Southern hospitality

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Joseph walked into the bar to escape the searing Carolina heat and immediately felt the blast of the A/C on his face and neck. He found a chair at the bar and gratefully sat down. Looking at the bar menu he tried to work out what to order but swiftly gave up as he didn’t know what most of the things on the menu where. Sighing he looked over to the barmaid who was cleaning glasses at the other side of the bar. The first thing he noticed was her beautiful long red hair pulled into a pony tail and that she had a pair of glasses perched on her head.

“Excuse me” he called to her.

She walked over holding a small blue hand towel that she used for drying the glasses. “Hey what can I get you?” She said in lovely lilting Carolina accent.

“May I please have a cold beer and also could you tell me what’s best to order from the menu?”

“Sure thing honey” she replied as she started to pull the beer. “You’re not from round here are you?”

He laughed “What gave it away, the accent or lack of knowledge about local cuisine?”

“Well” she said with a smile “the Hugh Grant accent was certainly a clue.”

As she turned he couldn’t help but notice her shapely bottom and fine legs in the skin tight black leggings she was wearing. It looked like he’d found a good place to stop, a very good place indeed.

“So, where you from slugger?” she asked setting the beer down in front of him.

“England or more specifically God’s own county of Oxfordshire” he said savoring the cold liquid sliding down his throat.

“Like where the university is?” she asked.

Joseph smiled to himself, no matter where in the world you went everyone immediately thought of the university. It was good that it was famous for something he supposed but being that 95% of the people in Oxfordshire had never been to one of the famous colleges it probably wasn’t that representative.

“Yes, where the university is although I’m not one of the alumni” he answered as he stared again at the menu.

“What the heck is Livermush?” He exclaimed “it doesn’t sound greatly appetizing.”

The barmaid laughed as she touched his arm and took the menu from his grasp. “Leave it to me honey and I’ll fix you something nice.”

As she walked through a door behind the bar he couldn’t help but notice her bum again in those leggings, and he felt a stirring in his jeans. To distract himself from a uncomfortable problem Joseph looked around the bar and noticed the wood paneled walls and the big mirror behind the bar. There was a young couple arguing in ankara eryaman escort the corner about some naked photos on the young man’s phone that weren’t the lady he was arguing with. Joseph shook his head and sighed, why keep evidence of your crime on your phone?

“Here you are sweetie” said the barmaid as she set a plate down in front of him “it’s a cats head biscuit and a slice of big boy tomato and some ham on the side.”

Joseph started to demolish the meal only realizing how hungry he was as he started eating. “Thank you very much this is delicious” he said between mouthfuls.

“No problem honey, what’s your name?” The barmaid asked.

“I’m Joseph my lady, what about you?” he said offering his hand.

“Roxanne, pleased to meet you” She answered as she shook his hand.

“I take it your parents where fans of Cyrano de Bergerac then Roxanne.”

“No, they just thought it was cute” she answered.

“A beautiful name for a beautiful woman” he said with the hint of a smile.

“My, my you are quite the charmer aren’t you.” She laughed her throaty laugh again. “So what brings a charming Englishman to my little corner of North Carolina?”

“Just passing through my lady when my hire car broke down, and they can’t get a replacement out to me until the morning” Joseph explained.

“So you stay the night?” She inquired.

“Yep, I’ve got a hotel booked” he replied finishing the last of the biscuit “speaking of which I should start walking if I want to make it before it goes dark.”

He started to reach into his wallet when she stopped him. “My shift finishes in an hour so about you hang on and then I can take you over there?”

“I couldn’t possibly impose on you my lady” he murmured.

“It’s not an imposition at all and what kind of hostess would I be if I let a guest of mine walk.” She answered as she wiped the bar down.


They walked outside into the blazing sunshine and Roxanne in front of a tired looking silver Honda Accord. “She ain’t much, but she gets me around.” She unlocked the car and tossed her bag onto the back seat. “Jump in, I don’t bite you know”

Joseph smiled to himself as he climbed into the seat, he had a good idea that she probably did bite in the right circumstances and now he had an image of Roxanne nibbling on his ear which caused a thickening in his briefs.

They chatted happily about his home in England and her chickens throughout the 20-minute drive to the hotel and Roxanne stayed with him until he collected his key from reception, escort elvankent and he found his room. As they stood by the room door Joseph thanked her again for driving him to the hotel, and they parted with a peck on the cheek and a promise that they would stay in touch.

