The Hypnosis Spa Pt. 02

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***Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen for this story and all of my fiction: no exceptions.

Breakfast was a relaxed affair that the family took together, although they split into their respective partnerships on either side of a rectangular table. On one side sat Mike, Stacie and Magrathe while Trevis sat on the other side, flanked by his daughters, Ashley and Rachel. It was all just as it needed to be, the gentlemen dressed casually in shorts, although Mike had gone bare-chested, as was the optional dress-code of the spa. It was relaxing to be so disrobed but even more so enjoyable, as they partook in pastries and fruit juices, to see the women of his family clad only in bikinis that highlighted their very best features.

The thing with the spa though was that it played with their minds, changing them as it pleased, the overseer taunting them with their lack of control. Not even Mike, however faint his grasp on his new reality may have been, knew where he was anymore as they separated after breakfast, simply enjoying his time with his lovers, his grandmother and his mother, as they made their way down to the leisure facilities and, most importantly, the whirlpool hot tub that Stacie was simply dying to try out.

She murmured softly to herself, letting out a coo of appreciation as she dipped a toe into the warm water, sinking in before offering her hand to Magrathe. Her heart leapt for her, the lady who joined her with the wisdom of the ages in the soft, gentle lines of her face, and, impulsively, Stacie kissed her, stroking her cheek as Magrathe trembled against her.

“You shouldn’t surprise a lady with things like that,” Magrathe chuckled, shaking a finger at Stacie, although there was a soft spot of colour in her cheeks that betrayed her enjoyment. “My, oh, my, how you’ve changed…”

What she remembered of the past and her relationship with Stacie, however, was by the by as Mike joined them, slipping between with a cheeky grin as a hand landed on one of their breasts each, right back where it belonged. Magrathe giggled and shook her head, though leaned back to enjoy the jets, letting her grandson do just as he pleased with her as he slid his hand under her pink bikini to fondle her breasts, fingers teasing and caressing across the nipple.

“You’re so beautiful…”

Mike kissed her cheek and Magrathe’s eyelids fell heavy, peering at him through lowered lashes, although she was simply comfortably tired and not trying to be coy. Why would she ever, of course, need to be coy with her sweet lover? Her daughter pressed up to her other side and the light in Stacie’s eyes told her that there was something more afoot, a leg slipping over hers as Stacie tried to press in, as much as the water tugged and pulled at her body with the force of the bubbling jets.

Yet that time was for Magrathe and a cheeky tingle pulsed through her, excitement lighting up her veins in a hot flare of pleasure. Never before had her breasts been so sensitive as she arched her back and lifted them for the attention of her lover, feeling only his hands on her, tugging and squeezing, pulling back the strap of her bikini to expose a breast. She cared, of course, that her breasts were on show in the public area of the spa but only in such a way that her skin tingled wantonly, wanting to be on show, on display for all to see.

With a moan, she guided his head down to her tits, taking the lead in her gentle way, though Magrathe was not a woman either to be left out without what she wanted at the same time. Pleasure, yes… Yes, that was what a woman like her deserved and she floated on a sea of it, the jets caressing her, moist between the thighs even within her bikini bottoms, his lips closing on a nipple and suckling it so very gently up into his mouth.

Stacie moaned and dropped her chin onto her arms on the edge of the hot tub, enjoying the show with voyeuristic thrill. People had forgotten the pleasure to be gleaned from watching, she thought to herself, but there was a lust in it too, the simmering desire curdling deep with her warming her through, even though that warmth, truly, should have come from the hot tub. It was relaxing to simply sit there and to watch her son please her mother, tugging her bikini down all the way so that neither of her lovely, large breasts were contained. Why were they even wearing bikinis anyway? It didn’t quite make sense to her but neither did it have to as Stacie murmured softly, letting them carry on without her as she pressed her thighs together, need flourishing where she fed it so sweetly.

“Mind if we join you?”

Trevis stood above them as Mike sucked his grandmother’s breast into his mouth, his only reply for his father being a half-shrug. Let him join, let him stay, for there was only pleasure to be had between all of them with that fund at hand. Trevis, of course, was with Rachel and Ashley too and the ladies were not at all bothered by the older woman’s breast teasing out before them, everyone slipping into the water together, although, the difference canlı bahis was that neither group recognised each other anymore.

