The Exam

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The inevitable paperwork! I was at an outpatient clinic preparing for an hour long session and not looking forward to it to say the least. I had been having trouble with circulation in my legs for some time and my doc had recommended an ultrasound procedure to check the venous and lymph systems.

Name… last ‘Jones’ first ‘Frank’; DoB mm/dd/yr 11/04/66; Marital status M_ D x S_; SS#, insurance info… Have you ever experienced the following symptoms…

I was sitting in one of those generic waiting rooms thankfully furnished with reasonably comfortable chairs and end tables with the inevitable stacks of back issues of Men’s Health, Ladies Home Journal, Cosmopolitan, and assorted medical literature. Although nearing 50 I was in generally good health, so visits to such places were thankfully rare. I finished filling out the forms and returned the clipboard to the attractive receptionist who asked me to be seated and wait for my name to be called.

“How long is this going to take?” I thought as I took a seat and perused the stack of magazines hoping to find something to read besides “The 12 sex positions your man won’t tell you about” or “Our best holiday recipes, readers picks”.

I was still looking when I heard my name and glanced up to see the nurse holding my file.

“Follow me please”

She led me to a dressing area and instructed me to remove my clothes including my underwear and handed me a gown and some slippers before disappearing. At least the wait hadn’t been too long.

I dutifully followed her directions and before long heard a voice outside the curtain inquiring if I was ready. I answered affirmatively and a hand drew aside the curtain and beckoned me to follow.

“I’m Stacy and I will be performing the procedure today. Have you ever had ultrasound before?”

“No.” I replied, padding down the hall after her. She had nice hair I thought, and I liked her voice but I couldn’t make out much else about her figure as she was wearing one of those loose fitting white lab coats. I guessed she was in her late twenties or maybe thirty.

“Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt. You may even enjoy it.” She guided me to a room with a padded medical exam table and several pieces of equipment.

“Lie down on the table please.” she said closing the door after us.

I did so and she covered me with a sheet which I was grateful for as the AC made the room quite chilly. She had a pretty face and her competent manner put me at ease.

Stacy sat down in front of a console near the table and began typing in my information. “This will take about 45 minutes so just relax while I finish up here and we will get started.” When she had finished typing she dimmed the lights to a twilight darkness and brought me a pillow asking me if I was comfortable. “I need to be able to see the image on the monitor clearly.” she explained as she sat down again.

The sheet had helped, and with the dimmed lights I relaxed and closed my eyes.

“I am going to use a probe to check your circulation.” she explained. I will start at your ankle and work up to your groin area and back down the other leg. The probe will feel slightly warm and I will use some lubricating gel to improve your comfort. Please just relax, and if you doze off that is OK. Many patients do.”

Her voice was sure and soothing and as she said the probe, a small wand with a bulbous end, flat on one side, was indeed warm and slid over my skin with a not unpleasant sensation. She moved the probe slowly around my ankle and then began working up my calf moving it around and back and forth, sometimes pressing it harder against my leg. As she worked I began to notice a shushing sound, often faint but increasing in volume when she pressed the probe against my leg.

“That’s the sound of your blood circulating.” she explained, anticipating my question.

She worked steadily, stopping occasionally to dip the head of the probe into the warm gel, raising my leg and working the probe along the back of my calf and knee before moving on to my thigh.

I had begun to doze off, enjoying the gentle massage of the probe, as she approached my inner thigh near my groin area. The sensation was pleasurable and as she worked higher and higher I began to get an involuntary erection. I was grateful for the covering sheet and the dim twilight atmosphere of the room.

The probe had now reached my groin area and my attention was now focused on the sensations being generated as she worked it all the way up the top of my thigh and into the crevice between my ball sack and leg. It dipped down and then back up and over the rise between my balls and my now fully erect cock and then I felt her hand reaching down and pulling my ball sack to one side as she worked the probe back down into the crevice and pressed it against my inner thigh. The shushing sound was quite evident now.

Her fingers were warm and she must have dipped them into the gel from the way they felt. She kept her hand between my legs, now cupping my ball sack, while refreshing the canlı bahis gel on the probe before returning it to the crevice on the opposite side. The sheet was now pushed up to the base of my cock and the warm hand continued to cup and now massage my balls as the probe rose up out of the crevice to the base of my organ.

