The Legal Problem: Carla or Sara?

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I thank HKF999 for editing this story. This series would have been impossible without his support. Any mistakes remaining in the story are all mine. I had received help from my anonymous friend for the final poem. I also would like to acknowledge the support provided in the Lit forum.

The is the final part of a 3 part series. This is the part where Robert makes the move on his sister, with the help of Carla and Jason. This part can be read on its own, but I would recommend you to read the previous parts so that you can better appreciate why things are happening the way they are. Series Outline:
part-1 : Carla and Robby learn about their secret lovers.[read before this part]
part-2: Robby brings Jason into fold. [read before this part]
part-3: Jason returns the favor.

Anyone interested in a stroke story should probably skip this. This is a slow starter. I tend to write stories in which sex is just one of the scenes. The story is in incest category because there are scenes involving mom-son and brother-sister here. This story still revolves around Robert’s relationship with his wife. Please note that Robert is referred to as Bob, Bobby and Robby.

All characters are 18+. All sexual acts described are performed when characters are of legal age. This work is a fiction. The author strongly discourages any illegal sex in real life.

Robert Miller was in love with his sister, Sara. But when he proposed to her, he was rejected. After the rejection, he was so depressed that his friend, Alan, forced him to come and stay in Carla Smith’s home as a change of scenery. Robert and Carla soon get closer, and fall in love with one another. After Robert found that Carla had incestuous relationship with her son, he started with a plan of his own to bring Sara back into his life. Robert helped seal the relationship between Jason and Carla. Carla and Robert got married. Jason accepted to help him with the plan using the following words;
“You brought my mother closer to me. I will do everything I can to make sure that the plan works; even if it means fucking your sister.”

—– Continues ——–
Part-3: Carla or Sara?
Monday, 24th October 2011

It was a Monday again. Carla and I decided to continue the tradition of our Monday dinners even after our marriage. It was also a nice place to start with the next part of the plan. I gave a crash course to her son, Jason, on how to seduce my sister, Sara, before lunch. Jason had already taken the first step, by providing emotional support to Sara during my marriage. I told him about her every weakness and how to make her love him. The hardest part for me was telling another man about the secrets of pleasuring my sister. During our discussion, he recounted that my sister was truly affected by the shock of seeing me getting married to another woman. For the plan to work, Sara should be feeling jealous seeing Carla with me, but at the same time she should have a reason to continue to be in the same house. Jason’s job was to give her that reason.

By evening, all four of us were in the same car. I drove, with Carla sitting in the front seat. Jason and Sara were sitting in the back seat. I still have no idea how he managed to convince her to come with us. I just guess that I taught him well.

When we reached the Italian restaurant, they took a while to seat the four of us. Carla asked them to put an extra table in our usual spot, so that we could sit together. Soon we were seated, and I ordered the usual course with wine. Carla gave me a look of surprise when I said, “Tom, wine for four please.”

Carla started making small talk with Sara. I was supposed to keep my mouth shut until Carla made my sister comfortable with us. I spent time chatting with Jason, who was sitting near me. Soon the topic came to what Sara was currently doing, and we men were also interested in knowing about it. Sara talked about her recent divorce and how she had decided to take a small break before searching for a job again.

Carla probed a bit more by asking, “Sara, so when did your divorce happen?”

“This February 10th,” Sara replied.

Carla was stunned by the response. She looked at my face, as if asking whether it was the trigger.

“Yes,” I replied her silent question, “that was four days before our first dinner.”

“I am sorry,” Carla said. “I shouldn’t have reminded you of that day.”

“What happened?” It was Jason who asked the question for Sara, but Carla and I knew that we were answering to Sara now.

“I was going through a difficult time from that day.” I addressed Sara for the first time that day, making eye contact with her. “Four days later, it was a very disturbing day, being a Monday as well as being the anniversary of the first kiss with my first love. Carla had been a great support to me then, and afterwards. That’s how we came to know each other. I must be thankful for my first lover, because canlı bahis she delivered this sweet, sensitive, caring woman as my wife.”

Sara’s face changed shade and Carla spotted it.

