Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

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She saw his name appear online and instantly her pulse started to race. It seemed like every time she talked to him she couldn’t help but instantly feel her panties dampen.

Gabby: Hiya sexy. How has life been treating you?

Dan: Not too bad, just tired and horny as usual. How about yourself Beautiful?

Dan not being horny would be a surprise to Gabby, but she considered that a good thing since he made her instantly horny.

Gabby: Same shit different day, but you seem to make things better when I talk to you.

Dan: Glad to know I make a difference in someone’s life.

Gabby pulled herself back mentally. Something was different. Dan was usually quite self-confident. There was something going on that he wasn’t saying.

Gabby: What gives, Darlin’? It’s not like you to be self doubting.

Dan: The dream that I had last night really had me deep in thought all day. I just couldn’t shake the feeling.

Gabby: Well tell me about it and I’ll see if I can help.

Dan: You sure you want to hear this? The dream was about you.

Gabby looked at the laptop with apprehension. A dream about her? This could be good and then again maybe not.

Gabby: Well if it was about me of course, I want to hear about it, especially if it was hot and steamy. 😉

Dan: Well that’s part of the problem. It was hot and steamy, but it felt so real and when I woke up, I wanted it to be real and wanted to roll over and make the dream a reality.

Gabby paused before replying. She looked at her computer with wide eyes and grinned.

Gabby: And this is bad why?

Dan: It’s bad because I doubt you want the same things from me that I want from you. Most women want relationships when there is sex involved and you know better than anyone that a relationship is the LAST thing I need in my life.

Gabby: And since when have you started comparing me to most women?

Dan: Well…since…okay I guess you never really have been like most women I know.

Gabby: Exactly my point.

Gabby: So just what is it you would want from me?

Dan: You want me to tell you explicitly what I would like?

Gabby: I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t want you to tell me.

Dan: Well for starters you were in my bed when I came home after a long day at work, laying there in nothing but that teddy and fishnet stockings that you showed me on web cam the other night.

Gabby: That might be possible… Go on…

Dan: I would want you laying there with your hands between your legs running your fingers up and down over your smoothly shaven lips.

Gabby: Highly possible (kinda doing that right now actually)

Dan: Oh you are, are you?

Gabby: Keep telling me what you would want from me and I’ll tell you what I am doing.

Dan: Gabby darlin’ you realize you are going to make me hard right?

Gabby: I would start second guessing myself if I didn’t.

Dan: Mmm fair enough. I would then run my hands up your calves and thighs while your fingers are busy between your already puffy lips.

Gabby: MMM yes they certainly are puffy

Gabby slid her hands down between her legs pulling her shirt up just under her breasts, which was the only thing she was wearing.

Dan: Then I would lean over and take your right nipple between my lips, knowing just how sensitive they are when you are horny.

Gabby: Mmm that they are.

Dan: DAMN IT Gabby I want you here so bad right now. I want to feel you and taste you.

Gabby sucked in her breath and made a last minute decision that she hoped she wouldn’t regret for the rest of her life.

Gabby: Remember when we were talking the other day and you told me you could swear you heard a woman in the apartment next to you getting off just as I did?

Dan: Yeah…

Gabby: Well I didn’t realize it until we had talked and you told me just where you live, but…that was me that you heard.

Dan: WHAT? You mean the woman of my fantasies and my dreams has been living bahis firmaları right next door all along?

Gabby reached around her desk and knocked on the wall 3 times. She chuckled and waited for the return knock.

Dan jumped when he heard the knock and knocked back.

Dan: HOLY SHIT it IS you. Wow. Umm Now what?

Gabby: BRB Give me about 5 mins.

Dan: Okay…

Gabby ran to her room and changed into the teddy and fishnet stockings that she knew drove Dan to distractions any time she wore it for him on webcam. She then pulled her hair up that he had told her he liked so much and hurriedly applied just a bit of make up. Just enough to highlight her features but not enough to make her look made up.

She then put on her trench coat just in case anyone happened to be in the hall and put her keys in her pocket. She looked upwards said a blessing for good luck and then peeked out the hallway and went over to her neighbor’s door and knocked 3 times. She heard some shuffling around and then as the footsteps approached her heartbeat quickened.

Dan opened the door and took in the beauty of his fantasies. He stood there just looking at her with a shocked expression.

“You going to let me in or are you wanting to chance someone seeing me?”