“I need to lubricate you a little more”

Stacy’s soft voice came as if from a distance as she removed her hand and then returned it, but to the base of my cock instead of my balls. Her fingers worked the gel around the whole area and then up onto my erection until her fingers were wrapped entirely around it and sliding along it all the way to the head and then back down. At the same time she was working the probe around the base and down onto my balls and then back up.

My cock was now fully lubricated with the gel and she slipped her hand beneath it and moved the probe slowly up the center of the shaft to the tip, pressing it against her cradling palm, and back down one side and then slowly up the other side and back down to the base. Then I felt her fingers wrap around me again and begin moving rhythmically up and down the shaft, sometimes pausing at the head to run a finger around the base and up over the tip. Needless to say the procedure was rapidly bringing me to the edge of orgasm.

The probe was still working around my balls which were now sucked up tight to my groin. The hand left my cock for a moment and pulled the sheet up out of the way before returning to its work, and then Stacy’s hair was draped over my stomach and her mouth enveloped the head of my organ and began sucking as she increased the pace with her hand. The probe was pressed firmly against the base of my cock now, and as I began to ejaculate into Stacy’s waiting mouth the sound of my semen rushing up the shaft echoed loudly in the little room, pulsing in a crescendo with each surge of cum, and then gradually subsiding as the flows diminished and then ceased. Stacy’s hand continued milking my shaft until the final dribbles had ceased before she let it plop wetly onto my belly and pulled the sheet back down to cover it.

Not a word had been spoken during this, and the probe now returned to the unfinished leg and began methodically working its way back down toward my ankle. I had dozed off by the time Stacy finished and I awoke to the feel of a warm wet cloth being used to remove the traces of gel from my legs and groin.

“All finished.” Stacy said brightly as she turned up the lights. “That wasn’t so bad was it?”

I don’t think she expected an answer and I offered none, still in a bit of a daze and blinking in the bright light.

“The dressing room is down the hall to the left.” she offered as she left the room.

After dressing I walked back down the corridor to the waiting room and checked out at the front desk.

“Everything ok Mr. Jones?”

The receptionist’s query caused my face to flush and in avoiding her gaze my eyes came to rest on her blouse which didn’t help matters.

“Yes Ma’am” was all I could manage.

“We will send the results to your PCP and they will contact you to discuss them in a few days and let you know if you need a follow up or additional tests.” the receptionist offered smiling at me.

I drove home in a bit of a daze. Had the nurse really just given me a blow job? Or had I fallen asleep and dreamed the whole thing?

The doctor called in a few days and recommended some support socks telling me to contact him if the discomfort persisted. I purchased several pairs which did help, and other than occasional erotic dreams involving medical personnel I soon forgot about the incident until about six months later.

I was at a bar one Friday night when I noticed a familiar figure enter. I did a double take, trying to place the face, and then realized it was Stacy, the woman who had given me the ultrasound exam.

She was wearing a short, low cut blue dress that emphasized her bust, black stockings and heels, and she looked very fine I thought – not at all the nurse tech in a clinic gown, but the auburn hair and the shape of her face were unmistakable.

On a whim I flagged her down with a “Hi Stacy, can I get you something?”

It was her turn for a double take and then her face lit up in recognition.

“Hello Mr. Jones. How are your legs?”

“Fine Stacy, its Frank please.”

She accepted my offer and sat down at my table. We made small talk as we sipped our drinks and were most of the way through a second round when out of the blue she started in.

“How did you like your ultrasound treatment?”

“It was like a dream, in fact I sometimes wonder if it was.” I replied.

She smiled with a little laugh, “It wasn’t. I suppose I owe you some kind of an explanation.”

“OK, I’m all ears.”

“Work at the clinic can get a little boring – lots of geriatric patients, many older women with circulation problems. The staff and nurse techs are all women and of course like to gab and gossip about boy friends, ex-boy friends, bahis siteleri husbands, ex-husbands, sex – good sex, bad sex, boring sex, etc. We were out for drinks one weekend and one of the office girls, our receptionist – maybe you remember her, said we should start a pool to be paid out to the first nurse tech who would do an ultrasound tape of a man ejaculating. Everyone had a good laugh and agreed, although I don’t think it was taken as more than a funny idea thought up by a bunch of drunken ladies.”

