Stepfather Takes Charge

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Sara left home in a hurry, kissing her husband and kids goodbye and telling them she would see them in a few days at the funeral. Sara’s mother had just passed away after a short battle with cancer. Sara was on her way to help with the funeral arrangements and comfort her mother’s husband. Sara never considered Max her stepfather due to the fact that her mother and Max married when Sara was in her late 20s. She felt she was too old to start calling someone her stepfather at that age. Sara and Max had a very good relationship and he treated her and her family very well. He in fact helped to mend a broken relationship between her and her mother. Before Max married Sara’s mother she would rarely talk to her mother and they would only see each other 1-2 times a year. Max was Italian and believed in family and did all he could to make sure everyone got together as much as possible.

Sara arrived at her mother’s house a few hours later and was met outside by Max. They hugged and shared condolences. Max hugged Sara tighter than he had in the past and they stayed embraced for a few minutes. Max was in his early 70s but was tall at 6’5″ with a strong build. He still had a full head of hair and looked good for his age. Max grabbed Sara’s bags and she followed him into the house. She was going to be sleeping in the guest room right next to the master bedroom. The bedrooms shared a bathroom that could be accessed by either room. Sara hadn’t stayed in this room before but didn’t really think much of it and started unpacking her things.

Max had ordered pizza and cracked a nice bottle of red wine to have with dinner. They sat down to eat and began the not so fun task of making funeral plans. Thankfully Sara’s mother had preplanned and prepaid for the funeral service so Sara and Max only had to make the necessary phone calls, write the obituary and plan a memory table. It was quickly decided that Sara would go through all the family pictured and create a slide show as well as write the obituary, Max would contact the lawyer and the funeral home and make sure everyone who needed to know about the arrangements was phoned.

Sara was soon feeling the effects of the wine and excused herself. It had been a long day and Sara was in need of some serious sleep. She said goodnight to Max and leaned in to kiss him on the cheek, without really thinking about it she kissed him on the lips. They held the kiss for a few seconds and by the time Sara had realized what she was doing it was too late, she pretended like it was no big deal and proceeded to her bedroom.

As Sara was getting ready for bed she realized she had forgotten to pack pyjamas. She went back out to the kitchen where Max was still sitting and mentioned her dilemma.

Max offered her one of her mother’s nightgowns to which she quickly accepted. Max disappeared into the bedroom and soon returned with a bundled up nightgown.

Sara thanked Max and went back to her room to get changed. As she sat naked fiddling to put the nightgown on it was soon obvious that it was much too big. Sara’s mother had put on a lot of weight over the past few years and at 46 Sara was still in good shape, she was small woman at 5’2″ and 105lbs. The one thing that helped fill out the nightgown was Sara’s ample breasts which were a full 34DDD. As she sat staring at herself in the mirror she noticed just how unflattering the nightgown was, the only redeeming factor was that it was see-through and her beautiful round nipples were visible, and if she pulled the nightgown tight, so was her neatly shaved pussy. She wondered if Max had picked this nightgown purposely.

As Sara brushed canlı bahis her teeth she had a quick look through the medicine cabinet and found a small sealed pack of Pfizer blue pills, she smiled and put them back. Sara was having trouble getting to sleep with everything she had to do streaming through her mind. Eventually her mind became focussed on her goodnight kiss with Max and the blue pills. She wondered why the pills had never been opened and wondered just how well they actually worked. As Sara thought more about the kiss she found herself getting aroused. Guilt started to fill her body but was quickly replaced by thoughts of the kiss and what it would be like to kiss him again. She fell asleep with a smile on her face.

