The Joining: The Waiting

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The Waiting

I had a few hours to kill. Smiling to myself, I mentally run over everything I need to do before I would know anything. My fate decided with the ring of the phone or the turn of the key. I could already feel the slight dampness between my thighs as my mind wandered over him.

The man! He was amazing. I already knew what his typed words could do to me. We had spent months on line typing back and forth. Sporadic friendly notes turning into personal and loving letters. He reached me over hundreds of miles with his words. Touching my heart, touching my soul, and filling me with passion while yearning for the completion I had never quite grasped. I could hear his voice in my mind just like I had heard him over the phone millions of times. I knew this time would be different.

Everything was done. I had put the note in an envelope with the extra room key and it was waiting downstairs at the desk for him, the choice was his. It had always been his, but I knew this choice was different. It required both of us to make decisions and trust the other completely. A step I had struggled with through the entire relationship.

Sighing as my mind refocused back on the task at hand. A nice warm bath to help calm my nerves and then time to get dressed and do what I always have trouble doing, waiting! I had waited all my life to find a man that could love me and accept me and more importantly the man who held my heart in the palm of his hand. It had been a fantastic roller coaster ride. I knew this time would be different. I had finally found my Prince Charming in the sea of men.

Smiling to myself, I slowly undid my blue jeans. I could feel the excitement and anticipation in every part of my body. My pussy was wet and aching. I sighed as I closed my eyes and saw his face, a smile touching his lips. I ran my hands over my hips imagining his there in place of mine. Shivering slightly as the stiff fabric of my jeans gathered around my ankles. Running my hands back up over the soft skin of my thighs lightly brushing across my pussy. The little trail of hair tickling the tips of my fingers as I moved over my stomach to remove my shirt. With my finger tips lightly grazing over my skin, I lift my arms in the air and watch as my tits canlı bahis lift up also. I let my fingers slowly tease my nipples. Circling around the hard nub but never giving in to the urgency to touch them. I move my long blonde hair over my shoulder while I reach behind my back and slowly undo my bra clasp. Letting the straps fall over my shoulder and drop into my hands. There I stand in front of the mirror completely naked. I watch as my hands glide over my body. I close my eyes again and let my hands cup my tits. My thumbs teasing my nipples in a slow circular motion. A sigh escapes my lips as I imagine for the 400th time that his hands are the ones on my tits rubbing them and teasing them. Drawing my nipples into tight little nubs pleasure.

Would he like what he saw? I wasn’t a young girl of 21 anymore. Marriage and kids had changed the shape of my body. My tits no longer perky and the faint hint of stretch marks on my stomach were just the tip of what I found wrong. Always staring me in the face was the scar that ran almost from hip bone to hip bone. My fingers traced over it. I smiled as I heard the faint whisper of his words in my ear……God baby you’re beautiful!

I looked over at the clock. I had a little over an hour and a half left. Just enough time to lay down and take some of the edge off. I had trouble fingering myself without hearing him or seeing him now, but I was sure the anticipation of meeting him would make up for it just this once. Taking a spot on the bed facing the mirror, I slowly let my fingers walk across my skin. My hands glide up and over my thighs coming within inches of my soaked pussy. My hands stretching to reach the hard pleasure spot that even now ached to be rubbed and touched. I couldn’t give in, not yet. Looking up and watching myself in the mirror as my hands rubbed over and cupped my tits. Slowly squeezing and kneading them making the small circle around my nipples wrinkle in protest as I slowly teased around my nipples. Finally my thumb brushes across my sensitive nipples. Almost instantly they harden at my touch as a slight gasp escapes my mouth. I take hold of them and firmly pull on them, rolling them between my fingers, then letting go briefly to re-cup my tits. One in each hand, but each bahis siteleri one different from the other. I lean down over my right tit as I lift it to my lips. First licking the hardening nipple, then lightly blowing a stream of cool air on it. I watch in fascination as once again, I feel pleasure shoot down into my pussy. Squeezing my legs together, begging myself to wait a little longer. Moving my hand to let go of my left tit, I move it to my right tit tilting up towards my mouth so that I can suck the tiny hard nub into my mouth. Gently nibbling on it, a soft moan escapes my lips. It feels so good. I close my eyes and now I can see his head bent over my body. His tongue circling my nipple and gently biting down on the soft flesh. Arching my back wanting him to suck more of the tender flesh into his mouth. To feel his lips surround my nipple and suckle upon my breast. A moan escapes my mouth as suddenly I feel a hand glide over my stomach to my wet pussy lips. The outer lips already soaked in my juices. I open my eyes to once again watch as my finger slides inside and finds the hard peak of my clit. Spreading my legs wider and holding my pussy lips open I slowly begin teasing myself. Circling around my clit, inching closer, but never touching, then slowly teasing my pussy lips. Playing with my juices and then teasing my hole as I slowly slip a finger just inside then remove it to run back up my lips to my hard little button. Flicking my finger over it, I gasp. There’s no stopping it now. The need is to great. It could very well be a long night of a quite dinner and then off to bed alone.

With that thought, I sigh to myself and scoot farther onto the bed, the idea of watching myself becoming less of a need as just finally reaching the sweet orgasm that has been lingering since I stepped off that plane. I put my fingers to my lips, and inhale my scent. Before I slowly slip a finger in my mouth, tasting my pussy juices at the same time my other hand finds my pussy laying open and wanting. I slip a finger inside and slowly start to fuck myself. A slow even rhythm…in and out, in and out. Then slipping in two fingers I fuck myself with short shallow thrusts. Teasing myself, wanting myself to beg for my own release.

I let my other bahis şirketleri hand fall back down from my mouth as I start to manipulate my pussy with two hands. One hand circling my clit in fast small hard circles while the other continues to fuck me. I moan to myself and close my eyes as I imagine his cock is going in and out me. A slow torture at first. My head tosses back and forth on the bed moaning and begging myself to fuck faster. My hips raise off the bed to meet my own fingers. I can sense the orgasm building inside. My pussy is starting to clench and release my fingers every time I thrust. I start pumping my fingers in and out even harder. The circling and rubbing of my clit becoming a frantic one. Moving faster and harder over the hard nub, my fingers slip down to dip some pussy juice out of my soaking hole. It leaves a wet trail while reaching up and grabbing a hold of a tit. First gently squeezing and pulling the nipple, then I grab my tit with a sense of urgency squeezing the soft flesh almost harshly as finally with one more hard deep thrust of my fingers I send myself over the age moaning and calling his name then screaming oh yes oh fuck yes as I finally reach the peak of my orgasm. My fingers still as I ride the wave back down, then slowly they start to stir. Lightly petting my swollen pussy lips, as if to try and calm them back down.

I lay there for just a minute. Catching my breath and letting my mind calm back down. It had been along time since I had gotten off without him. I almost felt guilty…..

I didn’t have time for these silly little doubts. I had made the decision, it was time to get ready. If everything went like it was supposed to do, and he followed his usual pattern, he’d be here early. That didn’t leave much time for the bath I had planned, so a quick shower would have to do. Grabbing my bag with all of my necessities, I drug myself to the bathroom, set everything out and turned the hot water on. Letting the bathroom fill with steam, I reached over and pushed play on the CD player. We didn’t have a song, but I had a CD full of songs that reminded me of him and of us.

As the song slowly started playing, one foot slid into the shower followed by the rest of my sticky and cum soaked body. I always got lost in the shower. Maybe it was the warm water, the songs playing, or the fact it was just me alone with my thoughts, but suddenly I felt a cold draft on my back and the touch of a hand on my shoulder…………………..

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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