Swati Ch. 08

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We reached the hotel in Juhu at half past eight in the evening. Swati had requested her friend Priyanka’s father to make the hotel arrangements. His secretary had made the reservation in Swati’s name. The girl at the reception was polite you have been a very wicked girl. First, you exposed your breasts in an open restaurant. Then you made me finger fuck you in a taxi!” I said hoarsely. She nodded, a half smile playing on her lips.

“And you almost jerked me off in public!” I accused her. She nodded again.

“And you enjoyed it all, didn’t you?” I asked.

“Yes.” She whispered.

“For all that you need a punishment, you bitch! And you are going to get it!” I growled.

“OK!” She whispered again.

“But I’m in two minds. I have not come since yesterday and I need it real bad! What should I do first; punish you or fuck your mouth?” I asked.

“Whatever you want… I’m yours…” She whispered submissively, her eyes downcast. The tremor in her voice betrayed her excitement.

“Let’s toss a coin, then. Heads, you get spanked, tails you suck my cock. OK?” I asked. She nodded her acceptance. I pulled out a coin from my pocket in fact my cock had been either fully hard or semi erect almost throughout the day. So it was no wonder I couldn’t last very long. In just a few minutes, Swati brought me to a massive orgasm. I pumped spurt after spurt of my thick, creamy semen into her mouth. She swallowed most of it; a little trickled down the corner of her lips. She gathered it up with a finger and licked it up. Her eyes betrayed how aroused she had become while sucking my cock.

In just one day, she had not only overcome all her inhibitions about fellatio; she had actually started to enjoy pleasuring me and developed a taste for my semen. I am not sure whether this was because of her eagerness to please me or because she was just naturally inclined to be a good cocksucker (remember how long ago she had imprinted her lips on the sketch she had drawn of my cock); probably a bit of both, I guess.

She sighed in relief, rested her head in my lap and relaxed with her eyes closed. My fingers played with the knot of her hair while I took pleasure at the sight of a half naked Swati resting against me, her breasts shiny with the sweat of her exertions. I waited a few minutes for her breathing to return to normal. Then, I tightened my grip on the knot of her hair and pulled her head up.

“OK, my pet, get ready for your punishment. Stand up!” I said, looking into her eyes. She scrambled to her feet and stood close to me. I could smell her pussy.

“Take off your skirt!” I whispered.

Her fingers searched for the knot on the belt of her skirt and fumblingly undid it. The skirt loosened but still remained in position around her hips for a while. Then slowly the weight of the skirt pulled it down and it lay pooled around her ankles. Her white top was unbuttoned to the navel and its lapels were half open, leaving a triangular area of her torso bare. The lower edge of the top just reached her pubic thatch. A few buttons below the navel still held fast.

I pulled the edges of the top apart and the remaining buttons popped open too. I pushed the upper part of her top halfway down her arms, then roughly pulled the lower corners together her upper arms were pulled against her body and the knot in the front supported her breasts from below so that they jutted out provocatively, beautifully framed by the top. The lower part of her body was completely naked. I held her by her shoulders and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri slowly turned her around so that she could see herself in the full length mirror on the wardrobe.

“Don’t you look like a slut waiting for her punishment?” I whispered in her ear. She nodded.

“Come, get it then!” I exclaimed.

I led her to bed and made her lie face down. I knelt by the side of the bed. Her taut, full, fair buns lay exposed within easy reach. As soon as my hand touched her skin, she clenched her ass, expecting a blow. But I was in no hurry. I took pleasure of her ass, slowly caressing and fondling it. I grabbed handfuls of her ample buns, squeezing and pinching them to my heart’s content. Swati gradually relaxed and started enjoying the massage. Little moans of pleasure escaped her lips. Her fists tightened, gathering the bed sheet in their grasp.

“Whap!” I suddenly landed an open handed slap on an ass cheek.

“AAHH…” She screamed in surprise and pain. Her ass jiggled and slowly started turning pink. A second later, I landed another hard slap on the other cheek.

“AIEEE…” She screamed again. She groped and found a pillow. She thrust her face in it to stifle her screams.

“Just raise a hand if you’ve had enough, OK?” I asked. She nodded, her head still buried in the pillow.

