That Nice Friend of your Father’s #03

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For Kelly’s 18th birthday her parents gave her six weeks at an advanced music camp in San Anselmo, California. As she was finishing with helping with the supper dishes for the last time at the camp, one of the staff members told her that she had a telephone call in the office. When she got to the office and picked up the phone, she was surprised to hear her mother’s voice.

“Hi, Kelly. It’s mom. I have some great news. Mr. Olsen, that nice friend of your fathers, is flying his plane home from San Anselmo tomorrow and your father has arranged for you to fly with him if you would rather do that than take the bus home. It is up to you, sweetie.”

“Oh, mom. That’s awesome. You know how much I hate the 10-hour bus ride home. Of course, I want to fly down with Mr. Olsen. What do I need to do?”

“Well, dear, if you’re very sure you want to fly down, your father will call Mr. Olsen tonight and arrange to have him pick you up at the camp office at 9:30 tomorrow morning, just about the time that the bus leaves. Please have all of your luggage ready. Also make sure that you have a jacket available because Mr. Olsen told your father that the cockpit could get a little chilly during the flight. Do you want to think this over a little bit longer? You could even let me know in the morning.”

“Oh, mom. Why would I ever choose to ride that smelly old bus? Please tell dad to tell Mr. Olsen that I will be ready as soon as he gets here.”

The next morning her dad’s friend, Karl Olsen, pulled into the camp at 9:20 and easily found Kelly in front of the office. She was wearing a cute blue top and white shorts. He had forgotten how extremely attractive she was. It was also clear that her breasts had filled in nicely since he saw her at her 17th birthday party. Kelly recognized My. Olsen right away and called out to him. She had not remembered how good looking he was, especially in his khakis, boat shoes and slightly greying hair.

“Kelly, before I take your luggage, I need to tell you about a change in plans which may affect your decision to not take the bus. There is some weather developing at home which means a couple of hours of delay in our getting off the ground. I did extend the time to leave the house I have been using for the rest of the day so we can stay there until we get the o.k. to fly home. By the way, once we are cleared to fly, our flight will only take an hour and half. What do you think?”

It only took Kelly a few seconds to confirm that she really wanted to fly back and not take the bus. “Mr. Olsen, I still want to fly with you.”

“Kelly, are you sure? By the way, please call me Karl.”.

“Absolutely. Let me help you with my luggage.”

After the short trip to the large house Karl had been using for the previous week he had been in San Anselmo, he left the luggage in the car and took Kelly into a very lovely house. After grabbing two glasses of white wine, they settled into a lovely sunroom looking out to the mountains and waiting for the call that said they would be able to fly south.

After both were settled and comfortable, Karl told Kelley, “As you know my daughter, Emily, turns 18 in a few months, and next summer plans to attend the same camp you just left. She is very shy, and I worry about her having a good experience. How easy was it for you and the other girls in your cabin to get to know each other?”

Kelly squirmed in her seat, blushed a bit but didn’t answer.

Karl looked over and realized that she was a little embarrassed. So he asked again.

“Come on, Kelly. I promise that this is only between you and me.”

Kelly paused a little while and then said, “Well, o.k. I’ll tell you but you must promise not to tell anyone else. One of the girls, Debbie, came up with a game the first night we were there. She called it ‘Strip 22.’ It was like strip poker but the ’22’ meant that we would only play until every girl but one was down to two pieces of clothing, her bra and panties.”

“Were there any other rules?” Karl asked.

“Yes, in order to speed the game along, if any girl that had gotten to only her bra and panties lost a hand, she could point to any sincan escort girl who still had clothes on, and that girl would have to take one piece of clothing off. Most of us were very nervous but it turned out to be lots of fun. It took us less than an hour or so to finish the game. Then we all had popcorn and went to bed.”

“How did you do?”

“Well, there were eight of us and I was the third to get down to only my underwear. But once I was able to get through the fact that I lost all of clothes except my bra and panties, it was fun to watch the others lose theirs. And I lost a couple of times, so I was able to point to a couple of girls who had to take off more of their clothes. That was really fun.”

“That sounds like a great way to break the ice. What did the other girls think about the game?” Karl asked.

‘A couple of them were pretty nervous about it at first but a couple were actually excited. By the end we were all having fun.”

“How did Debbie, the girl who suggested the game, do?”

“It was amazing. She only lost once and therefore had to only take off one shoe.”

“Kelly, I suspect I know why she hardly ever lost: She was probably cheating.”

“Cheating??? What do you mean? How can someone cheat at poker?” Kelly asked immediately.

“Well, I will tell you but only if you make a little deal with me,” Karl said.