“Sorry, yes come in,” he said hurriedly.

As she walked past him, he took a deep breath and could smell the sweet scent of vanilla with an underlying hint of sex.

Gabby turned to look at him and slowly loosened the belt that was holding her coat closed.

Dan reached to help her out of it like the gentleman his mother had taught him to be. Gabby smiled as she slowly let him see what she was wearing, or rather not wearing under her coat. As he realized just why she had put a coat on to walk next-door – her beautiful form slowly started to appear from under her coat and he could feel his eyes bulging along with his groin.

When Gabby fully revealed herself to him, she let him take her coat then stood on her toes, gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and put a fingertip on his lips.

“Give me a 2 minute head start and then come to the bedroom. Then we can see just how much of that fantasy of yours we can make come true,” Gabby said with a wink and a smile.

She headed off to his bedroom, knowing just where it was since most of the apartments in the building were all set up pretty much the same. She smiled as she crawled onto his bed and lay just as he had mentioned only moments before. When he walked in, she was sliding her hand between her swollen smooth lips as he had requested.

He took in the sight of her and had to shake his head a few times to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. He walked over to the side of the bed and reached out to touch her, running his hand up her calf and then up her inner thigh. He could feel her body start to tremble under his touch. It was then he looked up into her eyes to make sure the tremble wasn’t of fear.

Gabby looked at him through heavily lidded eyes and bit her bottom lip as she arched her back so that her body pressed more firmly against Dan’s hand. She ran her wet fingertip down her lips and just barely grazed it along the back of his hand. Dan gasped at the feel of her slick finger knowing, where it had just been. He finally drew his eyes away from hers to look down at her fingers. He couldn’t help noticing that they were quite shiny from the juices that were also coating her slit. Dan shuddered as he ran his finger further up her thigh. She let out a long slow moan as the pressure of her own fingers went back to her clit and circled lazily around it. Dan again looked up at Gabby more so to make sure his eyes weren’t deceiving him but to also take in the beauty that filled his dreams and fantasies for so long. He lowered his head and teasingly grazed his tongue over her pert nipple he let out a moan as he tasted her flesh and felt the texture of it brush against his taste buds. He felt his cock absolutely throbbing kaçak iddaa in his pants almost to the point of pain.

As if she could read his mind, her free hand reached up to rub over the bulge. He gasped as it jerked and seemed to swell to twice its size.

Gabby whispered, “It would seem that someone is a bit over dressed for the…party.”

Dan was torn between loosing contact with her soft skin and getting out of his clothes. His little head seemed to make the decision for him and he quickly started shedding his clothes. Gabby let out a soft chuckle.

“Dan, no need to rush, I’m not going anywhere. I am here until you ask me to leave.”

Dan slowed down as his shirt hit the floor. “And what happens if I don’t ever want you to leave?”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Just enjoy the fact that I am here for as long as you need me to be.”

Dan nodded as he slowly unfastened his pants watching her as he dragged his pants down and showing her what she had seen before on webcam. He watched her intently as he stepped out of them and then put his thumbs into the sides of his briefs, knowing that going further would be the last thing that he had hidden from her. He smiled as her eyes widened when she realized what he was doing and what she was about to see all of him for the first time.

He slid down his briefs achingly slow, watching her expression as his cock appeared before her eyes. She licked her lips and his cock twitched. It had seen what her mouth and tongue could do to a dildo and it was aching to know what that really felt like.

Gabby reached out to take his cock in her hand but Dan pulled back just far enough to be out of her reach.

“As I have told you before my brand of will power is total or non-existent and right now you my dear are the kind of temptation that makes it nil. Are you sure you want to take this further?”

“As much as I know I should stop, I want to feel you inside me too much to say no. You have haunted my dreams for far too long and from what you have told me, I have been in yours too. We are both consenting adults so I see no reason why we just can’t do what comes naturally.”

Dan ran that logic through his mind for a split second and had to agree with her. There wasn’t anything against two single people getting together for some…consenting…fun.

Dan took the last few steps closer to the bed and leaned, brushing his lips barely against her ear.

“Are you sure you are ready for me do to the things we have talked about and that have been filling our dreams?”

Gabby moaned and nodded, reaching up to drape her arms around his neck then whispering back to him.

“Only if you’re sure you can handle fucking my pussy all night until we are both sore, wore out and exhausted beyond recognition.”

He chuckled and nibbled the fleshy part of her earlobe.