Over the next ten minutes or so, I must have delivered at least ten hard slaps on her ass, interspersed with gentle caresses and soothing noises. Her muffled screams heightened my arousal and egged me on. I am physically quite strong and the spanking must have stung her just as badly as it hurt my hand. The deep red color of her ass was proof of that. However, the real turn on for her was not so much the force of the blows as the randomness of the timing. When at last I stopped, she was sobbing. Never once did she raise a hand to signal me to stop. Her face was an indescribable mask of lust as I turned her over. Her profusely leaking pussy had left a large wet splotch on the sheet while she received her punishment.

The strong, aphrodisiacal odor of musk emanating from her pussy simply cried out for attention. I re-positioned her so that she lay on her back across the bed, her feet resting on the carpet. I nudged her thighs apart and knelt between them, feasting my eyes on her inflamed red cunt surrounded by her curly black pubic hair and framed by her plump, fair thighs. Sticky, slippery secretions continued to drool out of her pussy. My nostrils were suffused with the erotic, musky odor of her aroused cunt as I leaned forward and took a deep breath. My tongue eagerly lapped her slit and licked up her secretions dribbling out in a steady stream.

“Uff… Aahhh… Aahhh…” Swati responded, bucking her hips. She had to be held down by her thighs while I continued to probe her pussy with my tongue until I found the entrance of her cunt. I started tongue fucking her and allowed my senses to be overwhelmed by the feminine aroma and salty taste of her secretions. Swati held a pillow against her face to muffle her screams as she hit climax after climax; she had never experienced tongue fucking before. My cheeks had become completely wet with her juices by the time Swati pulled me off of her cunt and closed her thighs. I got up and lay down by her side, regaining my breath.

“Lick me off!” I invited her after I had rested for a while.

My stubble made rasping noises as her soft tongue licked my cheeks clean. She then gave me a long, lingering French kiss, her hot little tongue darting into my mouth. For long minutes we lay resting on our sides facing each other. Our fingers güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri caressed each other’s skins. I undid the knot of her top and freed it from her body. Angry red welts had formed on her delicate skin where the tight knot had dug in while she had lain face down. As I soothed the welts with my fingers, her aureole puckered up and her nipples tightened.

“Are you ready for the next course?” I whispered. She nodded.

The single beds were placed perhaps three feet apart. I got up and brought a large, thick bath towel from the bathroom. While she lay watching me through slitted, half closed eyes, I spread the towel on the carpet between the beds. I propped up several pillows against the sides of the beds, facing each other.

“Make me hard again, my pet!” I commanded her.

Although my cock had already become erect when first I spanked her and then tongue-fucked her, I wanted her to make it fully hard for the next act. I straddled her on my hands and knees and positioned my cock at her half open lips. She engulfed the crown of my cock with her mouth. Her tongue and lips went to work on the crown while her hand stroked my shaft and soon made me fully hard again.

I then sat down on the towel and reclined against the side of a bed, resting on a pillow. My legs were spread out and while my arms rested on the bed. My cock jutted straight upwards, bobbing a little with my heartbeat.

“Come here!” I beckoned her. She got up and stood before me, her feet straddling my thighs.

“Now, I want you to sit down in my lap and take my cock in!” I instructed her.

She braced her hands on my shoulders, widened her stance and bent her knees. Her cunt was splayed wide open and I could see her glistening inner lips as she lowered her pussy towards my cock. I steadied my cock with one hand while she moved her hips to position the entrance of her pussy on the crown of my cock. Soon, my cock head was lodged between her labia and a shiver ran up my spine as I felt her hot cunt.

“Ahh…! Now, take it in reeeal slow!” I whispered.

She started lowering herself slowly, feeling her way down. My cock had penetrated her cunt perhaps by just about an inch when suddenly she winced in pain and stopped.

“What happened?” I asked.

“I don’t know. It’s too tight…” She whispered, still grimacing.

“I think we need more lubrication.” I said.