“Robby, you don’t have to try hard. I am already your wife, and you will get to fuck me again tonight. “

“Mom, please… you are talking in front of your son.” Jason joined in to give Sara a break.

I knew that this was as good a time as any other.

“Carla, you know I always tell you the truth. Jason, you should be looking at your mother as an example when you are dating. Sweet, sensitive, caring, and responding to you as if she had known you all your life. You know, your mother never demanded anything from me except my love. She had never refused me what I wanted from her, and I have never refused anything that she wanted. I am the luckiest man in the world to get such a great woman as my wife.”

Just then, wine and starters came. Carla gestured to leave everything in the table, we would serve ourselves. I was about to pour wine for the ladies, but Carla’s hand reached the wine bottle first. She made an exaggerated attempt to pour wine into Jason’s glass and spilled wine on Jason’s cuff. She apologized and asked Jason to clean up.

“Robby, you go and help him.”

I was about to say that he was no longer a kid. The anger in her eyes, however, silenced me, and I went after Jason.

When we returned, I was surprised to see that Sara had changed her seat. As Jason came near her, Carla asked him to sit near his mother. I was forced to sit near Sara. We were not supposed to change seats so early, but I sat near my sister. It was then that I observed that we three were having wine, while Jason had a Coke in front of him.

“Carla, you could have given him wine too.”

“My son is not going to drink any alcohol.” Her voice and eyes reflected her anger.

I was about to defend him, when he said, “Its Ok, Bob. I only wanted a coke in the first place.”

Later, I came to know that Carla used the excuse of alcohol for the planned seat change routine. As they say, killing two birds with a single stone.

Sara tried to continue the earlier conversation, by asking, “So you two were together for how long?”

“I moved in about four years ago,” I replied though I knew what she asked.

Carla clarified, “But, we expressed our hearts on this Wednesday.”

My sister was perplexed by the response. Jason explained to her, “From their first dinner till last Monday, they hardly talked to each other at home. I know that my mom was in love with him for the past year or so, but she was way too shy to talk about it. You may know that Bob had a bad love affair with some insensitive woman earlier. Well, Mom knew that too. So she was hesitant to talk about her heart to him. Only on Wednesday, I saw him actually being affectionate to her.”

“That’s right. Robby, spoke of his love for me on Wednesday. What I love most in him is that he never made an advance on me till he loved me for who I am.”

I quickly replied to ease the tension with a chuckle, “Carla, you don’t have to try hard. I am already your husband, and you will get to fuck me again tonight.” I needed to change the subject. I added, “Jason, you were talking about starting a new business?”

Jason talked about his business ideas and all of us were truly interested to hear it. He clarified a lot of our initial doubts. By the time he finished, we were already having dessert.

“Jason,” I interjected, “your idea looks nice. How much seed money do you need?”

“I think two hundred thousand should be sufficient, but I will start as soon as I can get fifty thousand.”

“How about five hundred thousand? I know of someone who may be interested in investing in you.”

“Bob, stop kidding. If I had that much money, I can start within a month. But who is stupid enough to give me that much money without a guarantee?”

“I am,” I said. “Take it as a bribe, for letting me marry your mom.”

Jason was not interested in taking money from me, even though I tried my best to convince him. That was when Carla entered the conversation.

“Baby, he’s right. He has too much money in his account. According to Mark, he is also getting a cut from their profit. He must have at least a couple of mils.”

It was more of a question than a statement. I had asked her to make me talk about my bank balance. I had never revealed that side to Carla yet.

“Well, three and a half million in the bank in this town before I spent on that wooden house. And then there is some with Alan.”

Both the women were surprised by the number.

“And how much is there?” Carla continued.

“I don’t know. When I left Alan’s place, our company was worth ten million. So it must be at least two million.”

Sara was surprised by the revelation and said, “Bobby, but you never told me that you were running the business with Alan?” There was a streak of the bahis siteleri possessive lover in her eyes, when those words came out of my sister’s mouth.

“You never listened to me,” I retorted.