Once inside the room Joseph quickly found his wash bag and prepared to get in the shower. Dropping his clothes on the floor and grabbing a towel he was looking forward to a nice long shower and also rubbing his cock to the thoughts of Roxanne’s shapely arse.

Just as he climbed into the warm water he heard a knock on the door, swearing to himself as he found his towel he opened the door to see Roxanne standing with her head tilted to she side as she asked in her lovely southern drawl “do you need someone to scrub your back?”

He dropped his towel and presented her with the view of his fully erect dick, the head already wet with some pre-cum. Roxanne kicked the door closed and sank to her knees, her tongue flicked out to lick the tip of his engorged cock before opening her mouth wide and greedily sucking on his helmet whilst her hand worked up and down on his shaft.

“Uhhh” groaned Joseph as he grasped Roxanne’s head in both hands, rocking his hips back and forth in sync with her sucking. She ran her tongue up and down the slit and cupped his balls with her other hand, massaging them gently and as she worked his shaft harder. She stopped for a moment and looked him lustfully “how are you enjoying the southern hospitality?” she asked with a wicked smile before she went back to working his cock again.

After a few minutes more Joseph gently pulled Roxanne’s head away “stop my lady or I’m afraid I will not be able to contain myself.” She let out a little disappointed groan as he raised her to her feet and led her to the bed. He hooked both thumbs into the waistband of her leggings tugged them down over her bum and thighs, he then applied pressure between her shoulder blades and bent her over the bed.

“I am going to make sure that you are nice and wet for when I fuck you” he said as he knelt behind her, his tongue gently lapping at her pussy lips as he spread her ass cheeks slightly to get better access. His nose gently nuzzled her ass as her inserted his tongue into her causing a slight shiver. He then pushed her down onto the bed and removed her shoes and pulled the leggings all the way off.

“You gonna fuck me now?” She said whilst looking at him over her shoulder and biting her bottom lip.

“Take etimesgut escort bayan your top of first as I want to get a good feel of your breasts.” As she was removing her shirt and bra he pulled her onto all fours rubbed his cock up and down her wet slit.

“Be careful with me, it’s been a fair while since the last time” she groaned as he eased his cock deep into her. She was so tight he didn’t know if it would fit all the way in but gradually after he thrust into her a few more times he felt the pressure ease slightly, and he started pumping his dick into her harder.

“Oh, you are so tight” he breathed as he smacked her on the ass a few times causing a slight reddening to her pale skin.

“Oh fuck I’ve missed cock” she groaned as she pushed her arse back trying get him deeper inside. Joseph reached around and found both of her nipples, he used his finger and thumb to roll them around and make her groan again. As he let go of her breasts, and she fell forward slightly, and he then licked his thumb and pressed it between her ass cheeks and rubbed it in a circular motion whilst using the other hand to grab ponytail and firmly pull her head back so her back wash arched.

“Fuck me harder i’m coming!” She moaned, bucking wildly. He could feel her grip get tighter and suddenly he could not control it anymore and his cum started pumping into her tight pussy. She sighed with satisfaction and collapsed forward onto bed with Joseph’s weight on top of her.

“How was it for you?” he whispered into her ear, easing himself off her.

“Charming and good in bed” she laughed gently and rolled onto her back.

“I think the lady mocks me, and there is a forfeit for that” he said as he moved onto his knees in front of her face and resting his semi-hard cock on her lips. “The lady must clean up for her guest.”

Roxanne licked from Joseph’s balls to his helmet making sure to get every last drop of their mixed juices. She looked up at him, reached out an arm and pulled him down to share a passionate lovers kiss.


Joseph stared as the sunlight slanted through the curtains, its light catching Roxanne’s long red hair causing it to glint and shimmer. They had made love twice more in the night, each time as passionately as the first before they had fallen asleep satiated finally in the early hours.

Roxanne stirred in his arms murmuring “what time is it?”

“9:30” Joseph replied.

“Shit!” she yelled leaping out of bed “my shift starts in half an hour.” She stepped into her panties and leggings, shrugged her top on and stuffed her bra into her purse. She lent over, and they kissed passionately before she pulled away.

“Look me up next time your in town and I hope you enjoyed the southern hospitality.” She winked as she disappeared through the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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