The In-Laws

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“I really want to have a go but I’m scared!”

Taylor eyed up the jet ski, in the distance she could see her uncle in law bouncing and gliding across the sparking blue sea as he handled his jet ski like a pro. Apprehensively Taylor turned her gaze back to the vacant ski sat on the beach, and placed her finger on her lip, contemplating whether or not to join her uncle in law Pete in the fun.

“For God’s sake just make up your mind will you! I’ve just paid for the damn thing!”

Taylor shot a quick glance at the direction of the voice, already recognising who it was without having to have to look. She hated when her husband spoke to her so coldly and without respect in front of those around them. The hot Jamaican weather didn’t have him in the best of moods. She looked at her husband, his arms outstretched to his sides, his head cocked, looking at her like a child.


What an asshole, she thought. She had been with him since they were 15 years old, childhood sweethearts, but since they married only a year ago at the tender age of 19, Steven had turned so obnoxious and demeaning. Where was the funny, popular gentleman she had first met?

Glancing down she saw Steven’s father looking up at his son, his rudeness distracting Michael from his silent slumber as he lay in the sun. He looked at Taylor, a look of pity and regret at his sons attitude. Michael was so lovely to her, he always made her feel welcome and would go out of his way to do anything for her. If only his son took after his father.

Realising that she was getting lost in thought, Taylor broke her gaze from her husband and stormed towards the jet ski. The instructor watched her as she approached, her long blonde hair blowing in the gentle breeze, her natural beauty so plain to see. He slowly moved his gaze over her body. She was tall, possibly 5′ 10″, had a long slender pair of legs and small, perky breasts. The instructor sighed to himself, such an attractive girl, looking far too young to be married, just turned 18 he hazarded a guess. The things he would do to her.

As she approached the instructor gave her a smile, totally unaware of his vivid sexual thoughts. She smiled back and listened as he gave her a brief guide to controlling and piloting these powerful machines. He reached for a life jacket and handed it to her. As she put it on, she allowed him to buckle it up at the front. Taylor let her arms go limp as he clicked each clasp into place, the tightness of the jacket pushing her breasts together, the instructor struggled to break his gaze from the view. He could feel his cock slowly twitching to life. Taylor looked down and saw where he was gazing. She went to recoil in shock and insult, how dare he! But at the same time she found it strangely arousing. It made her feel very attractive, the instructor was a fine specimen of a man. Beneath his shirt she could see he was a man who took pride in his body, his arms bulging from his sleeves. She started breathing slower, slowly getting aroused at this stranger staring at her body.

Remembering where he was, the instructor snapped out of his trance and stood upright, and to his shock he realised that this girl had caught him staring. canlı bahis He shot an embarrassed smile and was deeply relieved the smile was returned. He needed to control himself better, he may have been young himself but he was at work, he needed to be professional.

Taylor turned from the man, and walked towards the ski. She smiled at herself. It felt so good to find such an attractive guy take an interest in her. It had made him forget about her husband. Then like a knife it pierced it way to the front of her mind, how unsociable and rude he was being on this family holiday. Never mind. It was time to have some fun!

Straddling the jet ski, she slowly pulled back on the throttle. The engine was already running and with a start it jumped forward. She immediately let go and the ski stopped. It would take some little getting used to. She pulled back on the throttle again, only this time more gentle. The engine steadily built up volume and the ski slowly etched forward into the water. Gradually she built up enough rhythm and the ski picked up speed and headed out into the crystal blue sea. She hadn’t rode a jet ski since she was 15 off the coast of Mexico but it all started flooding back to her.

Eventually she was gliding across the ocean, although not an a par with her Uncle Pete, she was doing okay. Getting further out to sea, she realised she was being mirrored by Pete. He smiled across at her and pulled a sharp left turn, splashing her with water. After the initial shock, she laughed and veered off after him, his laughter being drowned out as she head off in pursuit of him.

She soon pulled up close enough to him and shot Pete a wink. She then pulled sharply left to return the favour, but she pulled too roughly at too great a speed. Before she knew it she was flung from the ski, ploughing head first into the clear water.

The salt water flooded her mouth and nose, she panicked fighting to the surface, the sun glistening from under the sea. She kicked and thrashed about, the life jacket fulfilling its purpose lifting her from the watery abyss and into the clear fresh air. Taylor violently coughed and spluttered to clear her lungs and throat of the ocean, her eyes stinging and her head pounding from the force of the impact.

A loud humming noise quickly approached and a hand grasped her jacket and pulled her up. Pete pulled her wet glistening body onto his ski.

“Taylor are you okay? Taylor?”

She looked at him. ” Thanks Pete, I’m okay, my head hurts though, and I feel a little dizzy.”

“Well you seem okay but I’m going to take you back in, you’re in no condition to ride back.”

“But what about my ski?”

“They’ll come pick it up, don’t worry.”

She nodded in agreement and began to negotiate her way onto the back of his ski.

“No, sit in front of me, on my lap, you might pass out and loose your grip on me if you sit back there.”

Taylor’s head was hurting and she did feel faint. She had no argument in her and it sounded smart enough. She manoeuvred herself and sat at the front, she looked toward the beach and saw they were some way off.

Pete put his right arm past her and onto the throttle. He moved his left arm across bahis siteleri her body and pulled her in tight. She could feel his big hairy stomach on the base of her back, the hairs tickling her soft wet skin.