I made her smear my pre-cum all over my crown and shaft. She scooped up her own copious secretions and rubbed them also on my cock. For good measure, I dribbled my saliva on her fingers and made her spread it too. Soon, the entire length of my cock was slick and shiny like polished mahogany. Once again, she positioned herself and fitted her labia on my cock head. This time there was just a momentary pause as my cock met with a little resistance and then it went in smoothly as she slowly sank into my lap. Her calves were folded under her thighs and her knees straddled my hips. The feel of her hot, satin smooth cunt walls stretching open and sliding past my cock head was extraordinary. There were beads of sweat on Swati’s brow and upper lip due to all her exertions. But there was also a happy smile of achievement on her lips.

“Oh, it feels so good!” Swati whispered, stirring her hips a bit. I felt her pussy muscles tighten around the base of my cock.

“Yes!” I replied.

“Let me do it again!” She said.

I nodded. Having already ejaculated once, I was in no hurry. We had the whole night ahead of us. She slowly rose until my cock came out completely with a sucking sound. Once again she lowered güvenilir bahis şirketleri herself on my cock and with just a little effort, let it sink fully inside her.

Having mastered the technique of impaling herself on my cock, she now started raising and lowering her cunt over my cock, while her hands tightly gripped my shoulders and her nails dug into my skin. She closed her eyes and lost herself in the intensely pleasurable sensations she felt as she rode my hard cock and got her cunt reamed. Soon, she was panting with the effort and her entire body was bathed in sweat. Apart from the pleasure I was getting through my cock, I also was treated to a visual feast of her bouncing breasts shining with sweat as a wantonly sex crazed Swati repeatedly jerked up and down my cock. My sensitive nose was overwhelmed by the ripe, strong, rousing odors of her gushing cunt, sweaty armpits and hot breath. She kept going until at last, her legs faltered and she couldn’t do it any more.

“Oh God, Sameer! I can’t go on! I am so tired!” She said with an exhausted smile on her face as she sank into my lap.

It had been an intensely pleasurable experience. However, neither of us had climaxed although at times I had come close. My cock was still fully buried inside her, as hard as ever as she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed my lips.

“Don’t worry, my pet, just relax and let me do it!” I told her. She nodded gratefully.

“Just get off for a moment.” I told her.

She reluctantly pulled her cunt off of my cock with a sucking noise. I then made her recline on the pillows placed against the bed opposite me; her legs stretched apart and bent at the knees, her elbows placed on the bed behind her. I grasped her calves and placed them over my shoulders. I made her raise her hips, supporting her weight on my shoulders and on her elbows while I held my cock and maneuvered it to the entrance of her pussy. As soon as I felt her labia spreading out to welcome my cock head, I thrust in; my cock went in halfway. Swati then lowered herself and relaxed against the pillows, taking my cock fully inside her. She tightened her pussy muscles around the base of my cock, acknowledging the receipt of my full parcel.

It was a wonderfully convenient and comfortable position. We sat opposite each other on the towel spread on the carpet and reclined on pillows resting against the two beds. Our torsos formed two arms of a ‘V’, joined at the genitals. Her legs rested on my shoulders we could see each other fully. All the interesting parts of her anatomy, like her face, breasts, thighs and legs were within my easy reach. I started by massaging her calves and thighs, since they had borne the brunt of all the hard work she had been doing.

“Ahh… That feels so good!” Swati whispered; her cunt gratefully tightened around my cock.

I jerked my hips and stirred my cock inside her cunt. She too was able to rub her cunt against my cock by moving her hips. We started an unhurried copulation, rubbing our genitals against each others’ while taking in the sight of our naked bodies joined at the crotch. On an impulse, I grasped her ankle and brought her foot in front of my face. It was small, dainty that had washed away all her day’s sweat that gave her armpits a wonderfully ripe, musky and pleasant odor.

Once again, we resumed fucking lazily, jerking our hips back & forth while looking dreamily into each other’s eyes. After enjoying the languorous copulation for a while, I stopped.

I reached under her and kneaded her plump ass cheeks. My fingers then found the wet junction of our genitals. I brought up our mingled juices on my fingers and held them at her lips. She languidly licked them clean and then sucked on them, one by one. I brought up some more juice and licked off my fingers. We continued to enjoy our unhurried intercourse for a long, long time, until suddenly my mood changed and I stopped moving my hips.

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