“Robby. It is Robby, and not Bobby. And I am the only one that calls him that.” Carla’s words brought my sister and me back to the present. I realized that we were not the same old lovers anymore.

“Oh… I’m sorry,” Sara apologized. “I was just saying Bob. Must’ve been a slip of tongue.” She rushed away from us, muttering something about restroom.

I was aware that her eyes were filled with tears. I saw the opportunity and pushed Jason to run after her.

“Robby, that was cruel. She was just making the point that you never divulge your financial details to the women you love.”

“Look, I didn’t tell you because I thought Mark would’ve already told you. Also, I know that you are the person that cleaned my room for the past four years, and my bank statements are always out on the table.”

“You are supposed to tell me. I am not supposed to snoop around to find out about you.”

We were moving towards a fight. I calmed myself down, and said, “Carla, I am sorry. It’s just that too many things were happening in the last few days. You know that all-nighter I pulled, when I pushed you to Jason. That work alone was enough to add five million profit to our company, and I get 10% of that. Actually, now is the right time to ask you to take care of my finances here.”

“No, I don’t want your money.”

“I was just saying that somebody needs to know how much I’m actually worth, and you’re the only woman I trust.”

“Not even Sara?”

My wife was getting jealous! That was not part of the plan.

“Not even her. She will spend everything in a single day. Again, you never loved me from looking at my bank balance, and that’s why I love you. You know I meant it when I said I was lucky to have you as my wife. THE best woman in my entire life!”

She had cooled down. That tactic seemed to work.

“I was not cruel to her. I had told Sara about me and Alan starting a business together. We were still in the early days, when she broke up with me. She would have understood how much money we made in that month by looking at the price tag of the ring on your fingers.”

“Oh… I thought you must have forgotten to remove the price tag.”

“You were cruel to her, not me,” I said turning the plate on her.

“What? I was just stopping you two from making a scene in front of my son. But you are right; I don’t know whether my poor son can take care of her emotions. I think I will go and check how they are doing.”

Carla left, and within a few minutes Jason came back to the table totally worried. He said, “Sara is very upset. She isn’t talking to me. Mom said that you should pay and join her at our car.”

“Jason, its ok. She will become calm soon. Did she tell you that she is my sister?”

“No. As far as I am concerned, she is your friend and ex-lover. She had not corrected me on that. Her license says Sara Grover, and that is how she introduced herself to me as well.”

“Good. You are not supposed to know that as well. Pay for this and join us in five minutes.” I gave him my wallet and rushed to the two ladies.

Carla was consoling my sister, when I reached them. They stopped talking as soon as they saw me.

“Sis, don’t cry. Please. I am sorry I was so rude.”

Sara looked at me in panic. I took her to the side, and Carla moved away from us to give us some space.

“It’s ok. Carla knows our past, but Jason or other people here don’t know it. I was just showing all the pent up anger at you. I’m sorry.”

“No, I should be sorry. Alan told me about you.”

I glanced around to see where Carla was and whispered to my sister, “We better not talk about it. My wife need not hear about that part of my life. So don’t talk about it.”

“Bobby, Carla is asking me to stay back. She wanted me to help Jason with his business plan. She thinks that Jason is interested in me.”

“Yeah. I saw how he was gawking at you, when he first saw you. He is a good man.”

“But he is more than ten years younger than me.”

“You tell that to my wife.”

“Is she okay with us talking?”

“She knows that I love her. She’s just a bit sensitive, that’s all. If she asked you to stay, you stay. It will also make me feel better to know that you are not dumping me for a loser. Seriously, you would like to work on that business idea. You were a big help for us, when we started our business.”

She had stopped crying. My words seemed to calm her a bit.

“I can’t refer to you as Sis around them. And you should not call me Bobby. Carla becomes upset when you call me that. You’re going to stay, right?” My last words were sounding like the kid brother of hers asking her a big help, when we were young.

“Ok, I’ll stay for one more week, but then I will go.”

“Listen, bahis şirketleri I’m not still comfortable walking around you. Whenever I see you, I remember the old days. So don’t mind it, if I ended up saying anything to you. I will need some time to get used to you around me.”