Max stayed up for a while after Sara had gone to bed. He had only lost his wife 12 hours earlier and found himself consumed with thoughts of her, and wishing he could have just one more night with her. He knew this wasn’t possible so he tried to focus on other things. Soon Max was thinking about his goodnight kiss from Sara and how she reminded him so much of her mother. Her lips felt the same, her smile was the same and she looked how his wife looked at that age. The biggest difference was her breast size, Sara had much larger breasts than her mother. Max had thought about Sara’s breasts a lot over the years and had even tried to get a look a few times with no success. Max started getting ready for bed, he usually slept naked but he thought it best if he wore boxers while Sara was there. Max opened the medicine cabinet to get his nightly pills out and noticed the Viagra pills had been moved. He realized that Sara must have been looking at them and it brought a smile to his face, wondering what must she be thinking.

The next morning Max was up at his usual 6am and put the coffee on. He hadn’t bothered to get dressed as he assumed Sara wouldn’t be up for a while. Max was sipping his coffee on the couch when Sara suddenly appeared from her room. As she walked towards him Max couldn’t help but notice her nipples poking out from the thin material of the nightgown. He was glad he had selected that nightgown. Max was surprised at the movement in his shorts, he felt his manhood start to grow a bit.

Max offered Sara a coffee and quickly got up to make it. As Max made Sara her coffee she couldn’t help but notice he only had boxers on and that what appeared to be a very large cock was trying to push its way out. Sara and Max sat across from each other and were making plans for the day. The whole time Max was fixated on Sara’s breasts and Sara was staring intently at Max’s shorts hoping to catch a peak at his cock. They sat like this for a while both drinking their coffees as slow as they could.

Sara finished her coffee and said to Max that since they weren’t going anywhere today she would just stay in her nightgown and that Max was welcome to stay in his boxers if he liked. Max agreed and they both got to work on the funeral arrangements. Sara was scanning pictures on to her computer and Max was making phone calls. Both of them distracted by the other but trying not to make it obvious. The day seemed to fly by and around 6pm Max started making dinner. He still only had his boxing shorts on and as Sara stared at him she was thinking about how competitive her mother always was. Constantly remarking on Sara’s weight, choice of clothing and even comparing their men. This is why they had such a bad relationship before Max came along. Things got better as her mother got older and put on weight but it still bothered Sara.

As they sat down to dinner and wine the conversation got personal and bahis siteleri Sara mentioned the competitive nature of her and her mothers relationship.

Max was sympathetic to Sara and shared with her that her mother did like to think that she was the best at everything but had admitted to him that she wished she had breasts like her daughter. Sara’s mother was convinced that her sexual prowess however made her a better catch than her daughter. Max smiled and confessed that he wished he could have made love to his wife one last time. With that they continued to drink wine and talk about everything and anything.

Sara asked Max about the viagra and whether it actually worked.

Max told her that he never had a chance to use it because Sara’s mother got sick soon after the pills arrived. He had been tempted to take one but was afraid of having it work and not having someone to make love to.

Sara had a sad look on her face and apologized for bringing it up. Max insisted it was ok and that is was good to talk about these things.

Max was the first to head to bed. Sara could hear the shower running and when it stopped she waited a bit before heading in to take her shower. As she brushed her teeth she once again looked in the medicine cabinet only this time one of the blue pills was missing. She finished brushing her teeth and removed her nightgown. As she looked at herself in the mirror she became aware that the door to Max’s room was slightly open. She turned to see Max staring at her.

Max called Sara into his room and without hesitation she obeyed. As Sara approached the bed Max couldn’t believe his eyes, she was gorgeous and those tits were as spectacular as he thought they would be. Her nipples were large and very erect and her pussy was neatly shaven with just the smallest amount of hair above her clit. Max pulled away his sheets to reveal his rock hard cock, it was 8″ long and really thick.

Sara couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Max told her that because of her he took the Viagra and that she had an obligation to help out her stepfather. Just hearing Max say stepfather made Sara very wet. He said that she definitely had a better body than her mother but Sara would need prove she was a better lover than her mother as well.

