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She wandered through the garden, breathing in the beauty surrounding her. How she loved to come here, to be engulfed by nature’s canvas, and filled by the sound of its music. This was Sally’s favorite escape from the turmoil and tensions of everyday life.

Her flowing white skirt brushed against her silky legs as she slowly traveled the rows of roses. Every so often she stopped briefly, leaned her curvaceous figure forward to take in the soft sensuality of a half-opened bud. The scent filled her senses and her mind. Such a flower caught her eye, as she settled onto the soft grass beneath the shade of a large magnolia tree in full bloom. She pulled her skirt over her knees and adjusted her sketchbook onto her lap, ready to try and capture that beauty for her own collection.

So absorbed in this world she was, Sally was left oblivious to the stranger observing her from across the garden’s stream.

His eyes had caught her as soon as she entered the garden. He watched as she made her way among the blooms and foliage. The bright sun seemed to sparkle off the dark tresses that tumbled over her shoulders. The waves that framed her face drew his attention to the exquisiteness of her fair skin, and her dark rose-colored lips.

Sam had never before been overcome with such feeling, such emotion. Immediately he longed to touch those full lips, to trace them with the tip of his finger, and to feel them press their softness to his own. But most intoxicating to him were those dark eyes. As soon as she looked up from her drawing he noticed their intensity. He felt the instantaneous warmth spread through his senses. He could only imagine the passions those ebony eyes were windows to. How he longed to gaze into them, to be lost within them as he reached the heights of those passions with her.

All this ravaged Sam’s mind and senses as he watched her. When she finished her sketch, and began to gather her belongings, he knew he must catch this lovely creature before she left. The idea of letting her slip away canlı bahis before having the chance to just speak with her suddenly terrified him. To lose that chance, though sure to be slim, at sharing in such fervor was something he would not do.

Still oblivious to the man with her among the flowers, Sally collected her tools to head back to her dreary apartment. How she hated the city, its dark streets, shuffling shadows and gray demeanor. This garden set apart in the center of it was her only escape. She had promised herself long ago that someday she would flee its monotony for the flowing meadows of the country she had grown up in. Goodness that seemed so long ago, but she still had not lost hope of returning. The gloom of spending another evening alone there though made it even more foreboding. Lost in these thoughts and memories.

Sally did not hear the man approaching until she felt his presence almost right next to her. Startled, she whirled around to find him standing only a few feet away, simply gazing at her. Frightened a bit by his closeness and unnerving gaze, she backed a few steps away and stumbled over the roots of the tree. Quickly his hand shot out to catch her arm before she tumbled down, then softened his grasp as she steadied herself.

The soft smile and kindness that now sparkled in his blue eyes relaxed her a bit, and some of her fear drifted away. His eyes were so blue, matching the clear oceans of the tropics, and sparkled in the afternoon’s rays. Sally returned his warm smile, then realized she was still staring into those eyes, and quickly pulled her gaze away mumbling a soft thank you.

“I’m sorry to have frightened you. I should have spoken sooner, but I was so enthralled as I watched you…I mean observed you drawing. Your passion for the beauty here simply radiates from you.” Sam removed his hand, though reluctant to break the touch—the electricity he felt between them strained to hold him there. It took all he had to not reach out at that moment and brush his hand against bahis siteleri her blushing cheek. God she was beautiful, was all he could think.

“I didn’t realize anyone was here with me. Not many people come here, that I have noticed anyhow. But then it seems I become so absorbed in the surroundings, I don’t notice the people moving about within it.” She was still blushing, trying desperately not to get lost back into that gaze again. She had felt the surge of desire when he had steadied her earlier. Instantly her body had reacted to it and still she felt the warmth travel through out her.

The sculpted features of his body captivated her; it had been so long. So long since she had felt such yearning, and she longed for it. Sally trembled a bit from the thoughts that overwhelmed her mind, the sketchbook dropped from her hands. At once they both leaned down to catch it, and their hands met on the paper.

As they rose from the ground his hand did not leave hers. Gently he caressed the top with his thumb, and the look in his eyes revealed to her his ache to stroke other parts of her body with equal gentleness. With the registration of this in her mind, she realized her own hunger to have that touch, to have his touch.

Instantly Sam sensed the submission in her body, and he knew he had to have her. To share in the passion he had earlier observed. His hand traveled from the top of hers, over the soft satin of her lavender blouse, up to those full lips. He traced them gently, memorizing them with his fingertips. A soft sigh escaped her, making the touch of his finger even warmer. She let her eyes flutter shut, to fully absorb this soft touch.

Sally felt his lips before they actually touched hers—felt their heat as they neared—and a sudden hunger shook her body. She let her hands softly trace the outline of his body through his shirt. Their kiss deepened as the hunger grew, and their bodies pressed together as their breathing deepened with it.

Unable to stand the barrier of the clothing, bahis şirketleri Sam gently laid her onto the soft ground. His hands found the buttons of her blouse and took their time opening each one. He savored each new revelation of her flesh, the softness, heat and creaminess of it. He longed to taste her, the sweetness he knew she held within. Her body quivered as his lips left hers, making a trail between her breasts as he moved down her body.

She slipped her own fingers beneath his shirt, anxious to feel the fire he was offering to her. Each removal of clothing gave them more flesh to explore, and they relished in it. Tasting and caressing each other, drunk in the desire that engulfed them both.

When their clothes lay scattered around them, their naked bodies entwined such as the climbing roses that surrounded them from the busy outside streets. Once again their lips met, more fervently this time…their tongues danced together in a lover’s tango. She pulled his hips to hers, letting him feel the moisture he had created. The heat of her honey against his throbbing need overtook him.

Sam plunged into her, his cry of passion carried away by the late afternoon breeze. Her womb enveloped him, clenching around him as he moved further into her depths. Their kiss breaking. Sally’s own cry of pleasure floated away with his. Her muscles clenched onto him as he filled her; and over and over he drove into her.

Both of them became lost in this moment of pure ecstasy, their bodies building to ever expanding heights. Their movements so in sync with one another they could have been long-time lovers. Perfectly they fit together, each touching the most sensual spots of the other, until they soared together. Once again their cries united with the wind—moans of mutual release flowed from them. Their bodies embraced together as the explosion ripped through them from the very core.

Sam embraced her as their bodies began to relax. He pulled her over to lie with him on their sides gazing into each other’s eyes—still joined by the softening member between them—they held the moment. As he stroked the damp hair from her cheek, they knew if nothing else, they would hold this passion between them in their memories forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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