Taking a Little Longer

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I broke off my account of my lesbianising with Lucinda when I was starting to reminisce about the only man whom I ever considered setting up home with. It seemed a good moment at the time to take a break, partly because some refreshment was welcome and partly because I suspected that Lucinda would be troubled about her future relationship with partner Alex, and about her relationship with her husband. She was going to need reassurance about both, and afterwards she would probably resist the urging, by me and within herself, to indulge in more of the orgasmaking she had discovered with me. Indeed, it is often the case that those who feel uneasy about sexual activity are all the more anxious if it has been especially rich.


We sat up, and she thought the sex was over and looked round for her clothes. They were in the office next door, however, and I said, ‘Don’t get dressed. Stay there. I want to go on admiring and lusting after your fantastic body. Which is actually not fantastic, because it’s real. The day is young and some coffee will replenish the lost liquid.’

‘But I must get to work,’ she said, ‘There are things I must do today.’

‘One of them might be finding out what that body is capable of.’

‘Maybe I shouldn’t find that out at all. After all, how I am going to go on now? What am I going to tell Alex, for a start?’

‘Tell her you spent time canlı bahis şirketleri in her bed with me, and that you’d love to spend a lot of time there with her.’

‘But then I’d be having a sort of affair? What would I tell my husband?’

‘Do you love him, Lucinda?’

Yes. Yes, I do. He’s like your special man, kind and generous and always ready to help people.’

‘Does he love you?’

‘Yes, he does.’

‘Then, if he’s kind and generous, he’ll want to give you maximum pleasure in bed.’

‘I suppose. But how do I tell him?’

‘Without making him feel inadequate?’


‘Just a suggestion. When he’s nippling, you could tell him how good it is, how much you want him to do it, how you want him to go on, as long as it takes. Tell him it how it makes you feel. Guide him – let him know when you want him to do what. You can even talk to him, you know. Let him think he’s made you feel sexier and sexier through your marriage, and now he’s going to pleasure you even more.’

‘What about having the affair with Alex?’

‘Well, if you do that you’ll make three people happy, because you’ll be happy, so he’ll be happy because you’re happy, and Alex will be overjoyed.’

I went into the office and collected the tray. Then I went into the kitchen, made the coffee and found some biscuits. We sat on the bed, drank and nibbled.


I put canlı kaçak iddaa the tray on the floor, gathered her into my arms and began a long kiss. She was unsure about this for a moment, then began to respond. When we broke the kiss I said, ‘You don’t know yet your climax-capacity. Many women are multi-orgasmic, almost endlessly responsive. The dear man I told you about described encounters going on for many hours, like the time he entered a woman at ten at night and she was still coming at ten next day.’

‘You mean he could keep it up – well, you know what I mean – all that time?’

‘He said he delayed coming for so long that he couldn’t come at all, and he had little naps on her bosom along the way. Eventually, she said, “Come now, and then I must go.” And his efforts finally to come sparked off another series of orgasms.’

‘You think I might be like that?’

‘I don’t know, but you can have some delightful times while you find out. Right now I’m going to lay you down, like this. Then I’m going to twang your nipples with mine . Then I’m going to do more twanging.’

‘You weren’t joking, were you? That feels nice.’

‘Don’t you like to watch? I love the way our breasts brush together, like this, and the nipples trig each other, like this. Mine are so hard and hot, as if they’re going to go up like rockets. Look at the way the areolas swell up and contract with canlı kaçak bahis it. Oh, I could come just looking. But I’ve got another idea. If I slide down I can twang your kisimi , too, like this.’

She slid her hands down to bracket her vulva, squeezing her clit out of the crease and murmured with pleasure. ‘Oh, Norma, there’s more. I can go again.’

‘Then, my darling, we’ll do the scissors, the special lezzying. If I get between your legs and turn you a little and get your leg over mine – yes, like this. We can kiss with kuma, and caress with kisimi. Can you feel it? I love the touch of your lips on mine.’

‘Oh, yes, that feels so good. I think I read about this somewhere. “Tribal” something. Did African women invent it?’

‘All women wanting to make love invented it. It’s called “tribadism,’ from French and Latin meaning “to rub together.” Do you like our rubbing together?’

‘It’s lovely. I never thought I was going to like doing this.’

‘Any two women can do it, after all. There are wonderful things three women can do, too. And four women.’

We rocked and squirmed and held each other’s breasts, until she said, ‘It’s happening again. That feeling. Is it happening for you?’

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘Come, Lucinda, come with me. I’m coming…’

‘I’m coming. Push hard. Oh, it’s so lovely!’

Tribading is, indeed, wonderful, being mutual genital masturbation, lesbian intercourse. What more wonderful fucking can there be than clitorcoming together?

‘One of the joys of tribbing is the bottom contact. Dancing cheek to cheek,’ I said, as we lay spread out, bums jammed together in the afterglow.

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