Sara offered to take a shower but Max said no and directed her towards his cock. Sara kneeled at the side of the bed and took Max’s rock hard cock into her hand and slowly stroked him, and with every pump she could see a little more pre-cum seep out. She licked the end of his penis and savoured the taste of his semen, eventually taking the whole head into her mouth. As her head started bobbing up and down the length of Max’s huge shaft he pulled her waist towards him and up onto the bed, soon they were in the 69 position.

As Sara’s thighs wrapped around either side of his head Max got his first taste of Sara’s juices. Her unbathed pussy tasted amazing. She was very wet and her lips were very swollen. Max licked her clit and at points took it and her vaginal lips into his mouth and sucked on them. It had been a long time since Max had sex and he never thought he would ever be licking his stepdaughters pussy.

Soon Sara was pushing her vagina down heavily on Max’s mouth and max found his nose buried deep in her ass. All the smells and the dirtiness of it all drove him crazy. At this point Sara had her first orgasm and Max was surprised by the warm wet liquid that poured out all over his face. Max was amazed and as horny as ever.

Max flipped Sara over, and told her to stay there while he went to clean his face off.

When bahis şirketleri Max returned Sara was lying on the bed with her legs spread wide, begging for Max’s cock to enter her.

As he approached, Max told her how he’d wanted to fuck her for years and that she needed to call him Daddy if she wanted his big cock.

Sara said those very words and in fact begged him to fuck her as hard as he could. Max started by parting her vaginal lips with the end of his penis and with every thrust he went a little deeper into her pussy until he managed to get his entire cock deep inside her. Max had stretched Sara’s vagina to it’s limits. Sara had never felt pain as a cock entered her before but this pain was amazing, something she would eventually crave.

As Max pumped harder Sara could feel his balls smacking against her ass. They rolled over and Sara was now on top raising her vagina up until Max’s cock head was the only thing left inside her then slowly lowering herself onto him wanting to feel every inch of him entering her. From this position max once again could take in the beauty of Sara’s amazing breast. He pulled her down towards him so he could take each nipple into his mouth giving them both the attention they needed.

Sara announced that she was about to orgasm so Max timed his orgasm to match hers. They orgasmed simultaneously which was a first for Sara but something max had perfected over the years. Sara fell forward onto Max and they kissed for a long time. Sara asked if she was a better lover than her mother and Max said she was but that he would have to fuck her again just to make sure.

Max and Sara made their way to the shower with Max’s viagra still keeping him rock hard. Max stood behind Sara with his cock pressed into her back, one hand caressing her clit and the other playing with her breasts. Max got down on his knees and bent Sara forward so that he could access her anus. With that Max began to lick Sara’s anus as the water from the shower ran over it. Sara had never experienced this before and was amazed at how hot it made her. Max then started to roll her clit between his fingers and quickly had Sara screaming with pleasure. It was one of the best orgasm Sara had ever had.

They finished up in the shower and Max led Sara to the living room and laid her down in front of the fireplace. Sara was on her back and Max was beside her, kissing her while playing with her clit.

Max suggested that they make love to which Sara was more than eager to do.

With that Max gently kissed her and rolled on top of her. He caressed her breasts and told her how beautiful she was and that he never thought he would get to make love to such a young woman ever again.

As he rubbed her clit with the end of his penis he insisted that they make this a regular thing, Sara agreed.

With that he entered her again and slowly fucked her as they continued to kiss. Sara was in ecstasy, she had never been ravaged one minute then made love to the next. She couldn’t believe how good he was, and the fact that he was an old man and technically her stepfather made it even more amazing.

She now understood why her mother married Max after being single for so long. Sara had decided right then and there that Max was going to be a big part of her life going forward. Max and Sara orgasmed together one more time and fell asleep in each other arms.

The next morning Sara awoke to find Max had already gotten dressed and was in the kitchen waiting for her. As she approached him, Max threw her an apron and told her he would like her to take on the role of wife and stepdaughter. She would be expected to do the cleaning and cooking, and he preferred her to be naked unless she was leaving the house. At this point Sara became very turned on.

Sara agreed and couldn’t wait to be fucked by her Stepfather again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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