As if he had never seen them before in his life, Mike smiled and sat up, his hands going to Stacie’s breasts instead, teasing and squeezing them together just to see her cleavage, the many delights that her body did and could hold. Trevis’ eyes were on him and, as if he wanted to show off his mother and her lusciously thick, curvy body, he pressed them together again, rolling and massaging her huge tits between his palms and fingers, expertly working her over as she panted lightly. Stacie’s head rolled back against the side of the hot tub, a tickle of a whimper rising from her lips, though she was not alone in taking part in yet another nuance of such sweet sexual pleasure.


Yet Trevis was not to be outdone as he chuckled and paid his due attention to his daughters too, although Ashley’s hand had already crept in over his thigh under the cover of the bubbling water. Not that they had to be secretive, of course, about anything but she licked her lips keenly as she felt out the bulge of his cock, eyes wide and innocent, pure in her shyness even though that just wasn’t the way she would have been normally. Her old personality had no place in the spa as she giggled and blushed and turned her face away, feigning that she wasn’t doing anything wrong or strange at all, much less groping her father in a public hot tub.

Trevis kissed her sweetly, a flutter on her lips, though Rachel was just as needy, whimpering and kissing her father’s neck until he acquiesced to her unspoken request, hands slipping into her bikini top and freeing her tits. Her breasts were the perfect size for her athletic, slim body and a good handful for a man experienced in the ways of love, like Trevis, groping and thumbing her nipples as she panted heavily, shuddering within his light hold.

“How long have you been here?” Trevis asked Mike and the others conversationally as if he didn’t have his daughter’s breasts in his hands at that very moment. “We only got in last night?”

“Last night too!” Stacie chirped, leaning forward as her nipples brushed the surface of the bubbling water. “What are the odds?”

Maybe another Trevis would have worked it out for her, the maths behind it intriguing him, but that Trevis only laughed conversationally as she was but a stranger to him, despite the many years and three daughters that they’d had together. She was as much a stranger to him as he was to her and Stacie still took his hand as he held it out for her to shake, not caring that it had been on a woman’s breast only a moment before.



They introduced themselves politely but it was the twins that kicked things off, kissing and fondling one another, Rachel taking the kinkier lead as her hand slipped between her sister’s thighs. Pressing up into her bikini bottoms, she found her snatch and let Ashley buck and moan, teased even as a bubbling jet pressed up against her sensitive areas. The flirting water tickled her pussy as much as her sister’s fingers did and she squealed, toes curling, as the tenor of orgasm rose up within her just from that, need twisting back and forth as she braced on the wall of the hot tub as much as she felt she was able, lips parted and breathing heavily.

“Are you enjoying the spa?”

That came from Stacie, though even her words were breathy as she spoke, a hand between her thighs. She needed it, needed him, and yet they were out there where he was not yet paying her attention, the pulsating tremble of desire teasing through her as she cried out quietly. Though she could have disturbed them, something in her didn’t want to interrupt and break the spell of lust, quivering in place as the water rippled out from her. With the jets quieter, anyone could have seen just how her hand disappeared down between her thighs, fingers buried in her soaked snatch, juices slick on her fingers as much as she could not bear to pull them out quite yet.

A little more. Just a little more.

The answers that came were in moans, however, conversation beyond them as both groups smiled at one another, seeming to know without actually having to say anything that was going to happen. Ashley was drawn back into her father’s lap, facing the pool, and she moaned as he plunged into her, her swimwear only tugged aside enough to allow him the treat of her fresh, tight pussy. Her head fell back against his shoulder and he guided her hips to ride him gently, water sloshing and splashing up over the edge of the whirlpool tub, though that was very much the least of anyone’s concerns.

His cock plunged up into her as if it was meant to be there, her pussy so tight even though Trevis did not know that she was his daughter. To him, she was just one of the fine, young women that loved him and that he loved too, their passion rising even as Rachel claimed his lips, kissing him fiercely. Her tongue tangled with his, the three of them one entity coming together in blissful bahis siteleri endeavours, although it was only two of them that were destined to get off first, heady moans rising to fill even the tall, glass ceiling of the pool area and those facilities.