“It might take awhile to get me to that point, you know me well enough to know that, but I’ll take it easy on you this time.”

“We’ll see about that. Regardless, it will be fun trying,” Gabby said as she traced a finger down his chest until it was right above the tip of his cock.

Dan didn’t wasted any more precious time and lay down next to her trapping her hand between her hip and his stomach. He placed his palm over her hot mound and gently pressed his middle finger between her lips. She let out a long moan as her hips instinctually pressed against his hand. Moving gave her own hand a little more freedom so she wrapped it around the head of his cock and began gradually stroking it up and down. Dan groaned as his cock felt like it was going to burst. He had just enough control to fight back the urge so that he could make her pleasure come before his own. He could tell this was going to be a test of his will power that hadn’t been tested in a very long time.

Gabby smiled wickedly and pushed Dan over onto his back as she quickly crawled down between his legs. She kissed, licked, and gently kaçak bahis nipped her way down until her mouth was just above the head of his cock. She looked up to make sure he was watching and then smiled up at him with her best innocent smile.

“I seem to remember you asking me to suck on a dildo a few times just so you would at least know what I looked like with a cock in my mouth. Now I am not only going to show you what I look like, but now you will know what it feels like to have my mouth around your cock.”

With that Gabby quickly took the head of his cock in her mouth and pressed her tongue flat against it. Dan let out a gasp and then a long moan as her mouth did magic to him that he didn’t think was possible. She began by pulling her cheeks in tight around his cock to create a vacuum around it. She then let her cheeks relax and found one of his throbbing veins. She traced it with her tongue until she had swallowed most of his cock. He heard her take a deep breath through her nose before she slid her lips further down his cock. She slid down until her nose was nestled in his pubic hair and he could feel her lips against the base of his cock. She took another deep breath and did what he only thought was fiction — she literally swallowed around his cock. Dan’s eyes bulged out and he grabbed at the sheets on his bed so that he wasn’t tempted to grab her hair and hurt her.

She swallowed a few more times and then pulled her mouth back up his shaft, her tongue pressing tightly against it. She looked up at him smiling around his cock and ran her soft wet lips up and down over him. He looked down at her and took a few deep breaths to steady himself.

“Damn woman, if you wouldn’t have quit when you did, I would have surely lost my control before I got to do anything to you.”

She pulled his cock out of her mouth and absently rubbed it up and down between her firm tits while speaking.

“Well next time I know better.” She paused for a moment. “Next time I will keep going until you do loose control.”

With that Gabby took his cock back into her mouth. She quickly sank her lips all the way down its length until her mouth was firmly around the base of his cock. He gasped deeply and unintentionally grabbed her hair. As he pulled he felt her moan around his cock, causing the vibrations to shoot all through him. He knew his will power was strong, but the last straw was when she swallowed around his cock as she gently cupped and stroked his sac. He closed his eyes tight as stars exploded under his eyelids, feeling every thought and nerve ending go straight up his cock and into her mouth. He let out an animalistic moan as his sperm shot repeatedly down her throat without any warning. Gabby pulled the head of his cock from her throat but still let it rest on her tongue so she could taste the last droplets on of him on her tongue. As he finally came back to his senses, he realized that he hadn’t warned her or even asked her where she wanted him to cum.

Dan stammered as she slowly drew the rest of his slowly deflating cock out of her mouth.

“Gabby…I’m sorry…I…I was going to ask, but… damn it.”

Gabby quickly moved up and lay down beside him placing a finger on his lips.

“Shh. It’s okay. I know how to tell if it is,” she giggled, “coming. If I wouldn’t have wanted you to cum down my throat I would have pulled off. I wanted to taste you. Seeing you cum so many times on web cam made me want to taste you and to make up for all that was…wasted in the past.”

She then smiled and licked her lips. “I don’t regret it one single bit. Actually, you have a very good flavor. One that I want to enjoy tasting over and over and over.”

Gabby smiled and kissed Dan on the cheek. He wasn’t having any of that. He put his hands on her cheeks and pulled her in to kiss her fully on the lips. Her eyes widened then closed as he deepened the kiss. She was gasping for air when he finally pulled away from her. She looked into his eyes as slowly a mischievous grin started to form over her lips.

“I win round one. Wanna make a wager on who wins the second round?”


This story is Copyright © 2008 by Lady_Glorfindel. All rights reserved.

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