Slowly the ski moved off towards the beach. The sun beat down on the pair and Taylor leant her head back, she felt dizzy, she rested her head on Pete’s shoulder. The musky sweaty smell of his body infiltrated her nostrils and made her feel slightly nauseous. She just closed her eyes and tried to ignore the smell.

Pete took a deep breath of his niece’s hair, it smelt so fresh and clean. He shifted his gaze down her jacket, her breasts all wet and heaving to the rhythm of the ski. Her long bronzed thighs pressed against his hairy legs, her soft young body pressed up against his.

Taylor could feel his breath close to her face, his stubble prickling against her neck, his arm holding her very tightly to him. He disgusted her but she felt relaxed and the dizziness was abating. His breath on her ear was troubling her. It was an area that Steven knew al to well turned her on. It felt comforting and yet sent a chill down her spine. As her eyes were closed she pictured how Steven would kiss down her ear, her neck, her body and slowly make love to her. She began reacting to the closeness, incoherent that it was her uncle-in-law not her husband.

Pete had waited a long time to get this close to her. He hated that faggott nephew of his, how could that egotistical little prick get such a gorgeous young girl to marry him? He was getting turned on and noticed her reacting to his heavy breathing. He slowly moved his hand down her jacket and rested it on her thigh. He froze and waited to see her reaction, all he heard was a gentle groan. He squeezed on her firm thigh, running his hand over its young softness, he breathed harder.

Taylor was still picturing herself with Steven. She had forgotten at how giving and sensual he was in bed, she hadn’t felt this turned on for a while. She loved his hands all over her thighs, it was such a turn on. She felt Steven’s hard cock pushing against her ass, she pushed herself back against it gently.

Pete was in shock! She was pushing against his erect penis. He couldn’t believe his luck. He grabbed her thigh more firmer this time. In response she pushed harder against him. He decided to see how far this would go so he began to move his palm higher up her thighs, the warmth from her pussy was screaming out from her bikini bottoms. He looked up ,they were still a few minutes from the beach, he had time.

He pressed his fingers against her bikini bottoms, the grooves of her pussy easy to find through the thin material. It was so hot, his cock grew bigger and harder. Pete moved the bottoms to one side, and ran his fingers along the young girls bare cunt. It was shaved clean, he searched and found what he was looking for. Slowly he slid a finger inside her. It was so tight and wet. He let out a loud long groan. He started to pick up speed and finger his niece.

With a start Taylor awoke. The bright blue sky above her and the sounds of the sea splashing against the ski confirmed her return to reality, and what was happening. She was bahis şirketleri frozen in shock.

Trying not to move she glanced down and saw her uncle-in-laws fingers inside of her. Petrified she tried not to move. What was he doing!? Oh my god! In her delirium she had thought her husband was touching her and she responded as any good wife would, but she had unwittingly given this pervert of an uncle an opportunity.

Taylor looked at to the beach, they were still a little way off, she could make out the figures of her husband and family on the beach, totally unaware of the rape of her body! That’s right she thought, her uncle-in-law is raping her with his fingers and she was frozen in fear. He was a big imposing man, what was she to do? Evermore, why was her body reacting to his touch?

Her pussy was very wet and he was sliding his big chubby fingers inside her with ease. She then felt something twitch against her butt and along her thigh. She pushed ever so gently to feel it a little bit more. Her big blue eyes widened with shock, her uncle was hard and erect! Every now and then it twitched against her, she began to analyze it. It was quite big from the feel and so very hard. It felt much bigger than Steven’s…..

Straight away she was disgusted with herself. Here she was getting molstered by her uncle and she was comparing his penis size to her husband. What an awful wife she felt.

And yet again she was getting more and more turned on.

Ever since she first met Steven’s Uncle Pete at the age of 15, she always noticed at how he stared at her, the filthy old bastard.

Her mind switched back to the present as she had a familiar feeling building up inside her, she was going to come.

Closing her eyes, Taylor bit her lip, she couldn’t believe it, how had her body betrayed her? How was she getting aroused over this disgusting excuse for a family member. Even as she thought these things, these only added to the fantasy if she could call it that.

Her Uncle Pete started finger fucking her more vigorously, her pussy was squelching and her juices running down his fingers. His big cock was pushed against her body, she decided to open her eyes and look down. His arm was working furiously and yet with great skill, she was going to come and come very hard.

Taylor’s body had betrayed her. She hadn’t been made to come this hard for such a long time. Struggling to with-hold it any longer, she let out a loud moan, her pussy contracting and coming all over her uncle’s fingers. She bit down hard on her lip, her body was ravaged by ecstasy, her head swimming in delirium, the darkness closing in and before she knew it she had passed out cold.

As she awoke, Taylor looked up at the piercing blue sky. She could feel the sand underneath her and people talking to her. She groggily pulled herself up with the help of those around her and sat up. Recognising her husband and father-in-laws worried questions she reassured them she was ok. It was the least of her worries. Was that a dream? Had that really happened with her Uncle Pete?

Squinting in the sun, her eyes trying to focus she scanned for him. And there he was. Stood by the waters edge, talking to the instructor. He looked over and saw Taylor looking at him. The instructor walked off and left him standing there looking straight at Taylor. With a grin, he brought his fingers to his mouth and licked them. It had been no dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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