“What kind of a deal?” Kelly asked.

“Well, there are three parts to the deal. First you must promise not to tell your parents about this; second, we’ll have another glass of wine; and third you have to play a real game of Strip 22 with me like in the game at camp, just to our underwear. Then I’ll show you how to almost guarantee that you never lose again.”

“O.K. But is there really a way that I can almost always win?” asked Kelly.

“Yes, but it involves teaching you how to cheat. I suspect that cheating is exactly how Debbie won so often. We’ll play until either I get down to my undershorts or you get down to your bra and panties. At the end of the game, I’ll show you how to win almost every time. But while I am teaching you, we need to stay in what level of undress we have at the end of this game. OK?”

By this time, the wine was beginning to take affect and Kelly was getting more and more relaxed. “Well, I guess that is O.K. and I’m in.”

Karl went to get a deck of cards and told Kelly to get comfortable on one of the couches.

By the time he got back, she was on the couch with her legs tucked under her. He couldn’t help but wonder what she was wearing under her shorts and blue top.

To get started, Karl let the cards fall as they would and, as a result, he lost the first two hands and took off both of his shoes. The third hand he dealt himself a couple of queens and beat Kelly’s ace high hand. She took off a sneaker without any protest and they started the fourth hand. Karl decided it was time win a few more in a row and in the next three hands Kelly had lost the other sneaker and both socks. Karl decided that he had better lose the next one. So he did and, because he wasn’t wearing socks, took off his shirt.

He had a tough time getting the cards lined up to win the next one, so he lost and was forced to take off his undershirt.

Fortunately, the cards were more cooperative for him the next hand and Kelly lost. With a bit of coaxing and reminding her what they had agreed to, she took off her top. Karl lost his breath when he saw the bra she was wearing. It was light blue and just sheer enough so that he could make out the outline of her aureoles and nipples. He figured he’d better not lose the next hand because he’d be a little embarrassed if he had to take off his pants and reveal that he had a pronounced hard-on.

The cards worked just fine during his next shuffle and even though she had a pair of jacks in her first three cards, he won with a pair of aces dealt off the bottom. Kelly was a bit slow in getting to removing her shorts, especially because it now looked like he was not going to have to take off his pants.

But when she finally got around to taking them off it was certainly worth the wait: her panties matched the light blue bra and tandoğan escort were just as sheer.

He confirmed that the game was officially over but they both had to stay in the clothes they had on. Kelly reluctantly agreed.

He then showed her how to shuffle to get aces and face cards on the bottom of the deck and to use dramatic dealing using a hand slap to hide getting them dealt into his hand.

He asked her then if she was ready for a final exam. The rules were that they could each put two pieces of clothing back on, they would switch dealing back and forth and then play until one of them was naked. The only other rules were that if one of them detected the act of cheating and described it, the hand had to start over and if the dealer had to start over twice, the deal switched to the other person. After a few more sips of a new glass of wine, Kelly agreed.

Karl put both of his shoes back on and Kelly put on her shorts and top again.

They cut for first deal and Kelly won the cut and took the deck. She was slow and careful in shuffling, but Karl did not see any purposeful shuffling of high cards to the bottom. She dealt Karl a 3 and then dealt herself a Jack. Karl’s next card was a 10 but Kelly’s was an Ace clearly pulled off the bottom. Karl called her on it and the hand started over. She dealt Karl a Queen then dealt herself an 8. Karl then got a 10 and Kelly paired the 8 without Karl being able to detect any cheating. Kelly won the hand with a pair of 8’s and Karl took off one of his shoes.

Karl was successful in dealing himself an ace as the fourth card of the next hand which won the hand against Kelly’s queen high. She didn’t see it and reluctantly took her top off again and, once more, Karl caught his breath as her dark nipples became visible. He also was able to see that they had stiffened a bit and were now poking pronouncedly against the thin material of her bra. Karl caught her dealing off the bottom in each of the next two hands, Kelly agreed that she had been caught and the deal went back to him. He proceeded to deal himself a pair of 6’s which beat Kelly’s king high. She agreed that she had not seen the cheating, so she took off her shorts again, and once again, Karl was rock hard.

Kelly very cleverly dealt herself a pair of kings and won the next hand. Karl was back down to pants and undershorts.

Kelly caught Karl cheating the next two hands and the deal went back to her. She managed to deal herself an ace and king which beat Karl’s jack high. He took off his pants trying as hard as possible to cover the pronounced bulge in his shorts. Apparently, he was not successful because he caught Kelly staring at his shorts several times during the next hand.