“But the office girl actually started the pool the next Monday and everyone began contributing. It built up for quite a while, partly because of the gender of most of the clientele and the age of the men we do get in, but also because most of the women are really quite shy.”

“I happened to be on duty when you came in and the receptionist had put a sticky note on your paperwork saying ‘This one.’ ‘Dare you’. When I saw you I decided, well, why not?”

“We get pretty good at reading patients and you seemed like a good choice. You know, I hadn’t actually intended to suck you off – just work on your cock till you came – but I actually got really horny during the session and you have pretty impressive equipment.” She looked at me and smiled.

“The tape was a sensation around the office. We all gathered at one of the girls apartments and drank margaritas and watched it. Of course I couldn’t collect the pool till I showed the proof. Everyone was suitably impressed, particularly with the part where I scanned your erection before you came, but also how it looked when you came. You could see each surge of semen pretty clearly. You were really full you know.”

“Wow! I had no idea! It sure was an erotic afternoon. I guess I owe your office girl a big thanks!” I laughed.

I asked Stacy if she wanted another round and she nodded. Her bright eyes were focused on my face and I felt a stockinged foot on my calf.

“How is your circulation now?” the foot proceeded up my calf between my legs and then worked its way between them till it was resting against my crotch.

“As good as ever.” I replied putting a hand down in my lap and pulling the foot against the rapidly expanding bulge.

She wiggled her toes “Good, I can see it is where it counts. I think I’d like to try out your equipment in the proper orifice. Is your place far from here?”

“About 15 or 20 minutes this time of night.” The toes were exploring the bulge now which was still expanding. “I can drive if you want.”

“That would be nice Frank. I’m feeling a little tipsy.”

The toes continued their work and I now had a full blown erection. I flagged down a waitress and paid the bill. We stood up, with me using my jacket to hide the bulge, and made our way to the exit.

“Where did you park?”

“This way.” I took Stacy’s hand and led the way to my car. When we reached it I pulled her to me and wrapping both arms around her found her lips with mine. She leaned into me, returning the kiss, and pushing her crotch against mine. My hands slid down her back, over her butt, down the back of her thighs and then up, up beneath the blue dress, up to the panties hidden beneath, one behind, one moving around to the front, reaching between the thighs, groping, rubbing, slipping beneath the fabric, searching out the hidden opening, finding it, feeling its wetness, probing, rubbing, thrusting, and still we kissed, Stacy moaning into my mouth, thrusting herself against my fingers.

“Fuck me now! Fuck me here, right now!”

She was already fumbling with my zipper, working it down and grasping inside. I was so hard she had a struggle with my shorts before managing to pull it through the opening and by that time I had her panties pulled down out of the way so she could direct the swollen head to its target.

“Oh god Frank! Put it in me!”

I thrust once and slid past but the second try went home. I had her pressed against the door of the car and began banging away in a frenzy while my hand sought and found her breasts.

“Yes Frank! Oh god yes! Uh! Uuhh! Oh! Mother! of! God! FUCK!

She was moaning and whimpering and kissing my face and neck as I began to spurt wads of cum up into her.

“Oh dear god Stacy! Oh fuck!






“Oh baby, oh my darling baby.” She was still kissing my face and murmuring sweet nothings when I finally managed to catch my breath and the world around us began to come back into focus.

I had parked some ways from the lighted entrance and the lot was poorly lit but our frenzied and somewhat noisy exercise had gathered a small audience. Thinking it best just to ignore them, I let my cock slip from her and managed to stuff it back into my shorts while continuing to kiss her.

“Lets go!” I whispered, opening the door and helping her in before making my way to the driver’s side and climbing in.

“You know we had a contingent of voyeurs, I hope they got their money’s worth.” I said, starting the car. Stacy was squirming bahis şirketleri in her seat working to get her panties fixed and comfortable and giggling.

“Oh god Frank! I haven’t done something like that since high school.” She put her hand in my lap and squeezed as she leaned over and gave me a kiss. “At least it was pretty dark, lucky for you – I don’t think I could have waited.” She squeezed me again. “It was worth it too!”

