The Art Class

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For the third day in a row their eyes locked. They were only a few tables away in the university restaurant and it was obvious that he was looking at her wondering who the hell she was. Shannon knew where he knew her from but wasn’t sure what to do. Finally she stood up and strode across to Danny and said, “You’re wondering where you know me from, aren’t you?”

“Yes. I’m sure I know you but I just can’t figure out where from.”

“In the art class last year, I was the live model and I was wearing a blonde wig. You can see I’m a brunette in real life and that’s why you couldn’t work out who I was.”

“Damn. You’re right. You were so beautiful and I made some wonderful drawings. The teacher said I was the best in the class.”

“I remember seeing you and I glanced at some of your drawings and they were very good.”

“If you like I can bring in some tomorrow and you can have a look.”

“I’d really like that. I’d really like to have some drawings for myself. Perhaps you can do some?”

“Wait and see if you like the ones I’ve done and then we can talk about doing some other ones.”

Shannon took one look and loved them. “They’re really good. I’d love you to do some especially for me.”

“I’ve got a studio at home with very good natural light. You could come over at the weekend if you like.”

“How about Sunday morning?”

Danny was full of anticipation. Shannon was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. Her breasts were amazing – a perfect quarter circle below the nipple and a straight line descending to the nipple. You couldn’t ask for better. Shannon knew how to pose and covered herself discreetly with the towel. When Danny had finished Shannon showed Danny a photograph of the ‘Maja desnuda’ by Goya – it was a famous painting by the Spanish artist Goya of a naked lady lying on a divan in a very seductive pose.

“Do you think you could do one like this for me?”

“I could try. He was a very famous artist, you know.”

Shannon’s threw her towel away and revealed a statuesque body with a prominent hairy triangle between her legs. There was not the slightest hesitation as she lay down on the couch. She looked wonderful. Goya’s genius was to position the woman in such a way that her hairy pussy was the absolute centre of attention. Your gaze was drawn to it whether you liked it or not and it promised to be the entrance to heavenly erdemli escort delight. Danny, like Shannon, was a virgin and had no real idea what those heavenly delights actually were but the sight of her pussy in such a provocative position had the desired effect on his penis and it was soon straining against his pants and it was obvious. When Shannon saw what a terrific job Danny had done, she said, “I’d love you to make some really sexy drawings of me. Not pornographic, just sexy. Do you know what I mean?”

“Not really. You will have to be more specific.”

“Well, I’ll sit in poses with my legs apart and I don’t want my pussy to look gynaecological. Do you understand the difference?”

“Yes. I think I do.”

“I think my pussy looks beautiful but when you spread the lips wide, it looks ugly.”

Shannon adopted a position with her legs slightly apart so that the line of her lips was obvious. She looked delicious and was very pleased with Danny’s drawings

“It looks like you’re pretty excited at what you’re looking at. I think your willy is straining to get out and introduce himself to my pussy. Has he ever said hello to a pussy?”

“No, you’re the first one he’s even got close to.”

“I’m sure my pussy would like to say hello to him. Perhaps you would like to introduce him?”

“Nobody has ever put it to me like that before but I am sure it can be arranged.”

“I’m not very good at drawing but I would like to draw your dick. How about it?”

“I’m very embarrassed. I’ve never been a model so I don’t know what to do.”

“Don’t worry. I can show you what to do. It’s easy. Let’s just slip those pants off so I can have a good look at you.”

Danny could sense that there was a good possibility he would lose his virginity in a very short while and to one of the best looking women he’d ever seen. Shannon didn’t touch Danny at all but looked at his dick from all directions and finally said,

“I never thought of a dick as being a thing of beauty but it is, and just looking at you is making me wet. When you look at me naked something inside you makes you want to make love to me and you get stiff. When I look at you naked and I see your stiff dick ready to enter me, it has the same effect. I just want to feel it deep inside me. I’m going to make a few quick sketches and you can help me and give me some tips.”

