Summer Fire Ch. 1

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It’s a pig getting home from work. It’s two bus journeys and on the last part I have to walk past that T-shirt factory where my Aunt Rose works. On hot days, there’s usually a few women having a cigarette or a drink out on the steps, and they always shout rude remarks at me as I walk past. I try not to look at their provocative, languorous bodies clad only in their work-coats.

Today was the hottest day we’ve had this year, and for once I was glad I was only in shorts. I was glad to get home though. Something strange happened today and I was still all wound up about it.

I’m the only male in a warehouse of females, all of them old enough to be my mother. While I was packing boxes on the line this morning, Mrs. Meyer, the woman I sit next to, put her hand up my shorts and started to play with me. I tried hard to concentrate on my packing, because Mr. Snafe, the Foreman, was watching us and counting the number of boxes we pack in an hour. But the soft touch of her hand fumbling though my boxer shorts was really turning me on, and soon she was massaging my huge boner. I think she might have brought me off, except Mr. Snafe barked an order at her, and suddenly her hand was gone. I was really turned on for the rest of the shift.

My shift ended an hour before hers, so at 3.00PM I got up and left, carefully overlooked by Snafe, and only by careful tweaking was I able to hide my erection before getting up off my stool. I knew all the other women would laugh if they saw me.

So here I was, on this red-hot afternoon, letting myself quietly in through the back door, desperate for the touch of my hand, the escape that a long hard wank will bring. I knew both my mother and Aunt Rose would still be at work, so I went up the stairs and was about to go into my bedroom when I heard a noise. I stopped, my heart beating like a train. There it was again, that noise! Bedsprings squeaking, and it was coming from Aunt Rose’s bedroom. Her door was a little open.

Had canlı bahis Aunt Rose got off her shift early too?

Slowly, and very quietly, I crept to her door and peeked in. To my surprise I saw her through the mirror. Aunt Rose’s a beautiful mature woman, and seeing her lying there across the bed was quite a thrill. Her housecoat lay open, exposing the full expanse of her naked body. The bed was still creaking, and I looked harder to find out why. Then I realised. Her head was back beside the pillow, her eyes were closed. But she had her legs wide open, and was pushing her fingers hard in and out of herself as fast as she could go, her breasts wobbling with the movement that was making the springs squeak. With her free hand she was rolling her fingers round and round her nipple, and she was making these deep, snorting sounds.

All the pent-up sex of the day washed through me, and I felt myself getting a huge erection again. I continued to watch, fascinated. Her bunched fingers were all shiny and wet, and she was really whacking them into herself, as hard as she could. My hand slipped up my shorts and grabbed at my cock, which had burrowed itself out from under my boxers and was stretching down my leg. I love the touch of my hot cock on my cool skin. I pulled at it gently, admiring the naked sweating shape of my Aunt’s body as she came close to her orgasm. I heard her breathing, her snorting, growing louder, and then at last she started to cry out quietly.

“Yesssss, yesss!!” she gasped, and her thrashings got wilder and her legs stretched further apart. Suddenly her whole body shook, three, four, five times, and then her hand fell away from her breast and she gave out a huge, over-sexed sigh.

I crept backwards away from the door, tiptoed to my room and let myself in quietly. Once in my room, I couldn’t wait. I immediately dropped my shorts and my boxers and flung them away with my foot. Then I stood in front of the mirror, watching myself as I rapidly bahis siteleri whacked my fist up and down my great purple erection. I was bursting for this.

Suddenly the door opened again.

Aunt Rose was standing there, her housecoat held closed with one hand, the other on the doorknob.

“My, you’re a big boy” she said, smiling as she feasted her eyes on my erection. I still held it tight with one hand, and I could feel the veins throbbing.

She stood there watching me for a moment, then, slowly… very slowly… she dropped the hand that was holding her housecoat closed. She drew it away from her body and I feasted my eyes upon her large, heavy breasts, the flowing shape of her stomach, the hairy triangle below it.

“Do you like to wank, Billy? Did you like watching me wank myself too?”

She walked across the threshold, observing me as I moved my hand slowly up and down my cock.

“Would you like to watch me again?” I nodded, dumbly. I could feel my skin fit to burst, and I swallowed that huge lump that had formed in my throat. Aunt Rose sat down on the bed and opened her thighs again. I noticed how big and red and moist her pussy was, as she slipped a finger inside herself again.

“Come on, Billy, kneel down in front of me and watch me closely.”

With my cock in my hand I knelt down on the carpet, just six inches from her pussy, and smelt, with a quiver of delight, the hot smell that came from her.

“Here, wank yourself as you watch me, Billy” she whispered, and started running her fingers heavily over herself. Something stuck out between her fingers, and I couldn’t help staring at it, as she mauled and rubbed at it.

“That’s my clitoris, Billy. It loves having a tongue licked over it. Would you like to try?”

And with that, she put her hands both sides of my head and forced my face down on to her black wiry bush. The smell that came out of her was incredible, hot and musky and deep. And soon I was sticking bahis şirketleri my tongue into her, licking and tasting and salivating across her open flesh. She pushed and rocked herself against me, tightening her smooth thighs around my ears and drawing me in, deeper and deeper. I thought the root of my tongue was going to come off, I was licking so hard, until suddenly she let out a deep cry that rocked her body, and my head felt as though it was going to be crushed between her thighs. She pumped into me for a second or two longer, and then released me.

“Good boy!” she growled. “Good boys need to cum too, don’t they?”

I looked up at her, tasting her saltiness across my lips and feeling her juices trickle down my chin. I nodded. She lifted me up, until I was standing in front of her. Then she leant forward from the bed and swallowed my stiff cock deep between her lips. God! I thought wanking was fun, but this was sheer heaven. Her soft lips slurped up and down the length of my cock, and her fist slid up and down the base of me. Without thinking what I was doing, suddenly I was fucking her mouth, pumping myself hard in and out of her lips, holding her head like a football between my hands. It was so wonderful that I erupted almost immediately, feeling my hot seed explode into her throat. I looked down and watched as my cum trickled from her lips, spreading down the length of me, still slipping in and out. With her tongue she licked down the full length and smiled up at me.

“Good boy, good boy” she murmured, licking her lips. “Now Aunty knows what you really like, perhaps tomorrow we’ll do the same thing.”

She gave my cock a little tweak, and slipped back out of the door, closing it quietly. I lay back across my bed, savouring the taste of her sex in my mouth, and lazily playing with my cock until it grew large again. Then, with a wantonness I had never before enjoyed, I pulled my legs up on to the bed, spread them wide apart and masturbated myself to a huge ejaculation.

Then I lay back and fell into a deep sleep filled with dreams of Mrs. Meyer and Aunt Rose, and fingers and tongues and the suffocating weight of soft malleable breasts falling into my mouth…

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