Mike was not to be outdone. Like Trevis, he, of course, had no idea who he was fucking except that they were his partners, his lovers. They were not related to him, of course not, his mind gone and slipped away, lust taking over. Nothing was his and yet everything was as the spa worked its mind magic over even him, winding around as he bent his mother over the edge of the tub, her pussy raised and flushed for his attention. He didn’t tug her swimwear aside but rather tugged it down so that it trapped her thighs, laughing softly as he thrust into her with one smooth stroke of his shaft, his cock knowing exactly where it had to go to glean the most pleasure out of even that.

Her moans rose, Stacie’s feet slipping and scrabbling as she so very desperately tried to find purchase, as difficult as that was at some times. The tub was just too slippery though, her feet trying and failing to find any sort of grip, chest heaving, at Mike’s whim as he ploughed into her. He had no trouble finding his stance and laughed out loud for the sheer joy of filling her with his fat length of meat, following his bidding from her cries of more, to go harder, faster, to take her as she wanted to be taken.

Whether she actually managed to get out any words or not to say things to that effect was beside the point as he knew what she wanted, leaning into his own pleasure as it tangled deliciously with her own. In that moment, they were just two lovers enraptured by pleasure, heaving and moaning as her pussy closed around him, the light rub of her clit against the teasing edge of the hot tub (lucky that her hips were lifted a fraction) enough to get her screaming and squealing, rocking back against him as climax swelled. Stacie could not have held it back and neither did she want to as unbridled passion coursed messily through her over and over again. But she didn’t have to be put together there, not the primed and primped religious woman she had been. And that was a good thing indeed as she cried out her pleasure again and again, not caring who heard her – hell, she wanted them to hear her! Let them see just how good it was to get fucked by a real man and see if anyone else too had the balls to stand up to her Mike!

Mike wasn’t so concerned about that, grunting in the back of his throat as he rammed into her, her tits swinging and bearing down against the coolly damp floor, water splashing everywhere. It was something that those working at the spa were more than used to and any employees in the near vicinity turned a blind eye to what was going on, unless they were needed to offer fresh towels or some other sort of service, of course. Anything more was outside the scope of what could be expected from them at that time, though the spa owner was at his liberty to change that at any point. Whether they liked it or not…

There was more to the spa than any of them could have anticipated, Magrathe whimpering as her eyes met with Rachel’s, the young woman desperate for attention. Yet their time to be introduced more intimately to one another would have to wait, panting breathlessly as their other lovers were taken so sweetly, given the very same pleasure that every last one of them wanted for themselves.

Stacie’s cries echoed off the walls as Mike fucked her harder than ever, leaning over her as his feet braced against the opposite side of the tub. It was a strange angle but an effective one, judging by her cries, angling his hips just so, his cock grinding over her G-spot with each and every stroke. And it was those very same strokes that came with ever-increasing fervour, skin damp with more than just water as he pounded her for all he was worth, her sloppy pussy gripping and squeezing him, however soaked in her own juices she already was.

Mike snarled, a raw, ragged cry breaking from his open mouth as orgasm washed over him. His skin prickled through with untold warmth that was not from the whirlpool tub and, in that moment, even the bubbling jets proved to be too much sensation, taking his mind from the plunging ecstasy wrapped around his cock. Her folds teased him so wonderfully, coaxing pump after pump of cum from his nuts, that swinging sack promising so much more if only his mother was willing to take it from him. He poured everything he had into her tightly squeezing passage, head spinning, yet he would not have pulled back for the sake of wanting to please her, to make her feel good, even as he took his ecstasy from her lovely, luscious body.