“Same with me. I think Jason is coming.”

Carla had already approached us by then.

“We were just talking,” I told Carla, “and she has agreed to help Jason with the business.”

“But are you ok?”

“Yes,” my sister and I said in a chorus.

Realizing the intention of her question, I added, “I will need some time to get used to her. But I will manage. Don’t tell Jason that I slept with my sister. He won’t understand us.”

“I won’t tell him anything. Alan had told everyone that she was your ex-lover. Mark checked her name in the driver’s license. So unless you two goof up, no one will know. And I don’t want anyone else to know about it. Sara, did you give this address to any of your mutual friends or relatives?”

“Our parents know. But they won’t come here. My brother is not on good terms with them. Please, let’s not talk about it.”

“Oh…. I just want to make sure that my husband is safe from unwanted people.”

“What happened to Bo–“

Sara cut her words off when she saw Jason near us. He passed my wallet back to me.

“Nothing, baby. We were just talking about things.”

“Mom, I am not a kid anymore. I know all about Bob and Sara. So, if that is the big secret, can we move on?”

On the way back, we were talking a lot more. Sara was more relaxed with us, and so was Carla. I was concentrating more on the roads. Jason was extremely happy that Sara had agreed to stay with us. He was chattering about his business idea. When we got home, I was about to get out of the car when Carla pressed my hand. She told Jason and Sara that we will come later. We said our good byes to the two of them. Then my wife asked me to take her to the tree house.

Carla was clinging to my arm all the way to the tree house. She seemed to be a bit insecure with my sister talking to me. Once we got inside, I related to her word-by-word what happened. Then we made love. She made me hard again with her mouth, and again we had slow sex with her body pressed completely against me. The feeling of her against me comforted me after the encounter with my sister. After spooning with her for some time, I took her from behind. I was sure that both of us came. I let my dick be inside her as we slept, just the way she liked it. She woke me up after some time. After another round of hard passionate sex, we went back home.

When we woke up next day, Carla was not near me. I went searching for her. She was standing in front of Jason’s room. When I peeped in, I saw Jason and Sara lying down in the bed. I still was not comfortable seeing my sister with anyone else. I grabbed my wife’s hand and dragged her to the couch. I was going hard and fast inside her, when I saw Jason coming down.

“You two better quiet down, or you will wake her up.”

I just kept on pounding her and she was already whimpering. He ran back to his room. Once we had come, I was much relaxed.

“Robby, are you having trouble seeing her with my son?” Carla had read my mind correctly. “Look, we can spend some time in the tree house till you are comfortable with your sister in this house.”

I nodded my head. I whispered to her that she hadn’t given her quota to her son. I arranged for them to meet on the second floor, while making sure that Sara was not aware of it.

I bought a car that day. Till the weekend, our routine was simple. Once I came back from office, we were there till dinner. After dinner, Carla and I went to spend the entire night in the tree house. In the morning, I would drop her back home. Then I would go to office.

Jason’s idea was to have a diner with an attached infant care center. He and my sister bought a place on the outskirts of town. He studied in the morning, while my sister took care of meeting people during the day. Evenings they would discuss their plans. They were soon sitting closer during dinner and seemed to truly like each other.

Satruday, 29th October 2011
It was only on Saturday afternoon that all four of us had some extended time together. We crashed on the couch and watched a movie together. Carla was sitting in my lap, with her arms wrapped around me and her head on my shoulders. Jason was sitting next to me, and my sister near him. Sometime during the middle of the movie, I saw them holding their hands. At the end of the movie, we stopped for a quick bite.

Jason picked up the DVD for the next movie and came back to sit on the couch. We were about to resume the same seating arrangement, when Jason saw my wife kissing me. He pushed Sara near me, and sat on the other end.

Sara initially tensed up. It was the first time we were in contact with one another, after we broke up. I heard him whisper to her, “Sorry. But she is still my mom, though she is not acting like one.”

Carla was shocked, but we continued kissing for some more time. She then whispered to my sister, “Sorry, but please cover for us.”

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