Summer Rain

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Double Penetration

The sudden crash of thunder woke Alice from a deep sleep, and she smiled to herself. You just didn’t hear storms in a dorm room the same way you did inside a house, and Alice was glad to be home to hear the summer monsoons. Suddenly thirsty, she got out of bed and padded across her room, pausing at the door for a moment to wonder whether or not she should add a pair of sweats to her t-shirt and panties night-wear. Opening the door, she chuckled softly to herself. She was home, not in the dorms. Besides, who else would be awake at one in the morning? Down the hall, her brother’s door was ajar, but she didn’t pay any attention to it as she silently made her way to the stairs. She didn’t need any lights — she had grown up here for the last 20 years.

As she reached the bottom of the stairs and turned into the kitchen behind them, she glanced over at the glass doors leading out to their patio and noticed a figure standing by the railing. Startled at first, she relaxed when she recognized the form of her older brother, Hunter. Alice eased the door open and whispered “Boo!” but was disappointed when Hunter grinned — not startled at all. He was never surprised.

The exception to this rule came while she was turned away from him to close the door. She had always had a tall, willowy body, and the typical “freshman fifteen” — which had taken two years for her — had only served to add curves to her otherwise model-straight form. The cool, stormy air did little to distract Hunter from this fact, and he turned around quickly to lean on the banister again.

“Whatcha thinkin’ ’bout?” Alice asked at exactly the wrong time.

“Nothing… the storm.” said Hunter, shifting uncomfortably. illegal bahis

Alice looked at her brother’s familiar body as he tried to look relaxed. He was never muscular despite always playing neighborhood sports, but the same naturally slender frame that had kept Alice looking like a model made Hunter look even more athletic than he was. Alice had always thought that her brother was attractive — as did most girls who met him — but his naturally aloof personality had saved him from succumbing to the flood of female attention and Alice was glad for it.

“I know when you’re lying — I’ve helped you with it enough times! Now what is it really?” Alice probed.

“You shoulda put some clothes on. It’s cold.” Hunter grumbled at her, his back still turned.

“Is not.” Alice replied simply. “Besides, you only have your shorts on. I’m more dressed than you are.”

“Not by much.” He muttered. “You shoulda done it anyway.”

“What’s the big deal? You’ve seen me in diapers!” Alice chuckled.

“I was one and a half!” Hunter argued. “It’s different now!”

“Why?” shrugged Alice, leaning on the banister next to her brother. He shifted away from her slightly, trying to hide his growing erection with his leg. He couldn’t bring himself to look at her.

“You’re… different. Never mind. Go back to bed.” He said gruffly. As the implications settled in, Alice stepped back a bit, tugging her t-shirt down to cover her thighs, blushing furiously and glad for the relative darkness.

“You think I’m pretty?” she asked suddenly, surprising herself and almost making Hunter choke.

“Of course I do!” He replied in a panicked whisper, whirling to meet her gaze.

The illegal bahis siteleri siblings looked at each other, both shocked and unsure of what to do next. Hunter unwillingly looked down at where his sister’s fists were clenched on the hem of her shirt. Surprising himself again, he reached down and held them in his own, wrapping his hands around hers completely and allowing his fingertips to brush against her legs. Her eyes widened as he looked into them, and for a moment, neither of them dared to breathe. Drawn to each other like magnets, hearts matching the now furious pounding of the rain, they kissed as they never had before — first as softly as possible, as if the moment would break if they weren’t gentle enough with it.

In moments, Alice and Hunter were pulling each other closer frantically, Hunter sliding his hands deftly under Alice’s shirt while her hands raced across his body, pulling him closer desperately. His hand found its way to the back of her head and pulled it hard toward him, pressing his lips against hers and flicking his tongue into her mouth as she moaned and reached down to grab his tight ass. Pulling apart for a moment, he reached down and pulled her black panties down as well as his own shorts. Her panties were soaking from her juices, and holding them turned him on even more, as did the scent of her which wafted up from them. While he was pulling her panties off, he noticed her shaved pussy, and couldn’t resist kissing it. He flicked his tongue across her clit rapidly to illicit another deep moan. She was so wet that her juices ran down her legs, and he greedily lapped it up, making her moan again as she grabbed his hair in her fists.

With his hands canlı bahis siteleri on her perfectly round ass, he kissed and licked his way up to her small, perky breasts. Her nipples were already hard — perfect for sucking on. Another, more desperate moan told Hunter that his little sister was ready — more than ready — for him to take her. But he had always enjoyed teasing her, and tonight was no exception. As he continued to suck her nipples, he lifted her and placed her on the lounge chair, lying next to her and reaching over to play with her clit with his fingers. Her juices ran down his hand as she arched her back, turning him on even more and making his cock harder than it had ever been. He wanted to cum on her, to explode and cover her with it, but he wasn’t done yet.

Taking her clit between his thumb and forefinger, he rolled it around between them, pinching occasionally to get short gasps of pleasure and surprise out of her. When he felt her cum on him, he knew that he had to get inside her to keep her riding the high of her rolling orgasm as well as finally alleviate the ache in his increasingly impatient cock. As his tip pushed into her hot, soaking pussy and he felt her tight muscles give way to him, he almost lost control again, but firmly held back, enjoying watching Alice pump her body against him. She shuddered violently as another level of orgasm ripped through her once he was completely inside her, and she sighed with relief and ecstasy. Not content to let her fall from her orgasm yet, he rhythmically pumped inside her, slowly at first, then faster as he rode with her to her ultimate climax. With a final effort, he exploded inside her as she arched her back again and bit back a scream of pleasure.

They collapsed together, dripping with sweat, cum, and the rain which neither of them had noticed. They awoke together at dawn, gathered their things, and snuck back inside, each to their own rooms.

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