He was very careful in shuffling the deck and managed to get 10’s as the second and fourth cards. He then moved the deck between them and told her she could deal. She then dealt an ace to herself and a 10 to Karl. Her second card was a 9 and Karl’s was a second 10. Fortunately, she did not pair in the other three cards, so Karl won the hand. There was still some awkwardness on her part but the mood was light hearted. He took advantage of the moment and asked her if she needed help with the bra snaps. She told him that she could manage and after a minute or two, undid the snaps and let the bra drop into her lap.

Her breasts were extraordinary: about a c cup, a little pointy with puffy areolas and now very erect nipples. He couldn’t help himself and told her they were perfect. Her response was a flirty, “I know … and I am glad you like them. Now it’s my deal. Right?”

She was a little nervous and Karl caught her cheating on both of the next hands and got the deal back. The was a real moment of truth for him. He could either win the hand and get her naked or lose the hand, take off his shorts and let her see his aroused cock. He decided to let her catch him cheating for the next two hands to see if she would try to win and get him naked. She caught him both times.

The deal switched back and he did catch her dealing off the bottom in the first hand but in the second hand she successfully dealt herself a pair of jacks which beat Karl’s king ankara escort high. After congratulating her on being such a good student he stood up, turned around and slipped his shorts off. Kelly protested saying that if she had to sit facing him during the last few hands he had to turn around. Without trying to cover up any more he turned around and she got a full view of his raging cock at which point she caught her breath.

Karl was completely caught off guard when Kelly said, “I like what I see even more than I thought I would. I know we were both cheating so to show you what a good sport I am, let me match you so we are even.” She then slowly took off her panties and sat back down and spread her legs just a little. “Now, do you still like what you see?” Her pussy was shaved and the way she was sitting allowed her pink inner folds to show. Karl decided that Kelly had abandoned the rules and was ready for him to take the next step, which he did.

“You look so delicious; all I want to do is taste you.” Without waiting for her response, he went to the couch, kneeled down in front of her, used his tongue to further aroused her nipples and then moved slowly down and started teasing the area around her pussy. Kelly leaned back and moved her hips closer to the edge of the couch and began pushing herself against him. Within a few seconds she had changed her position so that his tongue was probing her. She continued to move and use his tongue to stimulate her and within a minute she had position him directly over her clit. After a few more seconds she had a huge orgasm and squirted pussy juice all over him.

After a lengthy cooling off time together on the couch, Karl’s cell phone rang. After listening to the message, he said, “We are cleared for takeoff in 45 minutes so it’s time to go. And thank you for teaching me Strip22. However, I am not going to teach it to Emily, O.K.?”


The custom in the freshman dorm was a get acquainted discussion the first Saturday night after arriving on campus. About 7:30 the new girls all met in one of the lounges. After some introductions including names and where they were from the conversations got a little more intimate and direct.

“Go ahead, Jenny, it’s your turn to tell us about the first time you ever did it,” Marjorie said. Jenny had never talked about her first time and although she had been expecting that she would have to say something, she was still not ready.

“Well, what do you mean, ‘the first time?'” She stammered. “There are lots of things you can, er.. do, the first time, aren’t there?'”

All of the other girls laughed both at what she said and her obvious discomfort. Finally, Margie jumped in to help her out. “Sure, Jenny, there are lots of things, but I hope you know we are not talking about the first time that a boy held your hand or even the first time a boy tried to put his hand down your blouse. We mean the first time you had some very real version of sex.”

“But that’s what I mean,” Jenny protested, “there are lots of ways to have sex, aren’t there? … like there’s just doing it, you know, when the boy gets satisfied, but you don’t … and then there’s like, when a man, er, I mean a boy, does things to you and you get off with him. They’re both sex, right? But there can be a first time for both of them … right?

It took the girls a few seconds to really appreciate what Jenny was saying. But as soon as they did, they all got into to her thinking and quickly agreed that they were interested in both of her “firsts,” not at all what she had in mind when she nervously raised the issue.

“Well,” she started hesitantly, “you see there was this nice friend of my fathers who had this great boat and we had sex in the cabin.”

Micki immediately jumped into the conversation, “Wait! What? Did you just say your first real time was with a nice friend of your fathers? I can’t believe that you just said that. My first experience was at a cabin in Vermont with ‘a nice friend of my fathers.'”

“Holy shit,” said Kelly. “The first time I came during oral sex was with ‘a nice friend of my father’s’ waiting to take his pane back to southern California. Can these all be coincidences?

After a reflective pause, Micki said, “Do we think we have enough courage to ask our fathers over the next break? It certainly would be interesting to hear what each of them has to say, wouldn’t it?”

The end – and dedicated to all of the nice friends of fathers everywhere.

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