I pulled out of the lot and headed toward home, reminding myself to drive carefully as Stacy still had her hand in my lap and I doubted I could pass a sobriety test.

“Do you still have the tape? I assume you edited the version my PCP saw.”

“Of course it was edited Frank but the PCP doesn’t review it, just our overseeing physician, and I do have it. Why? Do you want to see it?”

“Maybe for curiosity’s sake.” I put my hand on her thigh. “Did I measure up?”

Stacy giggled again “Are you worried? You men are always so insecure about some things.”

“No, just curious.” I slid my hand up her thigh and beneath her dress.


My hand had encountered the rather wet crotch of her panties and begun to massage her.

“Stop it.” She pushed the hand away but it quickly returned and this time her thighs parted and I was able to slip a finger under the elastic.

“Frank! Pay attention to your driving!”

Now I had two fingers underneath and began rub in earnest.

“Oh god, stop!”

It was more a whimper of desire this time, rather than a command, and she slid down the seat a little and spread her legs wider. My fingers were dipping into her now, moving more quickly and she began to pant.

I pulled into the lot by my apartment and found an empty space. Stacy’s breath was coming in short gasps now and I began working my fingers furiously.

“Oh shit! Oh god! OHhhoHoooo!” I cupped my hand over her pussy as she clasped and unclasped her thighs and moaned again. “Jesus Frank! What are you doing to me?”

I kissed her and groped for a breast to squeeze.

“We’re home. Want to come up?”

“Uh huh”

I climbed out and walked around to open her door and help her out.

“Oh god Frank, my panties are so soaked and I don’t have a change.” she complained as we made our way up the steps and I fumbled for a key.

Thankfully the apartment was in good order and I showed Stacy the bathroom and put on some soft music in the living room, found a couple of wine glasses in the kitchen and poured us each a glass before settling down on the couch with mine to wait.

Stacy finally emerged from the bathroom and came over to stand in front of me, taking the offered glass.

“I had to wash my panties in your sink. I hope you don’t mind women’s underwear and stockings hanging in your bathroom.”

She knelt on the couch, setting her glass on the table and straddling my thighs, and pulled my face against her chest.

Putting down my glass I wrapped my arms around her and nuzzled her bosom. She reached a hand down between us feeling for my zipper.

“Think you can get hard again?” Her hand pressed against me seeking a response.

“Lets find out.” I responded and putting my hands on her hips urged her to stand. “Dance with me.” I stood up, pulled her to me and kissed her as I began to slow dance.

“Mmmm” She leaned into me and laid her head against my shoulder as we began to move together.

As we danced I moved a hand to her bottom and then down to pull up her dress. She was naked underneath and I placed my hand on the bare flesh and pulled her crotch against mine and the swelling bulge there. She rubbed herself against me as we danced while I caressed her hair and neck and then found the zipper on the back of the dress and pulled it all the way down to her butt. I had the bra clasp undone next and spun her around pulling her bottom back against me before putting my hands on her shoulders and pushing the bra straps and dress down all at once. The bra fell away from her chest and I moved my hands to her naked breasts, squeezing them and rubbing the nipples.

Kissing her neck I whispered “Lets go to the bedroom.”

“Mmmm, OK”

She stepped away from me and the dress fell to the floor leaving her entirely naked. I turned down the lights before following her to the bedroom to find her already under the covers. I undressed and she reached for me as I lay down next to her and pulled her naked body against mine. We made love slowly and thoroughly and drifted off to sleep in a lovers embrace, my cock still inside her and the soft music still playing.

I woke late, alone in bed with sounds coming from the kitchen. I showered and dressed quickly and followed the aroma of bacon to the kitchen. Stacy had a pot of coffee made and was just setting food out on the table.

“Morning sleepy. Are you hungry?”

“Smells wonderful! Coffee first though.”

She poured a cup and presented it with a kiss. “Coffee, tea, or me? Isn’t that how it goes?”

“Not enough of me yet?”

“Oh Frank, I’m not sure what enough is after yesterday. I still can’t believe I finally ran into you. I kept hoping your doc would order more tests or something for the longest time. The girls at work won’t believe my follow up report.”

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