The Club

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The beat was heavy and bodies were writhing all around him in the fog filled room. It was nights like these that he loved his job as a bouncer. He stood like a lord over his kingdom knowing that at a nod of his head anyone of these girls would be his. He’d been working there only a short time when he first discovered the power he held in his small role. Comp their drinks, give them VIP attention and he could do what he wished. After a while the game had grown boring until a couple of months ago.

He didn’t know her name and she only came in once a month with some friends but hers was a face he couldn’t get out of his mind. The other bouncers there chalked it up to a case of forbidden fruit. So far she had repeatedly snubbed him and that just made him want her more. She wasn’t just another pretty face in the crowd. Aside from the tight body and cute ass, she had these amazing eyes. He could never really determine what color they were; they seemed to change with the music. He privately nicknamed her kaleidoscope eyes.

He felt a sharp jab in his back and spun around to catch one of the bartenders behind him nodding toward the door. Her hair was down tonight, brushing just past her shoulders, she was wearing a short black satin skirt with thigh high stiletto boots and a black off the shoulder sheer top. He’d never seen her look so seductive. He nearly creamed his shorts when she walked past him. She caught his eye for a brief moment and smiled. Hmm first time for everything he thought maybe tonight would be different. He watched her sidle onto the dance floor and decided to head up to the third floor for the view. He settled into his post at the top of the staircase that led to the third floor bar, VIP room and private bathroom. He gazed down on the scene below seeking her out, watching her fluid movements in sync with the heart-thumping beat. A drunk trying to buy his way into the VIP room soon distracted him and he left to tend canlı bahis to the matter. When he returned, right away his eyes scanned the crowd below for a flash of her blue-black hair under the pulsating lights. So lost in his search he didn’t here her come up behind him. He jumped when she put her hand on his shoulder. He glanced down to see who dare disturb him and was greeted with the most luscious smile on her cherry lips. His gaze softened at his recognition and slipped an arm around her shoulders. His careless gesture was careful in not giving away his racing heart and nervous smile.

“What can I help you with tonight little lady?” he asked in his best cowboy imitation.

She laughed and replied, “Actually I was in the VIP room and the bartender told me there was a bathroom around here somewhere.”

Jimmy the VIP bartender was a good friend of his and knew his latest obsession with this girl. There’s only one reason he sent her out here to use “his” bathroom. He just wondered if she knew the reason as well. He smiled down at her and gave her shoulder a squeeze.

“Sure thing, it’s on the other side of the staircase immediately to your right.” She thanked him and sauntered off toward the stairs. If his heart was racing before it was about to beat out of his chest now. He watched her go through the door and hesitated a moment before he left to join her.

As soon as she closed the door she started shaking. If it were true about what they say about him, he wouldn’t make her wait very long. She hadn’t been drinking at all that night and wondered where this sudden boldness was coming from. She took a look around the room, noticing it’s plush appointments, all done in black and silver, very retro eighties she thought. The marble counter in front of her was a cool gray reflecting the soft lighting around the oval mirror above it. In the mirror she saw a black chaise lounge behind her, next to it a small silver end table bahis siteleri with a halogen desk lamp and phone. She walked over and bent over the chaise bringing her leg up to adjust the thigh high stockings she wore under her boots.

She didn’t hear him come in and was startled to feel his hands on her waist. With her heel still resting on the edge of the seat she turned her head to look up at him. He raised one eyebrow as if to question her seductive stance and said, “I see you’ve discovered my secret.” She laughed lightly and turned back to her boots. He stood there briefly, eyes roving over her shapely leather clad legs. She lowered her leg and backed up into him, her tight ass grazing against his already hard cock. His hands immediately went to her breasts, feeling her nipples tighten under the roughness of his hands. He squeezed her harder, kneading her with an almost animal like intensity. He wanted her now. He turned her around and her eyes met his. She saw the raw hunger and felt it against her abdomen. He backed her up against the counter and sat her on top. His hands on her knees he spread her legs and positioned himself between them. With one hand behind her head and the other sliding up her leg he kissed her, devouring her lips. He soon came to the apex of her thighs and discovered she wasn’t wearing any panties. Without a sound he parted her flesh and deftly slid a finger inside her. Her moist heat met his probing touch and signaled she was more than ready for him. Lost in his carnal kiss, she was only semi aware of his movements to release his swollen member. With her head pinned to the mirror behind her, he tucked his arms beneath her knees he brought them up and spread her thighs further apart. Her wet pussy open fully to him he pressed his hard cock to her. He felt little resistance as he pushed into the tight sheath. She cried out against his mouth as he moved deep inside her expanding the tender flesh to fit him. bahis şirketleri He tore his mouth from hers and looked into her eyes, clouded with lust.

“Damn, you feel good baby.” He whispered to her. She moaned as he reached down to grab her ass, bringing her just a bit closer, taking him just a little bit deeper.

“Mmmm that’s it, honey, take it all.” He fucked her harder, faster, months of sexual tension igniting between them. Driving him into her again and again, her nails embedded in his shoulders, her face buried in his neck. The pace was frantic; she’d never been fucked like this before. She could hear the music in the background pulsing to match his impaling thrusts. His movements became rougher harder, suddenly he pushed away from her and pulled her off the counter, turning her around he bent her over and spread her ass shoving inside her swollen pussy. She was too startled to make a noise but instead watched him behind her, his hand wrapped up in her hair pulling her head up. Their eyes locked in the mirror he reached around and started to toy with her clit. Already throbbing and swollen, he knew he didn’t have to push her far to make her cum and man did he want her to cum. He glanced down to watch his cock sliding in and out of her pink flesh, her lips tight around it. The sight of her glistening pussy being pounded by his swollen cock drove him crazy. She felt his experienced fingers working her clit and felt that sweet sensation growing inside her, willing her to let go. Her breath coming in shortened gasps, she started to cry out, he clamped a hand over her mouth while he plunged into her, feeling her contracting around him, he fucked her harder and she came all over him, screaming against his hand. He continued the hectic pace pushing himself over the edge. He pulled out of her drenching her ass in white hot cum. For a few moments they watched each other in the mirror, the smoldering embers slowly dying out. Still trying to catch her breath she turned and asked in nearly a whisper.

“Was it worth waiting for?” Immediately picking up on her game. He pulled himself together, slapped her on the ass, and said.

“Hell yes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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