cum ejaculated with some force from his tip over their faces as he directed his cock from one face to another until he was spent. Looking down he saw the girls hungrily swallowing any of his gift which landed in their mouths with other strands of cum still remaining across their noses, chins and some had even dripped down into their impressive cleavage which they quickly rubbed into their skin. Jack slowly pushed his cock against Susan’s lips which quickly parted as she cleaned his cock with her tongue.

“As tasty as always!” remarked Natalie. “Now, if you don’t mind, I need to take this man upstairs. He came up my arse just before I left bahis şirketleri for work this morning and all day since I’ve been looking after patients whilst feeling his cum slowly dripping down my leg. I’m not sure I’ve ever been more horny in my life!”

The other girls smiled and nodded. They knew exactly how it felt. Natalie grabbed Jack by his cock and marched him upstairs. Not that Jack needed much persuading.

This just left the three women in the dining room. Kate looked at her cum covered mum and younger sister. “I’m soo happy!” she declared, more to herself than anyone else. Susan and Steph just sighed in agreement as they French kissed each other while surreptitiously licking off Jack’s load off each other’s face.


It was later that evening after she had gone to bed when Susan started to have slight doubts about their new life. Was it right that this one person had so much control over her family? Certainly everyone seemed happy. Her daughters had been getting on better than she could remember. Steph was doing well in her first year of college – her exam results had picked up recently. Her teachers were very impressed. Kate was also doing well in her exams. She had always been studious but these last few months she had blossomed and it was obvious how much more confident she had become. Even Natalie was enjoying her new placement in her final studying as a nurse at the local hospital and getting on well by all accounts and her threats to drop out of the course had all ceased.

Even Susan too had noticed the benefits. She was far more relaxed at work. All the energy she worked off at the weekends and the evenings meant she found she could concentrate for longer during the day. And if she was suffering from a long or complicated case, well, she worked close enough from home to pop back at lunchtime for some liquid refreshment – direct from Jack’s cock.

But surely that wasn’t natural was it. The amount of sex that took place under the roof of this house – well it just wasn’t right. It had to be seen to be believed. And the trouble was you could see it. Nothing was hidden from view. She was glad they lived in a detached house in an exclusive suburb with no other houses looking direct at her property. She would hate it if her neighbours heard or saw what they got up to every day. Clothes seemed to be an unnecessary burden in the house and some weekends not a stich was worn by anyone all day.

But it was what she got up to with her own daughters that bothered her the most. Even though it felt so right! All their sex drives had overloaded and gone through the roof and there was no way that Jack could satisfy all their needs – though, she had to be honest, he made a damn good attempt! After all, incest was against the law.

Maybe it should stop. Surely the girls would be better with own separate boyfriends? She needed to find a partner of her own age. Yes everything was working well now, but it couldn’t last forever. She should start to make plans now before it all went wrong.

Without warning she felt the springs on mattress creak and her duvet rustled as Jack climbed into her bed and snuggled up next to her. “Good night Mrs Johnson,” Jack purred in her ear, “though I do hope you weren’t planning on going to sleep quite yet.” He started to kiss her neck as one hand reached beneath her pressing her flat stomach back into him while his other hand went over her body grabbing hold of one of her naked breasts. She sighed contentedly as his cock seemed to automatically penetrate her pussy until all seven inches were fitted snug inside her – a perfect fit.

Nothing was wrong, Susan thought. Life was perfect. Nothing ever needed to change.

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