Trevis was barely aware of what was going on around him, wrapped up in Ashley’s cunt as he powered up into her, finding more purchase from his position with a rougher part of the whirlpool tub with greater grip under his feet. Growling softly in the back of his throat, he controlled every last one of his daughter’s movements not bahis şirketleri with his hands on her hips any longer but her breasts. And it was her firm, full tits that he hefted up on full display, nipples poking between his fingers, the pale cream of her skin gleaming with a sheen of water. Squeezing them hard, he got her to fuck his cock harder and faster, slamming her hips down in a slosh of water even as their activities ramped up, everything heating up around them. There was so much at the spa left for them to try and yet only so much time as her shriek rose to a cry of pure, orgasmic pleasure, pussy squeezing his cock in a rippling, erotic massage, her head falling all the way back to his shoulder.

Mike pulled from his mother’s pussy as Magrathe looked on but there was still so much to enjoy there, Ashley panting heavily as if she just couldn’t get enough oxygen into her lungs. She was quite alright, of course, but the rippling, tingling tension lacing her body could not be denied and she would have been a fool to think that that was at all possible, breasts rolling into his hands as she gasped for what breath she could take in. One orgasm after another drove through her, a force that was coming whether she was ready or not, her pussy soaked and sloppy, clenching down on her father’s dick as if her body too howled in anticipation of what more was to come. For, with him, there would always be more.

Yet Trevis had to have his own high too, even though he thought himself quite virile and studly, chest puffed up with masculine pride. He fucked his daughter thoroughly as he rammed into her, pulling her down roughly on his cock as her cries rose, every muscle in his body seeming to tense for a heartbeat of a moment before that timely release at long last. His balls churned, spilling his load, every part of him engaged in the act of seeding her full, cum spurting into her, although there was no way to tell what was his and what was hers as it drooled out of her to mix with the water in one delicious cocktail.

His hands squeezed down on her breasts as Ashley moaned loudly, bleary-eyed as if she was not quite with her senses. Her breasts tingled and she could not stop herself from leaning into his touch as if she felt something more there for her to take, breath short and panting, desire still rising. Just how much need could be contained in one body? She would not be the one to find the limit of it even as Trevis pulled out from her pleasantly sore pussy, spending the last erotic dribbles of cum over her thighs and the strained stretch of her pinkly flushed folds.

As soon as her father was done with Ashley, however, Rachel was on him, pulling him up to sit on the side of the whirlpool tub, his softening cock on full display. She wasn’t going to let a treat like that go without the very attention she could give it and slurped him up into her mouth, letting him harden up again. She didn’t question how he was able to get hard again so swiftly as that was just something that happened, in her eyes, something that was made possible by the spa. He was so lustful there that he could not help, surely, but get hard again in an instant, the tip of his cock sliding over her tongue, her cheeks hollowing to suck as hard as she possibly could.

She had him right where she wanted and needed him, putting on a show, buttocks raised, though it was not one that was destined to continue for long as Mike rose, skin flushed and warm and a smile on his face.

“You’ll have to excuse us!”

It did not come with a genial air but a cheeky one – not that anyone was going to complain. He grinned like the cat that had gotten into the cream (and drank it all down too!) as he led away his mother and grandmother, the ladies of his life. They hung on his arms and they hastened along their way, dripping water as they went, although their room was, of course, not all that far. Whereas Mike was covered up again and decent for a casual environment in his swim trunks, the ladies had not bothered to pull up their bikinis and giggled, bumping into each other as their breasts swayed teasingly, showing off what they had to offer even as he intended too to greedily snatch it up for his own.

That wasn’t like Mike though. Mike was shy, Mike was quiet, Mike never did anything new. So why had he gone out on a limb and thrown caution to the wind in taking them to the spa in the first place? That was a question that his lustfully blank mind did not care about at that moment in time and, gratefully too, he didn’t have to worry about as the door to their room closed on his heels, revealing the delivery that he’d ordered in placed next to the bed.

Dry for the moment, Stacie sat back on the bed and took everything that he handed her, giggling and squealing as if she couldn’t believe her eyes. She even held her fingers, trembling dramatically, to her lips as he unearthed just what had been dropped off for them, a collection of kinky sex toys all designed for mutual pleasure (well, even if one of them was the user and the voyeur in that scenario). There was so much there that she simply did not know how or where to begin, moaning and whimpering softly as she pawed through them, a dildo clasped in her left hand as if she had forgotten, somehow, that it was there.

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