Shannon anamur escort was a bundle of contradictions. She was obsessed with men’s dicks but didn’t want to admit it to herself and certainly didn’t want to admit it to Danny. It was one thing to see hundreds in porn and another to be looking at one in the flesh. Shannon’s imagination ran riot just looking at it and she marvelled how strong and straight it was and the smoothness of the taut skin. Curiosity and a sense of wonder made her reach out to touch and feel it. How interesting that the hardness of the shaft could transition into the soft, fleshy tip that was going to tickle her insides. At least she hoped it would. She couldn’t actually know until it happened and it was obvious from watching porn that some women enjoyed penetration a lot, and others not so much and others not at all. This was an opportunity not to be missed. Shannon’s drawings were pretty good and Danny was able to help her and they looked really good.

“You know when you were drawing me on the divan like Goya, I never told you, but that has been a dream of mine for a long time. I always wanted to see how I would look in that position and your drawing made me look terrific and really sexy. I always imagined that Goya made love to the model when he had finished. I always imagined that she just opened her legs and he entered her. They say she was the Duke’s mistress but nobody knows.

I think it would be wonderful if you brought my dream to life and you made love to me. I would like you to draw me just before we make love. It can’t be pornographic – making love is natural – everybody is doing it. I’m going to get into the same position as the Goya model and open my legs wide and I’d like you to draw me and then I’m going to lift my legs up and expose my bottom. I’m sure you can draw it as if it’s very natural and not pornographic.”

“I can try but I don’t know if I can draw you without it looking pornographic. The more I think about it, the more I think it’s impossible. You want me to draw your pussy, but you don’t want your pussy to look sexy. You have to come to terms with the fact that your pussy is sexy. It is the essence of sex. It can’t be anything else.

All your life you hide it and don’t let anybody look at it and then expect me, a man, to look at it and not think it sexy. A man dreams of seeing a woman naked mersin escort and when she gets naked, you expect him to think he is looking at something as sexy as an arm or a neck. It’s never going to happen. It’s like expecting a cat to stay calm when it sees a mouse running around. Look, I can draw your pussy and it will be very lifelike. If you put the drawing into a sex education manual, it won’t be pornographic. If you put it on the Internet, it will be pornographic. Does this make sense?”

“Yes, I can see what you’re getting at. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Pornography is in the eye of the beholder. I just want to look natural. Look, my pussy is part of my body. It’s natural. It can’t be pornographic. Every woman has got one. Your dick isn’t pornographic. Every man has got one. I just want you to draw it as if it’s a natural part of my body and I’m about to do something very natural – make love. Surely you can do that. As long as my lips are together it won’t look pornographic. “

“All right. I’ll try it.”

Danny was masterful. He took a great deal of care drawing individual curly hairs on her pubic mound and she really looked terrific. When she drew her legs up he took great care to draw the line between her lips. He did it just as she wanted. When she saw it, Shannon pulled Danny towards her and kissed him. “You are brilliant.”

In those few seconds while Shannon was waiting for Danny to make love to her, Danny was able to reflect on the situation. Shannon might think of her pussy as some neutral part of the body, but for Danny, a man, it was something altogether different. Every art class he had been to with a life model, she had a towel wrapped around herself and made sure that not one hair of her pussy was exposed and here was Danny with a model, and it was all exposed – a dream come true. Shannon had solid thighs and between them was a valley covered lightly with hair hiding the entrance to heaven. To hell with what she thought of herself, she had a sexy pussy. It was inviting him to do what a man was destined to do – to invade her body and enjoy the pleasure that would be released within her vagina. Shannon had closed her eyes waiting for his next move but it was totally unexpected. Danny separated her lips and in one motion his lips were locked on to her clitoris and sucking and licking.

Shannon got the surprise of her life but the instantaneous pleasure which his tongue brought overcame all her reservations and she willed him to continue. Continue he did and soon enough Shannon had a nice orgasm. Danny lifted his lips and positioned his erect penis into her vagina. Goya had been justly rewarded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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